Flyer Practice test 6

41.Where is the woman going today? (A) To a trade exhibition. (B) To meet a client. (C) To the home office. (D) To their factory 42. What time is the flight? A/ 10:00. B/ 12:00. C/ 01:00. D/ 02:00. 43. Where will they meet? (A) At the trade exhibition. (B) At a coffee shop. (C) At the home office. (D) At a restaurant. 44. When is the date of the conference? (A) This Monday. (B) Next week. (C) In two weeks. (D) Next month 45. What is the problem? (A) Mr. Nolan cannot attend the conference. (B) Paul mistakenly made two conflicting plans (C) Sally forgot to book the rooms. (D) Mr. Singh has not returned from his trip. 46. Who most likely is going to make the presentation in New York? A/ Mr. Nolan. B/ Sally. C/ Paul. D/ Mr. Singh 47. Why is the man relieved? (A) John has finally returned from his vacation. (B) A replacement for a vacant position has been found. (C) The ads Henry took out are bringing in results. (D) A high-paying job has been offered to him. 48. Where did Henry work before? A/ At a newspaper company. B/ At a computer Internet company. C/ At a job recruiting agency D/ At the company’s branch office. 49. What will happen next Monday? (A) The company ad will be printed. (B) A branch office will open. (C) A new employee will start a job. (D) There will be a retirement party for John. 50. Where is the conversation most likely taking place? A/ At a toy store. B/ At an airport. C/ At a record store. D/ At a travel agency. 51. What does the man complain about? (A) How heavy his bag is. (B) How far the airport is. (C) How expensive the tickets are. (D) How difficult it is to get home. 52. What can be inferred about the woman? (A) She does not like to travel. (B) She only buys expensive things. (C) She has many children. (D) She has been here many times. 53. What are they talking about? (A) The college the woman had attended. (B) A newspaper article the woman had read. (C) The economic situation of the nation. (D) The man's new employment opportunity. 54. According to the man, what did his friend recently do? (A) Graduate from school. (B) Land a new job. (C) Start a business. (D) Write a newspaper article. 55. When did the man graduate from college? A/ A year ago. B/ Two years ago. C/ Three years ago. D/ Four years ago. 56. Where most likely is the conversation taking place? A/ At an electronics store. B/ In a truck. C/ At a city port. D/ In a warehouse. 57. Why did Mr. Brown call?

A/ To place an order. B/ To request a quick delivery. C/ To change his order. D/ To talk to the truck driver. 58. According to Dave, where will the truck driver first go? (A) To the Bad Boys Electronics Store. (B) To the company warehouse. (C) To the computer department. (D) To his truck. 59. What is the man doing? (A) Buying a computer. (B) Showing off his new purchase. (C) Typing up some work. (D) Introducing his brother. 60. What happened to the man's old computer? A/ He lost it. B/ He broke it. C/ He sold it. D/ He returned it. 61. What does the woman say about the laptops? (A) They are very expensive. (B) They don't weigh very much. (C) They have gotten smaller. (D) They are well designed. 62. What led to the decision made by the boss? (A) The experience of the candidates. (B) The words of advice from Mr. Lee. (C) The work ethics of Ms. Simpson. (D) The interest shown by the employees. 63. Who got the position? (A) Ms. Sanchez. (B) Mr. Miller. (C) Mr. Lee. (D) Mr. Harris. 64. According to the woman, why did Ms. Simpson drop out of the race? (A) She felt that she was not qualified. (B) She was not feeling well. (C) She is not interested in working harder. (D) She has other things to do. 65. How will they get to the city? (A) By train. (B) By bus. (C) By car. (D) By ferry. 66. When will they meet Mr. Johnson? (A) At 3 o'clock. (B) At 4 o'clock. (C) At 5 o'clock. (D) At 6 o'clock. 67. Why didn't Mr. Johnson go on the trip? (A) He couldn't catch a flight. (B) His client cancelled the meeting. (C) There was a reservation at the hotel. (D) The train stopped running. 68. What are they discussing? (A) A project they are currently working on. (B) The possible leader of the next project (C) The material to be used in their project (D) Their co-workers in the company. 69. According to the man, who does he think is a good person to lead the project? (A) Rick. (B) Joe. (C) Jan. (D) Mr. Brown. 70. What can be inferred about Joe? (A) He is young. (B) He is smart. (C) He is aggressive. (D) He is eager to lead the project. 71. According to the speaker, what is the current road condition of Highway 7? (A) It is at a complete standstill. (B) It is moving without much trouble. (C) It is moving at a very slow pace. (D) It is closed off due to the accident. 72. What does the speaker advise the motorists to do?

Anderson do if he has any queries? (A) Call a special number. D/ To announce the date of a future meeting. Reid being delayed? (A) His plane is not able to take off. 86. (D) Provide some information in writing 90. What does the caller request from Mr. how many hours are some kids in India working in a day? (A) 9 hours. What will they do next? (A) Visit Rotary Lookout (B) Walk up the natural trail. When is Mr. What should Mr. (B) Talk to the speaker. (D) In the company eatery 76. (B) Some beverages. (B) At a doctor's office. 94. (D) At two. (C) To see their response in regards to the new product. (B) The children of India are still very healthy. What does the speaker imply about the day? (A) It is going to be a physical day. (B) He could not book a flight ticket. (D) By hiring more workers to run their operations more smoothly. 92. 85. (D) His secretary is not back from New York. What does the study reveal? (A) The recycling must come to an end. (D) Make sure to have their insurance cards with them. (C) Enjoy the beautiful flowers. (C) 11 hours. 75. (B) The new workers. 82. (C) A photographer. 97. How are some poor families making a living? (A) By recycling goods. 95. (B) By begging. What is mentioned about the day's special? A/ It is offered at a discounted price. (B) He doesn't want to embarrass them. C/ It has just been added to their menu. 100. Stokes? (A) To provide a contact number. Anderson's office. C/ A shareholder's meeting. Where will the meeting take place? (A) in the engineering building. D/ It is steamed. (D) The office receptionist. D/ A visit to the plant floor. Why does the speaker NOT want the listeners to reveal themselves? (A) He wants candid opinions. 88. When is Tracy expected to arrive? A/ This morning. Who most likely is the speaker? (A) The coffee shop owner. (D) To attend the meeting. (C) Store lots of food. What is the purpose of the talk? A/ To introduce an investment opportunity. C/ A wine connoisseur. 89. 91. (D) Prepare umbrellas. D/ Tomorrow. (D) The poor people will soon receive help. (D) Take an hour break. (C) Consult with Helen. (B) A member of the design team. . (D) The hiking trip will be somewhat 79. When will the next update air? A/ In ten minutes. B/ It is baked. When will the next update be aired? (A) In ten minutes. 99. (C) The day will be perfect for the walk. (C) The advertisement staff. Who most likely is giving the talk? A/ A chef. B/ A distribution of the company's stock shares. (B) At the advertising Department. 74. B/ This afternoon. (B) There will be different types of food available. B/ In thirty minutes. 80. (D) By receiving welfare. How will they change the course of action? (A) By asking a team of consultants to scrutinize their operations. (C) Advertising tips. 81. What took place yesterday? A/ The company's annual sale. 93. 77. 83. D/ A grocery store clerk.(A) Leave their cars at home today. (D) He doesn't know any of their names. 73. 87. (B) To greet her at the (C) To make a trip to New York. C/ This evening. (D) Refer to a guidebook. (B) Meet all the participants. (C) By having a meeting to find solutions. 84. (B) To get their honest opinions about the workplace. Where is the conversation taking place? (A) At Mr. (B) At noon. 78. (B) By distributing the company's stock shares among the employees. B/ To educate the staff to work more efficiently. (C) He is not interested in them. Why did the speaker invite the listeners? (A) To ask them to help design the prototype. (B) Walk in to see Ms. B/ It is available only for a limited time. (C) Fill their stomachs. (D) 12 hours. (D) At a hair treatment center. (B) Stay indoors. C/ It is char grilled. What does the speaker advise those living along the shoreline to do? (A) Evacuate immediately. (C) Keep their ears open for any changes. What is the listener being asked to do? (A) Have a seat in the waiting area. (D) At 9:30. (C) In an hour. (C) At Building 5. (D) To chat informally over a cup of coffee. D/ It comes with a choice of vegetables. Who is the intended audience of this announcement? (A) The caretakers. (C) At a pharmacy counter. B/ A waiter. How is the chicken dish prepared? A/ It is fried. (C) The current working situation has damaging effects. According to the report. 96. What will they most likely do at the Orchid Cafe? (A) Have some coffee. (C) At one. (D) Enter the cafe. (B) 10 hours. (D) The cafeteria workers. (C) Take some papers home to fill them out. (C) By selling goods. C/ In sixty minutes D/ In ninety minutes 98. C/ To notify people about the results of a meeting. (B) At 7 o'clock. Reid expected to arrive in New York? (A) At ten. Why is Mr. Thompson. What does the speaker say will be available at the meeting? (A) Engineering information. (B) Take alternative roads. (C) He has to attend to something else. (D) Some snacks.

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