A THEORY OF TIME Let me finish up of the time theory. As I told them that I would write a complete theory of time, they didn’t belief me. Believing or not believing is not an issue for any of us. All we are concern about, how one is going to bring a new and a complete theory of time with the fresh mind mechanism? The complete new law, Ideas & principals; who don’t Xerox some other’s laws and tell us that this is the theory of time? I was thinking if there is a beginning or the ending of the time. Why I thought like this because as I observed the history of the world, it has only started; not long before. As I looked at it, the time started, not long a go. B.C which is before Christ and A.D which is latest date now. I wasn’t born on the B.C or BCE or CE, so why our history of writing started very late did come in my mind? It made me think night after night. Many philosophers were discussing about the beginning and the ending of the time. For this matter I went on thinking, why the time should have a beginning or the ending of it? All those grate thinker of the world like Aristotle, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Gautama Buddha, madam cure, Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw and rest of the world thought about it. Even latest scientist like Stephen Hawking and many more tackled all about the time. It’s not only a scantiest issue to tackle about, so I too started thinking about it. Slowly my head and the body both biologically and mentally started to pounder over the time theory. Through plenty of questions and innovations, imaginations & dreams I took an initiative with me. Science has or had let lot of unanswered questions in the world; they are still trying hard to find out the answers to unanswered questions. All those questions didn’t satisfy the quest of mine for knowing what time is exactly. Step by step I will write and think and think and write too. As I or every one of us can see how science deals to everything, like based on the experiment. For this inference & reliable authority, verifications & experience is what required for it. Our ideas or the principle will always be based on imaginations &innovations & dreams basically on the illusions. This is how we tackles or canalize the source of discovery. I am not castigating what other has done regarding time and time theory. Whatever; they did and will do, will be sense of vitality for the world of discovery. Let us explore the time and the time within itself. Time is what every one of us are concerning about it. A boy of today becomes a man of tomorrow and the same man dies with many reasons. Logically, to think and to act differs a lot in the time. Who haven’t studied the time machines, every one has done. Who ever have done and who ever is the author did an imaginations to wards the contracting of the universe phase. Both of the past and the futures but the author forgot about the present. One who can remember the past and why can’t one predict about the futures? What is the difference between the past and the futures? This is not only the questions which made me think perhaps some other inquiries are still fresh. Will there be the beginning & the ending of the time, 1 A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI

A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI the past and the futures in relations to the present? All inquiries came all together in the mind and dashed up with the search of the complete theory of the time. The past & present and the futures are inextricably intertwined and interrelated, with the time phase. Time of course doesn’t expands or contract to anything, neither to the particles or the anti-particles in the universe. The universe of course expands and contract on the bases of the temperatures getting cooled or the hotter. If the temperatures get hotter than what volcano is then automatically it gets expanded, and if it cools like nothing in the arctic or the Atlantic then it contracts the universe. Contracting or expanding of the universe is not a simple idea to do so as we do in the molten metal. Till now, the universes have, had expanding and contracting too. All these 2 phase have enrolled so much, that none of us could predict about it when it’s going to contract or predict the universe. When American Astronomer Edwin Hubble in 1924 demonstrated that ours was not the only galaxy new ideas, laws was known in the world. What he tried to tell us was that there was lot of entropy space in the universe; which need to discovery of it. So to find out the distance of the stars both luminous and non luminous he used the indirect method of measurement .two ways are there to know the distance stars like wise Lot of inquiries has in me, in relations to the time. What are the effect of the rotations and the revolutions of the universe? For this inquiries growth, more development and progress in the universe; and the biologically growth every organism in the world; Time is not an easy subject where one can think for a second and leave it like that, which makes us more of uncurious to go further. All the theories have spoken about the time. The famous formula E=mc2 too have talked about it. None of these can avoid the time and the velocity and the particles at any cost. It is true that E=mc2 is only related with the time, space and the velocity which is the base for the discovery of the time theory only. Time which needs space to move with or rotate or else and to count the speed of the time velocity is the most fundamental mathematics ever created in the human history. Perhaps why did Einstein mention about the mass, when a time don’t need any singularities’ or polarities’ or none of them. Shall I ask myself do really time requires the mass? Under what support the time passing? Is it only by our clock or the watch which is passing the time or by the GMT? What is it? The time which is very important for all of us; and couldn’t describe and see the inner meaning of it, If even a time needs mass or any other equipments then the time too depends up on something as we all can understand perhaps not to underestimate them. The universe and the time is infinite one and its existence can’t be denied by any of the science or the philosophies laws. If the time really would depend up on the object then every one would make a law based on the objects. Since it didn’t happen like this, something opposed to it. The time itself has no boundaries or the conditions to be up on valid or not valid conditions. Over all the decisions can’t be predicted simultaneously at once investigations. Why do we fell that time is passing? The correct answer is that by the biological age that is covering our age day by day. Psychologically too we have the time to think that it is passing but it is not reversing back. As we all know that C, T, P (C which means changing particles for anti-particles. P which again means taking the mirror image so left and right are swapped for each other. T again which means reversing the directions of motions of all particles –in effect, running the motions backward.) So through this; what we can understand 2 A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI

A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI that T can go against P and C too can be opposite to both T and p and all of these can be opponent to each other. Time is out of our consciousness, sub-consciousness and the super consciousness which all of us knew. What it pervades in us is simple and realistic that we are time bound creatures. Idealism and realism absolutely differs a lot, in which the equilibriums have to be maintained. So the idea and the actions must come in hand to hand. Otherwise these will not have anything then a fight between the idea and the realism. There are only two truths that are conventional truth and the ultimate truth, which are so important to the truth of the time. ‘Absolute time’ if it is there one wouldn’t think of having imaginary time and draw a line without any proves. As per the theory of general relativity light movement will be same to every one though how speed we move. So to think and to discuss the time one really need mind to think. All those theory which couldn’t complete the time theory until now, how can we expect our professional scientists to do so? When will they complete this ‘time theory’? Of course to think about the time one has to go back ward and the forward which will help us to indicate the past and the futures; what about the present? Simply to define the past or the futures or else past won’t give a complete theory of the time, just to keep in the mind. If we forget the backward and the forward then what will remain back? Even if we forget all the past, futures, and the present what have we got to think or to talk? Have we ever thought? A thing which happened will be a past and thing which will happened will be futures and the present will be quite. Logically to think over this matter has a huge issue to be considered. The science doesn’t distinguish between the past and the futures as well as the present. It’s because the theory of quantum mechanics and the general relativity is inconsistent in there characters. Let us see how the forward or the backward activities like no one. A light is being switched off and on again. Can it be repeated, yes to on and to off what happens is that the 2nd laws of thermodynamics won’t let us repeat the activities, but why? Order or disorders have a distinguished characteristic in them to change the time. In disorder time periods increases and the in the order state time won’t be increasing. Can I ask the questions, why is it so? Time increases in disorder form then in the order form, in disorder it takes more time than order to do the activities. This is why time arrow is mentioned by the scientist. It’s even because it some time purely distinguished the past and the present but not the futures. None of the science theory has ever clearly distinguished the futures. We are unknown to the futures and to the present too. Only one past tense has become common to us. Where as in Hindu philosophies, religious books they have predicted the futures. This is the key character of the Hindu philosophies and the religions which none other has it. And it has worked as per mentioned. There are at least three arrows of time, they are thermodynamic arrow of time, the directions of time in which disorder or entropy increases. 2nd one is the psychological time arrow through which makes us, fell that time is passing by aging for an instant. Last but not the least cosmological arrow of time; in this time the universe expends as well as contract. Till now the universe haven’t expanded so much as we expected, since the other planets don’t have minerals and the valuable things so most of the time other planets get contracted.


A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI Simultaneously, no one can expect or think or even predict that time becomes consistent to the world that we are living. How it has been moving is a question to think? It seems to be true that it was well said self-creating, self-dissolving, self – manifesting and one infinite existence is what all Hindu philosophies and the religions accepted. But these infinite existence can’t be contaminated by the self motivated ideas and the philosophies. The modern mind is more practical & pragmatic, ethical & social, altruistic and humanitarian and self honest ,self unoccupied is what we wanted by all of us in the modern mind and the sciences technology. May be this is the modern conscience or the real conscience. May be this is the perfect meaning of the modern world and the modern mind too. All these three arrows of time could be better articulated by the entropic principle not other then this one. The principle of emptiness is what explains about the universe, in the beginning the universe was nothing then a rough and a barren land. The time directions lies within the light cone and space directions lies outside of our mind and the space itself. The historical arrow of time too has defined the time of the past, which is simple and common to every one of us. The time is not a wave or the particles which could be dedicated by the quantum physics or the unified theory. These theories don’t know what the time is; rather they tried to explain us what time is either by the pas or the present or by the futures directions. Times don’t have any limitations or boundaries but still this is a contentious process which none of us can stop it. A time definition is what I’m not looking. Does the time reverse it? What will happens in the time of only expansions and the contractions? The time will not increase or decrease, smooth operations is what will happen. During the time of contractions the planets becomes solid and it takes much time. In the contractions people would live a life backward may be, right. It doesn’t mean that people would die before they were born. This is nothing then fictions of the mind. The natural laws of the universe do relentlessly tell us that all laws are governed by the nature itself. The general theory of relativity, the big band theory, the string theory, the principle of uncertainty, the theory of gravity and will always make a full theory by the unified theory. All those theories that came in to existence by the man have of course have had become useful all the times. So to think for the time theory most probably all of us need to think that time have something theories both single and substitutes too. 1st law of motions do inform us that every body continues in its state of rest or uniform motions in a straight line, unless it is compelled by some external force to change that state. 2nd law: It states that time rate of change of momentum are directly proportional to force and takes place in the direction of force. 3rd law: It states that to every action, there is equal and opposite reaction. I am sure that laws of motions have not been completed and there are 4th and 5th laws of motion have to come in life. The velocity which keeps on changing all the time, which is in the universe, must be known by us. Time velocity, uniform velocity and the law of motions simply can’t define what time is. The accelerations which define both velocity and the accelerations itself too are incomplete for the time theory. So we have to find out the complete theory of time; that will make us fell that we have finished writing the theory of time. 4 A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI

A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI Simultaneously, force, gravity, energy, velocity, the principle of uncertainty, quantum mechanics and the quantum physics and the quantum chemistry, string theory, inertia and finally unified theory can let us know what theory of time is. This too is very funny to know that, it won’t let us know about it. The thought of the futures is conditioned by the present, which again is conditioned by the past. However I am not going to confuse any of you on the time theory. Of course the theory can vary from person to person perhaps not from the natures itself. This universe is driven by the some force or the impulse, and the time theory itself. Otherwise, there isn’t any other force which could drive the whole universe. None of the universal bodies have or had ever rested, till now. It would happen the weak gravity power could be expected by us. Rotation and the revolutions are the main characteristics of the universe and the time too. This is why the time keeps on moving as we all can fell it with our 5 sense organs. What is viable to all of us is that to find out the more fact about the time theory. By the logic and reasoning we know that the universe only keep on propulsion which is none stop. Not by the prophecy gift with us. Universes don’t have a protean character as all of us have thought. Although there is no motion between a body of matter and space itself, the body's Inertial Requirement does vary with its space energy level and therefore is an indicator of its absolute motion in space. May be god knows well that time theory will be completed by him only, when we men can’t find out. Neither can we only depend up on the god, whom we never saw till now in the history. Our galaxy was slow in its growth when the sun was born this is random predictions of the professional scientist only. There are three reason why the universe contract and the expands, they are (I) The whole universe contracts, parallel to the line of the moving object's direction. (II) The whole universe contained in a cylinder centered on The moving object and extending forwards and rearwards Contracts (III) The moving object only contracts. The origin of the universe is based on the big bang and the steady - state theories, which I think is the asymmetry, & anti asymmetry and anti symmetry symmetry’s controversies of all the time in the scientist mind. May be the reason why we couldn’t find out the correct theories of the time. None of the theories have been completed till now, when will it be done, no one knows. Time is not that we can count by the clock or the watch or by the GMT; it’s a human sense of knowing. There is no interference by anything both natures and the artificial deeds to the time. Gravitational force, laws of motions 1st 2nd and 3rd yet now it is not completed and can’t describe the time fully. The quantum physics and the quantum chemistry and the quantum mechanics too absolutely can’t articulate what time is? Neither the laws of the string theory or the steady-state theory nor big bang (B.B) theory can explain what exactly the time is? This process is absolutely a complicated and compelled to think so.


A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI Vast and deep study of the all laws like quantum physics, quantum chemistry, quantum mechanics and over all the discovery of the unified theory indeed will bring a good theory of the time. Inertia, motions, particles, gravity, general theory of relativity, string theory, steady-state theory and the ether will help us to find out the complete theory of time. Or else none of us can expect to discover. There are only chances in finding out by combining to all these theories simultaneously. All those time arrows which scientist have mentioned are all nothing then to further to make a complicated set of formula. All the mathematical formulas and the theories need to be re-written and observed. Electromagnetic force and the gravity are absolutely different one and require a huge mind to think that they act differently. Time is not that it keeps on changing like the physical or the chemical changes. Atoms can’t become particles and particles don’t transform it self to the atoms. Its characteristics are brilliant. Which don’t alter for anything even if it gets empty? So the time is continuity of all time. As we all know that time can’t be deteriorated by any of us, unless we use it as a means to personal achievement. Our sense of continuity to the time is the burden to the time itself. Our attachment to the past and dreaming of the futures and forgetting of the present is the main cause of not knowing what time theory is? Let us die to everyday and this will be the complete theory of time. Unless, we don’t do it, the time theory can’t be existed in this life. What I thought is that time can be the machinery thought which keep on breeding in us. Only by the thought that it breeds and never ends, which is the phenomenon of the mind psychological? Machinery thought which I thought is also the theory of the time. Why I gave this name, because the mind mechanism is perplexed that only mind itself can understand none of the other human parts. The time in the other planet is slower, than on our home planet. Look at the moon, the Jupiter, mars, and what about the other galaxies that we don’t know? Is it because the other planets have more black matter than we do? Black planet which is the slow gravity and slow growth, so black matter is those which are not fertilized soil. Because of this very reason those entire planet have less gravitational force in themselves. If the particles become anti-particles and atoms again become anti- atoms certainly all of these lose its capacity. This is how the black matter is formed as a self perspective. Black matter is that matter which contains only the energy of the substances. When a substance those leave only the energy it is called black or the dark matter. The segregation of the subjects and the objects do some time help us to find out the time and inner understanding of the time, through the inner intuitions and of course our perceptions. The time don’t need any subjects or the objects which is really ridiculous, and stupidity of the time theory any scientists who say’s that subject and the objects are prime concerns of it. The validity of our concerns is of different than the objects and the subjects. As all of us, know that time is none of these concerning matter. Materialism, it’s absolutely abstract. I have not written something extraordinary about the time, space and the mass. All of these past, future and the present simultaneously don’t occur however they do exist on there own basic natural phenomena. The nature of the time is quite a 6 A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI

A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI different one than we have thought, as we previously thought so like that of the B.B (BIG BANG theory). There are always a modifications, ramifications, reduction and of course an inference in every theory’s. We can’t directly or indirectly assumes that time has to be like this or that. However, moreover the time hasn’t been explained in its own full terms. Some thought, time as a three dimensional and other articulated in a four dimensional way. Each of them what they did was to bring the new idea with the old ones. The big bang theory and the general relativity, the principle of uncertainly, the principle of exclusions and the quantum physics itself didn’t exactly couldn’t tell us what the time is; All the physics laws have failed in explaining real time, not on the base of the past, present or the futures. However, one can imagine that time is really illusions or envisages to the world of existence. Somebody will come with the new theory called five dimensional to explain what time is actually. Still the time theory is going to be in completed by them, whoever tries. Sum over histories too can’t states what the time is exactly. Though, it may refer to the different histories catalog still it failed long time a go. At this time what we need is wise person not the knowledge. Timelessness, is what we are trying find our about the time theory. Sum over histories states that time have any possibilities and probabilities in it to go or simply a path to go. In geometry all if all angels are place and observed, simply it do make a sense if we have an eyes to see. However this is not the correct definitions to the time. Curved path, every possibility is what we all are looking in the time to explain what the time is actually. Nothing has yet! Been completed by me; what I’m doing my best is defining the time from all over the world images. As all of thought that the time being created by the god or the out of space, which is wrong concepts, we might do mention that the time is of course a sense of the five organs or that of the sixth organs including the brain’s activities. More we look at the time’s nature we find ourselves to be 100% perplexing in a various angles. As we look of curvature, time dilation, and spatial contraction which is within our own space-time natural studies. These are the nature of the time and we can’t void it, though we speak about the empty space being present in the universe. Nothingness is not a preventing ways for us to define what the real time is, however we will define the time. There isn’t such called an entropy principle within the universe. Our imagination is full of illusions and nothing less or more than this.

All the theories are in the cognitive states, such as past, the future and the present through which all the theories, like that of the quantum physics, GUT, unifications of physics, the strong theory all fall under the same states of cognitive. There is always continuity in all the theories. The discoveries of the magnetic and electromagnetic powers of the whole galaxies and the attractions of one planet to another will definitely help us to complete the theory of all unsolved problems. Mainly the quantum physics, the quantum mechanism, quantum chemistry and over all the problem of the unifications and the quantum unsolved theories in the coming times. It’s not an end of the physics discoveries but only the beginning. Whenever the physics unifies all the theories in to one theory then also rest of the theories will keep coming all the times. 7 A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI

A THEORY OF TIME UPENDRA NEPALI If we put plus and minus and repeat one after another certainly they will keep coming to longer and longer lines where we can’t reach it. Any numbers which never ends at all,though it starts from 0 -9 and still uncountable numbers goes in our mind. Physics as we all knew that it will never be consistent generations to generations. There is a possibility to travel in the past, only if the matters become the negatively charged density. But, what about the present & the future’s when the ordinary matters which has a positive energy charge density? All the matter are positive, negative & the neutral so what effects does to the gravity and the electromagnetic and the nuclear energy too? One can really travel the past, but not the future and the present, we all knew about it. There is also the possibility of the traveling faster than the light, if we change all the matter in to negatively charged density. This is a complete science functions however one can predicts about it. May be wormholes will make it possible for us to travel faster than the light and create all the matter as a negatively charged density particles. This is only the probability and the possibility we have seen in the world of the quantum physics. Quantum physics have lead the physics and will do so, which will far provide all the probabilities in the world of the physics. We shouldn’t forget the quotations of Albert Einstein what he told us, there is noting that can travel faster than the light. However he was right and will be right too, if we don’t investigate it till now. Up to us, investigate inquiries’, speculations and the inference, which shows the possibility, near the future. Let us see in the futures what theory can come in to live by the unification of physics, a complete unified theory and the continuity of all the quantum theories does. When the anti-particles wins the particles, then only the possibility of being rest of the planets gets ready for the oxygen; We can hope for the rest of the planets to be ready for the living organisms like us. What is the time doing is it increasing or the decreasing? Time seems to be disorder, and order, perhaps why is it that disorder increases and order? Where there is access to the positive and negative, where as in context of the universe positive particle have 75% and the rest is only the negative. As like in the moon and the other planets, Only a hope we have is on these theories which, we all have been relying in them. Those theories have significant quest in us to know the exact theory of the time in later futures. Though the future is unknown to us; still we keep hope of the futures.This is the fact, that all of us got to know about it.




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