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IT industry and India

Education today: Every year 2.9 crores students start their school education but only 16 lacs go for higher education in arts science, commerce, law, medical and engineering and 94% ( 2.44 crores) of them dropout till they reach their 12 th standard. These 2.44 crore students need vocational education training and entrepreneurship skill development. Workforce: India has a total workforce of 43 crore people. 94% of them work in unorganized sector. 97% of new job opportunities are in Small and Medium enterprises but enough skilled manpower is not readily available due to lack of vocational trainings. Economy of a country can grow only when youth is trained on a vocation, skill or trade. Where do we lack: In developed countries all over world youth between the ages of 15 to 35 years learn a vocation, skill or trade from 2500 vocational programs but in India only 97 courses are identified as vocational courses and only 2% youth opts for these courses. Conventional Education Vs Vocational Education: In traditional/conventional education a student hardly uses 5% of his brain but for vocational training uses 90% of the brain. Conventional education only improves IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but vocation training improves Spiritual as well as Emotional Quotient.

The Unemployment: There are 30 crores unemployed / employable youth in India and only 4.5 crore is registered with employment office. They have not got any vocational training.

Where are the opportunities? I.T. industry is growing at a very fast rate in India and only the training in this area is of world class quality. Last year the no. of computers sold were 30% more than the previous year but the sales value increased only by 15% this means computers became cheaper. This has also increased the demand for more hardware and networking professionals. Computer Hardware and networking training business grew at a faster rate than software training. Jetking leads in Computer hardware and networking courses and grew by 38% in the year 04-05 and added 10 new centers. ( DQ July 15, 2005 page 268) Jetking is implementing ERP in centers and HO to facilitate data flow and better services to students. Jetking realized that 20% of their students were recruited by BPO companies. Hence Jetking is starting a special 45 day program with special focus on BPO to create tech support workforce.
Report Card Revenue (Rs Cr) 2003-04 NIIT Aptech Ltd Jetking Infotrain Ltd CMS Computers CMC Ltd Siemens Tata Infotech Sun Microsystem 358 160 36 34 18 NA 23 10 2004-05 398 135 47 34 27 21 11 8

NIITs numbers includes revenues from its knowledge solution business. For FY 2004-05, it was in the range of Rs 150-160 crore

Final ranking (DQ August 15, 2005) 21/60 Sales 58/60 Profit 49/60 ROCE 3/60 Sales growth 44/60 Profit growth 36/60 Gross block growth 32/60

Jetking is ranked 21 on DQ Findex rank and in on Rank 3 on ROCE. Company is planning to grow in states like Tamilnadu, Kerla, Punjab and Rajsthan. Jetking also bagged an award for developing manpower for IT by the government of Maharashtra.