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The Universal Life Church World Headquarters, Inc., Based Out of Carrabelle, Florida Returns The "Universal" Church to Its Origins & Purpose. The Universal Life Church World Headquarters is the largest, longest running and the only Universal Life Church to offer legal faith based ordination for men and/or women. Carrabelle, FL, October 20, 2011 --( The World Christian Encyclopedia, originally published in 2001, recently noted that as of 2011 there are about 34,000 Christian groups in the world since AD 30. Additionally, in the United States alone, some 1,200 different Christian denominations are in existence. Today's “Internet Age,” complete with its share of Social Networking Sites and Online Business, has only increased the number of “Churches,” springing up both online and offline. These range from New Age Churches to “Ministries” claiming the ordination of pets. In a dramatic effort to return the Universal Church, both online and offline, to its true roots and Christian purpose, the Universal Life Church World Headquarters, Inc., was created. Rev. Daniel Chapin, former Vice-President of this “Faith Based” Non-Profit Ministry stated, “It is no wonder that so many people over the years have viewed the “Universal Life Church,” in general with zero credibility. More so, it is no surprise that the Christian Church in general is losing thousands of its' once dedicated members, including our youth.” Chapin elaborated from his Southern California office; stating, “If we cannot truly represent both the message and the active ministry of Christ in a reputable, integritous fashion than we indeed fail in the true church's mission to bring the message of salvation to a troubled world - regardless of denomination.” Br. Michael Cauley, Presiding Bishop & current President of The ULC World Headquarters, Inc., released a recent statement further seeking to clarify the difference between the current ULC Church and other so called “Ordination Assembly Lines.” "Do not confuse us with other churches with similar names," he stated. “We are the only Christian Universal Life Church. Other ULC's have no traditional doctrine of faith and they ordain followers of satan, atheists, pagans, wiccans, etc. Ordinations through these other ULC's are for the most part only valid within the USA and serve one purpose above and beyond what is already afforded to individuals by the 1st Amendment. That is the ability to serve as a wedding officiant in some counties and states within the USA mainland.” A statement published on the main website of the church ( elaborates noting, “Other Churches with similar names or online ordination services have an uncodified faith system with no central authority or hierarchy.” Contrarily, the ULC World Headquarters, Inc., has Bishops with Apostolic Succession. Individuals seeking ordination as Faith based ministers are not automatically ordained, told to order a piece of paper and then set for life. In tune with the reality and importance of having both an online and offline Faith Based ministry in this day and age, the ULC World Headquarters, Inc., offers individuals an opportunity to not merely become ordained as legally recognized Faith Based Ministers, accepted by both State & Federal Governments, but gives primary focus on outreach ministries. With an International Youth Ministry endorsed by such Christian Leaders as Brad & Misty Bernall, parents of Columbine High School Martyr, Cassie Bernall;
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and Contemporary Christian Music Award Winner, Tayla Hodges, The ULC World Headquarters, Inc., takes its' Christian faith ministry to the corners of the globe. Its' ministers have various church and affiliate ministries The organization even serves as a Member of The Committee of NGO's to The United Nations. Interested media personnel and/or general public interests desiring more information on the ULC World Headquarters, Inc., and its ministries; may visit the Church's website at: ###

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Contact Information: Universal Life Church World Headquarters, Inc. Samantha Hill, Personal Secretary to the President 850-720-1061 Contact via Email

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