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Staf writer,
Law enforcement ofcials
are currently seeking to
apprehend 29-year-old
former Winder resident
Roley Gabriel Faubion, an
inmate of the Spalding
County Correctional
Institution who escaped
from a work detail Tuesday
Faubion was a member
of a work crew assigned
to clear a feld behind
the Spalding County Fire
Department headquarters
located on Carver Road.
According to Deputy
Warden Mike McPherson,
Faubion’s escape was not
witnessed by the guard
assigned to his work crew.
“The ofcer had a visual
on him at 11:45 a.m.
Approximately 10 or 15
minutes later, he looked
for him and he was gone,”
McPherson said.
The deputy warden said
he could not substantiate
reports that Faubion had
prearranged his escape
with the use of a cell
phone in the inmate’s
possession, initially saying,
“We have no knowledge
of that.”
However, upon being
questioned with regard
to the involvement of the
United States Marshal
Service, which was seeking
Faubion’s cell phone
number as a possible
means of locating the
escapee, McPherson then
said, “They’re pinging a
number from Grifn, but
they don’t know if it’s his
or not. Someone called his
girlfriend, but they don’t
know if it was him or not.
That’s all speculation at
this point.”
McPherson said Faubion,
a felon, was being
incarcerated on numerous
charges including sale and
distribution of marijuana,
obstruction of a law
enforcement ofcer and
theft of a motor vehicle.
“It’s a variety of charges,”
he said.
When asked if Faubion has
ever been convicted of a
violent crime, the deputy
warden acknowledged
he does have a conviction
for “terroristic threats and
A search of the state
Staf writer,
The hotly contested
Spalding County sherif’s
race concluded Tuesday
with Wendell Beam
emerging as the winner of
a runof against Capt. Keith
Duncan to determine the
successor to the late Sherif
Dee Stewart.
With a mere 21.2 percent
of registered voters casting
ballots, Beam received a
resounding 67.03 percent
of the votes, or 4,644, to
Duncan’s 2,284. Of the 21
Spalding County precincts,
Beam won all but one –
County Line.
Beam, who currently
serves as the major over
the Sherif’s Ofce Uniform
Patrol Division, celebrated
with friends, families and
co-workers Tuesday night,
expressing his gratitude to
those who supported his
“I’m just overwhelmed by
the support I’ve gotten
from everybody. I really
appreciate the support I’ve
gotten from my family, my
friends and my voters,” he
said. “A lot of people voted
for me who I don’t really
know. That’s just incredible,
and I want to thank them
all. Another thing I have
to say is how much I
appreciate the support of
my church family.”
While Beam has a plan
in place for the initial
transitional period
following his swearing in
as sherif, Beam does not
intend to immediately
make any personnel
“At this time, I’m not
going in with the intent
of making any drastic
personnel changes. In the
beginning, I’m going to
meet with the diferent
division supervisors and
see how things are going
within each division.
We’ll review the diferent
methods of operation
within each division
and make any decisions
necessary to better serve
the community,” he said.
“Whatever changes are
needed, we’ll make those
as soon as possible, and
that applies to all division
throughout the entire
Sherif’s Ofce.”
Beam said he also
intends to review the
job performance of his
personnel and determine
whether there is a need for
improvement. If he fnds
a need for improvement,
that will be immediately
“We’ll work with those
people to bring them up to
standard and if necessary,
move forward from there,”
he said. “If that fails, I’ll deal
with the individuals at that
Beam also said there will be
no immediate alterations
to divisional budgets, but
that may change, pending
reviews. "All we’re going to
do for now is get organized
and move forward in
service to our community.”
OCT 6 - 20, 2011 VOL. 01 NO. 19
Southern Crescent
Technical College will
crown its first-ever
Homecoming King and
Queen Nov. 4
You've got questions
& concerns local
government spending
and programs? We'll
be your watchdog.
pg. 3
Early voting has now
begun for the city
election of District
2, 4 and "At-Large"
Read why they want
to serve as your
pg. 6 & 7
Wendell Beam: The new sherif in town Scarecrows return to the
UGA Research Gardens
Scarecrows invite
you to celebrate
with them on
Sunday, Oct. 23
The fourth annual "Scarecrows in the Garden Celebration" free event features wild and
wacky scarecrow creations, pumpkin and face painting, clowns, storytellers, duck ponds
and pumpkin patches. (Pictured above is scarecrow "General Bone E. Part").

The garden is located on W. Ellis Road across from the old Wal-Mart center, and is open
every week day from 8 a.m. until 4:40 p.m. It is also open on Sundays from 1 to 4 p.m.
until the end of October. There will be a "Scarecrows in the Garden Celebration” on
Sunday, Oct. 23, from 1 to 4 p.m. In case of rain, the event will be held Sunday, Oct. 30.
SCCI inmate escapee still at large
COnTInUED, escapee, pg 3»
After Wendell Beam was declared the victor of Tuesday night’s
runof, Lt. David Gibson presented him with a gift from personnel
of the Spalding County Sherif’s Ofce – a desk plaque that bore the
title Sherif Wendell Beam.
You ask t he quest i ons, we
pr ovi de t he answer s i n our
new "Wat chdog"col umn
Pg. 2
Don't miss out on great deals and
news - have it sent directly to your
phone by texting "gripper" to 55958
city commission
candidates explain
why you should vote
for them Nov. 8
pgs 6-7
Doc’tober Days 2011, a
weekend flled with family-
friendly activities, is set
to begin Friday evening,
with events guaranteed to
entertain all ages.
Beginning at 5:30 to 6 p.m.
Friday, the Great Grifn
Graveyard Ramble is sure to
give chills and thrills, with
tours beginning every 10
The fun will then continue
Saturday morning, kicking
of with the Low Down
Dirty Dawg Dash, a 5K
of-road race that features
obstacles, stream crossing,
hills and plenty of good,
old-fashioned fun in the
mud. Registration for the
Low Down Dirty Dawg Dash
is $45, with all proceeds
benefting The Fisher House,
a home-away-from-home
for families of military
personnel hospitalized for
illness, disease or injury.
A combination ticket for
the Dawg Dash and the
Doctoberfest Beer and Wine
Festival, which follows the
race, for only $80. The Beer
and Wine festival will also
include the "Hootin' Hollerin'
Mustache Contest"; the
person with the grooviest
mustache wins a prize
As the Beer and Wine
Festival takes place,
downtown Grifn will also
be home to the Bluebird
Market, featuring indie art
vendors on Solomon Street.
The festival then greets
Saturday evening with a
free concert with Heather
Luttrell on stage at 6:30 p.m.
followed by The Rollin’ Bones
featuring Carl Pruett, Jimmy
Greene, Mike Braggy, Sherry
Paul and Brian Bolem. Ω
Break out the mustache, Doc'tober Days returns
Staf writer,
City of Grifn ofcials
look forward to the day
when factors fall into
place that will allow
for implementation of
components of the West
Grifn LCI study such as the
expansion of the University
of Georgia-Grifn campus,
to include potential
student housing.
A portion of the land
that would be utilized
for this project includes
at least one location that
stirs angst among many
residents – the old Wal-
Mart building on north
“We know it’s a eyesore,”
said City Manager Kenny
Smith. “We don’t like it
sitting there empty, either,
but there is very little we
can do about it.”
Planning and Development
Director Frederick Gardiner
shares that sentiment.
“That’s why we did the
master plan as part of the
LCI – to show the potential
for other development, but
so far, we just haven’t been
able to fnd a developer,”
Gardiner said. “The reason
for that is that we’re
obviously in the worst
economic downturn in our
lifetimes. Developers are
very picky, and fnancing is
very difcult.”
Gardiner said he believes
an economic recovery
remains in the future, but
will be “slow coming.”
However, increased
enrollment at the UGA-
Grifn campus could be
the very catalyst needed
to jump-start long sought
local economic growth and
“That could be an impetus
that could trump the
economic status as it
stands now,” Gardiner
said. “With the LCI study,
we looked at the whole
(Wal-Mart) property being
bought out as a mixed use,
property, possibly with
student housing for the
University of Georgia
and Southern Crescent
Technical College.”
Although residents best
know the property as
the old Wal-Mart site, it is
actually divided into three
separate parcels with the
remaining two owned by
JDn Realty Corporation, of
new York, and Forest Park
The largest portion of the
site is owned by Wal-Mart,
which left the building
vacant when it moved to its
current location less than
one mile north on north
Gardiner said he realizes
residents are in large part
concerned that no new
business has taken over
that location, but said it
is not likely ever to occur
due to Wal-Mart business
“It’s private property.
It’s no diferent than a
home that someone has
left vacant for years. It’s
just a vacant commercial
piece of property,” he said.
“Wal-Mart is not going to
allow for potential heavy
competition to come
in there. That’s the M.O.
(modus operandi) – it has
been a routine practice,
and that’s where people
have jumped on Wal-Mart,
when they went from the
original store plan to the
Super Wal-Mart footprint
and left abandoned
buildings behind.”
Gardiner said with the
West Grifn LCI Master
Plan, the property would
not be owned by either
UGA or SCTC, but private
developers, who would
create “its own little village”
consisting of housing and
commercial properties, but
would not include “big box
stores.” Ω
Staf writer,
Conditions are prime
for tremendous growth
on the University of
Georgia-Grifn campus
and Dr. Doris Christopher
is prepared to guide the
way to increased student
Prior to being named
assistant vice-president
for academic afairs and
director of academic
programs, Christopher
served as chief
administrative ofcer for
the Center for Graduate
and Professional Learning
at Georgia College & State
University. In that capacity,
she attained a level of
success she intends to
duplicate at UGA-Grifn.
“I was brought in there to
grow their program,” she
said. “I was pulling people
from all over the south
metro area to Macon. In my
time there, the program
grew from 200 to 650
now, Christopher
has a single-minded
determination to duplicate
that achievement in Grifn.
“I was brought in here to
hit from the ground level in
building this program. The
students I was pulling from
all over this area down to
Georgia College & State
University, I can pull them
here,” she said.
To do that, she has initiated
a campaign to address
what she believes is the
leading cause of UGA-
Grifn’s current enrollment
numbers of just under 200
– a lack of recognition.
“I think the main reason
enrollment hasn’t taken
of here is literally location
recognition. This was an
Experiment Station for
many years, and it’s all
about the brand name,”
she said. “This campus has
a very strong agricultural
history, and that strength
remains, but with urban
students, it’s about
educating them that it’s
more. We’ve got to get
out that it’s about working
with world-renowned
researchers – I mean some
of the best in the world are
right here. We’re in the top
20, as far as the national
rankings, with the Terry
College of Business. A Terry
College business degree is
a great beneft, in and of
In addition to the general
business degrees available
at UGA-Grifn, there are
seven other undergraduate
programs ofered including
agribusiness, biological
science, consumer
economics, environmental
resource science, food
industry marketing
and administration,
microbiology and special
Graduate degrees are
also ofered in the felds
of agriculture leadership,
mathematics education.
“In those graduate
degree programs, we
have the masters, as well
as education specialist,”
Christopher said. “Our new
program that’s coming
online in January is our
doctorate in workforce
education, and there are
others that are being
planned, so there are
things that are in motion.”
In fact, she said the topic
of broadening the UGA-
Grifn program spectrum
was discussed as recently
as Thursday meetings.
“The excitement is really
growing, even among the
deans at the main campus,”
she said.
At this time, all programs
ofered are degree
completion programs,
which means students
must complete two
years of study at another
institution and seek a
transfer to the local UGA
According to Christopher,
there is no plan in place to
change that status at any
point in the near future,
but that possibility has not
been ruled out for possible
future implementation.
“You know, it defnitely is a
possibility. Part of it up to
this point has been about
having the resources to
do that – making certain
services weren’t being
duplicated that were
already available. It’s about
being good stewards
of the funding that’s
available,” she explained.
“We have feeder schools
where students can obtain
those frst two years of
their degree requirements,
so it’s a matter of having
a place for them to go
afterward, and we do.”
To foster a good
relationship with those
feeder schools, Christopher
said she has met with
administrative ofcials of
both Southern Crescent
Technical College and
Gordon College “about
how we can partner with
them and give students a
quality degree completion.”
As she pursues her goal
of increasing student
enrollment, Christopher
said is excited about future
“I refer to this place as
a golden egg because
there’s so much potential.
We have just shy of 200
students now, but we have
room to expand to easily
accommodate, at the very
least, 800,” she said.
With that growth, she said
she anticipates signifcant
changes to the landscape
of the Grifn campus,
as student housing will
become necessary.
“When we get enough
students that I can see it
would be a break-even
point to provide that for
students, I’ll certainly be
presenting that proposal
to the appropriate people,”
she said. “My entire focus is
building enrollment so that
I can do things like that.”
not only would that
indicate obvious success
for her eforts, it would also
serve to beneft the local
“We have a very strong
responsibility to make
sure we’re an important
link in the economic
development of Grifn
and Spalding County. It’s
about improving the real
economic development
of the surrounding
community and county,”
she said.
While she said she does
not currently have a time
frame in mind for when she
foresees a need for student
housing, Christopher did
say, “We’re not there now,
but I hope it won’t be too
long.” Ω
2 Oct. 20 - nov. 3, 2011
1891 W. McIntosh Road, Griffin
We assist clients with
a wide variety of legal
needs including:
personal injury,
wrongful death,
criminal defense,
divorce, child custody
and child support,
collections, local
government issues,
wills and estates,
education law,
contract disputes and
other civil litigation.
Timothy N. Shepherd
Patrick M. Shepherd
612 West Taylor Street, Griffin | 770-229-1882
UGA Grifn revs up enrollment campaign; city ofcials hope growth expands to old Wal-Mart building
UGA Grifn growth could improve eyesore of old Wal-Mart building
There's been talk in the
social media world that the
Grifn-Spalding County
School System bought iPads
for its teachers, which isn't
true, according to Anna
Burns, director of school
and community services.
"We have no concrete
plans to buy iPads for
teachers," said Burns, "but
we're always exploring
technology options."
Ipads were purchased
for administrators,
however, using Title 1
needs Improvement set
aside money. (All needs
improvement schools
must earmark 10 percent
of their Title 1 budget for
professional development).
These iPads, Burns
explains, are used during
administrator walk-throughs
and evaluations, making the
process quicker and more
efcient, thereby falling into
the category of professional
The iPads were purchased
through E-Rate, a federal
reimbursement program
that provides steep
discounts to schools for
purchases. Reimbursement
rates are commensurate
with poverty levels. "It's
a very high percentage,"
said Jim Smith, director of
fnance and purchasing
for GSCS, referring to the
reimbursement percentage.
Several schools have
purchased iPads as well,
using their Title 1 school
budget and grants, to be
used for purposes such
as student instruction,
data team meetings, and
leadership meetings. Grifn
High School purchased
iPads for student use in the
career academies through
their School Improvement
Grant. Ω
Oct. 20 - nov. 3, 2011 3
770-228-5442 | 1707 N. Expressway
Mon, Tue, Wed & Saturday
3 - 10 pm
Thursday, Friday, Sunday
11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
(Bar only)
10% Down
Monthly payments
Up to 6 months
No nance charges
Ace Hardware of Grin
126 W. College Street, Grin
Monday - Saturday 8 - 6
Sunday 12 - 5
Department of Corrections
Web site, however, does
not list any drug-related
charges. Rather, it states
Faubion previously served
time from July 19, 2005
until Jan. 20, 2006, for four
counts of second degree
Faubion’s current sentences
include convictions on one
count of battery, Family
Violence Act; two counts
of false imprisonment; one
count of terroristic threats
and actions; three counts of
burglary; one count of theft
of a motor vehicle or parts;
and four counts of theft by
McPherson said he is
uncertain if the girlfriend
who received the phone
call from Grifn being
investigated is the same
person involved in
Faubion’s prior incidents of
family violence. Ω
« escapee, cont.
Inmate may have
used cellphone to
You've got questions? We'll fnd the answers.

Curious about some rumor you heard about
local government, the school system,
or who paid for what? Send an email to We can't promise
that you'll always like the answer, but we'll
always tell you the truth.
Compiled by Jessica Gregory
Hotel/Motel Tax paid for downtown fags
Many citizens have voiced
concerns about the funding
behind the "Happy Fall,
Y'all" fags now hanging
from the downtown lamp
posts, wondering exactly
who paid for them and with
what funds.
The funding for the fags
originated from the excise
tax on rooms lodging and
accommodations from
Georgia's Ordinance Code
This "hotel/motel" tax,
which varies from 3 to 8
percent, has a unique set of
expenditure requirements;
a certain portion of the
revenues must be used
for "promoting, attracting,
stimulating and developing
conventions and tourism,"
according to the code.
Organizations such as the
Mainstreet Grifn program,
which purchased the fags,
the Grifn Chamber of
Commerce and UGA Grifn
can request portions of the
money each year, though
not all requests are granted.
“The Grifn Main Street
Program utilizes its hotel-
motel funding toward the
promotion of Grifn and
its historic downtown area
as a tourism destination
through regional
advertising, banners,
tourism brochures, and
other marketing vehicles.
Most recently, these funds
were utilized for tourism
product development with
the Park at Sixth under
the 'parks, trails and other
recreational facilities'
section of the legislation,”
said Kira Harris-Braggs,
Grifn Main Street Program
Ofcials said it was
important to note that
this is not a tax that is paid
for by Grifn-Spalding
residents, unless they're
staying in Spalding County
hotels, nor can this money
be put into county or city
general operating budgets.

Providing free lunches saves system money
Four Grifn-Spalding
County Schools (GSCS)
participate in Provision
2 of the national School
Lunch Act, which means
100 percent of the children
that attend Anne Street
Elementary, Moore
Elementary, Atkinson
Elementary, and Cowan
Road Middle School receive
free breakfasts and lunches.
The USDA, who sponsors
the national School Lunch
Act, allows schools that
have an 80 percent or more
participation in the free and
reduced lunch program
to opt into Provision 2, in
which all students receive
free breakfasts and lunches.
By providing free lunch
to all students, schools
do not have to collect
and process school meals
applications, keep track of
meal categories, or conduct
verifcations for at least
three out of every four
While schools do pay
the diference between
the cost of serving all
students free meals and
the federal reimbursement
they receive for those
who would qualify for free
lunches anyway, this cost
is ofset by the savings
from streamlined meal
service and reduced labor
associated with collecting
and tracking applications
and meal data.
"When you have such
a high rate of free and
reduced lunch," said Mary
Ramsaier, nutrition and
food service director for
GSCS, "there's a lot of
paperwork involved in the
application process. In the
Provision 2 program, you
process every four years to
get a base year."
In 2006, (GSCS frst base
year) the percentages of
students that qualifed
for free or reduced
lunch were Anne Street,
97 percent; Atkinson,
95 percent; Moore, 97
percent; and Cowan Road
Middle, 88 percent. These
percentages mean that
at each of these schools,
13 or fewer students are
currently getting a free
lunch for which they don't
"I'm very, very careful about
my fnances," said Ramsaier.
"The state provides
cost-beneft analysis
spreadsheets so we can
make sure we're not losing
Ramsaier said she looked
into the Provision 2
program because research
shows that once no one is
categorized as receiving
free or reduced lunch,
more kids take advantage
of the breakfast program.
"I wanted to get kids
ready for the school day
by getting them to eat
breakfast," said Ramsaier.
She said that after four
years of Provision 2, the
four GSC schools are
all seeing high spikes in
breakfast participation.
Higher meal participation
also leads to savings, by
lowering per-meal costs. Ω
Rumor: System buys iPads for teachers
Let's Talk Month
emphasizes the importance
of communication between
adults and youth in helping
young people develop
responsible attitudes
and behaviors about
sexuality. When youth
ask you about sex, listen
more than talk; Focus on
behaviors, not persons;
negotiate and compromise,
or at least consider other
views; encourage an
open exchange of ideas;
hard-work, dedication
and 110 percent - he feels
confdent that he and his
fellow players will represent
SCTC and the community
with pride. He goes on to
share that having an nJCAA
team gives people added
opportunities to do what
they enjoy while receiving
an accredited education.
Keishawn is the youngest of
six, and the frst to attend
More information about
the SCTC Tigers and other
happenings at Southern
Crescent Technical College
can be found on the
website – –
Go Tigers!!
foster the young person's
decision-making ability;
encourage and receive
questions;admit ignorance
when appropriate and
fnd the answer; share
values and beliefs; explore
feelings; show agreement
and support often;
keep a sense of humor; be
clear about expectations
and listen, listen, listen!
Communication Tips for talking
with your child:
Door Openers
"What do you think?"
"That's a good question."
"I don't know, but I'll fnd out."
"I'm trying to understand what
you're feeling."
"Do you know that word means?"
"I'm glad you told me about that."
Door Slammers
"You're too young."
"Where did you hear that?"
"If you say that again, I'll …"
"That's none of your business."
"I don't care what your friends
are doing."
"That's just for boys (girls)."
"We'll talk about that when you
need to know.
Parents are the best
sexuality educators for their
children and children want
sex education from their
parents or legal guardians.
For more information and
tips on talking with your
child about sexuality,
visit www.youthadvocates.
org. Ω
4 Oct. 20 - nov. 3, 2011
October 20 - Nov 4; Early
voting city of Grifn
commission election
and Sunday alcohol sales
referendum; Memorial
Drive Plaza.
October 20; Thursday;
Chamber Business After
Hours, Old Grifn Bottling
Company “The Eagle & Lion
Restaurant and Pub; 5 p.m.
to 7 p.m.
October 20; Thursday;
“Heavenly Light”; First
Baptist Church of Grifn;
7:30 to 9 p.m.; Grifn
Choral Arts’ frst concert
of the 2011-12 season;
for more information visit
October 21-22 & 28-29; Thursday
and Friday; Haunted Theatre
on Hill Street; 7:30 to 11:30
p.m.; Studio D School of
Dance, Hill Street, Grifn;
For information, visit www.
October 22; Friday & Saturday;
D'october Days; Downtown
Grifn and various
locations; Great Grifn
Graveyard Ramble, Low
Down Dirty Dawg Dash,
Doctoberfest Beer Festival
and free concerts featuring
Heather Luttrell and The
Rollin’ Bones; for more
information visit www.
October 24; Monday; Friends of
the Library initial meeting;
for more information call
October 25; Tuesday; city of
Grifn Commissioners
meeting; 6 p.m. One Grifn
October 24; Monday; Flint River
Regional Library; 6:30 -
7:30 p.m.; A coordination
meeting to form a "Friends
of the Library" group
to support the Grifn-
Spalding County Library.
October 27; Thursday;
Entrepreneur Class &
Discussion; Grifn Regional
Welcome Center; 9 a.m.
to 12 p.m.; learn start-up
basics, legal structures,
reasons for business failure
and more; $69 with 50
percent of each additional
person from your
business; register at www.
October 28; Friday; Downtown
Grifn Trick-or-Treating
event; 4 - 6 p.m.; for a map
and free trick-or-treat bag,
visit the Grifn Welcome
Center during the event;
participating downtown
businesses will have a sign
in their storefront.
October 29; Saturday; "SS
Liberty"; 6 p.m.; an original,
high-energy ballet that
follows three sailors
on shore leave in nYC;
presented by Grifn Ballet
Theatre; Grifn Auditorium;
for more information visit
November 5; Saturday; Grifn
Humane Society Chili Cook
Of; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m; The
To view more local events
visit the calendar page at
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Community briefs
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The Three Rivers Regional
Commission will hold
Tuesday, October 25,
2011 at 2:00 PM to receive
comments on the 2011
Three Rivers Regional
Resources Plan.
The Resource Plan identifes
natural and cultural/heritage
resources that are regionally
signifcant to the ten-county
region of the Three Rivers
Regional Commission which
includes: Butts, Carroll,
Coweta, Heard, Lamar,
Meriwether, Pike, Spalding,
Troup and Upson Counties.
All interested persons are
invited to attend. This public
hearing will be held at
the Three Rivers Regional
Commission in the 1st foor
conference room located at
120 north Hill Street, Grifn,
GA Georgia 30224.
The Regional Resource Plan
is available for public review
at the Three Rivers Regional
Commission website: www.
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with Katie Hammock
@ Star Salon
The biggest sports news
of 2011- 2012 is that
the rivalry between
the Southern Crescent
Technical College Tigers
and the Gordon College
Highlanders in nJCAA
college hoops is on the
horizon. The rivalry is on
fre and is going to make
a lot of folks want to jump
into a tub of ice when the
two teams take the court
nov. 1 in Barnesville. This
is the second season for
the Tigers, and both the
men and women teams
have been scorching the
court during their practice
in preparation for turning
up the heat to nuclear-
meltdown levels during
Thursday’s game.
Leading the SCTC male
and female teams are
Head Coaches Dr. John
Pope and Calvin Sinkfeld,
respectively. Lady Tiger
Katisha Rouseau says
“accepting constructive
criticism from a male coach
has taught me to not take
it personal and practicing
that open-mindedness has
improved my game ten-
fold.” She goes on to state
that the added value of
having a nJCAA team in the
middle Georgia community
is that “it is a fun event and
social activity for the whole
After their match-up
against the Highlanders,
the Tigers will be the
talk of the town. It is that
momentum that will
ensure their readiness for
the homecoming game
against the East Georgia
College Bobcats, scheduled
for nov. 4 at Taylor Street
Middle School Gymnasium.
Homecoming at SCTC has
undergone a dramatic
transformation since last
year, and planners hope to
deliver a 1-2-3 punch with
their theme of “Roaring
Through the Decades” so
that our community will
come away agreeing that
the experience was one of
time-traveling style.
For the frst-time ever, SCTC
will crown a Homecoming
King and Queen during
half-time at the game.
Tiger Keishawn Williams,
who lives and breathes
everything basketball
and is working toward a
degree in design and media
production, states that
with stringent basketball
practice coupled with
SCTC basketball team
will face Gordon
before homecoming
October is "Let's
Talk Month"
Our community
calendar is
sponsored by 92.5
FM The Bear
This question comes up
every year, and the season
may start in October and
go until May. Here are
some quick facts so you
can make up your own
First, infuenza, or “fu,” is
horribly over-diagnosed.
Everyone who has fever
is told they have fu, and
very few actually do. Flu
is a virus that infects the
lungs primarily. You may
have it if you have fever
or chills, cough, sore
throat, sinus congestion,
muscle/body/joint aches,
headaches, and fatigue.
nausea, vomiting, and
diarrhea are more common
in children. Diagnosing
fu on symptoms alone is
tricky, however, as these
symptoms can occur in
the common cold as well.
There are lab tests to
confrm a diagnosis.
It is believed and
accepted by most that fu
is airborne—spread by
droplets in sneezes and
coughs. It is theoretically
possible to get it from
a solid surface recently
touched by someone
infected, such as a
doorknob or a grocery cart
What the Center for
Disease Control (CDC)
does not know includes (1)
what strains of fu will be
spread this year, (2) what
strains should be included
in the seasonal vaccine,
(3) when it will strike, (4)
whether it will strike at all,
(5) how bad or benign it
might be. This leads much
to the imagination when
considering whether to
take a vaccine.
The vaccine itself is
a mixture of three
inactivated strains of fu
viruses. Since no one
knows what strains will
be operant from year to
year, and since the strains
known to exist mutate over
time, it is a wild guess as to
what to put into a vaccine.
It is hoped that there is a
“good match” between
the strains chosen and
the strains that happen to
pop up each year, and it is
considered a good match
if the vaccine causes you
to make antibodies that
happen to attack the virus
to which you are exposed.
But, that is only educated
speculation from year to
year, as the vaccine is made
a year ahead of when it is
The vaccines are generally
less efective in younger
children and older adults
and more efective in teens
and young to middle-aged
adults. In other words,
they are more efective in
people whose immune
systems are already strong.
Despite all these
imponderable questions,
the CDC insists that all
people over the age of
6 months of age should
get vaccinated annually.
Our government paid for
massive advertising last
year to convince people
to take the shots even as
the infection rates were
trending down to new

About two-thirds of people
will be sore at the injection
site for up to two days.
Some will have fever,
fatigue, and muscle aches
after getting the shot.
Red eyes, hoarseness, and
cough are reported with
some who take the vaccine
in the frst day, and these
side efects are suppressed
with other drugs.
Allergic responses can
range from itching to full
anaphylactic shock. In the
fu epidemic of the mid-
70s, we lost more people
from complications due to
the vaccine than we did to
the fu.
If you are allergic to
eggs, stay away from this
vaccination altogether, as
the viruses are incubated
in eggs.
My personal plan remains
unchanged. I do not
choose to accept the side
efects of the vaccine, so
I do not take it. My plan
is to stay as healthy as
possible. I will keep my
weight down, get plenty
of rest, exercise, and eat
wisely. I will practice
good hand washing in
the clinic, and we will
keep alcohol-based hand
cleaners available for staf
and patients. We will clean
our tables and instruments
meticulously. I make this
decision knowing that I
will be exposed to sick
patients all year long, but
with knowledge that my
immune system is pretty
You will need to make
your decision on the best
available information and
your personal assessment
of your risk of exposure.
Look at for
more information. Pay
attention to the CDC’s
weekly charts that show
whether there is a threat,
the location of the threat,
and the strain that is the
threat. Ω
Weeping may last
through the night, but
joy comes with the
morning. Psalm 30:5
My husband, Kris, and I
watch the movie Cast Away
most every time it comes on
television. I’m not sure why.
There is practically little
to no dialogue during the
frst half of the movie. Of
course, once you have three
children, silence is bliss. I’m
just saying.
My favorite line in the
movie is when Tom Hanks’
character says, ““I have to
keep breathing. Because,
tomorrow the sun will rise,
and who knows what the
tide will bring.”
When the Israelites left the
land of Egypt with their
leader, Moses, there were
two ways they could go –
the easy way, and the not so
easy way. God sent a cloud
bright enough for them to
follow by day and night. So,
they did. All the way to the
not so easy way: The Red
They obviously had to
stop and regroup here. It
appeared that there was
no way out. Had God
brought them this far to
leave them for dead now?
Especially with Pharaoh
having second thoughts
on their release from Egypt
and subsequently sending
some soldiers in big honkin’
chariots after them.
At this point, I’m sure it was
easy to want to give up. I’m
sure they wondered if God
had brought them this far
for nothing. We’ve probably
all felt this way at some
point in our lives. It’s at this
point, we have to remind
ourselves that God will fght
for us. We have to position
ourselves around people
who will encourage us to
not to give up.
And, so Moses reminded the
Israelites that God would
fght for them. Then, he
prayed to God for help.
Remember that big bright
cloud? God caused it to
become really dark and put
it between the Israelites
and Pharaoh’s soldiers. This
bought them a little time.
Then, God told Moses to
hold his rod over the Red
Sea, and He reminded
Moses that He had
promised to help him.
Then? He parted the Red
Sea. Maybe, you are in
the middle of a storm and
are having a difcult time
seeing a way out. God still
parts Red Seas today.
While our current situation
may look grim or seem
hopeless, we have to keep
breathing. We have to keep
praying. We have to keep
trusting in our Father who
loves us more than we can
fathom. Because, tomorrow
the sun will rise, and who
knows what God will do. Ω
With God, there's always hope
Oct. 20 - nov. 3, 2011 5
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Unsure of your
next step?
Specializing in careers and ministries
DR. BOB: Flu season is close.
Should I get a fu shot?
Quick Facts about Infuenza
This sweet baby is so adorable
and afectionate. His eye
on the left is a diferent size
than the other and his face
is a little misshapen but has
been checked out by a vet.
He is 11-12 weeks old and
is part of a litter that his
siblings got killed by a dog.
For more information, email
95% YES
5% NO
Do you think the
"Occupy Wallstreet"
protests can cause
real change?
6 Oct. 20 - nov. 3, 2011
4th District City Commission
Ad paid for by Joanne Todd
Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011
Your vote for me as
4th District Commissioner will:
• Guarantee honest and fair votes on ALL issues.
• Service to you the citizen with no hidden agenda.
• A full-time commissioner with time to answer and
seek solutions to your problems.
Searcy & Company Insurance
NEW LOCATION: 410 E. Taylor Street, Suite M, Griffin
The reason why I wish to
serve the constituents of
my district is. Because god
have blessed me to serve
not only the constituents
of my district but he have
allowed me to serve the
citizen of Grifn as a whole.
By serving as a Police Ofcer
with the Grifn Police
Department for a total of 28
years and 9 months it gave
me the opportunity to do
what i love the most and
that is serving the citizen
of grifn for iam a peoples
My qualifcations to
serve as a city of grifn
commissioner my answer
to the question is that
many people know me
in the city of grifn and
know that i will do a good
job for the constituents of
district 2 and will have no
problem being their for my
constituents when needed
for as i said before iam a
people person who dont
mind working hard for the
citizens of grifn.
I feel that one of the
greatest challenge faced by
the city of grifn . Is that
people are out of work and
needing jobs to pay their
bills and feed and clothe
their family and also to be
able to aford gasoline for
their cars to drive back and
forth to work also to resolve
this matter i will make sure
to vote on certain items to
bring jobs into the city of
grifn so that the citizen of
grifn will be able to take
care of their family.
To address budetary
concerns the city faces
inlight of the sluggish
economy choice along with
certin decision will have
to be made by the board
of commissioners to stay
within the budget.
What would i do to stimulat
local economic growth and
development. I would frst
of all keep the citizen in
mind before voteing. Ω
(Cora Flowers, Evans'
challenger, declined
to submit answers)
It has been a privilege
serving as your City
of Grifn At-Large
Commissioner the past
eight years. My wife Pam
and I have been married
for 21 years, and we have
2 children, Lucinda and
Marsh. Grifn is our home,
and like you, we want our
community to be as good
as it can be.
As a youth soccer coach,
Assistant Scoutmaster,
8th grade Sunday school
teacher and a church small
group youth leader, I have
the opportunity to make a
positive impact in the lives
of many children and youth
on a weekly basis.
My involvement as a
volunteer for the Salvation
Army Advisory Board, Boy
Scouts of America-Flint
River Council Executive
Board, Kiwanis Club
of Grifn, Chamber of
Commerce and Grifn
Downtown Council, allows
me the opportunity to
share my time, talents
and resources, along with
other concerned citizens,
in making our community
better for present and
future generations.
As your Grifn City
Commissioner, I have
worked to identify issues
in our city government
that desperately
needed attention, to
include governmental
management, fnancial
accountability and
economic development.
I believe my record
as your At-Large
Commissioner, knowledge
of this community and
relationships I have
developed over the years
will allow me to continue
bringing to the city
commission the kind of
leadership that works hard
to save your hard-earned
Each year, the City
Commission has to make
tough budget decisions
and we were able to
unanimously adopt a
conservative 2011-2012
budget that met our
fnancial requirements and
the goals our board has
developed. Our current
8.63 mills, with a $10,000
homestead exemption,
is less than the 8.85 mills,
with no exemption in
2004. This past years’
audit reports that our
general fund is a positive
$2,262,984.00 compared to
a negative $3,139,477.00 in
2004, a 6-year net increase
of $5.4 million dollars.
As concerned citizens,
we all expect our city’s
management team to
conserve resources and
seek efciencies to provide
cost efective governmental
services and lower tax
burdens to you. We have
laid the foundation to
build and redevelop this
community. You deserve
no less. I will appreciate
your vote and your help,
and I will continue to give
you the kind of leadership
that is required to do this
job, the kind of leadership
YOU deserve. Ω
Joe nathan Ward Jr. is
lifelong resident and up
standing citizen of Grifn,
Ga. He is the only child
of Joe Ward Sr. and Anita
Worthy who are also natives
of Grifn, GA. He attended
Grifn High School where
he was an all American
football and baseball player
and graduate of class of
2000. Joe attended Albany
State until he was injured
in football practice his
freshman year.
He returned to Grifn in
2002 and began working
for The Kendall law frm
where he was a loan
manager for Savoy Financial
and Commissioner
Assistant for Mike Kendall
and Rodney McCord, and
since leaving the law frm
in 2008 he has been a
successful entrepreneur in
Grifn and throughout the
Atlanta area and part time
worker for Spalding County
School System. He is the
founder of a non-proft
organization called Taking
over the Streets or T.O.T.S as
it is called. He enjoys life! He
loves helping the people in
the community and giving
back. His favorite quote is
“Successful People don’t
sleep”. Joe is currently
a part of the Spalding
County Collaborative,
Bogarsuns assistant advisor
for Grifn High School.
Joe is responsible for
bringing all the Community
Organization together and
developing the City Wide
Back to School Bash that
will take place in 2012. He
current serving the city of
Grifn and he is a dedicated
father to his 2 children
Savaughna and Zykia and
family. He is a great man of
God who loves to serve his
community. Ω
City referendum information:
Candidates bios, why they
want to serve, and what will
appear on the ballot
(l to r)
Doug Hollberg,
Joe Ward, Jr.
District 2
Will Evans,
Cora Flowers
(not pictured)
Election Date: Tuesday, Nov. 8
Early voting: Now through Nov. 4
Memorial Drive Plaza (Old Cook's Shopping Center)
For answers from the candidates to more in-
depth questions, visit the "Grifn-Spalding
information" tab at
1) Sunday Package Sales: Shall the governing authority
of the City of Grifn, GA be authorized to permit and
regulate package sales by retailers of malt beverages,
wine and distilled spirits on Sundays between the hours
of 12:30 P.M. and 11:30 P.M.?
2) Shall the governing authority of the City of
Grifn, GA, be authorized to sell and convey to new
Mercy Baptist Church, Inc. 1.209 acres of land and
improvements, located at 742 Pimento Avenue, Grifn,
Georgia, as set forth in a Land Sales Agreement, dated
August 9, 2011 for the sum of $50,000.00?
Executive positions with
American Cancer Society
and House Majority Leader
newt Gingrich – Director of
Spalding County Citizens
for Children and at that time
28 years of volunteering
for my city. Jack Sutton
was retiring as the 4th
District Commissioner and
Commissioner Carlton Imes
asked me to run for the
Twelve years ago – there
were three issues that were
controversial and needed
a spokesperson.  The
three were: 1:  The push to
lengthen the runway of the
current airport to bring in
larger aircraft. 2:  Springs
Industries wanting to run a
pipeline for waste discharge
to the Flint River and 3:  The
city was considering closing
the only public swimming
pool in the area.
We felt our homes were our
biggest investment and we
wanted protection from
the moneyed people of the
airport who didn’t live here
but wanted to  dictate their
desires upon our district.   It
was unreal twelve years ago
to even think of the cheaper
course of  discharging
textile waste into the river
that supplied our drinking
water to accommodate a
private business endeavor. 
The City swimming pool
and the golf course were
left dangling in HB 489
which required city/county
to map out areas of service
to the community without
duplication.  The County
became the recreation
provider but did not want
the golf course or the
swimming pool. I felt that a
community needed a public
golf course and a swimming
pool as community assets
for families.  We have been
successful in all three
Why do you wish to continue to
serve the constituents of your
I am a citizen commissioner
– I care about community
and what we ofer to
citizens.  One of my
favorite expressions is
that “Government has
to be watched.” I’m that
Citizen Watchdog – the
only promise I made to the
District was to keep them
informed and to study each
issue.  I have done that
and I have the desire and
commitment to continue
serving. Plus – I want to
be on board when the frst
dirt is shoveled on the new
airport that will signify a
new direction for future
generations.  I could have
given birth to an elephant
in the time it has taken to
get to this point in airport
relocation. Ω
Oct. 20 - nov. 3, 2011 7
For Directions and
Weekly Specials
Wholesalers, Retailers & Landscapers Welcome!

821 Old Woodbury HWY
Woodbury, GA
(706) 553-9000
We Deliver
most bulk items!
District 4
(l to r)
Doug Craig
Alan Stanfield
Joanne Todd,
My name is Doug Craig.  I
am running for the District
4 City Commissioner seat
this november.  I am a
veteran of the U.S. navy
having served on the
U.S.S. Texas during the
frst Gulf War.  As a nuclear
power plant operator on
the ship, I learned how
to lead under difcult
and stressful situations. 
After the navy, I attended
Southern Polytechnic
Institute where I majored
in mechanical engineering
on the G.I. Bill.   I met my
wife, Marie Lamb, while at
Southern Poly.   In 1996, I
started a business in the
sheet metal industry.  My
company, Viking Metals, has
grown each year since we
started including the past
four years within this very
difcult economy.  I have
two beautiful daughters,
8-year-old Catherine and
3-year-old Evan.  I want
to make Grifn, which is
a great hometown, even
better for them.
 Why do you wish to serve the
constituents of your district?
I am running for the
District 4 City Commission
seat because the city has
been going in the wrong
direction for many years
and I can help turn it
around.  We have one of
the highest millage rates
in the state, yet we do not
have a commensurate level
of services.  We should
have a better parks and
recreation department and
better paid police and fre
departments for what we
pay.  There are problems
here that have gone
uncorrected for years.  The
golf course is little used
and losing money.  It needs
to be turned around or
shut down.  Our current
commissioner has voted
to create Atlanta-style
federal housing projects
that corrode the tax base
and devalue the homes
of the current residents. 
Anyone who understands
economics and community
understands that housing
has to be controlled at the
local level.  I know that I
can do a better job than
the current commissioner
who is a stumbling
block to progress.  I am
determined to help bring
businesses and jobs to
Grifn.  I want to reduce
the fees associated with
starting businesses and
expedite zoning requests. 
We need to do a better job
advertising the advantages
of starting a business here. 
We need someone who is
pro-business, pro-family
and pro-Grifn.    I want to
be the commissioner that
our city deserves. Ω
My name is Alan Stanfeld
and I am a candidate for
Grifn City Commissioner
District 4. I am a lifelong
resident of Grifn with an
established family history
of more than 60 years in
the community. My current
position is a faculty member
at Southern Crescent
Technical College where
I have been employed
since 2001. In addition,
I also serve the role of
Chairperson in the Industrial
Studies Department. I
recognize the need for
economic development,
community revitalization,
and establishing the city
in the best interests of the
citizens. My wish is to bring
energy, new vision and a
renewed purpose to Grifn.
I am married to Kellie
Stanfeld and we have a two
year old daughter. I hold an
A.A.S. degree in technical
studies from Southern
Crescent Technical College,
B.S. degree in business from
Lee University, and a MBA
from Mercer University. Visit
for more information and to
see my plan for our future.
Why do you wish to serve the
constituents of your district?
I have spent my life
living and working in
Grifn. Over the years,
I have developed an
understanding concerning
the needs of our city and
will bring real solutions to
the problems. There are
several immediate needs
that must be addressed and
I have a plan to lead Grifn
in a new direction. Some
of these needs include
solving the unemployment
and poverty rates in Grifn
which are alarmingly above
the state average. Other
areas of concern are the
barriers to business and
industry development that
must be removed. I am
experienced in industry and
economic development.
Part of my job at the college
is to support businesses
with employee training and
development. I also work
to attract new industry into
our city and county. I am
also a published author
and speaker in leadership
development. Grifn needs
hometown experienced
leaders like me to help
revitalize our city.
I wish to serve the citizens
of Grifn for many reasons.
First of all, this is my
hometown. I have the
greatest vested interest
in Grifn because my
employer, my family and
my church are all located
in Grifn. Secondly, I have
a great understanding of
economic development
that I want to apply to
help our city prosper.
My education and work
experience over the past
10 years can provide the
leadership required to be
successful. Ω
210 Rock Street, Grin
Tuesday, Nov 1, 6:30 pm
210 East Solomon St.
PLEASE RSVP - 770-412-0005
Championship Martial Arts,
next door to courthouse
Robert Hayden DC, PhD, FICC
15-20 lbs
per month
....and learn how to
keep it o! GET
Sue Farber
Independent Sales
770 -412-9608

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1ricL 1ricL 1ricL 1ricL- -- -or or or or
Friday, October 28
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Come have a
in Historic Downtown Griffin!
Main Street PIayers Main Street PIayers Main Street PIayers Main Street PIayers
First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church
Trick Trick Trick Trick- -- -or or or or- -- -Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under)
Costume Required! Costume Required! Costume Required! Costume Required!

For more information, caII
770-228-5356 or visit
üoµn·oµn üoµn·oµn üoµn·oµn üoµn·oµn Üri[[in Üri[[in Üri[[in Üri[[in
or or or or- -- -1rga· 1rga· 1rga· 1rga· Lvgn· Lvgn· Lvgn· Lvgn·
Friday, October 28
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Come have a $pooL·acu!ar
in Historic Downtown Griffin!

Main Street PIayers Main Street PIayers Main Street PIayers Main Street PIayers - -- - Haunted Theatre Haunted Theatre Haunted Theatre Haunted Theatre
First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church First Baptist Church of Griffin of Griffin of Griffin of Griffin - -- - FaII FestivaI FaII FestivaI FaII FestivaI FaII FestivaI
Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under)
Costume Required! Costume Required! Costume Required! Costume Required!
information, caII
Üri[[in Üri[[in Üri[[in Üri[[in
Lvgn· Lvgn· Lvgn· Lvgn·

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
·acu!ar time
in Historic Downtown Griffin!
Haunted Theatre Haunted Theatre Haunted Theatre Haunted Theatre
FaII FestivaI FaII FestivaI FaII FestivaI FaII FestivaI
Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under) Treating (ChiIdren 12 and under)

e o

Friday, October 21
Oak Hill Cemetery
5:30 pm

Great Griffin Graveyard Ramble
Saturday, October 22
Griffin Spalding Airport
9:00 am

Low Down Dirty Dawg Dash
Downtown Griffin
Noon to

Bird Cage Theater Pop Up Shop
6:00 pm

presented by Blue Bird Market
1:00 pm to

Doctoberfest Beer Festival
6:00 pm
Saturday Night Free Concert
6:30 pm

Heather Luttrell
8:30 pm

Rollin’ Bones

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Griffin Georgia

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