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Promissory Note

in the amount of $ ___ (18,000.00) ___ Date:__ (01/01/00) ___ For Value Received, the undersigned, severally and jointly promise to pay to ___ (Sellers name as on drivers licence) __ or heirs, at __ (Sellers current address) ________ or to any other address as the holder of this note may designate in writing, in lawful currency of the United States of America, the principal sum of __ (Eighteen Thousand Dollars) _ ($18,000) ____.00 dollars with interest at the rate of _ (Twelve, Etc.) __ (_ 12 _)% per annum. The interest and principal of this note shall be paid in _ (One Hundred and Fourtyfour) _ (_ 144 _) consecutive monthly payments of __ (Two Hundred Fiftyeight Dollars and sixtynine cents) __ ($_ 258_._ 69 _) dollars each beginning __ June 15 __, 1998 _ and on the same date each month thereafter until paid in full. All principal and accrued interest shall be due on _ May 15 __,_ 2010 ____ Any payment not received within five days of due date shall be assessed a late penalty of _ (Twenty, Etc) _ ($_ 20 _._ 00 _) dollars additionally _ (One) _ ($_ 1 _._ 00 _) dollar per day for each day. Checks returned by bank will be charged a _ (Twenty) __ ($_ 20 __._ 00 _) dollars penalty reguardless of reasons for no payment. This promissory note is secured by a first lien on a 19_ (86) _ __ (Flintstone) ___ mobile home, ID#_ (0123456789) ______, home located at _ (123 Bedrock Ln) ___, lot # _ (5) __, _ (Stoneytown, Calistonia 20101) _____ . Title is to remain in the note holders possession until paid in full .Title will then be delivered, free of liens. This promissory note we be considered in default if any of the following conditions occur: 1)Failure to receive any payment within __ (Fifteen, Etc.) ___ (_ 15 _) days of due date. 2)Failure to carry sufficient home owners insurance on the home in amounts equal to amount owed on home and naming note holder(s) in first lien position. 3)Failure to pay lot rent to __ (John Smithrocks MHP) _____ and abide by __ (John Smithrocks) _ rules. 4)Failure to get written consent from note holder to move home to another location. 5)Failure to pay the required taxes and insurance premiums when due.

If the matter of default occurs on this note, the note holders reserve the right to call all remaining principal and accrued interest due and payable in full, immediately without further notice to note maker(s). If legal action is required to collect on this note, note maker(s) agree to pay all such costs also to include reasonable attorney fees. This promissory note may be paid off at any time without penalty but may not be assumed by another party without written approval of note holder(s). Note Maker(s) have a received a copy of this note. Signed, __ (New Home Owners Signature) _______ __ (New Home Owners Name as on drivers license) _____ Note Maker SS# _____/_____/_______ DOB ___/____/_____

___ (New Home Owners Wifes Signature) _____ __(New Home Owners Wifes Name as on drivers license)____ Note Maker SS# ____/_____/______ DOB ___/___/_____