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    Permit  status  and  relevant  City  of  Cleveland  Ordinances       Current  status  of  permits  a/o  10/20-­2-­11:   1.

Permit  for  Public  Square  expires  Friday,  10/21,  10:00  pm   2. Permit  for  West  Roadway  sidewalk  expires  Saturday,  10/22,  6:00  am       City  of  Cleveland  -­  Select  ordinances  potentially  relevant  to  Occupy  Cleveland  activities  (not  inclusive) n=altmain-­‐nf.htm$f=templates$3.0&vid=amlegal:cleveland_oh   -­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­     235.01    Declaration  of  Nonsmoking  Places,  Prohibition              (a)          Pursuant  to  RC  3794.05,  the  City  hereby  declares  any  outdoor  area  owned  and/or  controlled  by   the  City  and  not  otherwise  qualifying  as  a  nonsmoking  place  under  RC  Chapter  3794,  to  be  a  nonsmoking   place,  except  areas  specifically  designated  by  the  Director  of  Public  Works  as  a  designated  smoking  area.              (b)          No  person  shall  refuse  to  immediately  discontinue  smoking  in  the  outdoor  areas  declared   nonsmoking  places  by  this  section  when  requested  to  do  so  by  the  Director  of  Public  Health  or  his   or  her  designee  or  any  authorized  City  officer  or  employee.              (c)          The  Director  of  Public  Health  or  Director  of  Public  Works  shall  post  "No  Smoking"  signs   conspicuously  at  the  ingresses  and  egresses  of  all  outdoor  areas  declared  nonsmoking  places  and  shall   post  signs  to  designate  smoking  areas  where  appropriate.              (d)          "Outdoor  Area"  means  city-­owned  public  parks,  City-­owned  outdoor  public  recreation   areas  and  City-­  owned  swimming  pools,  and  includes  picnic  shelters  within  City-­owned  parks  and   recreation  areas;  Public  Square  and  all  downtown  Malls  open  to  the  public;  and  other  City-­‐owned   areas  adjacent  to  City-­‐owned  and  occupied  buildings  that  are  used  by  the  public  not  including  the  public   right-­‐of-­‐way.  "Outdoor  Area"  does  not  include  the  City-­‐owned  golf  courses,  North  Coast  Harbor,   Voinovich  Park,  and  9th  Street  Pier,  and  City-­‐owned  fishing  piers  and  breakwalls,  City-­‐owned  cemeteries;   and  designated  smoking  areas  at  City  airports  as  designated  by  the  Director  of  Port  Control  and  City   buildings,  as  designated  by  the  Director  of  Public  Works.     (Ord.  No.  473-­‐11.  Passed  4-­‐25-­‐11,  eff.  6-­‐24-­‐11)     235.02    No  Smoking  in  Areas  Within  150  Feet  of  Entrances  and  Exits  of  City  Places  of  Employment              (a)          Smoking  is  prohibited  within  150  feet  of  any  entrance  or  exit  of  a  City  place  of   employment  except  as  it  affects  real  property  not  owned  by  the  City  or  is  otherwise  permitted  under  RC   Chapter  3794.  A  smoking  area  within  the  restricted  zone  at  City  airports  as  designated  by  the  Director  of  

Port  Control,  and  City  buildings,  as  designated  by  the  Director  of  Public  Works,  are  not  included  in  this   prohibition.  No  person  shall  refuse  to  immediately  discontinue  smoking  if  smoking  within  150  feet  of  any   entrance  or  exit  of  a  City  place  of  employment,  when  requested  to  do  so  by  the  Director  of  Public  Health   or  his  or  her  designee,  or  any  authorized  City  officer  or  employee.              (b)          The  Director  of  Public  Health  shall  post  the  prohibition  set  forth  in  division  (a)  on  all  "No   Smoking"  signs  posted  at  any  entrance  and  exit  of  City  places  of  employment.              (c)          "City  place  of  employment"  means  an  enclosed  area  under  the  direct  or  indirect  control  of  the   City  that  the  City's  employees  use  for  work  or  any  other  purpose,  and  that  may  also  be  open  to  the  public.     (Ord.  No.  473-­‐11.  Passed  4-­‐25-­‐11,  eff.  6-­‐24-­‐11)     559.45    Behavior  in  Parks              Sleeping  or  protracted  lounging  on  the  seats  or  benches,  or  loud,  boisterous,  threatening  or   abusive,  insulting  or  indecent  language,  or  disorderly  conduct  or  behavior,  or  any  act  tending  to  a   breach  of  the  public  peace  is  strictly  prohibited.     559.47    Entering  "No  Admittance"  Areas              No  person  shall  enter  any  building,  enclosure  or  place  within  any  of  the  parks,  upon  which  the  words   "No  Admittance"  are  displayed  or  posted  by  sign,  placard  or  otherwise  without  the  consent  of  the   Commissioner  of  Parks  or  other  officer  of  the  parks.      559.48    Swings  and  Hammocks              No  swings  or  hammocks  shall  be  hung  or  swung  in  any  of  the  parks,  except  on  the  posts  erected  by  the   Director  of  Public  Properties  for  that  purpose.      559.49    Fishing,  Wading  or  Swimming              Fishing,  wading,  swimming  or  bathing  in  any  of  the  lakes,  ponds,  fountains  or  streams  is  prohibited.      559.50    Sounding  Whistles              Whistles  must  not  be  sounded  within  any  of  the  parks  by  visitors.      559.51    Defacing  Notices  of  Rules              No  person  shall  injure,  deface  or  destroy  any  notice  of  the  rules  and  regulations  for  the  government  of   the  parks,  which  have  been  posted  or  permanently  fixed  by  order  or  permission  of  the  Director  of  Public   Properties.      559.52    Hours;  Posting  of  Signs              (a)          The  Director  of  Parks  Recreation  and  Properties  is  hereby  authorized  to  determine  the  hours   during  which  the  public  shall  be  permitted  within  the  limits  of  any  park  or  recreational  facility  under  the   supervision  and  control  of  the  Director  or  any  portion  thereof.  The  Director  shall  publish  the  hours   determined  pursuant  this  division  (a)  in  the  City  Record.    

         (b)          The  Director  of  Parks,  Recreation  and  Properties  shall  post  signs  in  the  various  parks  and   recreational  facilities  under  the  supervision  and  control  of  the  Director  identifying  the  hours  during   which  the  public  shall  be  permitted  within  the  limits  of  the  park  or  recreational  facility  as  determined  by   the  Director  pursuant  to  division  (a)  of  this  section.     (Ord.  No.  1611-­‐95.  Passed  12-­‐18-­‐95,  eff.  12-­‐23-­‐95)      559.53    Trespass  on  City  Facilities              (a)          No  person  shall  trespass,  loiter,  or  remain  in  or  upon  the  grounds  of  any  park  or   recreational  facility  under  the  supervision  and  control  of  the  Director  of  Parks,  Recreation  and   Properties  during  any  hour  when  the  public  is  not  permitted  in  such  park  or  recreational  facility   as  determined  by  the  Director  pursuant  to  Section  559.53,  unless  such  person  has  been   authorized  to  be  present  in  the  park  or  recreational  facility  by  the  Director  of  Parks,  Recreation   and  Properties.              (b)          No  person  shall  trespass,  loiter,  enter  or  remain  in  or  upon  the  grounds  of  any  park  or   recreational  facility  under  the  supervision  and  control  of  the  Director  of  Parks,  Recreation  and   Properties  after  being  lawfully  ordered  to  leave  such  park  or  recreational  facility  by  an   authorized  official  or  agent  of  the  City.              (c)          Whoever  violates  this  section  shall  be  guilty  of  a  minor  misdemeanor  for  a  first  offense.  In   addition  to  any  other  method  of  enforcement  provided  for  on  this  chapter,  this  minor  misdemeanor  may   be  enforced  by  the  issuance  of  a  citation  in  compliance  with  Rule  4.1  of  the  Ohio  Rules  of  Criminal   Procedure.  For  each  subsequent  offense,  whoever  violates  this  section  shall  be  guilty  of  a  misdemeanor  of   the  fourth  degree.     (Ord.  No.  1611-­‐95.  Passed  12-­‐18-­‐95,  eff.  12-­‐23-­‐95)     559.541    Prohibited  Hours  in  Public  Square              No  unauthorized  person  shall  remain  on  or  in  any  portion  of  the  area  known  as  the  Public   Square  area  between  the  hours  of  10:00  p.m.  to  5:00  a.m.  Persons  may  be  authorized  to  remain  in   Public  Square  by  obtaining  a  permit  from  the  Director  of  Parks,  Recreation  and  Properties.              Such  permits  shall  be  issued  when  the  Director  finds:              (a)          That  the  proposed  activity  and  use  will  not  unreasonably  interfere  with  or  detract  from  the   promotion  of  public  health,  welfare  and  safety;              (b)          That  the  proposed  activity  or  use  is  not  reasonably  anticipated  to  incite  violence,  crime  or   disorderly  conduct;              (c)          That  the  proposed  activity  will  not  entail  unusual,  extraordinary  or  burdensome  expense  or   police  operation  by  the  City;              (d)          That  the  facilities  desired  have  not  been  reserved  for  other  use  at  the  day  and  hour  required  in   the  application.              For  purposes  of  this  section,  the  "Public  Square  area"  includes  the  quadrants  and  all  structures   (including  but  not  limited  to  walls,  fountains,  and  flower  planters)  located  within  the  quadrants  known  as  

Public  Square  and  shown  on  the  map  below,  but  excludes  the  quadrant  on  which  sits  the  Soldiers  and   Sailors  Monument;  the  Public  Square  area  also  excludes  all  dedicated  streets,  public  sidewalks  adjacent  to   dedicated  streets  and  RTA  bus  shelters  within  this  area.              Whoever  violates  this  section  is  guilty  of  a  minor  misdemeanor  on  the  first  offense,  a  misdemeanor  of   the  fourth  degree  on  the  second  offense,  and  a  misdemeanor  of  the  third  degree  on  the  third  and  any   subsequent  offense.     (Ord.  No.  1140-­‐07.  Passed  8-­‐8-­‐07,  eff.  8-­‐16-­‐07)     605.03    Disorderly  Conduct;  Intoxication              (a)          No  person  shall  recklessly  cause  inconvenience,  annoyance  or  alarm  to  another,  by  doing  any  of   the  following:                        (1)          Engaging  in  fighting,  in  threatening  harm  to  persons  or  property,  or  in  violent  or  turbulent   behavior;                        (2)          Making  unreasonable  noise  or  offensively  coarse  utterance,  gesture  or  display,  or   communicating  unwarranted  and  grossly  abusive  language  to  any  person,  which  by  its  very  utterance  or   usage  inflicts  injury  or  tends  to  incite  an  immediate  breach  of  the  peace;                        (3)          Insulting,  taunting,  or  challenging  another  under  circumstances  in  which  such  conduct  is  likely   to  provoke  a  violent  response;                        (4)          Hindering  or  preventing  the  movement  of  persons  on  a  public  street,  road,  highway  or  right-­‐ of-­‐way,  or  to,  from,  within  or  upon  public  or  private  property,  so  as  to  interfere  with  the  rights  of  others,   and  by  any  act  which  serves  no  lawful  and  reasonable  purpose  of  the  offender;                        (5)          Creating  a  condition  which  is  physically  offensive  to  persons  or  which  presents  a  risk  of   physical  harm  to  persons  or  property,  by  any  act  which  serves  no  lawful  and  reasonable  purpose  of  the   offender.              (b)          No  person,  while  voluntarily  intoxicated  shall  do  either  of  the  following:                        (1)          In  a  public  place  or  in  the  presence  of  two  or  more  persons,  engage  in  conduct  likely  to  be   offensive  or  to  cause  inconvenience,  annoyance  or  alarm  to  persons  of  ordinary  sensibilities,  which   conduct  the  offender,  if  he  were  not  intoxicated,  should  know  is  likely  to  have  such  effect  on  others;                        (2)          Engage  in  conduct  or  create  a  condition  which  presents  a  risk  of  physical  harm  to  himself  or   another,  or  to  the  property  of  another.              (c)          Violation  of  any  statute  or  ordinance  of  which  an  element  is  operating  a  motor  vehicle,   locomotive,  watercraft,  aircraft,  or  other  vehicle  while  under  the  influence  of  alcohol  or  any  drug  of   abuse,  is  not  a  violation  of  division  (b)  hereof.              (d)          When  to  an  ordinary  observer  a  person  appears  to  be  intoxicated,  it  is  probable  cause  to  believe   such  person  is  voluntarily  intoxicated  for  purposes  of  division  (b)  of  this  section.    

         (e)          Whoever  violates  this  section  is  guilty  of  disorderly  conduct,  a  minor  misdemeanor.  If  the   offender  persists  in  disorderly  conduct  after  reasonable  warning  or  request  to  desist,  disorderly  conduct   is  a  misdemeanor  of  the  first  degree.     (RC  2917.11;  Ord.  No.  1631-­‐05.  Passed  3-­‐20-­‐06,  eff.  3-­‐24-­‐06)     605.09    Unlawful  Congregation              (a)          No  person  shall  congregate  with  others  on  the  sidewalk,  street  corner  or  within  the  parks  or   public  grounds,  with  intent  to  provoke  a  breach  of  the  peace,  or  whereby  a  breach  of  the  peace  may  be   occasioned  by  the  serious  annoyance  to  pedestrians  or  by  threatening,  insulting  or  abusive  conduct,  and   refuse  to  move  on  when  ordered  by  a  police  officer.              (b)          Whoever  violates  this  section  is  guilty  of  unlawful  congregation,  a  misdemeanor  of  the  first   degree.     (Ord.  No.  1015-­‐91.  Passed  7-­‐24-­‐91,  eff.  7-­‐31-­‐91)      

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