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Office of the District Attorney First Judicial District

Jefferson and Gilpin Counties

Scott W Storey

September 16, 2011

Supreme Court Nominating Commission Chief Justice Michael Bender, Ex Officio Chair 101 West Colfax Avenue, Suite 800 Denver, CO 80202 Members of the Supreme Court Nominating Commission: I am writing this letter on behalf of Frederick Martinez who has applied for a Colorado Supreme Court Judgeship. I have known Mr. Martinez for seven years. Frederick has had a variety of experiences in the legal field that will serve him well on the Supreme Court bench. His career includes being a trial attorney, a litigator, a writer and a teacher. He is also a well-known expert in the area of attorney professional responsibility, My office has consulted with him on a variety of ethical issues. We value his expertise. I firmly believe that Frederick's contributions to the legal profession and his experience as an attorney qualify him for a position on the Supreme Court bench. Frederick Martinez deserves strong consideration. Sincerely,

500 Jefferson County Parkway Golden, Colorado 80401-6020 (303) 271-6800 FAX (303) 271-6888