Services Provided by Nik Zafri Abdul Majid and Tetty Henney Zulkifli - 2007

Scope Contract Mode Type Format Benchmark Typical Details Provision of (Design Management), Construction Services in Civil and Building Engineering Works - (queries for other industry such as M & E, Architectural, Petrochemical, Project Management, Manufacturing are welcomed) Design & Build, Turnkey and Conventional (PFI can be discussed) Quality Manual, Quality System Management Procedures, Tender & Contract Procedures, Procurement Procedures, Operational Procedures (including Accounts and Human Resources) • Flowchart, Text, Table, Forms/Appendices where applicable

Soft-Copy Only - (in PDF and editable MS-Word) ISO 9001:2000, ISO 19011:2002 Language : English only* Quality Manual Quality System Management Procedures (Quality Assurance)

Control of Documents (and Drawings), Control of Records, Internal Audit, Control of Non-Conformances, Corrective Action, Preventive Action, Measurement of Data/Data, Analysis/Statistical Techniques, Management Review

Tender and Contract Procedures

Marketing and Business Development, Pre-Tender, Tender and Estimation, Post-Tender, Contract Commencement, Post-Contract


Purchasing/Procurement, Management of Sub-Contractors and Suppliers, Measurement and Monitoring Devices, Plant and Machinery Maintenance, Storage and Handling/Preservation of Products

Operational • Pre-Construction & Planning, Construction and Installation, Handling of Customer Feedbacks, Inspection and Test, Post-Construction/Project Handover/Certificate of Practical Completion, Defect Liability/Certificate of Make Good Defects/Certificate of Fitness


Payments and Claims

Human Resources • Competence, Awareness and Training

Services Provided by Nik Zafri Abdul Majid and Tetty Henney Zulkifli - 2007

Terms & Conditions

1. Those highlighted in RED is a ‘MUST BUY’. 2. *All documents shall be in English Language only. For Bahasa Melayu,
additional charges for translation shall apply. 3. That the purchase of these documentation may NOT necessarily be to apply for ISO 9000 certifications. The purchase may also due to contract requirements or inspection by interested party. 4. The documentation displayed above serves only as samples. You are advised to e-mail your actual company requirements which may be less or more than what being displayed here. 5. Price shall then be quoted with payment details. All quotations validity are short term. (7 calendar days only) 6. You are strongly recommended upon/having purchased the required documentation to : Conduct a 2 days training/workshop for further understanding and implementation b. Conduct at least one of the following : i. initial evaluation/assessment or ‘gap analysis’ for 1 day (allow 3 days for results/report) ii. ‘mock-up’ adequacy and compliance audit for 2 days Optional a. Periodical Monitoring and Advise (including e-mail and telephone) b. Pre-Certification Arrangements c. Post Certification Maintenance (All workshops and assessments would be charged at a discounted rate subject to separate general terms and conditions) a.

Separate Package – Value-Added Products/Services (Optional) Exceptional a. Project (Specific) Quality Plan b. Method Statements (for civil and building trades only) Extra Safety & Health Documentation (Benchmark : OHSAS 18000) a. Safety and Health Plan b. Job Safety Analysis c. Safety and Health Procedures Enviromental Management Documentation (Benchmark : EMS ISO 14000) a. EM Plan b. EM Procedures a. 3rd party Internal Quality Audit Services b. 3rd party Gap Analysis c. Contract Development Services d. Translation Services e. Marketing and Branding-based Workshops & Consultancy f. Supervisory/Management Trainings g. ICT Solutions/Knowledge Management h. Loan Term Placement/Contract Employment i. Others (please state your requirements)


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