The goal of talking to people is not to join them – it’s to get an appointment for a presentation.

Simply feel out the prospect to see if there is an interest – to know if you have a qualified prospect. If so – get the appointment We don’t want to tell a prospect ANYTHING Until we can tell him EVERYTHING Here when you want to invite someone for presentation or you meet someone and you are getting to know each other. The first question is what do you do? Here are the things that you can consider either when asking questions or during a targeted conversion. Remember whatever is the situation, never, ever; ever mention the company name or product or Plan at this stage. Qualifying Questions: •1 “Have you ever thought about opening your own business?” •2 “Have you ever thought in developing a second income?” •3 “Do you like your job?” •4 “Are you making what you’re really worth?”

WHAT DO YOU DO? If someone asks you this question this will be the right

answer to start if you want to prospect someone.
•1 “I’m in marketing…” “I’m in marketing business…” “I own my own

marketing business…” •2 “I’m involved in a new venture that you may be interested in. You’d be your own boss; there’s unlimited income potential and its residual income. I have some materials to review to see if it’s right for you…” (Pre-approach Packet)
•3 “I’ve got a business that may be perfect for you. You’d be your own boss;

there’s unlimited income potential and its residual income. I have some

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materials you can review to see if it’s right for you…”(Pre-Approach Packet) •4 “You consider yourself open-minded don’t you? I’m involved in a marketing business and I’m looking for a couple of key people who want to make money on the side. I’d love to run it by you.” •5 “I’m involved in a marketing business with some large profit potential. I thought I’d call to see if you’re interested in making some money on the side. Are you in the market for more money, more time or both?”

•6 “I have a large volume marketing business…” •7 OR if you are new, you can say: I am working with people that own a large volume marketing business. •8 I have a multi-million dollar marketing business

•1 “I’ve recently started working with some people who have a large volume marketing business…” “… And it’s really hot right now. It just so happens we’re expanding in (Cork, Dublin or whatever) city and we are in the process of talking to a couple of key people. You impress me as someone who’s looking for more out of life. If you’re really interested, I might find some time to show it to you.”
This is one example of inviting using the upline in the process, to ensure new people do not loose their potential prospects. Here Abdul Aziz is your new downline, and he is trying to invite Owen to your presentation. He just joined the business and you don’t want him to make mistakes in inviting. Watch this example of conversation, between Abdul Aziz and Owen, and then you come later to the final closing invite.

“I’ll help you make the calls or you can make the calls.” “Owen, I’m working with a guy who makes a lot of money in marketing. He’s looking for another person or two and I gave him your name. I can’t tell you anything about it, but his name is Ahmad Al Shamsi and he’s going to be calling you…” “What’s it about?” “Owen, I don’t understand it all, so I can’t really explain it. Ahmad can explain it – he is a specialist in this area – and he’s really good…”
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“Can’t you tell me anything?” “Yeah, it’s really good and you can make a lot of money. Ahmad is one of the top people in the marketing industry. He’s sharp and he knows how to make money.”


“Hi Owen, this is Ahmad Al Shamsi. Abdul Aziz tells me we need to talk (get together).”

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Other Good Approaches

1)'Let me ask you a quick question....what would it mean to you and your family if there was an honest way, without changing much of what you are doing, to earn an extra 20 or 30 thousand dollars over the next 2 to 3 would that impact your life?' 'Do you have a second? I have embraced something that has made a dramatic difference in my life...I don't know whether it is for you or not, but I would like to simply share it with you....' 2)'I am curious about something....I have asked some other folks this question, and I would like to ask you to get your would your family benefit if you suddenly had an extra 1000.00 a month coming in?' 'Well...I am not really sure if what I have ran across is even for you, but let me share something that definitely has altered my family's life....' 3) 'I want to share something with you....I have shared it with several others I really care about...I think you would agree that most people want to do better for their family...wouldn't you agree?...I am no exception....' 'I have embraced something that has made a huge difference in my life, and possibly could yours...I don't know...but I care enough about you to visit with you about it....' 4)'Let me ask you a do you feel about the idea of having Life Options that you currently don't have?' 'Like the Life Option of Time to do what you want...not what you have to do...and the Life Option of a steady second revenue that no one can take away from you?' When approaching people you know...use the "4 Magic Words”. Of the Approach.... "I NEED YOUR HELP...".....Nothing is as Powerful.... Why? If a Friend of yours called and said..."hey Yusuf...I need your help on something...." what would be your first reaction?.... Sure! What's up? We are conditioned and programmed in our culture to help folks...especially friends...

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KILLER Secret: If you say..."I need your help..." no longer is just an approach about your business.. but an engagement of your friendship and relationship...... With can say..."Maybe you can help me...."...they will...

The Approach Script.....(Suggested template) There are many ways to approach people......but here is one that has worked like crazy over time..... Hi Yusuf......It's Bader ..Gotta minute? I need your help on something....I have run across something I would like your input on...I value it....It's a new idea in the ----------Industry........will you be home tomorrow night at 7? Need 30 to 45 Minutes........ Notice that ALL you want is to simply set the appointment...and get off the phone... What if they ask questions...? " Yusuf...I will answer those tomorrow night...good questions...but I have another call...."

Make Sure: Never, ever, ever say the name of the company, product or plan here at this stage, because if you do so then the prospect might find no reason to attend your meeting.

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It makes sense that if you are going to sell product or build a Downline, you must ...have folks to talk to...otherwise you will be in for a long drought of business Killer Secret: There is a Reason why the Last 3 Letters in Prospecting are "ing"! That means...ongoing...nonstop...fluid...unceasing... continuous...constant...engaged...get the Picture? Prospecting is a Continuous Process of finding people to talk to about your business and your Products. Now the Question is......... Where do you start looking if you are new? Your sponsor should help you with that...but as a review.... There are 4 kinds of Markets in your world.... 1) Hot Market (People you are closest to........friends and family you talk to daily or at least a couple times a week.......folks who will help you out no matter what) 2) Warm Market...(People who you are close to, and who you care about, but maybe see them on a less frequent basis than your Hot Market...) 3) Luke-Warm Market.......(Professional contacts, Social contacts, People you know and occasionally see.....and referrals from folks who you know....) 4) Cold Market.....(People you Don't know) What you need to do is make a list of 100 people you know...use a memory jogger...see your upline as your company should have one.... Killer Secret: Stop looking for people who only want to Sell.....Start Looking for people who want to earn an Extra income...... People have dormant dreams...and there are many psychological factors involved in why they have not obtained them.....most need and want extra them how they can obtain their dormant dreams with your company...... Killer Secret: Look for people who *Want* to do this business.....not just the ones who *Need* it! Beware of folks who are looking for that "Get Rich' deal......Desperation in folks is not a good quality to bring into this business....people rarely follow desperate people....

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Killer Secret: There is a *Huge* difference between a Prospect...and a Project. A lot of folks come into this business and they end up being a Welfare Project for the sponsor......they end up making the sponsor do the work......and drain valuable time and emotions from people.... Killer Secret: This is not Net-Welfare Marketing.....but Net-Work Marketing! You should prospect for those who do work and have a history of it......if they don''s Project time for you..... Killer Secret: Use what we at PassionFire call the "5 Star Rule'....look for those who..... 1) Are at least 25 years old or older..... This age seems to be the age of where this business is considered more seriously and approached more maturely...there are exceptions of course.... 2) Are married...preferably happily...... This creates a team effort in a lot of instances...which is one of the TRUE Hidden Secrets of Success in MLM..... It is a great Synergy 3) Are Parents.... The responsibility that comes with children can be transferred to this business.. And Parents do want to provide a great Life for their Kids.... 4) Employed with at least 25,000 dollars a year....... Being employed shows that there is a good work ethic and an income that can help support the business as it is being built.... 5) Is a Homeowner....... This shows stability and a good eye for the future...Show them how to pay off their House early...... The "5 Star Rule" is a Killer way to Ignite your brain with who first to call on...... Also....... There is what we at PassionFire call the "D2 Principle" in Prospecting....... look for those who are: 1) Dissatisfied. There is no better person to talk to about this business than someone who is dissatisfied with their current life, career, job, situation.......a Fire is smoldering in them... but...not only do they need to be dissatisfied...but also have a...... 2) Desire to Change. There a lots of dissatisfied whiners out there who will never do anything to change or improve their situation......Look for those who have a Desire to Change their

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situation...ask.... "What are you willing to do to change that part of your life?" Their answer will reveal much...... Killer Secret: Listen to what people say in normal conversation.....about change and the things in life they want, but don't have in their life......listen to people who talk about wanting to do something...but not sure what.......Listen for people who want to change their career, job, life...there is a Gold Mine there....... Killer Secret: When Prospecting.... Push buttons to find out where a prospect is....... 1) The Entrepreneur Button. Are they interested in the business? Find out.......ask them...... 2) The Consumer Button. Are they interested in the Product to purchase...? 3) The Dud Button. Are they a dud? Just no interest?...Great!!!!! Remember this......Every Dud knows a Stud! Get a referral from them......ask...."If you were going to do this biz...who would be the first 2 people you would call?" Killer Secret: According to Webster's Dictionary...Prospecting is... "Looking for Gold".... as long as you have that focus and mentality, and understand gold runs in will have more leads than you can follow up on.........

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