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Kendriya Vidayalaya, Sector-8, RK Puram Assignment Autumn Break (Shift I)-2011 Class X http://www.kvsector8rkpuram.

org Date: 28/09/2011


1. Activity Prepare a magazine on wildlife found in India(state wise). Hints Photograph, habitat, characteristics and role in ecosystem.( Any other idea, welcome.)

2. Prepare a poster on topic Say No To Plastics( Size A4) CHEMISTRY 1. Compare and contrast between photosynthesis and respiration. 2. Make a list of ten metals and ten non-metals from your surroundings. PHYSICS

1. Differentiate between the images formed by concave and convex mirrors. 2. How will you distinguish between plane mirror, convex mirror and concave mirror without touching them? 3. Which type of mirror is used as rear-view mirrors in motor cars? Why?

4. What kind of mirrors are used in big shopping centres to watch the activities of customers? Why? ENGLISH 1. Select a historical site in need of conservation, research about its historical significance, identify the threatening factors and

suggest ways of preserving the geological heritage. Write an article for the school magazine based on your research in 150 words. 2. You have been elected a prefect of the prefectorial board. Your principal announced your name in the school assembly today.

Write a diary entry describing your feelings as you heard your name being called.(150 words) 3. The afternoon was hot and so was the railway carriage. The next stop was Jaipur. The old lady 4. Opposite was fast asleep and I wondered whether she had missed her stop.

But I didnt dare wake her up. What happened next? 5. A new movie is going to be released on the coming Friday and you are very fond of watching new movies on the day of their release. You have planned to watch it with your friend but you know your mother

will not allow you. Construct a dialog between yourself and your mother where in you convince her why she should allow you to watch the movie. MATH 1. Write the formulae for perimeter and area of plane figures in the form of a table.


3. In the same way write a table depicting the formulae of lateral surface area, total surface area and volume of solid figure. 4. Find the diameter of circle whose area is 301.84 cm. 5. Find the area of quadrant of a circle of radius 3.5 cm. 6. If the perimeter of semi-circular protector is 66 cm, find the radius of a protector.

7. If the perimeter and the area of a circle are numerically equal, then find the radius of the circle.



Social Science

. 1- Write places and year of major Congress Sessions from 1885 to 1947 in India.

Q. 2- What do you mean by minerals? Explain major types of minerals and production area in India. Q. 3- Make a list of democratic and nondemocratic countries in the Words. Write merits and demerits of democracy. Q. 4- What do you mean by consumer right? Write about your experiences related to consumer rights and exploitation by the shopkeepers.