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To: The Federal Parliament & the International Community.

By Grace Ama Ekpe 13/4/11 Breaking my Silence: Please Demand the Prime Minister of Australia to Make Public that Document! 1. Appeal: Please investigate a forged document circulated by the PM to the US Secretary of State in November 2010 and also cunningly and secretly displayed at a Press conference in Canberra in August 2010, before rocking a baby purposefully made available for the occasion. A curious observer asked in the Australian Newspaper if the baby was planned or just happened to be there. I say it was planned and has meaning. I will cite examples if asked. Ms Julia Gillard maliciously and falsely attributed the forged document to me. She damaged my PhD cause in the process and tarnished my credibility and reputation, claiming I am incoherent and incapable of expressing my thoughts in good English. Other documents in circulation by Mr. Colin Allan, her political mentor are: forged PhD reports, altered versions of my own write-ups by exploiters, other forged documents, false videos, photo tricks and email by Paul Iji instigated by Dr. Simon Maddocks in 1995 which backfired then, details of it are available. Please confront me with any materials circulated secretly against me for the sake of truth, justice and a fair go. 2. Credible: With all modesty, I am a Credible person as acknowledged by the Australian Refugee Tribunal. I appeared before the Tribunal to defend my cause and submission for political asylum in Australia unaided amidst strong opposition by influential exploiters, including Ms Julia Gillards political mentor. I am responsible, not frivolous. I am very concerned about reputation and credibility. I will not tarnish the good reputation of others or mine. Ms Gillard has deliberately damaged my credibility and worthy cause. Her political mentor, ex- editor of the Daily Telegraph does serious violence to me and is discrediting me, while suppressing my attempts at exposing the truth about the coup dtat that toppled Mr. Kevin Rudd, being deceptively attributed to Labour Factional Leaders. 3. A Woman in Pain: I am a woman suffering great injustices, violence, deprivations and defamation of my good name in Australia as a result of my race and an extraordinary scientific achievement exploited and suppressed with Ms Gillards approval. In keeping with civilized approach and my background I am involved in peaceful protests against excessive greed, ruthless opportunism, unashamed exploitation, forgeries and very dangerous lies not allowing me to work. Unfortunately, influential exploiters do not allow me to be heard. My attempts at drawing attention to my cause have been suppressed. In 15 years, no one has heard me. My reaction to lies is to tell the truth which is unpalatable and offensive to my violent, abusive and extremely rude exploiters, who in satires call my honesty Toxic, give me names, threaten and do terrible violence to me nocturnally. I am unprotected, unarmed and harmless woman in distress and danger. I suffer officially approved nocturnal violence and serious crimes against humanity. I have wounds, scars and exhibits to show. 4. Ms Gillards Fear: Apparently my attempts at exposing the real coup plotters frightened Ms Julia Gillard, although she was not my target. Obviously, revealing the actual coup plotters who are not Labour Party factional leaders, contrary to current misinformation by a section of the Press complicit in the coup, exposes her actual role as a very willing participant in the senseless and ruthless coup dtat. She only brought the Factional leaders in at the last minutes to gain legitimacy using doctored polls. Definitely advised by her mentor, she with her mentor or with her infrastructure Minister or all three together, deliberately and maliciously accepted to destroy my credibility and my worthy PhD cause. Despite her mentor having through violence and hacking in to destroy my write-ups in computers, had already crippled and thwarted all my efforts at telling Mr. Kevin Rudd, the nation and the international community what I know about the coup. The same thing happens to write-ups about my PhD, done to slow me down. 5. Professional Career: Ms Julia Gillard is politician and lawyer. I am University academic and scientist whose career is being deliberately destroyed and achievement exploited and suppressed with her approval. She is PM by appointment. I am Senior University lecturer by assessments of my publications and assigned University duties, followed by promotions on merit. I am Animal Scientist (Agriculture) by learning with expertise in male ability to reproduce offspring. I have just two more assessments to attain the ultimate of my University career, the Professorship, my dream which has been deliberately stalled since finishing my PhD by chauvinistic, unashamed Australian exploiters using Nigerias ethnic division and corruption. I do not know if the PM understands what it must mean to suppress or destroy a brilliant career attained in the prime of ones life through hard work and merit, other than, other means?

6. My expectations: I am from a humble, but respectable background, respectful of elders and authorities. I expect those in authority to be exemplary and not bring their high offices to disrepute. I learnt this as school Prefect. b. I am not her fan: I do admit that I am no fan of the current Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, not after the event of June 24 2010. I had anticipated it, because of previous experiences therefore could tell easily when trouble started and tried to nip it in the bud, although successful at first in 2009, but was unsuccessful in 2010. Non-Labour Party members are involved and not the Labour Party Factional leaders, I will repeat this point until it sinks in. The Prime Minister is the only Labour Party member among the plotters, I stand to be challenged. I have been threatened, violently attacked and not allowed to tell the nation what I know about the coup dtat, details available if asked. 7. My Responsibilities: I have responsibility to: a). draw attention to my cause, defend my credibility and reputation as a responsible academic and Christian woman that she and her mentor are maliciously damaging; b). let Mr. Kevin Rudd, the nation and the international community know the truth and the reasons behind the ruthless coup dtat instigated from outside the Labour Party by exploiters following my attempts at approaching him about my cause. c).The same thing happened to others I tried to approach perceived as likely to support my cause, details if asked. I tried to warn about the coup before it happened, but was thwarted. 8. Curious observations: The Prime Ministers utterances and below pass mark performance during her first few days in office as PM aroused my curiosity. I already was victim of exploitation and oppression in the previous regime of Mr. John Howard. I therefore looked to the incoming regime of Mr. Kevin Rudd as my rescuer. It never occurred to me when I submitted an appeal to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd through the office of the Deputy Prime Minister and education Minister, Ms Julia Gillard that she would thwart my efforts at seeking to establish openly the truth and to obtain justice for my cause through official and open investigation. I have logically followed subsequent utterances and actions by the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, particularly those that were directed at me and had direct effect on me and my cause. I have seen my exploiters and oppressors strengthened and more confident. My hope for justice and revival of a suppressed, but brilliant academic career appears dashed for now. I suffer more humiliations, increased unashamed exploitation, serious violence and crimes degrading of my human dignity and denial of the very basic necessities of life as a result of her compromise and direct involvement. These facts call to question the Prime Ministers competence, credibility, transparency and genuineness. I am aware other Australians appear equally baffled by so many contradictions that questions have been raised about the real Ms Julia Gillard. My Submission: In my humble opinion, based on experience and objective assessment of facts, I submit that Ms Julia Gillard is other-directed and opposed to women of minority background who make outstanding achievements in their chosen fields. I do not know if she would disagree with these, as, fair comments? Nevertheless, I stand to be challenged & queried for evidence. To begin with for example: a). She supports minority mainstream men, Professor Brian Setchell and Dr. Simon Madddocks to exploit, dishonestly claim, use and suppress an extraordinary scientific achievement and Australian Catholic leaders to squander my multi-billion dollars PhD royalty now being used to finance her government. Her political mentor leading the exploitation has been violently trying to prevent me from demanding my rights. He sent unscrupulous Nigerians to ask me to abandon my achieved PhD and start on something else. b). She suppressed my appeal to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hand delivered to her office in Parliament in March 2008, seeking open investigation into my cause: my withheld PhD, unashamed exploitation of my multi-billion dollars PhD royalty being squandered with reckless abandon by her mentors, my $2 million accident compensation, serious crimes against humanity, humiliating and degrading indecent assaults and serious human right abuses. She suppressed my appeal after she was approached by the man who would become her political mentor. She then, negotiated with the man who leads other powerful exploiters who are non-Labour Party men. Her political mentor who controls billions of dollars illegally from my PhD royalty also controls a powerful section of the press and her government. She plotted the ruthless coup back in 2008 that ousted Mr. Kevin Rudd in 2010. The first attempt failed in 2009 i think as a result of my behind the scene activities, I stand to be challenged; other details are available if asked. I warned in the following memos about the plots against Mr. Kevin Rudd: i). More to it than meets the eye: stop this Catalyst now, written on 21 June 2009 during the UTE affair. ii). People get the kind of leaders they deserve: May Australians get the leaders they deserve, written on 21 June 2010, but pre-empted by coup plotters details are available. Please ask me for authentic versions of the articles, I have seen a meaningless altered version of the first memo, I believe may be in circulation to discredit my credibility and portray me as frivolous and incoherent by Gillards mentor.

c). Memos sent to Mr. Kevin Rudds Brisbane electorate altered: I sent a few write-ups about the coup to Mr. Kevin Rudd through his electorate assistant in Brisbane after the coup. I strongly believe that some of the documents got to him altered to make me appear stupid. I also believe that Mr Kevin Rudd never received some of the documents, those detailing the coup strongman and some of the reasons for the coup. Ms Gillards mentor the coup strongman celebrated after I delivered the memos in August 2011, talking about Deliverance, Heroes and Escape, implying he did some deal to cover up. d). Repeating the main thrust of my appeal in No 1: Ms Julia Gillard maliciously and cunningly displayed off the record at a press conference in August 2010, a forged document written either with the connivance of her Minister for infrastructure or her mentor or the three of them that she attributed to me falsely, details are available if asked. She then strangely also rocked a baby planned for the conference loaded with meaning symbolizing what she had done. A curious observer asked in the Australian Newspaper if the baby was planned or just happened to be there. She gave a copy of the forged document to the then visiting US Secretary of State in November 2010 to damage my credibility and PhD cause, create very wrong views of me; to justify the coup and colour judgement about Mr. Kevin Rudd that she had stabbed, because I was trying to expose the truth as opposed to the lies that Factional leaders were responsible. 9. Her political mentor, Colin Allan is the main beneficiary of all the exploitation: He leads a minority, but very powerful group controlling the government and squandering both my multi-billion dollars PhD royalty and my accident compensation with reckless abandon. Mr. Colin Allan bought his first property ever, a mere townhouse in Blacktown in Sydney in 1998 at a highly inflated cost of $400000 from my $2million accident compensation, an inflated amount claimed without my knowledge and permission from the South Australian Insurance Company (SGIC), while dishonestly claiming that in the said accident I suffered brain injury and Insanity. None of the two ever happened; other shocking details are available if asked. Now they use the same reason, Brain injury/Insanity to sit on my PhD, stall a brilliant academic career, squander my PhD multi-billion dollars royalty and the $2million accident compensation. Unfortunately a section of the Australian Catholic leadership at the very top is involved. My royalty and accident compensation have and still illegally funded Australian Catholic Church and personal projects of bishops, priests and their friends, now illegally funding Julia Gillards incompetent government unplanned projects, aboriginal education, rural developments, budget surplus Etc. The University of Adelaide, controlled by the group compromised its autonomy, international standards, transparency and high ideals associated with Universities the world over. Julia Gillards calculation of surplus is based on my about $45 billion royalty. My family in Nigeria has been destroyed and family members murdered for money and power sponsored from Australia after I was threatened, the futures of young family members have been destroyed. It is a serious international scandal, details are available when asked. Nigeria will demand it back with interest. b). It is a disgraceful fraud at Government level, and serious breach of international relations and obligations to use my royalty: My PhD royalty and intellectual Property belong to The Ahmadu Bello University, my family and I, owners and sponsors of my PhD work. When Professor Setchell and Dr. Maddoks stalled my write-up for 20 months (August 1993-May 1995) after my work generated international interests and sent me back home with uncompleted thesis, the AusAid was furious and intervened, describing the action as irresponsible, sending a student home when her work was not finished and scholarship not expired, details are available if asked. The AusAid warned the University that: Australia owes Nigeria international obligation; her Scholarship is not free; Nigeria paid full fees therefore supervisors cannot play with her PhD. The AusAid penalised the University by making her pay my living allowance when my scholarship expired and also stopped University funds to Animal Science department pending the completion of my write up and submission for examination. 10. I plead with Ms Julia Gillard through the Federal Parliament and the international community in the name of justice, a fair go and transparency she claims to believe in, to make public what she gave to the US Secretary of State, and also cunningly displayed off record at the Press conference in August 2010 that she attributed to me, before rocking the baby; or the Federal Parliament and the International Community should please compel her to do so for justice sake. In the name of justice and fair play may I be confronted with all materials circulating secretly against me, forged PhD reports, emails, videos, photo tricks etc.

Please note these facts: a). The Labour Party Factional leaders did not overthrow Mr. Kevin Rudd. Ms Gillard used them at the last minutes as surrogates to give legitimacy for the ruthless coup, using false polls, that were hurriedly put together after I wrote my memo, People get the kind of leaders they deserve: May Australians get the leaders they deserve. They stole my idea and then pre-empted me. The false Polls were used to frighten and deceive the Factional leaders of Mr. Kevin Rudds seeming unpopularity. b). Mr. Kevin Rudd never lost his popularity, because of the shelved carbon tax. He was still very popular at the time he was overthrown. In fact he was the most popular of political leaders including Ms Gillard and Mr. Tony Abbot; I stand to be challenged and would elaborate on this fact if asked. c). Apart from the discussions between Mr. Kevin Rudd & the US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton that the Wikileaks exposed, subsequent exposure by wikileaks about Mr. Kevin Rudds character, being a Control freak and the rest and claimed to be discussed by the US diplomats were faked. I am willing to discuss if asked. d). Also please do not take seriously the report by the 3 Labour Party elder statesmen on the outcome of the election and why Kevin Rudd was over thrown. It is Ms Gillards and her mentors whitewash. Those aspects of their report are inaccurate and I stand to be challenged & queried. I have responded to their findings on the outcome of the elections and the overthrow of Mr. Kevin Rudd and what I see as fake Wikileaks in unpublished articles. I received threats and serious attacks for trying to write my version of the coup after I read excerpts of Mr. Paul Howes book in a review in the press. For example, I reported with a swollen cheek and jaw to the police on 29th November 2010 after I was threatened and attacked, because of the write-up I was putting up about the coup. 11. A Powerless woman, victim of a terrible form of criminal racism, unashamed exploitation, excessive greed, ruthless opportunism, violence and torture involving evil sexual manipulations and mutilations of my body parts by using diabolical practices rendering me unconscious and subjugated during evil attacks nocturnally. Sponsored and directed by a man who lost his humanity and carried out by men and women equally lacking in humanity. I cry out to the international community in the name of God and humanity; Please, Save my Soul! Set me free! Do not allow me to die! I have escaped death many times. Please do not allow a brilliant career and life to go to waste, because I am a black powerless woman. Please stop the unashamed exploitation. My mother has been murdered in Nigeria sponsored from Australia after I was threatened by Mr. Colin Allan. My family in Nigeria has been destroyed. I am a 21st century slave in Australia sold into slavery by envious and corrupt Nigerian officials and other Nigerians all of them from other tribes not related to me, not from my state of origin or cultural group. I suffer serious crimes against humanity, defamation, dangerous lies and deprivations of even the most basic necessities of life. What you see first is my appearance imposed on me by Colin Allan. Suitcases of expensive Nigerian hand woven dresses and western dresses, shoes, gold trinkets have been removed from me. All personal effects including a car, Passports are gone with exploiters more details below. It is winter, but Mr. Colin Allan removed my two winter coats and a jumper. When I speak you notice my teeth. God blessed me with beautiful sets, but part of the mutilation is Colin Allan playing the dentist, disfiguring and colouring my teeth and painfully exposing the roots of my teeth; other details available. b. I am under 24 hour illegal and irresponsible surveillance with (inhuman) implants of microchips that allow Mr. Colin Allan and his pressure group to view me live, detect sounds I make and send people to stalk and trail me 24 hours a day, attack me and vandalize my belongings against the UN charter on Human rights, details are available if asked. No access to organs of information, Internet, emails, slow mails, phone, TV and Radio, no communication whatever. Please give me the opportunity to be heard in an open international investigation for truth to clear my name and for justice. All personal effects have been confiscated; suitcases of dresses, expensive shoes, gold, household items, expensive kitchen wares, electronic sets, two Nigerian Passports both now expire; when they removed them, only one had expired, Australian permanent protection visa and resident permit. My Medicare card, ABU academic staff ID, and other IDs, my PhD thesis, raw data and published data sets all in diskettes and had copy, resume in diskette and hard copy, B.Sc., M.Sc., theses and original certificates; M.Sc. transcript and B.Sc. certificate photocopy, expensive professional text books, mobile phone /camera & video, Camera and car to mention a few. I want these things back from Mr. Colin Allan. I am not allowed in any gainful employment although not officially restricted. I am independent woman in University academic career. I came to Australia specifically for a PhD. I initiated my own research interest in Nigeria and brought to Australia for my PhD research. It was sponsored by Nigeria and the Ahmadu Bello University that nominated me for sponsorship also placed me on study fellowship with pay and one promotion. I carried out my experiments independently in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) since Professor Setchell was not expert in In-vitro fertilization studies and was not even interested in it. He never worked in that area

before. He refused to approve for me to work in the area, but I insisted it was why I was sponsored. He approved after a year. I wrote my PhD thesis and submitted for examination to the registrar who duly acknowledged with the correct title. It was examined by a world renowned scholar, Professor Martin Johnson from Cambridge University in England. With modesty, I was very successful. He highly recommended award of my PhD with very minor corrections indeed. He described my work as Distinguished and Original work. I had a major scientific breakthrough that was internationally acknowledged and attracted local and international awards; the intellectual property involved patent medicine proprietary to a pharmaceutical company and produced multi-billion dollars, apart from also attracting billions of dollars in research grants. I fulfilled all requirements of the University of Adelaide for the award of my PhD, the last of it was doing the minor corrections recommended and submitting the corrected thesis to Dr. Simon Maddocks for binding as directed by Professor Brian Setchell. Professor Setchell voluntarily confirmed my PhD thesis was bound and asked me to Animal Science to view it. Colin Allan blocked it. Both academics have been at loggerhead for about 15 years, because of my PhD work and made me scapegoat. Who would forgo enviable achievements? I do not know if there is any normal person that would agree to forgo an achieved PhD, a brilliant University academic career, an extraordinary scientific breakthrough in ones area of specialization, multi-billion dollars PhD royalty and the intellectual property including international recognition in awards and local awards that have already been dishonestly taken which must be the subject of contest in future, to people who did not initiate or do the work and to accept in place of all these, imposed spouse that one does not love or want? This is the crux of the whole matter. This is what a section of exploiting Australian Catholic leaders and excessively greedy Colin Allan are asking me to do. The men want me declared insane, when I am not insane. Fraudulently they claimed my Accident compensation, details if asked. Colin Allan committed murder in my family in their names and approvals. I am neither brain damaged nor insane. Australian Psychiatrists have declared that I am normal, not insane, but a protester for my rights. Colin Allan is using corrupt, unpatriotic and jealous Nigerians of other ethnic groups. They are not related to me, or from my state of origin or cultural group in Nigeria. People I did not know or met in Nigeria until Australia and some of them, Colin Allan sent them to introduce themselves to me. People we would pass each other by in the streets in Nigeria and not talk with each other, determine my fate in a foreign land behind me. Colin Allan summed up his impression of them with this impressive metaphor: He says he is an astronaut on expedition to the Moon, the Nigerian High Commission. He found no intelligent life in the Moon. I once disagreed with him at the initial stage, but he proved beyond reasonable doubt that he got his metaphor right. Some of them illegal immigrants who had to be helped are probably drug couriers, or 419 agents. They betray their fatherland, the Ahmadu Bello University, my family and I for very token amounts, displaying disgraceful tribalism and corruption, the banes of the Nigerian society. They sold out behind me. They displayed their ignorance by asking me to forgo my PhD work and all of the above achievements to mainstream Australians and start on something else for another PhD. If no normal Australian or other nationality would surrender an achievement of my kind to a host country, then please support my cause for truth and justice. Australians live in Nigeria and other countries like Mr. Rupert Murdoch who made it very big using resources in their new countries, no one demanded them to surrender what they achieved to the locals. My academic achievement has to do with intellectual capability. My brain was the area I drew my resources for my research and sponsored by Nigeria. Material resource, like blood, used my blood about 1.7litres to culture my embryos. All I used were facilities that I paid for. Why Ms Julia Gillard was appointed PM: Robbers in Government? Julia Gillard was appointed Prime Minister by unelected non-Labour Party men to preserve the status quo: exploitation of the powerless and cover up, continuation of ignorance and poverty of the marginalized, far right conservative ideas and pretenders to left wing progressiveness/atheism and, violent, abusive and very rude group through their columns in the Newspapers or margazines. These groups have amassed massive wealth fraudulently from my PhD royalty and exploited my intellectual property belonging to the Ahmadu Bello University and I, foreign University. They are opponents and enemies of change for good, of emancipation from ignorance and poverty. Those who would rather things were as, they were in the beginning, same now and forever, no change. Her support & promise to sustain the status quo saw her become the PM against all decency. I stand to be challenged and queried. Incompetence Julia Gillard: Julia Gillard and her political mentors are robbing my family, Nigeria and the Ahmadu Bello University to compensate the Aboriginals for all the wrong they have suffered over the centuries by

Rob Paul to pay Peter. So they decided to set aside from my royalty Her incompetence is shown also in her accepting not only for her mentors to squander my PhD royalty, but to have it wasted in running her government unplanned projects. I had challenged them about the educational backwardness of their indigenous black people which makes them think that blacks from independent African states with better opportunities despite corruption and bad leadership would be as backwards and I criticized them for not catering their black people emancipation from ignorance and poverty by good education. Then they decided to set up a panel to review Aboriginal higher education by an aboriginal woman, very laughable and plan before the out come of the panel and recommendations to set aside about $700000000million or $1 billion of my royalty into a trust fund for Aboriginal education, not from their money or Australias, but foreign government that Australia entered into a trade agreement with Australia. Meaning Julia Gillards ignorance of foreign policy extends to even international relations and International obligation that cannot be cancelled. Nigeria paid by kind and for my tuition in local currency. The AusAid understands it well. That was why she penalized the University of Adelaide and Animal Science when they tried to stall my write-up and asked me to return without completing my PhD. The obligation cannot be waived. The Obligation cannot be waived the Australian embassy in Lagos told me when the Minister of Science and Technology in Nigeria wanted the Australian Government through the Nigerian foreign Affairs to waive the overseas student charge (OSC) I still had to pay after a scholarship from the University of Adelaide. The Nigerian Foreign affairs told me it was not possible, because it is the policy of Australian government. When I approached the Australian embassy in Nigeria, she confirmed that it was not possible, because Nigeria does not enjoy free scholarship from Australia. She advised that I should approach the Nigerian ministry of National planning that would approach the embassy on my behalf. The Embassy would present her needs which would be settled in kind or local currency in exchange for the Australian Government settling my school fees in local cash in Australia. The Ministry of National planning did not raise any objection. I was given two forms to take to my Director through the Minister of science & Tech, details are available if asked. The AusAid also outlined this point vividly. In fact the AusAid did intimate foreign students that Australian had very wrong notions about scholarships and that they have tried to educate them that the government does not give the scholarships for nothing, therefore it would result in serious trouble with foreign government to know about any adverse treatment to their students. AusAid also noted that most of those sponsored were already staff of government institutions. Final appeal: A hearing refused is justice denied! Please give me opportunity to be heard and for open international investigation of my cause. Nigerians sold out: No Nigerian has the right or authority to sign off my work or money to foreigners or to themselves. Not even members of my family can do that. Corrupt and jealous Nigerian tribalists sold out. Colin Allan paid them tokens and started businesses and projects for them in Nigeria from my royalty, including a hotel. He bought cars for many of them in Australia and help them with jobs, whereas I am not allowed to work. The Yorubas, the Ibos, the Delta people and a minority Middle belt citizens are those being used against me by Colin Allan. They spread serious and very dangerous lies to Nigeria about me. They claim I am dead, then that I am Insane. The Yorubas were paid from Australia to assassinate my mother in Nigeria after threats in Australia by Colin Allan. A Yoruba Psychiatrist was paid from Australia to destroy me mentally in Nigeria, but was unsuccessful, details available. Now Mr. Olu Agbi, a Yoruba and the High Commissioner, wants me destroyed and declared insane. He refused to take up my case. My family has been destroyed from Australia, because of my achievements. The Nigerian High Commission and other unscrupulous Nigerians are my greatest problem. Officials are very corrupt, idiotic, irresponsible, inept, tribalistic and unpatriotic. They do not seem to know their work. Or what do I make of the fact that an embassy diplomat is one of those Colin Allan brings to Sleepover in buildings being acquired fraudulently and paid for, from my royalty. While there watches me being humiliated, assaulted and stripped naked in the street after being made unconscious and subjugated through diabolical practices during evil attacks? He is then given objects to display to me when I become conscious. What could one make of the utterance of the Nigerian High Commissioner, Mr. Sunday Oluwadare Agbi, Yoruba man who claimed to me that he is a University Professor and that he believes I am University senior lecturer, but told me the tradition is for Supervisors to publish students work as first author with students as co-authors? What do I say of a Professor supposedly representing the interest of his country at diplomatic level as Nigerias first diplomat in Australia, but refusing to present matters of interest of his country, citizens and institution of higher learning to the host Government, because the Institution of higher learning is located in a different ethnic group and the citizens are of a different ethnic group? Instead mockingly tells me he would take it up with the UNESCO, but did nothing about it after taking his share of money. Led by an unscrupulous vindictive and unfaithful married Nigerian man, Johnson Agbinya, he lied

that the matter had been investigated and found it lacked merit, whereas no such thing ever happened. What University Professor would say that the University reserved the right to award or not award a PhD degree that involves an external examiner, after recommendation of award of the degree by the examiner who was highly impressed by the PhD work and candidate having met all requirements for the award of the degree including post examination corrections and submission for binding and the thesis having been bound as was voluntarily confirmed by Setchell, major supervisor? It brings out clearly the problem of tribalism in Nigeria apart from the corruption. The impression outsider have is that the problem is with the Muslim North not the southerners who are mainly Christians. The Southerners are most problems Nigeria. For the avoidance of doubt, I am a southern Christian. However, like Mahatma Ghandi observed we are always unlike our Christ whether in Australia or Nigeria. I do not want to say anything here that will further damaged the already damaged image of Nigeria by what some Nigerian Christian have done, like those who has opportunity to serve in government. However, the Ahmadu Bello University is located in a core Muslim city with rich cultural heritage. Those Muslim intelligentsias nominated me over and above their own, only two academic staff members were required from each Federal government University in the then 19 states of the Federation. I was one of the two. I am no criminals: Neither Australia nor other western nations abandon their citizens who commit crimes abroad. They ensure their rights are respected while they go through the process of the law in the country where they broke the law. I am no criminal. With all modesty I stand with my head erect. I am law abiding and uncompromising in my Christian principles and my Efik values. I am disciplined, responsible and very conscious of my background. It has made it impossible for exploiters that have me illegally in Surveillance 24 hours to get me on the character side. They can only tell lies, but they have no concrete evidence against me. Their videos are computer derived and photo tricks. I will not do anything to give people cause to raise eyebrows. Please give me a chance to be heard. I ask for open international investigation. Exploiters found a Nigerian Psychiatrist who was willing to declare me insane after Australian Psychiatrist said I was sane. Then Again exploiters look for fresh Australian Psychiatrists in the ACT who continue to maintain the Professional ethics showed by their Australian counter parts more than 10 years earlier, refusing to do a dirty job, while officials of the Nigerian embassy at least Mr. Sunday Olu Agbi is disappointed. I heard he defended his tribesman in Nigeria who was paid from here to declare me Insane that he works in a University teaching hospital, I will not mention the name of the teaching hospital, because it is a sound and respectable hospital that back in the 1970s performed some very delicate operations. The psychiatrist of fortune concern is a disgrace that should have his licence confiscated. He is very unpopular with the nurses. Questions for Mr. Sunday Olu Agbi, Nigerias High Commissioner and his diplomats: The questions the international community may wish to ask Mr. Sunday Olu Agbi are, if the University of Adelaide also has the prerogative to retain my intellectual property and spend my royalty against University norms and standards everywhere? I initiated the work and brought it from Nigeria to research on and was sponsored by Nigeria and the Ahmadu Bello University that recommended me for the sponsorship and also placed me on a study fellowship with pay and one promotion. Who owns the intellectual property and royalty under that circumstance? I carried out my work independently, other details if asked. Julia Gillards mentor is responsible for all my trouble. Investigation will prove things. He threatened I would have my PhD on his terms. He lied that Nigeria does not want my PhD after bribing unscrupulous Nigerians of other ethnic groups including the High commission and some other officials in Nigeria.