Chapter I


Vegetables are important protective food and highly beneficial for the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases. They contain valuable food ingredients and great sources of vitamins and minerals, which can be successfully utilized to build up and repair the body. The juices extracted from fresh raw vegetables are highly beneficial as they furnish all the cells and tissues of the body with the elements and the nutritional enzymes which they need. It is true that the body can derive these elements from whole vegetables. But the fresh juices can provide them in the manner in which they can be most easily digested and assimilated. A vitamin and mineral deficiency can thus be made much more quickly by drinking fresh juices than by eating raw vegetables. According to the 6th National Nutrition Survey, the Filipino diet does not get even close to its recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Based on the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), the recommended daily consumption of fruits should be 2-3 servings (1 serving = 1 medium sized fruit or 1 slice of big fruit) while for vegetables it should be 3 servings ( 1 serving = ½ cup cooked). Also, the fifth message of the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos 2000 (NGF 2000) encourages Filipinos to eat more fruits, vegetables and root crops.( Food and Nutrition Research Institute of DOST, 2000). Nowadays, people are seeking for products/goods that are instant due to the fact that most women are working that they don’t have enough time to prepare foods

for their family. Processed juices are one of the considerations of most women. Thus, the idea of extracting juices from three different vegetables such as lettuce, carrots and spinach came into minds of the proponents of 3V enterprises, composed mainly of Joanna Karizz Ambita, Carille Mae Sumagui, Jennelyn Dinglasan, Mary Joyce Rolle and Jay Ffer Alegre. The business concerns mainly of production and selling of vegetable juices that can serve not only as refreshment but also as herbal medicine. The business is conceptualized due to the fact that practically all vegetables make good juices, but some bitter than others. Vegetable juices soothe jaded nerves and gently carry away toxic matter and accumulated waste products. They are best taken at least half an hour or more after meals. They should not be taken before meals or near the same time as fruit juices. Many common ailments respond favorably to raw vegetable juices.

Statement of the Problem The purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility of producing and selling juices out of lettuce, carrots and spinach. Specifically, this study will seek answers to the following questions:

A. Organization and Management Aspect 1. How will the business be organized? 2. How will the business be managed and operated? 3. What are the experiences and qualifications needed for each position in the organization?


4. What are the duties and responsibilities of each member in the organization? 5. What are the management policies and regulations will be adopted to operate the business? B. Marketing Aspect 1. What are the strategies that can be applied to come up with the unique features/characteristics of the products? 2. What are the pricing strategies that can be used for the proposed products? 3. What are the promotional strategies that can be implemented to attract the target market? 4. How should vegetable juices be distributed?

C. Production/ Technical Aspect 1. What is the production procedures involved in producing vegetable juices? 2. Who will be the suppliers of working materials? 3. What staff is needed and what are the qualifications? 4. What will be the production capacity of the proposed business? D. Financial Aspect 1. Who are the sources of capital for the proposed business? 2. How much is the total capital requirement needed to start the business? 3. What is the profitability of operating the business in Cavite? E. Socio-Economic Aspect 1. What will be the proposed business’ social responsibility? 2. What is the economic impact of the proposed business in the society?

the duties and responsibilities of each member in the organization and the management policies and regulations that will be practiced. Specifically. Marketing Aspect The proposed business will develop proper marketing programs and implement marketing strategies to be able to penetrate the target market. carrots and spinach.Objectives of the Study This study will be conducted to evaluate the feasibility of operating a business engaged in the production of vegetable juices out of lettuce. specifically the organizational structure of the business and the form of business organization that will be adopted. promotional activities. pricing strategies. this study aims to: Organization and Management Aspect This study will describe the ways/techniques on how the business will be organized. the experiences and qualifications needed for each position in the organization. and the capacity of the business to produce vegetable juices. as this will also discuss different product strategies. This will also determine the sources of materials needed in production. 4 . carrots and spinach. and distribution channels that will be used to reach the target consumers. the staff needed to meet the production requirements. Production/ Technical Aspect This study will describe the processes involved in the production of vegetable juices out of lettuce.

carrots and spinach. People who find this study a potential business could use the information contained in this study. More importantly. this study will evaluate the profitability of operating a vegetable juice business out of lettuce. It is for this reason that this study will be conducted. Scope and Limitation of the Study The business will be engaged in the production and selling of vegetable juices made from lettuce. The actual business launching will commence on March 2010. entrepreneurs could find new ways of making juices using vegetables with high nutrient contents. carrots and spinach in Cavite. Significance of the Study One of the most promising business ventures today is the food sector and those that can offer health benefits to consumers. Valuable information could be provided to would-be entrepreneurs who wish to engage in the food business. Socio-Economic Aspect The social responsibility of the proposed business in terms of helping different sectors in the community and the economic benefits that will be gained by our society will be presented in this study.Financial Aspect This study will identify the sources of capital and the amount of capital required to start the operation of the proposed business. carrots and spinach. that is. In this study. The products will be initially distributed to target consumers in selected 5 . to develop vegetable juices made primarily from lettuce.

Trece Martires City. namely: Dasmarinas. Bacoor. 6 . GMA and Imus. the products will be marketed to vendors in other areas of Cavite. Once the market is established.upland areas of Cavite.

Chapter II




Name of Proposed Project: Nature of Business: Trio) Type of Business Organization: Location of Project: Proponents:

3V Enterprises Manufacturing of Vegetable Juice (Vege

Sole Proprietorship Brgy. Fatima, Dasmarinas, Cavite Joanna Karizz M. Ambita Carille Mae Sumagui Jennelyn Dinglasan Mary Joyce Rolle Jay Ffer Alegre

2.1.2. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The organizational structure that will be adopted will reflect the different responsibilities and obligations of each personnel. 3V Enterprises will adopt different principles which will serve as part of management policies and regulations.

2.1.3. MARKETING FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The target market of the proposed project will be the prospective consumers in Dasmarinas, Cavite because it is the most populated town in Cavite. It will also target the


neighboring towns such as Imus, Bacoor, Trece Martirez, and GMA. The proposed business will adopt direct marketing channel or zero level channel in distributing the products and also utilize the use of middlemen, if necessary. To catch market, the products will be promoted using advertising tools such as leaflets and tarpaulins. Giving of samples will also be implemented. Cost-based pricing strategy and mark-ups will be used to determine the price of the product.

2.1.4. PRODUCTION/TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY SUMMARY 3V Enterprises will utilize the best processes of making juice based on the standard processes adopted by leading manufacturers of juices in the Philippines. Choosing the best suppliers of vegetables, as their raw materials, and being efficient and effective in producing the products will also be practiced. The manufacturing site of 3V Enterprises will be at Brgy. Fatima, Dasmariñas, Cavite. This was chosen because of its low rental fee and accessibility to prospective market.

2.1.5. FINANCING AND FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The proposed business will initially start its operation with a minimum capital of Php2,224, 666.10 that can be recovered within three years.

2.1.6. SOCIO ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY SUMMARY Every business endeavors require a lot of considerations, not only its ultimate goal which is to gain profit but also its moral obligations and social responsibility. The


business owner must always bear in mind these important aspects to be able to reach the top. The proposed business will help generate employment.

2.2. CONCLUSION TO FEASIBILITY The proponents concluded that establishing 3V Enterprises in Bgy. Fatima, Dasmarinas, Cavite, with Vege Trio as their product, is feasible because of the size of population, which will serve as their prospective market/buyers. The fact that the business can also cater to the needs of the prospective market in its neighboring towns, contribute to the viability of the business.


Cavite Tagaytay City. Alegre Jennelyn Dinglasan Joyce Rolle Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Silang. Cavite.Chapter III THE PROJECT BACKGROUND 3. First. to secure Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the 10 . Cavite Imus. Cavite Amadeo. Second. Table 1 shows the of the proponents. Table 1. Carillle Mae Sumagui. Registration and Acquisition of Licenses The business will make use of the basic requirements of any business enterprise before the start of the operation. Jennelyn Dinglasan and Joyce Rolle.1.1. the proponents will seek approval from Bgy. Fatima Dasmarinas. Project Proponents The business proponents will be composed of five marketing management students. Ambita Carille Mae Sumagui Jay Ffer V. The proponents.1. Alegre.1 Project Proposition 3.2. Cavite Mendez. Jay Efer V. their nationality and addresses. 3V Enterprises NAME NATIONALITY ADDRESS Joanna Karizz M. Ambita. namely: Joanna Karizz M. Cavite 3.

the business name’s marketing potential and its legal elements.666 which will come from her own savings. Registration of the business with the following offices for compliance and to foster good employer-employee relationships. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will also be done. Cavite will be followed immediately and get sector specific clearance from the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD).2 Proposed name of the Business Business name is one of the most essential parts of every business. and environment responsibilities: Social Security System (SSS). 3. The major attraction of every business lies on its name as it will bring the consumers enough recall and identification.3. Sources of Capital The financing scheme of the proposed business will be based on the amount that the owners will invest. and social responsibility. 11 .Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) District Office in Dasmarinas. incentives and benefits.1. The application for business permit and license from Dasmarinas. then the registration with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for Business Name Certificate will be followed. Cavite. there are two things to consider. Ambita will invest Php2. When choosing a business name. Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Philhealth.224. Joanna Karizz M. 3. Choosing a business name surely requires a comprehensive analysis to be able to come up with a precise one. PAG-IBIG. The proponents will then register with the Bureau of internal Revenue (BIR) District Office for Authority to Print Invoice and Book of Journal.

sole proprietorship will be the type of business organization of the proposed project. Ambita. The word “enterprise”. All profits and losses accrue to the owner. but rather the person who organized the business pays self employment taxes on the profits made. carrots and spinach. that it involves business operations. TYPE OF BUSINESS ORGANIZAT ION The business will be operated solely by Joanna Karizz M. who will be the owner of the proposed business. A sole proprietor usually has a quick decision process and doesn't have any opposition when making a decision as he or she has total control of his business. this is one of the easiest types of business to start. while “V” stands for vegetables. and they are easy to discontinue. they are subject to fewer regulations relative to other types of businesses. Another advantage is that one takes all the profits of the business. Also it's easy to set up. The name was derived from three kinds of vegetables which will be used in producing vegetable juices. it does not pay corporate taxes.3.The proposed name of the business is “3V Enterprises”. 3. making tax filing much simpler. hence. wherein “3” stands for lettuce. A sole proprietorship also does not have to be concerned with double taxation. the owner has full autonomy with regard to business decisions. of course. This is the main reason that most businesses are of this type. A sole proprietorship is not a corporation. 12 . The owner does not have the tension regarding conflicts among the partners as there are no partners. and that its aim is to gain profit and to perform its moral obligations and responsibility. as a corporate entity would. The main advantages of a sole proprietorship are that they are easy to start up. reflects that it is a business. The advantages of this type of business organization are mainly the reasons of its existence. with having little paper work to fill in and little money spent on setting up.

choosing the location is also due to the lower rental fee. Even though there are convenience and sari-sari stores in the place. At the same time. still the project will be the only one that will be engaged in the production and marketing of vegetable juices.2. 13 . Cavite. Dasmarińas. Fatima. The location was chosen because of its accessibility. wherein some of the stores will serve as their target market.4 LOCATION OF THE BUSINESS The “3V Enterprises” will be located at Brgy. There will be no direct competitors wherein the project will be based.

1. but staff managers have no authority over line managers and their subordinates. Line and staff organizational structures are more centralized. 14 . The decision making process becomes slower in this type of organizational structure because of the layers and guidelines that are typical to it and the formality involved. with staff departments for support and specialization. Line and structure combines the line structure where information and approvals come from top to bottom.CHAPTER 4 ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT 4. This is where the line and staff organizational structure comes into play. Figure 1 shows the organizational structure of the proposed business. especially small ones. Managers of line and staff have authority over their subordinates. it is not effective for larger companies. Organizational Structure The company will adopt a Line and Staff Structure – though line structure is suitable for most organizations.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS. Demonstrable record of success at a senior level within a general management role in a comparable organization.OWNER/MANAGER FINANCE MANAGER PROD'N/HR MANAGER HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER MARKETING MANAGER 3 WORKERS The proposed business will be managed by its owner and the other managerial functions will be divided according to expertise/specialization of its employees. preferably including the management of conservation and technical staff.1. Ambita. 15 .2. who will be at the same time the owner of the business. The qualifications and responsibilities will be as follows: Qualifications  Preferably a degree in Business Management or equivalent level of experience. 4. SPECIFICATIONS AND QUALIFICATIONS The general manager will be Joanna Karizz M. Skills and Experience  A minimum of 5 years business experience.

and empathy with. Ability to develop. Sound analytical and computer skills An ability to communicate at all levels Target driven . farming. policies and procedures Previous experience of Health and Safety policies. procedures and practices     Personal Characteristics  An enthusiastic leader with a demonstrative personality. maintain and exceed consistent high quality standards commensurate with organizational expectations. and set. manage and monitor effective business and financial systems and procedures Experience and understanding of human resource practices. with the ability to manage and develop staff creating good team work. implement. Proven IT competence in financial packages i. timely performance goals/targets and clear objectives A strategic thinker A motivational and supportive management style An excellent communicator An experienced networker An interest in. the environment and conservation Strong individualist and decision maker with high determination to succeed 16          . conduct and credibility to set. preferably in the voluntary sector including finance. Wide commercial experience. human resources and IT. business management.e. Sage Strong interpersonal skills.with the ability to work to.

o Develops guidelines of operation for certain processes. which are directly under his authority. o Impart training to new practice managers regarding how to increase employee performance. o Discuss the plans and marketing strategies with sales managers to increase the company profits. and interview. and submit the reports to the top management for practice performance review. o Devise and plan company policies. o Prepare elaborate reports of the functioning and all the company departments. o Travel on a national and international level to visit potential clients and discuss business with them. or oversee those personnel processes. o Degree holder or professional accountancy qualification and CPA o Minimum 5 years commercial experience o 2 years of external audit experience o Good communication skill o High degree of integrity and initiative o At least two years of related experience in managerial position 17 . The qualifications and responsibilities will be as follows: Qualifications: o Bachelor's degree in business related courses + 2 years experience in business or closely related field. o Make sure that all departments and practices are working as anticipated by the company's annual plan. and present it before the board of directors.  Sense of humor A current driving license Duties and Responsibilities: o Manage and coordinate work of the process managers working under the GM. and discus them with the top management for final approval. hire and train new employees. The finance manager will be Carille Sumagui. o Devise and set up an annual budget and fiscal plan. o Determine staffing requirements. o Play an important part in recruiting and training process managers under him.

approaches. customer evangelism. o Expert in Internet and social media strategy with a demonstrated track record. area. o Commitment to continuous learning. The qualifications and responsibilities will be as follows: Qualifications: o 5 years of progressively more responsible positions in marketing. preferably in a similar industry in two different firms. and customer-focused product development and outreach. o Ability to coordinate the efforts of a large team of diverse creative employees. auditors Internal relations . circumference. and volume. o Demonstrated effectiveness in holding conversations with customers. o Bachelors Degree in Marketing or a related field members. Duties and Responsibilities: o o o o o o o o o o o Full spectrum of financial functions including closing and review of monthly accounts External relations . and departmental contribution. o Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts. Ability to apply financial ratios and calculation in order to make assessments and projections. demonstrated teamwork skills. o Experience supervising and managing a professional staff. percentages. restaurant managers & head office staff Statutory accounts & audit compliance Supervision of direct reports Hands on in operation and strong in business acumen Internal Control compliance and improvement including documentation of SOP Cash flow management Preparation of budget and operations review Full spectrum of human resource and administration function Other duties and ad-hoc project assignment The Marketing Manager will be Joyce Rolle. 18 . o Strong effective communicator. interest.bankers. proportions. o Demonstrated ability to increase productivity and continuously improve methods.o Cost control/reduction/management background. o Highly developed.

Microsoft software suite of products. o Analyze the effectiveness of all marketing efforts. o Ability to lead in an environment of constant change. market research. product packaging. o Manage distribution channels for products. demand for potential products. website development. employee empowering work environment. and customer needs and insights. and advertising. o Familiarity and skill with the tools of the trade in marketing including PR. o Ensure effective. o Develop overall marketing strategy and execution of plans for the existing products. The production manager will be Jennelyn Dinglasan. Structured or large company experience will not work here. o Manage launch campaigns for new products. Duties and Responsibilities: o Research and evaluate new product opportunities. written communication. o Work with product development teams to manage new product development.o Demonstrated ability to see the big picture and provide useful advice and input across the company. o Experience working in a flexible. print communication. o Manage media and marketing staff and external PR agencies. o Experience in the global marketplace is a plus. visual communication software products. o o o o o o o o At least two years of related experience in managerial position Motivator with excellent leadership / team building skills Excellent communicator Excellent organizational skills System optimization skills with good strategic business awareness Able to drive change Problem solving skills and positive "can do" attitude Good ICT skills 19 . and creative services. branded marketing communications including the company website. o Experience managing external PR and communication consulting firms and contractors. The qualifications and responsibilities will be as follows: Qualifications: o Bachelor's degree in business/marketing related courses + 2 years experience in business or closely related field.

make sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality. Experience with HR start-ups Experience with Compensation Development and Implementation Experience with Performance Management Tools Proficiency in all Microsoft Office application is desired. ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed. managers. work out the human and material resources needed. Duties and Responsibilities: o Selects and assigns staff.g. work with managers to implement the company's policies and goals. draft a timescale for the job. o Maintains records. be responsible for the selection and maintenance of equipment. estimate costs and setting the quality standards. suppliers.Duties and Responsibilities: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oversee the production process. whose qualifications and responsibilities will be as follows: Qualifications: o o o o o o Bachelor’s Degree in a HR or a related field at least six years direct experience including supervision. ensuring equal employment opportunity in hiring and promotion. monitor the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed. ensure that the production is cost effective. Jay Ffer Alegre will be the Human Resource Manager. o Coordinates activities by scheduling work assignments. prepares reports. review the performance of subordinates. drawing up a production schedule. and composes correspondence relative to the work. liaise among different departments. and directing the work of subordinate employees. identify training needs. setting priorities. o Evaluates and verifies employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques. o Ensures proper labor relations and conditions of employment are maintained. e. supervise and motivate a team of workers. 20 . monitor product standards and implementing quality-control programs. o Identifies staff development and training needs and ensures that training is obtained.

21 .  Profit: Maximize long-term return while being mindful of our overall duties and obligations. recruitment.. Mission Our Roadmap starts with our mission. research. demonstration models.2. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as customary. and preparation of examinations.o Completes necessary performance assessments of subordinate staff. evaluation of applicants.  To make people satisfied and healthy through our products. multimedia visual aids. labor relations. compensation studies.2. o Supervises and participates in such activities as the classification of positions. test validation.2. 4.1  Vision People: Be an enormous place to work where employees will be inspired and be at their best.   Partners: Foster a winning network among customers and suppliers. 4. MANAGEMENT PROPOSAL 4.  Productivity: Be a fast-moving organization. reference works. etc. and manpower forecasting. which is lasting.. o Directs the development or selection of training materials such as training handbooks.2. job analyses. preparation of class specifications. Community: Be a responsible citizen and promotes social responsibility and moral obligations. It is assumed that the business will hire additional two (2) workers every two years to sustain the production capacity and to provide the demand of its market.

However. o Authority. However. Every employee should receive orders from only one superior. o Initiative. Authority gives them this right. different principles will be applied which will also serve as the business policies. Each group of organizational activities that have the same objective should be directed by one manager using one plan. Centralization refers to the degree to which subordinates are involved in decision making. The line of authority from top management to the lowest ranks represents the scalar chain. o Esprit de corps or synergy. o Equity. Note that responsibility arises wherever authority is exercised. Employees who are allowed to originate and carry out plans will exert high levels of effort. if following the chain creates delays. To create value and make difference. Managers must be able to give orders. Communications should follow this chain. People and materials should be in the right place at the right time. High employee turnover is inefficient. Managers should be kind and fair to their subordinates. Promoting team spirit will build harmony and unity within the organization. COMPANY POLICIES The management of the proposed business shall be under the provisions of the owner being the general manager also. and the judicious use of penalties for infractions of the rules. These will be as follows: o Division of work. crosscommunications can be allowed if agreed to by all parties and superiors are kept informed. o Order. o Discipline. o Unity of direction. o Unity of command. Employees must obey and respect the rules that govern the organization. o Scalar chain. This will also serve as 22 . The task is to find the optimum degree of centralization for each situation. Management should provide orderly personnel planning and ensure that replacements are available to fill vacancies. 4. Specialization increases output by making employees more efficient. Whether decision making is centralized (to management) or decentralized (to subordinates) is a question of proper proportion.3. a clear understanding between management and workers regarding the organization's rules. Policies are important in any business enterprise which will serve as guide and basis to effectively operate the company. o Centralization. o Stability of tenure of personnel. Good discipline is the result of effective leadership.

Regular employees are automatically entitled to Phil Health. and copy of Birth Certificate.3. 4.2. NBI Clearance.3. Policies on Health The management of the 3V Enterprise will be responsible for the financial and medical needs of the employees in case they get sick.minutes coffee break in the morning and afternoon.communication tools to let the employees know about the rules and regulations of the company. Employees will be provided one hour break for lunch and 15. 4. 4.4. Work Schedule All employees will work eight (8) hours a day and six (6) days a week. 4.3. Employees are inclusive of one hour for lunch period and eight (8) working hours. Policies on Hiring The proposed business will recruit and employ workers on the basis of their qualifications and all applicants must submit completely all the requirements such as Police Clearance. Starting 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 4.3. Security Measures The location of the business 3V is safe to every customer and also to the employees but it is required to hired guard in order to maintain the safety of customers and employees and they are in charge in monitoring all the people entering the store.3. 23 .3.1.5. high School / College Diploma /and Medical Certificates. Policies Hours and Days of Work The store business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Saturday.

3. Recreational Activities These include activities such as sports activities. 24 . Life Insurance. • Health Life Insurance. Stock ownership plans.6. 4.3. OTHER BENEFITS 4.3. loyalty and cooperation to everyone and also to boost their morale.2. Trainings will also help them learn new skills and become a valued asset in the organization.7. 4.7. Health care Benefits.7. Disability Insurance.7. Seminars/ Trainings Seminars will be conducted for the employees to understand the relevance of workers’ contribution to the organization. • plans. Christmas party. 4. Overtime Work Overtime work shall be allowed if needed.4 Incentives/ Giveaway Employees are entitled to incentives/giveaways as motivation.4. Phil health. Employees who rendered overtime shall receive overtime pay.3. including SSS. 4. exercise activities.3. retirement Vacation employees. Medical Benefits Medical Assistance will be implemented and can be enjoyed by all employees. These are for the employees’ benefits to develop their self confidence.

The municipality is also known as one of the fastest growing municipalities in the province of Cavite and has numerous commercial establishments. it makes the business profitable. It is the 11th largest city in the Philippines and has 559. some traditional advertisements such as flyers. Final Consumers 25 .CHAPTER 5 MARKETING FEASIBILITY Marketing is very crucial in every businesses. Through this. Hence. referrals. brochures and tarpaulins. establishing a business enterprise in this area is viable and has a large tendency to be profitable. not only to buy and patronize the products but also to invest and be part of the business 3V Enterprises will use different marketing strategies from product development stage. 5. pricing. there will be more customers that may encourage visiting the business. Cavite is known as the melting pot of Cavite. Highlights of the promotional strategies will include word of mouth. promoting and distributing the products. and E Media such as webpage/site.330 size of population.1 MARKET DESCRIPTION Dasmariñas.

That from ages 18-60. usually belonging to low and middle income families. The end-users of the products are fond of drinking instant juices. people here are looking for medicines that will prevent them from hair loss. The most important benefit of the product is the health benefit that could be attained by its end-users since vegetable juice nutritious. Imus. middlemen will also act as distributors of product to reach the end users. The special characteristic/feature of the product which is to prevent hair loss is one of the major attractions in the product. Bacoor. The proposed business will be located at Dasmariñas. A number of benefits will be gained by the customers and end-users. the target consumers are those who prefer their juices without artificial flavorings. Cavite. The affordability of the product when compared to other juices in the market is the one of the strategies to enter the industry. 3V Enterprises belongs to the food processing industry. Business-to-business Market The proposed business. However. End-users who are health-conscious and who have health problems relating to hair loss. and the overweight people which limit or prevent them from drinking soft drinks will have a healthy alternative to other juices in the market. and the vegetarians. Specifically. The initial targeted geographical areas for the proposed business include 26 . Trece Martirez. in which 45% are male and 34% are female. This will bring more profit to customers and savings for the end-users. the business found out that 79% of the total population suffers from hair loss.The potential target markets for vegetable juices are the final consumers located in Dasmarinas. That after conducting survey. and GMA.

the maximum production per day will be 272. The market was open every Public .00 Total Demand per Year 601. the demand for the product is expected to be high. malls and factories among others. Trece Martires.4.381. being highly populated and consisting not only of residential but also commercial areas with schools/universities. 5.42 bottles per day. On days when the market is closed.00 Dasmarina s 78 66288 27 .05% of Pop.52 bottles/year. private establishments. 5. Imus. 5.596.3. When converted to daily production rate.2.781. this is equivalent to about 4 percent of the estimated market share which is about 65. Bacoor. Of Market Vendors Ave.) 2. spinach and lettuce. Products Sold/Yr Demand for Products per day (. DEMAND-SUPPLY ANALYSIS Target Area Pop. The middlemen/vendors/retailers of juices are the target market for vegetable juices. Total demand per year is pegged at 1.634. The ingredients that will be used are carrots.05% of Pop.65 Demand for Products per year (.538 bottles per year of Vege Trio. major government offices. and GMA. SUPPLY The raw materials needed by the business will be bought at Dasmarinas Market located at .Dasmarinas. DEMAND The target areas. the proponents will purchase their raw materials in Tagaytay City.) 667.308.

1Product Vegetable juice will be offered to target customers in bottles.38 163.52 When converted to daily production rate.79 2. The packaging will have an attractive sticker label which contains the logo of the company.42 bottles per day 5. General Marketing Practices The marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that 3V Enterprises will use to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. and other product features.07 1.381.634.99 450.40 1.020. 3V Enterprises will use different advertising tools during its opening day to attract prospective consumers.469.40 1.5.772. 5.40 103.40 108. nutritional content. The vegetable juice will be packaged in bottles with sealed cover.436.799.212.205.387.970.0 0 The estimated market share for 3V Enterprise can be calculated as follows: Total Demand per Year Estimated share bottles/year = = 1.60 489.89 7.265.789.00 158.634.GMA Imus Bacoor Trece Total 40 66 70 28 5136 22320 40416 4272 138432 683.935.538.60 281.60 529. the maximum production per day will be 272. campaign slogan. 28 .538 bottles per year 4% which is equivalent for 65.60 303.5.940.

Advertising The proposed business will be adopting different promotional techniques to attract prospective buyers. As the location of the business is situated geographically near the target market.5.2.1. the finished products can be easily transported to the neighboring areas. and persuade them to buy the products. it had been condemned because of the serious nutritional and cultural questions regarding the material used to produce juices. 5.3. which is considered as effective yet cheapest tool of 29 . 5.Despite the rapid success of beverages throughout the world. hence stimulate the interest of the consumers. Trece Martirez.3. This includes the various activities the company undertakes to make the product attractive.5. This will bring an added value to vegetable juice because. the product will be a healthy substitute to soft drinks plus the fact that it will be offered at a much lower price than soft drinks. 5. Promotion A critical marketing mix tool is promotion. One of these techniques will be “word-of-mouth”. Imus. and GMA. as a vegetable. Bacoor.5. Place The product will be initially distributed to end users and market vendors in Dasmarinas. Upland Cavite will be the recipient of greater bulk of the product.

The brochure (also referred to as a pamphlet) that will be used by the proposed business is a type of leaflet. PROPOSED MARKETING PROGRAM 3V Enterprises will be known through the different strategies that the business will use. flyers will be given away personally by the proponents of the business to prospective buyers. 30 . The proposed business will also be utilizing flyers.promotion. However. In this case.6. fly posting (pasting flyers to walls) has been banned in many places. causing concern among media activists and ordinary citizens. Flyers are inexpensive to produce and are regarded as a very effective form of direct marketing. These will be placed at places that prospective buyers frequently visit. Their widespread use intensified with the spread of desktop publishing systems. or other points of interest of target market. 5. brochures and tarpaulins as part of their promotional tools. Tarpaulins will also be used. citizens concerned with the appearance of urban neighborhoods support the ban. The brochure style that will be used will be the bi-fold (a single sheet printed on both sides and folded into halves) single sheet brochures. Recently. Different promotional techniques will highlight the marketing programs. There will be no costs incurred in this type of promotion. only the consumers must have positive feedback on the products. since this may gain attention of prospective buyers. The business assumed that after two years they will participate in some business displays and will use newspaper and other journals to promote the products and the company as well.

Another study has found that drinking vegetable juice reduces risks of Alzheimer's disease by 76%. particularly lettuce. However. and therefore consumption of them for health must be carefully considered. In general. The marketing slogan of “ ” conveys the social responsibility of the company to its consumers and distributors and a move to build the company’s general image to the community. Pricing In setting the price of the product. the actual nutritional value of juices versus whole vegetables is still contested.Product Uniqueness 3V Enterprises will be the first business enterprise in the Philippines that will produce vegetable juice. Studies showed that 3/4 cup of 100% vegetable juice is equivalent to one serving of vegetables. rather than as a replacement. carrots and spinach. This message will be consistently communicated in the products’ packaging and promotional materials that will be utilized by the company. wherein all the costs incurred in producing the products will be 31 . vegetable juices are recommended as supplements to whole vegetables. the proponents will adopt the cost-based pricing strategy. are high in sodium. which found that juices provide the same health benefits as whole vegetables in terms of reducing risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is upheld by a recent study. Many popular vegetable juices.

5.considered.00 with a markup of 50%. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION Manufacturer Retailer Final Consumer The proposed business will use two different types of channel of distribution to reach the final consumers or end-users.00. wherein the proponents will consider the prices of the competitors. This was the reason why the selling price of the product is much lower considering the mark-up of 50%. proposed price of the products will be PhP27. The proponents will also use the competitor-based pricing strategy.1. The production cost per unit will be PhP18. Mark-up cost of the products will be determined after production cost has been computed therefore. The production cost of the product will be computed based on the initial cost of the product and the packaging cost. The distribution of products will be from manufacturer to 32 .6.

retailer to final consumer (one-level channel) and manufacturer to final consumer (zerolevel channel). 33 . The proposed business will buy a second hand L300 that will be used in delivering the juices to its client in other places.

1 PRODUCT Although the actual nutritional benefits of vegetable juice are contested. Having an easy source of vegetables encouraged drinkers to incorporate more vegetables into their diets. a recent study found that drinking vegetable juice daily significantly increased drinkers' chances of meeting the daily recommended number of vegetable servings. However.CHAPTER 6 PRODUCTION FEASIBILITY SUMMARY 6. 34 . nutrition contents of the product are shown below: Nutrition Data Table ____ shows the product features/characteristics.

2 PRODUCTION PROCESS 35 .PRODUCT Vegi Trio CHARACTERISTICS Size: 235 ml Color: orange Appearance: 6.

Figure : Production Process of VegeTrio Juice Preparation of Raw Materials Weighing of Vegetables Washing Extracting Straining Include Preservatives Peeling of Carrots Mixing Heating Cooling Filling Bottling Capping Packaging Labeling  Quality Control Putting of Expiration Date Weighing of vegetables 36 .

Materials handling creates time and place utility. It is responsible for the movement and storage of material at the lowest possible cost through the use of proper methods and equipments. materials handling is important to manufacturing operations. It also saves money. packaging and storing of materials. the materials manufactured will be unloaded. In effect. These movements do not add value to the product but they do add value 37 . For Vege Trio. time and place.           Washing of vegetables that includes the peeling of the carrots Extracting of vegetables using their own extractors Straining of each vegetables Mixing of extracted juices including the adding of water. sodium bensuate and xantham gum as the preservative Heating of mixed juice for the chemicals to combine with the juice Transferring of juice into cold place The juice will be put into Filling machine Bottling Capping which includes the Quality control of the product Packaging Labeling 6. positioning. moved through inspections and production operations to stores and finally to the shipping department. transporting. sugar. elevating. It is the art and science of conveying.3 MATERIAL HANDLING DESIGN Material handling design is the art and science of moving. packing and storing of substances in any form.

6. PROJECT SITE The manufacturing site of 3V Enterprises will be at Brgy. as required by the Food and Drug Administration. TECHNOLOGICAL ASSISTANT The proposed business will employ a Nutritionist and a Chemist. Cavite. 6. The material handling system of the project matches the plant layout to enhance effectiveness of each other. PROJECT LAYOUT 38 .6. Fatima. He will likewise be the one in charge of determining and formulating the raw materials to extend the shelf-life of the product.5. An on-call Chemist will also be employed to make sure that the formulation of the juice will remain as it is all throughout production. the cost. The nutritionist will handle raw materials selection and procurement. Dasmariñas. She will also make sure that the product has the necessary nutrients prescribed for bottled juices. This was chosen because of the low rental fee and accessibility to prospective markets.4. The efficient operation of appropriate material handling methods adopted by the proponents for this project aimed to reduce costs and enable maximum capabilities to be derived from a given production facility.

39 .

the second floor will house the managerial and administrative offices. labeling area. PLANT SIZE AND PRODUCTION SCHEDULE The manufacturing plant measuring 500 square meters consists of two floors. Administrative offices at the second floor are fully air-conditioned while the first floor has centralized air-conditioning system. the first floor is allotted for production will house the following: washing area. lobby. 6.7. generator room. receiving area. cooking area. namely: manager office and conference room. maintenance room. spinach. weighing area. The top floor is made of concrete roofing where the water tank and air-conditioning unit are installed. bottling area. refrigerator. chemical storage room. administrative office and storage room.9. 6. cooling area and pumping/filling area. BUILDING AND FACILITIES The building is made of concrete consisting of two floors. centrifuge area. mixing area. capping area. bottle storage room. showroom. calamansi storage area. finished product storage room. Production schedule will be six (6) days a week at eight (8) hours a day. carrots and lettuce storage area. locker room. The first floor houses the production facilities and the second floor. The front and sides of the building is allotted for parking space. FLOOR PLAN 40 .8.6. .

The main area is consisting of cooking area which is adjacent to the cooling area. and the centrifuge area across the bottling area. calamansi storage area. Centrifuge 5. Storage Tank 12.10. Fire Extinguisher 2. the mixing area adjacent to the filling area. Capping Machine 10.1. Weighing Machine 2. Pumping Machine 7. On the opposite sides of the main entrance. . 6. bottling area and chemical storage room. on the right side. Equipment 1. these include: on the left side. Exhaust Fan 41 . Compressor 9. Vegetables Extractors 4.The main entrance is located at the right side of the building. and refrigerator. Reverse Osmosis 6. Tumbler (Mixer) 6. Vegetables Washing Machine 3.10 MACHINERIES & EQUIPMENTS 6. weighing area. The rest of the facilities are located at the sides of the building. Upon entering the building.10. carrots and lettuce storage area. maintenance room. and fire exit is located. Expiration date Machine 11. the lobby is located at the right while the show room is at the left side. Machines 1. generator room. the spinach. Filling Machine 8. the finished product storage room. washing area.2.

simple operation. Machines Description Vegetable washing machine – the machine is suitable for use in all kinds of vegetable and fruits. There are the traits of large and effective cubage for washing. Generator 7. saving water. Knife 13. Vegetable Basket 14. Measuring Bowl 10. having turbo water spraying and no need extra materials to wash vegetables. This model is special to connect with the water-faucet to automatically pouring-in and drawing out water. Jars 15. Gas Tank (LPG) 6. Push Cart 12. Casserole 4.3. continuous washing. which adopts full-automatic computer LCD-panel controlling system with most updated ozone technologies possessing more multi functional programs. Pail 8. Funnel 6. GAs Stove 5. The materials of the brush roller which have been processed with specials techniques may be used for a long time and their wear proof capability is very good. high efficiency. long using life.10. Centrifuge machine . Its model is SHE-U131. Strainer 9. Refrigerator 11. this machine consists essentially of a compartment spun about a central axis to separate contained materials of different specific gravities or to 42 .3.

the vegetables are also expected to be fresh. The capping machine utilizes the latest technologies to achieve the highest speeds and most accurately capped bottles on the market. The proponents will make sure that the business will be installed with the required utilities. 14 SLEX Parañaque City. 6. KM.separate colloidal particles suspended in a liquid. It is also a machine in which solid or liquid of different densities are separated by rotating them in a tube in a horizontal circle. likewise. 6. The proposed business will have electric power from Meralco while LWWUA will be the one responsible for the installation of water supply.12 RAW MATERIALS REQUIREMENT The 3V Enterprises will get their supplies of vegetables from Divisoria and the Bagsakan Centers of the Department of Agriculture. The denser particles tend to move along the length of the tube to a greater radius of rotation. Capping machinery is available from a single head hand held chuck capper for low speed capping all the way up to a high speed 30 head rotary chuck capping system. These were chosen because the prices are sure to be low compared to other outlets. displacing the lighter particles to the other end. Table ____. All the chemicals to be used will be provided by Rudolph Lietz Incorporation. List of Suppliers of Raw Material 43 . a well known local supplier located at Edison Ave.11 UTILITIES The life of the business will also depend on the supply of water and electricity. Capping machine – the machine that secure most cap types into a wide assortment of bottles type.

Ms. She will also responsible in purchasing the needed raw materials and ingredients. He will be responsible in administrative and clerical duties necessary to run the business 44 .MATERIAL Bottles Additives SUPPLIER Dasmariñas Spinach Farm Rudolf Lietz ADDRESS E. She will be responsible in implementing the production activities and monitoring the availability of materials and ingredients needed. She will be responsible in the formulation and implementation of strategies to generate sales. Jennelyn Dinglasan will act as the Production Manager of the enterprise.13 MANPOWER REQUIREMENT The proposed project will be operated as a sole proprietorship wherein the five students/entrepreneurs will share the different duties and responsibilities in the management of the business. Mr. She will handle the recording the financial transactions of the project and releasing the necessary funds and in monitoring the financial performance of the enterprise. Ms. Aguinaldo Highway. Ms. Dasmariñas Cavite Quezon City 6. Likewise. Ms. Jay Ffer Alegre will act as Administration Manager of the enterprise. She will be responsible in managing and supervising the day to day operations of the business. she will be also responsible in implementing policies to improve the operations. Carille Sumagui will act as Finance Manager of the enterprise. Joyce Rolle will act as the Marketing manager of the enterprise. Joanna Karizz Ambita will act as Owner/Manager of the business.

manage projects. the business incurred a total of PhP on the third. and disseminate information by using the telephone.15 PRODUCTION COST The production of the product will be on a daily basis. In the . lettuce and spinach will be purchase in Dasmarinas Public Market during market day. organize and maintain paper and electronic files. and e-mail. fourth and fifth year of operation. 6. mail services. The total cost of production will include the cost of raw materials and indirect materials. the cost of production increased due to 45 . The proponents hire one nutritionist and one on-call chemist to supervise in the preparation of the product. The needed raw materials such as carrots. plan and schedule meetings and appointments. the business incurred a total cost of PhP while PhP was incurred in the second year of operation. Web sites. conduct research. He will serve as information and communication managers for an office. It was observed that third year. WASTE DISPOSAL The vegetable that will undergo extraction will be disposed of properly. He will also be responsible in handling travel and guest arrangements.14. In the first year of the operation. 6. Other garbage can also be given to vegetable and animal farms located at Dasmarinas to fertilize their farms or as poultry/piggery feeds. wrapped on trash bags and delivered to the nearest dumpsite.efficiently.

16 SYSTEMS FORMS & DESIGN Purchase order slip Original receipt Inventory form/sheet 46 . 6..

It makes the economy to be more productive and to be progressive. Social responsibility means the improvement of the standard of living of the consumers and fulfills their satisfaction. In order for 3V Enterprises start its operation.1 Social Responsibility The project is considered as socially responsible as it aims not only to gain profit but to serve the whole society as well. however. wherein the government office would issue permits and licenses.CHAPTER 9 SOCIO-ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY 9. Having different suppliers of fresh and quality vegetables free from chemicals. payment should be made before a business can start. The proposed business will be located at Barangay Fatima Dasmarinas Cavite. Along this procedure. 9. Looking through the welfare of its employees. which are ready for consumption by the consumers. The said business will increase the rate of employment through providing job opportunities to those people who were unable to attain higher education. reflects the moral obligations of the business.2. The project’s responsibility of paying taxes helps to support the needs of the public. Increase Government Revenue A registration is always required for a business to operate. the following government requirements must be secured: 47 . is also an advantage and reflects the business’ advantage.

2 Registration within Bureau of Internal Revenue Registration with BFAD 9.1 Registration with Mayor`s Permit and other Municipal Licenses Unemployed (Generation of Employment) 3V Enterprises will generate employment that may help the government solve the problem on unemployment.3. It will help the customers achieve a healthy body Customers are guaranteed with the good and nutritious quality of the product. Consumers    It will satisfy the consumers’ needs. 48 .6 Consultation with DOST 9.7 Registration and Acquisition of Licenses 9.2.3 Sanitary Permit from the Provincial Environment Department 9.2.4 Registration with DTI 9. Other Beneficiaries 9. 9.2. Our project will set a fair compensation according to their duties.2.

49 .

1 GANTT CHART 2010 ACTIVITIES PLANNING 1. Procurement of raw materials 2. Preparing the products 3. Preparation of project proposal 5. Promotion IMPLEMENTATION & CONTROL 1. Creating solutions to problems encountered 5.CHAPTER X PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION AND TIMETABLE 10. Gathering of information 4. Allocation of capital 3. Delivery of the products 4. Decision-making 7. Recording 6. Monitoring of the business 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 50 . Establishing goals & objectives 2.

2 PERT 51 .10.

52 .


54 .

Machineries and Equipment 55 .

56 .

57 .

58 .

59 .

60 .

61 .

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63 .

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