Skin-Tique Corporation manufactures women’s personal care products. The products consist of; facial creams, hand and body lotions, and a full line of women’s toiletries. Soft and Silky was positioned as a high-quality women’s shaving gel since its introduction in 1988. Phoebe Masters, the newly appointed Product Manager for hand and body lotions at Skin-Tique, recognized that they face some problems. Also Heather Courtright, the Soft and Silky Brand assistant suggested them it is time for new packaging.These factors made them think about producing a new kind of packaging. But she is not sure whether to introduce a new package design which is aerosol package (5-1/2 ounce or 10-ounce) alongside the existing tube container for the company’s Soft and Silky Shaving Gel product or not.If they decide to introduce the new design, the manager needs to decide if a test market is necessary to evaluate the new packagingto enhance their decision making capabilities. Skin-Tique could choose to continue only offering their current non-aerosol product. This decision would remove some uncertainty from their decision making process, but would result in numerous negative consequences. Skin-Tique’s market research has shown that many consumers prefer an aerosol product. If they fail to meet consumer expectations, they may face problem in acquiring new market share, also they may lose current market share.



There are two (3) primary problems have been identified for this case study. First problem was whether to introduce a new aerosol package design instead of tube for company’s Soft and Silky Shaving Gel. Decision also should be made whether the company should introduce a 5 ½ ounce shaving gel or a 10 ounce for new aerosol package. Besides that, Phoebe Masters also need to decide whether she should approve additional funds for a market test. As for secondary problem, there are two problems have been identified. First is cannibalization of shaving gel in tube package will be happen if aerosol packaging introduce in the market. Moreover, working relationship between Masters and Heather Courtwright would effects on

Masters decision either to proceed or not with the proposal that given by Courtwright.


In addition. Previously.5 ounce. As for Skin-Tique. Product can be differentiated in form of size. Packaging also affects product experience when they to open the package and use the product at home. Besides that. collection.5or 10 ounce. 3.3. demand for aerosol 2 . Packaging have major significance such as it is can make a product more convenient to use or store and easier to identify. this type of packaging is not practical anymore because aerosol container seems will make users more convenient on using shaving products. So that. Skin-Tique produced shaving gel in tube. shape or physical structure of a product.2 Marketing Research Analysis Marketing research is the systematic design. However. Research findings revealed customer and noncustomers have unanimously in favour on shaving packaging design as well the preferred amount to buy either 5. products must be differentiated between what competitors are offered. it is important to them to differentiate their product offered for example by using different packaging or size offered. analysis and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. research done also revealed the information about the customer preferences on the shaving products’ price that should be offered by Skin-Tique 3. there are many Skin-Tique competitors are introducing shaving products by using aerosol container and this is important for this company to introduce similar packaging design. However.0 3.1 ANALYSIS Product Packaging Analysis Packaging includes all the activities of designing and producing the container for a product. Skin-Tique conducted large marketing research firm to form a focus group studies.000 budget to assess consumer response to new aerosol container.3 Product Differentiation Analysis To be branded. Product packaging is one of important element in products marketing and generally regarded as an essential component of modern life style and the way business is organized. different packaging and size of shaving products will create differentiation advantages between this company with other competitors. they just offered shaving gel in tube which for 5. As part of $35. As for Skin-Tique Corporation. there are many competitors offered similar products likes what they have. Factors that influenced noncustomers from not buying Skin-Tique products also had been determined.

It means that she discard the new aerosol package design. Hence. women are most using shaving during summer season. women which working outside home is more frequent used shaving products than those who are not. Dominant packaging for women’s shaving cream or gel is the aerosol container. Have high quality of women’s shaving gel. WEAKNESSES 1. 3. they had identified the seasonality factors affects the preferences on shaving products. 2. The idea on customer prefers one product over another is not new in marketing environment. Besides that. 2. 4. Just only offered women shaving gel in tube.Women lifestyle affects the demand towardsshaving cream and gel products. Experience in industry the since 1988 OPPORTUNITIES 1. of course this will affect the demand for the shaving product. determination on customers’ preferences on products offering is very crucial because customers’ preferences may change time over time.4 Customer Behavior Analysis Determine a customer preference is very important for marketers because it is often indicate how much they are satisfied with marketers’ products. 3. For example. THREATS 1. Number of competitors in the same market. Due to that customer behaviour. As for Skin-Tique Corporation. Price competitiveness 3.packaging also keeps increasing and due to that. 3 . the company must take into consideration to also introduce this type of packaging. 1) Phoebe Masters can maintain with the existing product without any changes.5 SWOT Analysis STRENGTH 1.0 ALTERNATIVE There were 3 alternative in Skin-Tique Corporation.

they also feel that they no need to buy frequently because 10-ounce is more quantity with reasonable price which is $4. Last is to prepare a marketing communication strategy to promote an aerosol can package through increased advertising 4 .25 per can. Next is by developing a marketing strategy to attack the noncustomers by preparing samples of new product pack and size in the market. Besides that. This alternative entail introducing the both sizedaerosol package that would be presented at retail alongside the smaller sized tube. It is helps customer for easy access and looking for the products. 5. she has to think about the size (5 ½ ounce or 10-ounce). We suggest producing both sizes because some customers are preferring 10-ounce because of the need of products. Another alternative that can be used is placing products in the targeted stores. 3) She can introduce a new aerosol package design with 5 ½-ounce or 10-ounce and do not perform the market test.000) more compare to other forecast. which includes the cost if gathering marketing research data on the cannibalization rate and incremental sales growth. B.000 ounce) and 10-ounce aerosol package (Cannibalized 1.0 PLAN AND ACTION First is to communicate plans with retailer to ensure a smooth route for new packaging products to the market.ounce to those are noncustomers who are not aware about this products with the price of $3. We suggest 5 ½. Alternative 2 which makes her produces a new aerosol package design and performs the market test with both sizes (5 ½ ounce and 10-ounce).000 units of sample test will be issued for the purpose of trial promotion. We advise her to do market test by choosing forecast D: High estimate for 10-ounce aerosol package addition (Shown in Exhibit 5) because the ounce volume for 5 ½ ounce tube packages (9.175 and net new volume 1. Estimated the total of 20. However.000. Why she have to do market test? We feel that only market test make her to identify the response of customers to the new products.500. Actually her estimated cost for the market test was $30.50 per can.0 RECOMMENDATION We would like to recommend Phoebe master to choose alternative 1 and 2.600.2) She can introduce a new aerosol package design and perform the market test which was shown in exhibit 5 (Forecast A. 6. C and D). Alternative 1 which makes her to maintain the existing product which is 5 ½ ounce tubes until the products completely sold it out.145.

Make the prize something desirable and related with the business. their perception is that they bought one at regular price and we generously gave them another. For exampleto participate. 8. It is an attractive way to target customer by offering it “free” will undoubtedly attract attention.including by hitting all of the local newspapers. For example. The way management tackle the problem determines the number of market share captured by new product designed which aerosol packaging. Instead. although Skin Tique shaving gel customers are seen to be loyal with shaving gel offered by this company. example. Necessary actions are should be taken to avoid the losses of reducing current market price and cannibalization on sales for tube packaging. 7. 5 . there are tendency for them to switch to the competitors which offered better products designed. Product cannibalization also tends to be happened if they decide to introduce aerosol container. run a contest to attract the customer buys the new product in order to increase the sales for an aerosol can package. product packaging. “Buy one get something else free” or “buy one get one free”. Another option that can be used is by increase in-store promotional activity especially before and during summer season. product differentiation and customer preferences are the crucial issues that should be taken into many markets. bring together the larger sized aerosol package (10 ounce aerosol package) with smaller sized tube (5.0 CONTINGENCY PLAN When the sales for the existing product are no longer growing and profit start to fall. relevant magazine that related with the women’s careproductsand news channel. People love free things and they love contests. Most customers don’t see this as buying two items at half price.0 CONCLUSION As the conclusion. customers need to spend a minimum price or purchasenew Skin Tique product. In additional. It could be a free gift basket of Skin Tique product or something else.5 ounce tube package) in the same box. Keeping updating with the current For customers’ trends and needs on products design gives many benefits to marketers.

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