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Discover the many cultural treasures of Terengganu.

Genting Highlands • Kijal, Terengganu • Langkawi

Bask in the glow of golden sunsets at Langkawi.

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Revel in all that a mountain has to offer in 48 hours, Genting Highlands.

From lush rainforests to the country’s premier integrated resort, explore all that Awana Genting Highlands has to offer in only 48 hours.

Run away to the hills


Slow down, and live life to the speed of this little town by the sea. At Awana Kijal, Terengganu, a treasure trove of culture, tradition and heritage beckons.

Escape to the East Coast


Retreat to a magical island


Be at the heart of an island paradise where legends and romance come alive, with Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi.

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to the hills
Perched 3,000 feet above sea level amidst Malaysia’s largest, longest and oldest mountain range is Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort.

Run away

Just a short 45-minute drive away from Kuala Lumpur, the resort is highly accessible and has quickly become a popular holiday destination for many. Offering salubrious mountain air, breathtaking views and a myriad of exciting activities – Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort easily tops the list as an excellent getaway for those who seek a quick and breezy escape from the buzzing city. Here’s how you can go about it.

An aerial view of the luciously green surroundings at the resort.

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00PM. as this will be your first taste of the many amazing things that you are about to experience during the trip. Revel in it. and is easily accessible via shuttle bus or cab. Shop lots and a variety of interesting tourist attractions inhabit this place. RM40). Gohtong Memorial Park. . As you make your way up to Gohtong Jaya. Latest: 11. Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong .O. Day 1 Be greeted by cool and salubrious mountain air.12. Adorned with a beautiful array of flowers. Built around the Skyway Station. you can flag down a cab (approx. 1. Check-in starts at 3.00pm Depart for Gohtong Jaya See the shop lots? They are a great indication that you have arrived at Gohtong Jaya! freedom 4 Commuting Tips It’s time for some sightseeing outside the resort. Gohtong Jaya is only 10 minutes away from the resort.10pm Gohtong Memorial Park 1. Awana <-> Gohtong Jaya / Skyway Station Take the Shuttle Bus that departs every 30 minutes.00pm Arrival Natural lights come streaming into Awana’s nature-themed lobby as you drop your bags off at the counter. (F. this memorial is dedicated to the late founder of Genting Highlands.45pm and inform the bus driver to stop at Gohtong Jaya) enigmatic man who successfully transformed a remote mountain into one of the world’s most happening destinations.C. The first place you should head for is a quaint little town called Gohtong Jaya. do stop by the Gohtong Memorial Park. Earliest: 8:30am.

Other must-try dishes include the extremely crunchy Deep-Fried Cripsy Belly Pork with Honey Sauce. is where you can discover a display of bee-related artifacts and buy honey produce. With over 398 varieties of orchids in various colours. If you’re a fan of all things strawberry – don’t forget to drop by their souvenir store. on the other hand. Lunch is always great at Flavours Café. Their secret? A self-concocted special sauce. is the place to go for local hawker signature dishes such as Banana Leaf Rice. KC Chung at +019 318 3831 3. we recommend eating up at the resort before departing to Gohtong Jaya. Further down the farm is a café where you can enjoy a cup of steaming hot Strawberry Milk Tea or an ice cold Strawberry Popsicle. where you can enjoy picking your own hydroponically-grown strawberries or buy them straight off the shelves. rows and rows of mushrooms are harvested on wooden racks in a dim and damp alley. this attraction houses an interesting assemblage of orchids that will surely have you reaching for your cameras.10pm Lunch at Yik Kee Restaurant Steamed Upstream Wild Patin. and at reasonable prices you may find it hard to resist buying home a pot or two to start off a new hobby! freedom 5 . the Durian Tarts. The Bee Museum. Pick yourself some juicy red strawberries! Commuting Tips For transportation to Strawberry Leisure Farm. The Golf Terrace. a delicious eatery that serves up tantalising dishes to tourists and locals alike. call Mr. Orchid Farm Also known as Waltex Biotec – World of Phalaenopsis.2. In the Mushroom Farm. Located somewhere among the shop lots of Gohtong Jaya is Yik Kee Restaurant. Seafood lovers will certainly take delight in their Steamed Upstream Wild Patin with Homemade Sauce – fresh out of the tank and served with a drizzle of ginger and soy. where everyone can get together and enjoy western favourites in a relaxed setting.30pm Mushroom Farm & Bee Museum Strawberry Leisure Farm A walk across the shop lots will take you to the Strawberry Leisure Farm. which stocks a comprehensive list of strawberry merchandises! These attractions are part and parcel of the Strawberry Leisure Farm experience. Prawn Mee and other local delicacies. Deep-Fried Crispy Bean Curd and last but not least. For halal alternatives. on the other hand.

Alternatively.30pm Shopping at First World Plaza Cap off your day with a fix of retail therapy. If you’d like something less strenuous. Alternatively.00pm Dinner at Bee Won Restaurant or Rajawali The delicious Asam Laksa. Take the shuttle bus up to Resorts World Genting. most famous for its scrumptious dinner spread! 8. try out the Bee Won Korean Restaurant. which serves BBQ delicacies as well as authentic Korean dishes such as the Bi Bim Bap. take a languorous stroll around the golf course.00pm Free & Easy This would be a good time to head back to the resort and rest up. Don’t forget to take in the sights and sounds of the First World Plaza! freedom 6 . there’s Rajawali Coffee House. If you are still feeling restless. and shop to your heart’s content at the many retail outlets. 7. Countless brands and labels line the sides of the shopping plaza. Here’s your chance to taste the many tantalising fares that Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort has to offer. Breathe in the cool mountain air as you cast your eyes on the tall regal pine trees and rows of flaming red Hibiscus bushes that line the resort. you can always take a nice long dip in the temperaturecontrolled swimming pools. For something exotic.Tee off at Awana’s Ronald Fream designed championship golf course! Chill out at the swimming pool. 5. you can go thrift at the flea market in First World Plaza. or rejuvenate your frazzled body at the adjacent Jacuzzi.

RM40 one way.30Am Skyway to Resorts World Genting A scenic 15-minute ride on the Genting Skyway will take you up to Resorts World Genting. Rajawali Coffee House offers everything from sizzling hot omelets to Roti Phratas. and the infamous Durian Tempura . making it a great way to start off your day. and is also South East Asia’s longest at 3. refer to the Bell Hop Counter or the Concierge) Or take a cab.30pm Lunch at Imperial Rama If you would like to make this trip one of total epicurean delights.00Am Skyway Station <-> Resorts World Genting The Skyway will ferry you back and forth from Resorts World Genting. (approx. travelling at 21. Awana <-> Resorts World Genting Board the hourly bus. as well as tummy-warming congee to well-loved cereals. a light yet highly appetising curry dish.O.6km per hour. An award-winning Thai-Chinese fine dining restaurant.a must try dessert! Dine in elegance at Imperial Rama.000 visitors per hour up to the Resort.Enjoy amazing views from the Skyway! Sunrise Programme There’s only one way to kick-start a day of action and adventure – exercise! Take part in the Sunrise Programme. Commuting Tips Day 2 7. Imperial Rama’s specialty dishes include the thick and menacing King Prawn Tom Yam. For more information. have lunch at Imperial Rama. price may double past midnight) Breakfast at Rajawali Best known for its extensive buffet spread. where you will do a series of morning stretches. spicy Chicken Rendang to Cucur Ikan Bilis.C. Designed to ferry approximately 2. freedom 7 .4km! 12. followed by a light and easy jog with an instructor. this cable car ride is the world’s fastest mono cable car system.00Am 9. 10. Breakfast here also comes an unobstructed view of the highlands. (F. the Green Curry Chicken.

3. take on the First World Indoor Theme Park. it’s your chance to get a dose of adrenalinepumping action! A view of the lake. horizontally on your belly! Constant change of acceleration aside. The biggest and baddest ride of them all. 1.7mph. where another 30 rides and attractions await you! Corkscrew.00pm Short Break Squeeze in a little break to get your energy levels up again.30pm Outdoor Theme Park A trip to Resorts World Genting is never complete without a visit to the Genting Outdoor Theme Park. Theme Park Hotel. or something much lighter at Hainan Express. We recommend a short walk to Hou Mei at the First World Plaza for some local favourites such as the Chicken Hor Fun and Assam Laksa.00pm Indoor Theme Park If all that outdoor action isn’t enough to fulfill your need for thrills. you will also be experiencing zero gravity as you fly through the air! Flying Coaster freedom 8 Flying Coaster. this hanggliding roller coaster will have you spiraling and spinning around at a maximum speed of 25. . 4.Space Shot. Home to over 40 rides and attractions. Spinner.

Snow World. Snow World The Water Park. try sneaking a peek at the stunning mountainside view from the top! Space Shot This attraction is a favourite among those who have never experienced winter. snowmen. Sphinx and Leaning Tower of Pisa line the walls. making it a picturesque setting for photographic memories. Sky Venture Sky Venture. The Sky Venture is where you can get a taste of skydiving in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel. igloos and an ice bar. At temperatures as low as 5ºc. a slow ascend on this ride will bring you 185 feet up in the air before plunging you back down at 67km/hour! If you’re brave enough to open your eyes. A highly professional instructor will take you through a short briefing session before gearing you up for winds that go up to 193km/hr! You will even be rewarded with a certificate at the end of the flight. this winter wonderland features highlights such as the wooden cottage with a fully functional slide. Ice sculptures of world famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. freedom 9 .MustTry Not for the faint-hearted.

and take the shuttle bus to Chin Swee Temple. Nyonya. offering visitors a bird’s eye view of the mountains. If you would like to do a spot of praying. magician. It is also an ideal place to enjoy a nice vegetarian meal. If you’re tired and in need of a massage. ride the cable car to Highlands Hotel. Free & Easy Take some time off and do things at a pace you are comfortable with. you can always get your game on at the action-packed Vision City Video Game Park! Other Highlights freedom 10 Commuting Tips Tranquil. pop by Healing Touch or Pedas Springs to get your stress knots eased out. take the shuttle bus to Genting Skyway. but there are still plenty of places you can visit at the Resort. It was here at this very site that in 1966. drive or take the shuttle bus to Awana Skyway to get there directly. peaceful and serene. the PuYang HuaChen acrobatic group. On weekends. GLITZ is an action-packed show that features a whole lot of music. take a walk down to the cave temple itself. You will even get to watch the chef cook away as you dine! At only an hour long. time slows down immensely at this temple. available at their restaurant. Western. and Daria Pushankina.7. illusionist and escape artist. which makes this the perfect time for a buffet dinner! Head on over to Coffee Terrace. Intricate carvings decorate the temple walls. Chin SweeTemple Awana <-> Chin Swee Temple To get there on weekdays. It may be late.00pm Buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace GLITZ All that screaming and walking will definitely work up quite an appetite. Charles Bach. whose gravity-defying acts will leave you awestruck. Take your pick from Local Favourites. Japanese. . lined with many statues of various Buddhist deities. where you can fill your plate from a generous spread of six different cuisines.00pm 10. Enjoy acts by the fantastic GLITZ dancers. Other areas of particular interests at the Temple would be the NineColour Dragon Wall of Luck and the Chambers of Hell. the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong got an inspiration from the Chin Swee Deity to proceed with the development of the Resort. where friendly temple assistants are more than happy to guide you through the process. Chinese. For a little more action. and also Western Asian.00pm 9. A pagoda stands tall. the mistress of sand art who pays tribute to the King of Pop through a captivating combination of art and music. lights and showbiz dazzle.

First World Indoor Theme Park Remember to pick up your copy of a shuttle bus schedule at the concierge to know the bus schedules. Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday 8.30pm Dinner (Daily) 6.2.00pm Bee Won Restaurant Open Daily Lunch & Dinner 7. & Public Holiday Friday .30am .2. To arrange for transportation in advance.00am Sunday to Thursday.12.2. Lot 3707. Genting Highlands Pahang Tel: (603) 6100 3240 Strawberry Leisure Farm No.00am . & Eve of Public Holiday 7. Jalan Jati 2.00pm Rajawali Open Daily 6. Saturday. Jalan Jati 1.00pm .9. 69000.Thursday 7.10.30am Lunch: 12.3.00pm (Sundays & Public Holidays) Tel: (603) 2718 1113 Genting Skyway Genting Transport Reservations Centre Tel: (603) 6251 8393 or (603) 6253 1815 Operation Hours: Monday .skybus.00am Take-Away 12. Highlands Hotel Operation Hours: Lunch (Daily) 12.00pm (Mondays to Saturdays) 9.00am – 10. Genting Highlands Resort Tel: (603) 6101 1385 Spa Treatment Hours: Mon-Thu & Sun: 9.17.00am . Sat & Public Holidays Eve: 24 hours Vision City Video Game Park Level T2B.00am .00am Hainan Express Theme Park Hotel Lobby Operation Hours: Friday.12.00am .00pm . freedom 11 .00am – 6.15pm Orchid Farm Lot 100.00pm .00am – 1.30am – 1.00am .12.00am .9. Bandar Gohtong Jaya Tel: (603) 6100 1121 Operation Hours: 8.List of Vendors & Attractions Gohtong Memorial Park Genting Sempah – Genting Highlands Highway Yik Kee Restaurant 22 & 23. Gohtong Jaya.00pm Tel: (603) 6436 0898 Pedas Springs Lot No.5.00am .7.1.30pm ALA-CARTE 24 hours GLITZ at The Pavilion Time: 9.00am . Sunday & Malaysia Public Holidays 10.00am . First World Plaza Tel: (603) 2718 1118 Healing Touch Operation Hours: 10. Adult: RM95 per pax Child: RM40 per pax * All rates quoted in the guide book are subject to change without prior notice. First World Plaza Operation Hours: Friday.00am Coffee Terrace Operation Hours: BUFFET Breakfast: 5.00pm The Pavilion.10.00am .30am .30am .1.Sunday 7.11. Gohtong Jaya Tel: (603) 6075 1133 Operation Hours: 7 days a week 9.00am Chin Swee Temple Operation Hours: 8. First World Plaza.30pm Hou Mei Level 2. Saturday.00am (Last Call at 2. you can log on to Fri.00pm Imperial Rama Level or call (603) 6201 2742 to book a SkyVan to ferry you to and fro from the resort to LCCT airport.00am Sunday to Thursday 8.00am Saturday.00pm .30pm Dinner: 5.

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the culture and heritage still evident in every rustic village that surrounds its environs. away from the hustle and bustle of the commercial and industrial hotspots. The beach is immaculate and unblemished. It’s a rare destination where everyone can have their own little private seaside enclave. freedom 13 . the water crystalline. you will be grateful for the sense of freedom this holiday destination endows. Always graceful. Escape to the East Coast Situated along one of the longest coastlines in Malaysia is Awana Kijal Golf. there is a calmness and serenity about the people and the resort. and ever obliging.Where peace and tranquility is usurped. Beach & Spa Resort. Largely unsullied by the excesses of modernity.

One of the many forms of batik printing.Day1 10am Arrival Step into the big and spacious lobby of Awana Kijal. embark on the Kampung Tour. Experience a sense of freedom at the resort. A resort shuttle will bring you to the surrounding villages. as check-in only starts at 3PM. Note that you will need a car to get around Kijal.from the art of mengkuang weaving at the Cherating Woven Craft Centre. so don’t forget to rent one from the car rental service at the resort. . where wood and space reign supreme in this traditional Malay architectureinspired resort. Leave your bags at the counter. or from the Kerteh and Kuantan airports! 11. where you will get to admire the hidden gems that Terengganu proffers . freedom 14 The intricate craft of mengkuang weaving.30am Kampung Tour > To soak in the nuances of Terengganu’s culture and heritage. to the unique wax-resist dyeing technique of batik-printing at Noor Arfa Batik.

where eager locals come to enjoy some Big City trappings. 3. drive through Cukai . Make it a point to stop over at the infamous Hai Peng Kopitiam for lunch. as Hai Peng Kopitiam is almost always crowded with multi-ethnic customers wolfing down plates upon plates of Hai Peng Roti Bakar and Nasi Dagang. Earn some strikes at the bowling centre! Care to catch a flick or two? freedom 15 . a supermarket. as well as the many familiar shoes. Locals hanging out at Mesra Mall. Currently the biggest mall on the east coast of Malaysia. It is a fascinating place to be.a major town in the Kemaman district. it is well appointed with a cinema. Don’t forget to sample their very own brand of coffee! It’s all in a hard day’s work for the fishermen at Kuala Kemaman. a departmental store. 1. fashion and accessory brand name stores.00pm Hai Peng Kopitiam After that.The marvellous Malay-inspired architecture of the lobby. cosmetics.00pm Mesra Mall Just a short 10-minute drive away from Awana Kijal is Mesra Mall.

This boiling broth comes in two different flavours > freedom 16 .000sf swimming pool! Take a thrilling ride on a jet ski! A beachside haven for all. Cool off in the waters. Boats. and will be able to suggest the best traditional Javanese treatments to cater for your personal needs.000sf swimming pool that is perfect for a long and luxurious wade.Enjoy a reinvigorating Javanese massage at the spa.6km beachfront should make a vigorous end to the last few hours of daylight. The 22. jet skis and yachts are available for the seafaring sorts. head back to the resort for a good massage at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa. Alternatively. but if you really want to stay on land. take a ride on one of the ATVs and hit throttle as you careen up and over the many undulating dunes along the shoreline! The resort also comes with a 22. 4.30pm Free & Easy at the Resort To reinvigorate you frazzled body. sporting activities right at your doorstep at Awana Kijal’s 7. The spa prides itself in hiring only professional and qualified masseurs from Java. or lie back on the sundeck chairs with a good book as company.

30pm Dinner at Waterfall Café Have dinner at Awana’s Waterfall Café. Watch in awe as thousands of fireflies flicker in unison. just half an hour away from the resort. Enjoy cooking your own dinner in a pot! 8. and then cook them in the boiling chicken and tom yum broths. where a steamboat dinner by the swimming pool should sate you for the night. would be a slow and languorous boat ride into the Yak Yah River.00pm Firefly Watching The highlight of the day. freedom 17 . An experienced guide will bring you to Teluk VIP. seafood and vegetables. fondue-style. Pick from a wide selection of meat.Let the fireflies light up the night > 6. if not the entire trip. where the mangroves grow dense and tiny flickers of lights from thousands upon thousands of fireflies light up the unremitting darkness of the night.

like the Malaysian standard-bearer of morning drinks. located at the resort. sunbathing and deep-sea diving. Climb the high-beam lookout light tower. The food comes with a few local touches.30am Depart to Marang Jetty Once you’re well fed. and the creamy fragrance of Nasi Dagang. Teh Tarik. Besides the usual activities of snorkeling. near-white sand beaches lapped by ultra clear waters. take a 90-minute shuttle ride from the resort to the jetty in Marang.00pm Pulau Kapas One of the must-sees of the East Coast. a tiny yet pristine island just over 2km long and 1km at its widest point. a Terengganu specialty. there is also a trek cutting a swathe through the jungle. 9. where you can meet quite a few monkeys and the occasional lizard. (Be sure to make your bookings at the front counter before the trip itself!) A 15-minute boat ride from the jetty will bring you to Pulau Kapas. Sail away to the beautiful Pulau Kapas! A pure snorkeling sanctuary for all.8.30am Day2 Breakfast at Restoran Kampong Kick-start your morning with a delicious buffet breakfast at Restoran Kampong. Pulau Kapas is a beautiful island made of tantalisingly soft. and you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular panorama of the inland-facing half of the island. so its advisable to stock up on rations! freedom 18 . 11. Lunch on Pulau Kapas There are only a few eating spots available at the small island.15am 12.

If you’re lucky. there is a Pasar Malam in one of the towns near Awana Kijal . also known as the PETRONAS Petroleum Industry Complex. Watch in awe as the entire horizon lights up with flames from vats. A multi-ethnic clientele flocks to this restaurant to sample its signature Stuffed Crab and other seafoods. where Hai Peng is the lunchtime go-to place. It is truly unlike anything else you’ll come across in Terengganu. spikes. you may even be able to catch the “medicine man” putting on a show to sell his goods! Mingle with the locals at the Pasar Malam. which occurs only on Tuesday nights. at night Tong Juan Restaurant takes prominence.00pm Dinner at Tong Juan Restaurant Back down south in Cukai. 8. a massive oil and gas refinery plant consisting of 41 installations.30pm City of Lights About 30 minutes from the resort is what locals call the City of Lights. even on weekdays! The infamous Stuffed Crab! 9.the closest being the one in Kerteh. pipes. It’s where you can mingle with the locals and taste an unbelievable range of foods.00pm Pasar Malam Everyday except Friday. tanks and towers while you zoom down the highway. freedom 19 .6. from Roti Akok to Ayam Percik.

Both informative and experiential. own equipment.30pm Tee off by the beach! Beachside Golfing Waterfall Café Operating Hours: 7.00am – 12.9. Terengganu.List of Vendors & Attractions Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa.10. RM95. This sanctuary offers sea turtles protection by ensuring the survival of endangered species such as the Leatherback Turtle. it’s also where you can learn more about the centre’s hatchery programme and how these little hatchlings are released back into the sea.00am . All activities are subject to change & availability. Do keep an eye out for the signature hole number 14. freedom 20 Get up close and personal with the turtles! . which sits atop what look like a perfectly manicured island of green surrounded by sand that overlooks the South China Sea. 2 dives. 24000 Kemaman. Awana Kijal Operation Hours: Sunday – Friday 10. Other Highlights Turtle Sanctuary The marquee attraction at Awana Kijal is its par-72 18-hole championship golf course. Jalan Sulaimani.30am – 10. spectacularly set beside the beach. Tel: (609) 859 7810 Operating Hours: 6.30pm Dinner: 6.00pm Saturday 10. who would occasionally come to this beach to lay its eggs.45am – 6. *All rates quoted in the guide book are subject to change without prior notice. RM65 per dive) Pasar Malam* RM30 per adult City of Lights & Mesra Mall* RM30 per person *Bookings for selected tours and limousine rental services can be made by contacting the resort’s front desk at (609) 864 1188.00pm Kampung Tour* RM60 (adult) RM30 (children) Firefly Tour* RM50 (adult) RM25 (children) Pulau Kapas day-trip* RM190 (adult) RM100 (children) Diving (1 dive. Terengganu Tel: (609) 859 1346‎ Hai Peng Kopitiam 3753.30am Lunch: 12.00am .00pm Restoran Kampong Breakfast: 6.90pm – 10. 24000 Kemaman. Chukai. A visit to the Turtle Sanctuary at Pantai Chendor would reveal to you the fragile existence of one of nature’s most intriguing sea creatures.00am Tong Juan Restaurant K-117 Jalan Sulaiman. RM180.00pm – 2.

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curious travelers can now explore the famous legend of the Princess Mahsuri while sun-lovers take the opportunity to bask on pristine sandy beaches overlooking breathtaking ocean sunsets. Located at the heart of a jeweled cluster of 99 islands. A visit to Langkawi is truly the perfect escapade to arouse and soothe the jaded soul. as well as its status as a duty-free port. 35 minutes from Penang and 1. freedom 22 . Langkawi.5 hours if you’re departing from Singapore. Offering a myriad of delights for both the intrepid and indolent traveler.Retreat to a Magical Island Explore the island paradise where myths and legends come alive with Awana Porto Malai. It takes about 50 minutes of flight time to get to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur. this holiday destination is famed for its epic folklore. romantic preludes. Enjoy romantic preludes at the Boardwalk.

a short visit to Tasik Dayang Beranak.30am Island-Hopping Tour Walk over to the Awana Porto Malai jetty. Then. as you will need one to get around the island.30am Arrival First things first. a popular spot for barren women to come sip the lake’s waters in the belief that mystical powers will help them bear children. where you can have fun and frolic in clear waters and soft sand in privacy. First stop. freedom 23 . Upon arrival at the resort.Day1 9. The yachts and boats docked at the Marina. leave your bags at the counter and book your slots for the tours and the spa. famed for its legends of pregnant maidens and guardian spirits. rent a car at the Langkawi airport. Cool off at Tasik Dayang Beranak! The beautiful island beaches. Check-in only starts at 3pm. The last leg of the tour is to Pulau Beras Basah. Pulau Dayang Bunting. 10. where a high-speed motorboat ride will bring you on an enchanting 3-hour island-hopping tour.

Beautiful batik paintings hung to dry. for one. a showcase paddy field that pays homage to the grain that is a staple to every Southeast Asian diet. each a couple of minutes away. marks the spot where villagers had burnt their entire rice harvest to deny the Siamese forces from looting and further fueling their invasion. This is where you can explore more about batik painting. with the help of some highly skilled in-house artisans. Atma Alam Batik Art Village 3. Remember to buy home a piece or two as souvenirs! freedom 24 .Discover how rice is planted at Laman Padi Langkawi! Laman Padi Langkawi 2. Prepare to get a little bit dirty as you wade through the muddy waters and learn how rice is planted! Field of Burnt Rice 3. The Field of Burnt Rice.40pm Past the local shops selling vials of medicinal remedies is Atma Alam Batik Art Village.00pm A further 15-minute drive will take you to Laman Padi Langkawi.00pm The infamous Field of Burnt Rice. Away from the coast and into the heartland of Padang Matsirat is a nexus of cultural spots that offer insights into the Malay society.

prides itself on its sizzling specialties while Villa Rossi serves up a delectable Italian and Continental cuisine. a folk heroine who endured torture 200 years ago after being falsely accused of adultery. They are built in memory of Mahsuri.A painting of the legendary Mahsuri. this beach is where you can enjoy hairrising rides on the banana boat. No visit to Langkawi is ever complete without taking in the glorious length of the Pantai Cenang coastline. located at The Boardwalk. a signature dish. Zest. skim the seas on jet skis or glide high above on a parasail! A longer stay on the beach will reward you with a beautiful view of the sunset. Her story dominates the Langkawi as her curse on seven generations of bad luck is widely believed locally. Sunset at Pantai Cenang 5. Meat lovers should not miss out on their Grilled Beef Tenderloin. Dinner at Villa Rossi 8.00pm For dinner. freedom 25 .30pm The breathtaking coastline of Pantai Cenang. Kota Mahsuri Even deeper into the heartland is the Kota Mahsuri cultural centre and mausoleum. Enjoy a scrumptious dinner at Villa Rossi. or the seared fillet of cod with Ebiko. A beautiful place to enjoy the sun and the sea. pick from a host of cuisines back at the resort. while health-aware epicureans can opt for the prawn and avocado salad.

where many tourists come to enjoy fresh seafood for lunch. 8. the mangrove treas. Day2 Breakfast at Seagull Coffee House Start your day with a hearty range of Asian and international delicacies at Seagull Coffee House. snakes. the rare brown-headed Eagle and of course.30pm Lunch with the Freshest Catch Situated at the Kilim estuary is the floating fish farm. Fact: This restaurant is named after a little opening in the limestone hills where it was built! freedom 26 . this restaurant is the definitely the best place to enjoy a good breakfast at the resort! The breakfast spread at the Seagull Coffee House. and rare up-close encounters with monkeys. 10. Here. 12. also known as the Mangrove Tour. Where the freshest catch lands on your plate. This tour includes a tight crawl through Gua Kelawar.View of the beautiful islands amidst a scenic sunrise. you’ll find the Hole In The Wall restaurant. Overlooking the Straits of Malacca.30am An untouched paradise of flora and fauna.00am Mangrove Tour A 45-minute drive across the island to the Kilim River jetty will get you started on a slow boat ride along Sungai Kilim.

head on down to the Underwater World Langkawi at Pantai Cenang. you can always soak in the naturally formed pools at the lower falls. Oriental Village 4. Breathtaking natural waterfalls. The Oriental Village is a theme park with a lake that offers gentle paddleboat rides. elephant rides and even a spin around the park on a Segway! 5. which offers you scenic views of Buray Bay and Pantai Kok from the top. drive northwest to the Seven Wells Waterfall. For something less tiring. It’s a family-friendly attraction where you can see all manners of small and giant sea creatures in a cool and air-conditioned environment! Discover the ocean’s little treasures! freedom 27 .00pm Seven Wells Waterfall After lunch.00pm Underwater World Langkawi If you seek shelter from the heat.30pm Get up close and personal with this majestic animal! Other less strenuous options include a visit to the Oriental Village. but don’t want to waste the afternoon holed up in your hotel.3. An uphill hike of 638 steps will bring you to the most spectacular waterfall on the island.

the spa offers a wide selection of treatments that range from herbal baths to stone massages. drink or simply kick back and relax as the live band serenades the night away. Get into the groove at Eagle Rock! freedom 28 . cigarettes. there’s always Eagle Rock.00pm Eagle Rock Dinner & Shopping at Kuah Town Take a 20-minute drive down to Kuah Town for a delicious Thai food dinner at Green Elephant Restaurant. Langkawi that only starts rocking from 10pm onwards. Combining both ancient and contemporary relaxation techniques. tapel.00pm Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa All that walking and trekking will certainly take a toll on your body.A pampering session at the spa. Duty-free shops line the whole of Kuah Town. lulur and even more intimate packages specifically designed for couples. chocolates and even perfumes.30pm 10. and get ready for a shopping spree like no other. Rejuvenate with a Javanese massage back at the resort’s Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa. so don’t hold back! If you still feel the need for more action. 7. 8. allowing you to indulge in cheap alcohol. a pub-club-disco right next to Awana Porto Malai. Get your dance on. Goods are said to be marginally cheaper here than at Pantai Cenang.

the cruise sets off from the Awana Porto Malai jetty. going in search of an unfettered view of the setting sun. For something more exciting. freedom 29 . making this a fitting end to a romantic escapade at Langkawi. Sunbathe on mats at the front deck.OtherHighlight Sunset Cruise Often filled with honeymooning couples and lovers. hook yourself to the net cast at the back of the yacht and settle into the gentle massage of the Saltwater Jacuzzi. A barbecue dinner is also served on-board. or just chill out at the covered top deck as friendly staff offers you a free flow of soft drinks and cocktails.

00am .30pm Friday .Bandar Baru Baron.00pm Eagle Rock Café Block 5.30am – 6.00pm Closed on Wednesdays Seagull Coffee House Awana Porto Malai. *Bookings for selected tours can be made at the resort.00am . Langkawi Operation Hours: 7.11. you can either rent a car at the airport or call Awana Porto Malai Langkawi’s tour desk to arrange for transportation at (604) 955 5111.Sunday.00am – 6.30am – 10.00pm Kota Mahsuri Kampung Mawat Mukim Ulu Melaka 07000 Langkawi Operation Hours: 9.6.00pm – 11.00pm Tel: (604) 967 5301 Green Elephant RULEOUT CAFE 53.00pm – 11. All activities are subject to change & availability.00pm Tel: (604) 955 6055 Seven Wells Waterfall Gunung Mat Cincang Kuah 07000 Langkawi Tel: (604) 966 7789 Island-Hopping Tour* Starts at RM45 per pax (adult) Sunset Cruise* Included in the Awana Porto Malai Resort Packages Individual bookings start from RM250 per pax Junglewalla Mangrove Tour* RM180 (adult) RM90 (children) Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa* Awana Porto Malai. 07000 Kuah Langkawi Tel: (604) 966 0490 Oriental Village LADA Eco-Tourism Sdn Bhd Teluk Burau 07100 Langkawi Tel: (604) 959 3099 Underwater World Langkawi Zon Pantai Cenang Mukim Kedawang 07000 Langkawi Operation Hours: Monday – Thursday 9. Pusat Bandar Baru. Mukim Ayer Hangat 07000 Langkawi Operation Hours: 8. Ground Floor Awana Porto Malai.00am – 11.00pm Tel: (604) 955 2615 Laman Padi Langkawi Pantai Cenang 07000 Langkawi Tel: (604) 955 4312 Field of Burnt Rice Padang Matsirat 07000 Langkawi Operation Hours: 9. Langkawi Tel: (604) 955 3181 RM20 per person Free for resort guests Hole In The Wall Restaurant Jeti Sungai Kilim.00pm Tel: (604) 955 5111 To get around the island. > freedom 30 book are subject to change without prior notice. *All rates quoted The Saltwater Jacuzzi gives in the guide passenger a natural massage like no other.List of Vendors & Attractions Villa Rossi Awana Porto Malai. . Langkawi Tanjung Malai 07000 Langkawi Operation Hours: 12. RM25 (child) Atma Alam Batik Village Padang Matsirat 07000 Langkawi Operation Hours: 9.00am . Langkawi Operation Hours: 6. Jalan Persiaran Putera.5. Public Holidays 9.30pm Tel: (604) 955 6100 RM38 (adult).

freedom 31 .

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