On April 1 1980, five political dissidents seeking asylum crashed a bus through the gates of the Peruvian embassy in Havana, Cuba. In the following days, 10,000 people stormed the embassy grounds, signifying wide-spread disdain for Cuba’s dictatorship. Fearing that continued civil unrest might cause further violence, Fidel Castro proclaimed that any Cuban wishing to leave the country could board a boat at the nearby port of Mariel. In what some considered a bold move, Castro emptied jails and insane asylums and forced criminals and the mentally ill to board refugee boats. While only a small percentage of the 125,000 Mariel refugees were actually criminals, Castro succeeded in tarnishing the image of those fleeing the country. For the vast majority of those who left Cuba, this was the beginning of a perilous journey to freedom. The exile would mean not only leaving personal possessions behind, but a separation from family that could last a lifetime. For the Marielitos, the cost of their mass exodus was outweighed by something previously unimaginable: a chance to pursue their dreams. Dr. Jose García left through Mariel as a 13 year-old boy. Thirty years later, his journey of self discovery takes us through personal accounts of people whose lives were transformed by El Mariel; those who left and those who stayed behind. Culminating with his long anticipated trip back to his birthplace, we see the emotional reunion of family and friends as we explore and listen to the unheard Voices From Mariel.

Short Synopsis: Discontented with political and economic oppression, 125,000 Cubans fled their homes through the port of Mariel and sailed to the United States in 1980. Thirty years later, one Marielito risks returning to a country that rejected him in search of friends and loved ones he left behind. Woven around his journey, other voices from Mariel tell stories of leaving their homeland and coming to the United States. Logline: Thirty years after the Mariel Boatlift, the stories of Marielitos intertwine in a narrative that captures what it means to risk everything for freedom. One man returns home in search of friends and loved ones he left behind. Tagline: One event… 125,000 lives… one man’s journey

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Technical Specifications:
Filming locations: USA, Cuba, Peru Language: English and Spanish with subtitles Running time: 80 min, Color Acquisition Format: DVCPro HD, 16:9 Exhibition Format: Blu-ray

and commercials. and managing all aspects of production. Rob gives oversight to projecting. Traffic. even though he was a relatively unknown actor at the time. She has won a Christopher Award. following Fidel Castro's Revolution. documentaries. Dr. Bosch. was published in 2004 in a book of the same title. He studied at the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro in Havana. Jose Garcia was born in Cuba and immigrated to the US with his parents and sister in 1980 as part of the Mariel Boatlift. and live-event production. he produced and edited two award winning shorts Blackwater Elegy (2003). and a PhD in Latin American literature from the University of Arizona. He has worked on many live events. Most recently. Garcia has presented his academic research at international conferences and published various articles and two books on the Cuban and Cuban-American experience in the US. financing and state incentives. he has produced. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts for Acting from the University of Miami. His work is noted for its use of color. humor. Dr. She has recently completed a one-hour documentary. holds a PhD in International Affairs from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. García earned a degree in Political Science from Montclair State University. short films. Dr. Jesse was an associate producer on Endure (2010). he was responsible for securing the $1. writer. Wait (2007).Featured Cast: Steven Bauer was born in Havana. a Peabody Award. who was born in Cuba. scheduling. Producer Rob Tritton has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma. She was for twenty years a producer. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Richard Gold Debut Artist Award and the coveted annual Diva Award from the New York City Opera. and Raising Cain. At FSC. . She resides in Miami. The Filmmakers: Director Jim Carleton graduated Magna Cum Laude from Liberty University. Her two-hour special Fidel Castro aired in January 2005 and was honored with a Silver Hugo and was nominated for the Writer’s Guild Award. Bauer was cast in the substantial role of Manny Ribera in Scarface (1983). Over the past eighteen years as a managing partner of NFocus. for which she was also a Senior Producer. Producer Jesse Larson is a recent graduate of Florida Southern College with a B. In this capacity. 1960. Since then. and edited a number of national and international media projects. Bauer has focused his career primarily on action films and crime dramas on both the big and small screens. titled La Literatura Cubanoamericana y Su Imagen. These include feature length and short narratives. His performance drew a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. an Erik Barnouw Award and an Emmy Award. and director at PBS – WGBH.A. Garcia created and implemented FSC’s first Latin American Studies minor. In 2005. Miguel Ordoqui was born in Cuba in 1939. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Most recently. in Public Relations. and sensuality. He has been a producer at NFocus for eighteen years also serving as its chief operating officer. and a minor in Communications. and feature film Endure (2010).4 million budget through equity investments. stories of humanitarian efforts. Elizabeth Caballero is a Cuban-American soprano widely recognized for her fearless portrayals of the lyric soprano repertoire. Endure (2010). His dissertation. commercial work. His parents fled to Miami on July 4. Divas and Superstars. the fourth episode of the WGBH-BBC series Latin Music USA. Cuba. including such motion pictures as Primal Fear. As Producer of the recent feature film. Dr. directed. he was awarded the Lorenzo el Magnifico medal at the Florence Biennale. broadcast. Senior Producer Adriana Bosch is an independent filmmaker based in Miami.

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