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London – Glossary
abroad adverb parliament noun [uncount]
in or to a foreign country the main law-making institution in some countries
We try to go abroad at least once a year. In the UK, Parliament consists of politicians elected
to the House of Commons and members of the House
AD abbreviation of Lords
used before a date to show that it refers to a time He entered Parliament in 1997.
after the birth of Jesus Christ
It comes from the Latin expression Anno Domini pub noun [count]
meaning ‘in the year of the Lord’. a place where people go to drink alcohol and
socialise, especially in the UK and Ireland
area noun [count] Shall we go to the pub for a drink?
a part of a city, town, country etc
I went on a tour of Vancouver and the surrounding shortly adverb
area. soon, or happening only a short period of time after
cosmopolitan adjective Police arrived at the scene shortly after midnight.
used about a place where people from many
different countries and cultures live socialise verb
this great cosmopolitan city to spend time with other people socially, for example
at a party
department store noun [count] I spent most of my first year at college socialising.
a large shop divided into separate sections, each
section selling a different type of thing system noun [count]
a set of connected things that work together for a
exist verb particular purpose
to be present in a particular place, time, or situation the capital’s inadequate public transport system
There is no evidence that life exists on other
planets. terminal noun [count]
a large building at an airport where passengers arrive
host noun [count] and leave
a place or organisation that arranges a special event
and provides the area, buildings, equipment, or tower noun [count]
services needed for it a tall narrow structure that forms the highest part of a
Japan is playing host to its first World church or other building
Championship Grand Prix this weekend. There’s a magnificent view from the top of the church
huge adjective
extremely large in number, amount, or degree underground adjective
Many of today’s players earn huge amounts of below the surface of the ground
money from sponsorship and advertising. an underground passage/tunnel/cable

invade verb the West End noun [singular]

to take or send an army into another country in the part of London where there are many theatres
order to get control of it
The island was invaded during the war.

line noun [count]

a part of a railway system
There are plans to reopen the railway line.

Londoner noun [count]

someone who was born in or who lives in London,

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