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Death of Gaddafi

I took a randomly drawn horary map on 8th of May and predicted his death by the end of May-2011. This prediction was failed and Gaddafi is killed today (20-102011 in the early hours (around 0700-0830 hrs as per internet sources near Sirte, Libya). I verified that Horary map again to find the blunder which I made while judging the same. I was true in estimating the life span was short but failed to estimate the strength of Jupiter to cause death in his own Bhukthi without the support of another strong Maraka at Bhukthi level. Automatically the interpretation through transit will also fail if we miss the DBA lords. Now the following are my observations on the strength of Guru to cause the death of this Dictator:
Jupiter is in 9th house in the star and sub of Kethu in 11. Though this is a good point but Kethu was with 12th lord Moon and deposited in the star of Mars who rules the star on 7 th cusp and sub on 2nd cusp and occupies the 9th house. Therefore he also turns to be a malefic. Present dasa-bhukthi lord is Jupiter, as said above not strong. In this bhukthi Mars anthara lasts till 31, May-2011. Mars is in the star of Kethu and sub of Moon. This period is highly dangerous for the dictator.

Firstly, Jupiter is in 9th house (Badaka sthana) in the star and sub of Kethu in 11 th house along with the 12th lord Moon. I ignored the fact that Kethu was exactly on the cusp of the 11th house, further Jupiter was very closely conjoined with Kuja lord of the 4th house which is vacant and his star was occupied only by Kethu! Another fact is that Saturn is aspecting the 9th house Mercury and Moon. Being lord of the 8th house without any planets in his star he is a full significator for 2-7-8 houses. This aspect of Saturn over Kethu the Asc. Star and sub lord granted more time to the Dictator as well as offended Jupiter to cause death in his own Dasa and Bhukthi (Note Jupiter is in the star of Kethu so he has to offer whatever Kethu promises, here Kethu was influenced by Saturn hence Kethu has to allow the native to live till the commencement of Sani Bhukthi which ultimately Jupiter has to accept)

Further if we carefully observe Mars is not a potent killer as he was in the sub of Moon. The later is in the star and sub of Jupiter in 9 th house. There was no direct connection with 2-7 houses for Mars and surprisingly he was not even in the RP list! (If we justify that he is with Jupiter then also he is not a potent killer as said above). The following anthara lord Rahu is exactly on 5th cusp in the sub of Venus. His stars were unoccupied thus the strongest significator for 5 th house. Both the sub lords of Mars and Rahu were aspected by Saturn restricting them from causing death. We will also miss Rahu in RP list except through Jupiter. These are the reasons for delay now the reason for death might be as under: Saturn-the Yama- is the chief Karaka for death. It is said that if he take the charge for death then he will not allow the planets preceding him to give death but he himself will do in his period. This is 100% correct principle. Here Saturn is in 2nd house in the star of 12th lord Moon and own sub. He owns 7-8 houses which were unoccupied and also his stars. Hence as per KP he is strongest for 2-7-8-11-12 houses. Very potent planet indeed to cause the death in the dasa of strongest significator for Badaka sthana. Jupiter is also connected to Saturn through Kethu. Therefore there is no confusion to acknowledging the fact that Dictator Gaddafi was shot dead during Jup-Sat-Sat-Sat period in that horary map. If one ask that Saturn is absent in RP, we can say that he is aspecting the Moon sign, Asc star lord and was aspected by the Moon sign lord Mercury. Therefore he is also influencing the moment hence can be called as a RP. Lastly if we check transit we find that Jupiter is in retrograde motion (he was direct at the time of judgment!) in the star of Kethu and sub of Mercury. Saturn in direct motion (he was retro at the time of Judgment!) in the star of Mars and sub of Jupiter (dasa lord). Sun in the star of Mars and sub of Kethu. Moon is exactly transiting over the star and sub of Saturn right from 0715 hours and I am sure he might be shot only after this moment. The Ascendant is in Venus sign probably in the star of Rahu (representative for Jupiter in horary map) and sub of Saturn.

Interesting observations: 1) Jupiter the savior (naturally) was direct at birth but retrograde at death. (this is making me to think that even though 9 th is Badaka sthana for fixed Ascendants planets therein will trine the Asc and try to save the native to the maximum possible extent provided they are in exact aspects. See here Jupiter is in exact trine to the Asc.). Saturn the cold planet retro in horary is in direct at death. Saturn in retro hesitated to kill and there are no.of narrow escapes to Gaddaffi during that times. But when Saturn turned into direct he slowly reduced the Rat holes to Gaddaffi and pinned him down. 2) Planets Venus and Mercury which are very close to the Badaka sthana were rising in the east at the time of death. In Horary map they were aspected by Saturn thus their rise showed no mercy to the dictator. 3) Sun the ascendant lord who was exalted in the horary map is in exact opposition to Mars-Jupiter at the time of death. Mars the karaka for wounds was in Aries (head) in Horary map is in 12th house with Moon at the time of death. This shows that he was detained and beaten hard before he was shot. He was shot in the head as shown by Mars and the Asc lord (head) Sun in such a Mars star in opposition to the Radical Mars confirmed it. Note Venus the 8th sub lord (cause of death) is in the sub of Mars at the time of death. There may be many points which I might have missed to notice if readers find more please do not hesitate to write me at I write all these to convey that there is no shame in accepting a failed prediction (As there is no shame to grope in mud in search of a Diamond!) and one should do thorough verification to identify the pitfalls. This ensures more knowledge and firm grip on the subject. Every KP follower should not only follow the sub lord theory but also Sri KSK the man who had done a great job for us and left a greater job to us. I believe in his saying a surfer cannot get a pearl but a diver can Good Luck