Set One 1. We __________________________ up with a new structure. = We developed/created a new structure. came brought gave 2.

We have to __________________________ out ( = develop) a better way to communicate with our customers. figure come give 3. They cut __________________________ ( = eliminated) the middleman and started providing this service themselves. off up out 4. Tom found a way to __________________________ ( = bypass/eliminate) this problem. get down get around get up 5. Please __________________________ on. = Please continue. give get go 6. We need to __________________________ ( = examine/review) these reports before 3:00 PM. go through get around give off 7. We need to _________________ ( = schedule/arrange) an interview for Friday. set up take off save up

made talked called 9. We have to keep __________________________ with our competitors. = We have to be as successful as our competitors. brings in turns out out 3. That branch __________________________ ( = makes. = You forgot to include employee benefits in your calculation. You forgot to __________________________ in employee benefits.8. bring factor . up for around 10. get up come around feel out Set Two 1. That factory __________________________ ( = produces) 10.000 milk cartons every day. I knew they'd __________________________ to our way of thinking. The meeting has been __________________________ off ( = cancelled). The president has called __________________________ ( = requested) sweeping changes in the way we do business. earns) a lot of money. = I knew that they would eventually accept our way of thinking. brings in factors in takes up 4. up on at 2.

We'll have to do __________________________ with ( = eliminate) some of these provisions. up over away 7. Robert brought __________________________ ( = raised) a very interesting point. Robert _________________ as CEO ( = replaced the previous CEO) back in 2008. I'd like to point _________________ ( = mention/remind everyone) that this has always worked in the past. We can't just __________________________. around in up 10. we'll all have to work very hard. around in into 6. In the weeks __________________________ up to ( = before) the meeting. = I'll investigate it. ( = admit defeat and stop trying) give up get up get around Set Three 1.lead 5. I'll look __________________________ it. up out in 9. took over looked up went around 8. .

You two should work together on this project. turned around brought in drew up 3. They __________________________ ( = created. head up factor in lead off 5. I want Mary to __________________________ ( = assume the lead in) the new Latin American unit.bringing leading taking 2. lead off write off start on 6. work off put in team up 7. = You two should __________________________ on this project. ( = we get someone else to do it) up out around 4. We always contract that work __________________________. The new cellphones will _________________ ( = will be launched) in November. Let me __________________________ ( = start) by saying how proud I am of your contribution to this company. roll out come off go through 8. developed) a brilliant marketing strategy. = I'm not sure what you . I'm not sure what you're getting _________________.

We __________________________ ( = rejected) the offer because we weren't happy with several of the stipulations. on up in 2. at out off 9. came . We brought him __________________________ ( = we hired him) to help us with the new website. ( = to reduce their advertising budget) come off cut back let down 3.mean. Our business is really taking __________________________! = Our business is really becoming successful! up in off Set Four 1. That issue never __________________________ up ( = was never raised) during the meeting. let off brought out turned down 4. lift lay go 10. Ford plans to __________________________ off 1.000 workers. = 1.000 Ford workers will lose their jobs. Matel had to __________________________ on their advertising budget.

work bring measure 6. = We have no more paper left. Noone likes to sit through drawn _________________ negotiations. We've run __________________________ paper. We usually __________________________ aside ( = reserve) 15% of our budget for marketing.) out off up 10. out off up 8. sit place set . write off fill out off 9. = This product is not as good/effective as its predecessors. Make sure you _________________ ( = complete) all the necessary paperwork. ( = negotiations that take much longer than they should). I'm sure they'll recover. ( = Let's not assume that they're finished. This product doesn't __________________________ up to its predecessors.drew measured 5. Let's not write them __________________________ just yet. off out of out 7.

The committee members have already __________________________ on this project. We have decided _________________ pursuing ( = decided not to pursue) this course of action. The research was __________________________ ( = done/conducted) by a team of French scientists. fix) this mess. against . give bail make 2. ( = formally approved this project) worked off carried out signed off 7. I'm sure we can __________________________ something out. carried out led into placed under 5.Set Five 1. We can't __________________________ this option. turn around put in sort out 3. Barack Obama has a plan to __________________________ out ( = save. write up rule out sign off 4. It will take a long time for the board to __________________________ ( = clear up. = We have to consider this option. work lead do 6. financially speaking) the automotive industry. = I'm sure we can arrange something.

= I would like my partner to take part in this discussion. The new functionality will speed __________________________ the checkout process. I would like to _________________ my partner in on this discussion. I'm going to ask John sit __________________________ on this meeting. up off in . ( = will make the checkout process faster) in up on 10. bring take carry 9.out off 8. = I'm going to ask John to attend this meeting (although he won't participate).

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