Synopsis: A group of individuals who protect humans and supernatural creatures from each other cross paths in a small Pennsylvania town, where they are drawn into an ever-increasing and mysterious string of supernatural murders.
Overall Story: A witch, Angelique, works to do a spell to go back in time to save her twin brother from death at the hands of Barnabas Collins in 1791, one which requires sacrificing three people in the same bloodline, each born 100 years apart and each turned into creatures. Collinses from past and present – including Barnabas himself and the 140 year old Quentin Collins – work to uncover this plot and fight for their lives, equipped only with the knowledge that Angelique made Quentin immortal and is after them all for some unknown purpose.

The Protectorate is a worldwide collective (though without any overhead controlling organization) of smaller families and organizations of Protectors that each control a specific geographical area, or territory (sometimes whole small countries, sometimes states or smaller regions within countries, sometimes individual large cities and/or surrounding areas) and fulfill the Protectorate mandate: protect humans from supernatural forces, prevent humans from finding out about supernatural forces, do damage control when humans do find out, and prevent anyone from killing innocent {creatures}. A list of Six* Laws exist that all supernatural creatures must follow and all Protectors are required to uphold. The punishment for breaking any of the Six Laws is death. 1. It is illegal to knowingly or willfully kill or attempt to kill a Protector. 2. It is illegal to knowingly, willfully, or remorselessly kill a human, save in self defense or in the defense of an innocent. 3. It is illegal to knowingly or willfully turn any human into a {creature} without their consent. 4. It is illegal to summon any demon. 5. It is illegal to knowingly or willfully kill an innocent {creature}. 6. It is illegal for any {creature} to produce a child with a witch. All other issues of physical harm (or threats of such) against humans are dealt with on a case by case basis; the Protectors are left to make judgement calls based on their own considerations and the general accepted order of things. The Protectorate doesn't police any white collar crimes, or other non-physically-damaging cases, but they will step in if human authorities catch a supernatural for such crimes: they take custody of the creature and lock it up in their own facility for the length of their assigned sentence. Witches, who are usually subjugated and looked down upon as half-breeds, must follow the Six Laws, but are otherwise not under the purview of the Protectorate, as they aren't considered {creatures} under the law; they will be punished for going out of line, but they won't be protected or given any considerations like {other creatures} are. This generally yields two different types of witch: ones who just stay quiet and try to live under the radar and ones who do basically anything they please. Demons are always killed or sent back to where they came from on the spot and are given zero protection. Though some supernaturals try to resist the power of the Protectorate, most respect the authority because they're generally fair and they protect both ways by making sure humans don't find out about or attack them as well as policing those on both sides who go out of line. Protectors respect the territories of other Protectors and on the rare occasion that one has to enter another's territory they try to alert the local Protectorate there of their presence. In general, they all remain within their own territories and most don't care what goes on beyond the borders of their own territory. Many Protector families come from similar very old family lines, split many centuries ago. One common trait among several modern families is eidetic memory (i.e. photographic memory or total recall), at varying levels of ability. The Collins family possesses this skill at a very high level, many of them able to recall tiny details read, seen, heard, or otherwise experienced from almost any point in their life.
*There were originally four laws, but a fifth and sixth were added after a very powerful multiple-generation witch was born with the ability to control all supernatural creatures and abused that power to essentially try and create a new world order with herself in charge, and in the end was almost unstoppable since no other single supernatural creature, witch, or human was powerful enough to stop her.

History of the Protectorate In ancient times, most humans were unaware of the supernatural, or at most revered creatures as mythical or as gods without knowing their true natures. Around 3000 BC, Demons began roaming freely around the earth,

taking human hosts, making humans worship them, and raising and destroying civilizations as they pleased, just for fun. Between 1200-1100 BC they caused the collapse of Bronze-Age civilization throughout the Mediterranean and Near East and began the Ancient Dark Age. Finally, around 850 BC, a group of humans who discovered the truth worked in secret with {creatures} to learn a way to defeat the demons and drive them out. They succeeded in finding a way to exorcise all demons and send them back to where they came from (the humans of the time just assumed it was the underworld, and that theory stuck), allowing the Mediterranean to come out of the Dark Age (around 800 BC, Greek city-states began to form). The humans who helped drive out the demons created an organization, at that point against the wishes of most supernaturals, which they called the League of Protectors, which vowed to protect humans from the supernatural forces around them. They agreed to protect their supernatural allies from humans as well, but as hardly any humans knew of them at that point, it was somewhat of a one-sided deal, and that quickly faded from their mandate. It was several decades before they devised the original Four Laws and implemented it. Most supernaturals followed the laws on threat of death, but some groups revolted against the self-appointed League. After a century of small revolts, a large revolt in Greece around 600 BC sent the League into relative exile across the Mediterranean in North Africa, from where they sent out mercenaries to stop supernaturals who harmed humans, secretly infiltrated governments and armies, and in the meantime built up an army of their own loyal followers. This practice carried on for about 900 years, through many shifts in power and across the rise and fall of the both Classical Greece and the Roman Empire. Everything changed around 350 AD, when a third generation witch was born with immense power, including the ability to control hundreds of supernatural creatures at any one time, and around 403 began using her ability to try and take over the world by enslaving both humans and supernaturals alike. Her real name was never known, but she took the moniker Medea as symbolic of her willingness to do anything to achieve her ends, and that she was after revenge for some unspecified slight against herself, and witches in general. It took her several more years to become powerful enough to be a very real threat, but in 404 she started a large fire in the city of Constantinople, and (thanks in no small part to the weak rule of Emperor Arcadius) by 405 she had essentially taken control of the city, one of the most powerful in the world. At that point, supernaturals realized they were almost entirely helpless to defeat her and they reluctantly called on the help of the League of Protectors, who at that point had a relatively large army at their disposal. In 406, the armies of the League, along with a small collection of supernaturals who had protection against the witch's magic, marched on Constantinople. A week-long battle and siege ensued, but in the end, after hundreds of deaths on both sides, the humans were victorious; wanting to the end the siege and fighting, they set fire to the building where Medea was housed, which killed her, freeing all supernaturals from her control, ending the battle, and stopping her reign of terror, but also caused a huge fire that destroyed much of Constantinople in the process. After her defeat, the supernaturals and the survivors of the League's army agreed that such a thing could never be allowed to happen again. The supernaturals also agreed that having humans on their side was worth being policed by them and worth not killing humans for, but only if humans also agreed not to kill supernaturals either. Thus, a new organization was formed out of the ashes of the old League: the Protectorate. They kept their original four laws and added two more: one to make it illegal to kill any innocent {creature} and one to make it illegal for any second generation witch to be born, so as to prevent any more unstoppable witches from being born ever again. As their first act to fulfill their pledge to protect {creatures} from humans, they made sure that absolutely nothing of the incident with Medea ever made it into the human history books (with the help of everything from political influence and using magic to alter the memories of key individuals to active removal of any reference that should make its way to the page), save the resulting great fire, which was blamed on an earthquake. With the support of the supernaturals, the Protectorate grew and expanded and maintained a relative peace

through to the present day, in large part in the hands of the descendants of the soldiers who defeated Medea and began the organization.

Over the last century and a half*, some Protector families and organizations have started to slowly disappear, either the last of them dead, or they just stopped for whatever reason. Since there is no overhead worldwide or national organization for the Protectorate, when gaps appear they generally go unnoticed and unfilled. In those areas, there is no one to prevent creatures from killing humans and no one to stop humans from finding out about the supernatural. As such, some individuals who encounter the supernatural in a violent way take it upon themselves to start hunting down {creatures} and getting rid of them to protect humans. These people have many individual names for themselves (some don't even have a name for what they do), but the Protectors call them Drifters; the first few started to appear in the late 19th century, and Protectors started calling them Drifters in the early 1900s after the fact that they viewed them as rogues who were nomadic mainly so no one could catch them for crimes they committed along the way. Unlike Protectors, Drifters follow no supernatural laws, and many (though not all) of them don't care whether creatures are guilty or innocent of killing humans and just want to get rid of them all because they think they're dangerous and might kill humans in the future. Even though Drifters is the name given to them by the Protectorate, they are sometimes also called Hunters or Poachers by creatures who feel they're hunting them down like animals. Some also call them Xenos (short for "xenophobes") if they're trying to be even more insulting; the term is considered extremely rude and derogatory. On the flip side, Drifters have no specific name that they call themselves; usually they don't give themselves any title at all.
*They likely existed around the globe for centuries before, but never in large enough numbers for the Protectorate to label them or consider them a nuisance. Plus, back before the age of media and advanced communication technologies, a few rogues traveling around the countryside didn't attract nearly as much attention and wouldn't necessarily get recognized across different territories.

Drifters vs. Protectors Because of their existence outside the purview of the Protectorate and their penchant for killing creatures regardless of their innocence, Protectors view Drifters as rogue vigilantes who follow no laws or code. In return, Drifters view Protectors as misguided self-righteous individuals with more loyalty to {creatures} than to humans who will even protect murderers. Because of their obvious difference in ideologies, Protectors and Drifters generally dislike and distrust each other, though they both tolerate each others' existence. Drifters leave Protectors to their business in their own territories because there are too many of them to take on and it gives them less area to have to patrol, and Protectors leave Drifters to patrol the areas where no Protectors exist because at least there's someone there to protect humans and for them to go into that territory themselves would be to stretch themselves too thin and leave their own territory unprotected. That, and Protectors feel there's no good way to get rid of Drifters as they're all human and to kill them would go against what they believe. Though, if a Drifter kills an innocent creature in their own territory, they will take matters into their own hands, generally in the form of locking them up or getting human authorities to lock them up.

{Creatures} as a collective includes all supernatural beings save Witches ({creature}/human half-breeds) and

Demons (who aren't from the living world). In general, they don't attack humans any more than humans attack other humans, but some species feed off humans (like vampires) or aren't in control when they're in {creature} form (like werewolves), and some are just more violent than others, and those tend to attack humans more than other species. Also, as with humans, there are some individuals that are just violent, or ones who get overzealous about the fact that they're more powerful than humans and some believe they should be in control of humans. Most traits are specific to individual species of {creatures}, but there are some attributes shared among all. All are supernatural and have some kind of supernatural ability (in many cases more than one). They all appear human on the outside save when they are about to attack or they want to show off their supernatural nature, usually when fighting. They are all immortal, growing to adulthood and then either not aging further or aging very very very slowly, but all can be killed. Every {creature} has a weakness that can kill them and other weaknesses that can harm them but not kill them (see specific creatures below). Most {creatures} reproduce normally, albeit somewhat infrequently (as they're immortal), but a relatively rare few creatures all started as humans and must turn humans into their kind to reproduce. Even fewer do both, as they can turn humans but don't have to. {Creatures} that can't reproduce on their own and have to turn humans to create more of their kind similarly can't have children with humans and thus can't give birth to witches. Humans with a witch ancestor in their bloodline that are turned into {creatures} end up as creatures with slightly different traits than normal {creatures} of the same species.

Protectorate | either a) individual (local) organization of Protectors or b) the overall collection of all Protector families and organizations. Protector Family | an individual family who are all Protectors. Protector | an individual within the Protectorate. Territory | the geographical area controlled by a single Protector organization or family. Drifter | term used by Protectorate for any rogue human who kills supernaturals outside the authority of the Protectorate. Hunter, Poacher, or Xeno | derogatory nicknames for Drifters used mainly by supernaturals, but occasionally by other humans; "Hunter" is the least rude, with "Poacher" being a bit worse and "Xeno" being highly inflammatory. Creatures, Supernatural Creatures, or Supernaturals | collective term for all beings who aren't human, including witches and demons; Drifters use "creatures" almost exclusively, and (partly for that reason) "supernaturals" or “supernatural creatures” are considered more proper and less derogatory by many Protectors, but by most the terms are just used interchangeably. {Creatures} | collective term for all earth-bound full-blooded supernatural beings, i.e. not including witches or demons. There are numerous species, but there are universal traits shared by all of them. Witch | supernatural who is half-{creature} and half-human, or, more rarely (as it's illegal), half-{creature} and half-witch. The latter are far more powerful and it is illegal to give birth to one, though some slip through the cracks. Originally called "psychics", after one of the first half-human/half-{creature)s, who was named Psyche. Some witches still prefer to be called that and consider "witch" to be derogatory. Demons | ancient supernatural creatures that once ran rampant around earth and controlled many cultures, but were all exorcised and driven back to their original realm. Can only be brought back by being summoned, and with the exception of reapers must take human hosts (either living or dead, depending on the demon) to kill or otherwise affect the world around them.

Main Characters Quentin Collins | 140 year old Protector cursed with lycanthropy in 1897 when his family was slaughtered by werewolves, only to have that curse replaced by immortality at the hands of the witch Angelique. | Goofy, cheeky, sarcastic, and a little bit mad, and yet, charming, genuine, kind, and trustworthy; despite his outward, and even inner, joviality, he is haunted by his past, and there is always a hint of that in his eyes that he can never hide; drinks copious amounts of brandy, but hardly ever actually gets drunk; flirts with women left and right, but always over the top, even sarcastically, and never with the intention of actually getting anywhere with them. Barnabas Collins | 240 year old vampire and former Protector, locked in a cellar by his father in 1795 after killing his fiancée Josette. | Kind and gracious, but tough, strong, and, in the right situations, dangerous; tries to make the best of situations, but always carries around an unwavering darkness with him, as well as a guilt that he's always trying to make up for even though he knows he'll never be able to. Carolyn Collins Stoddard | 25 year old heiress of the Collins family fortune, grew up shuffled between her mother in Pennsylvania and her father in England; born civilian and unaware of her family's past as Protectors, but turned Drifter after being possessed by a demon and rescued by Jeb. | Tough and smart, but kind-hearted, trusting, and willing to listen and see all sides, and a good judge of character; knows Jujitsu and can fight and defend herself, but isn't cocky or over-confident; is a bit rebellious, but because her childhood split her between two lives and she's always searching for a place to belong and a life to belong to; she carries around an underlying fear of losing that belonging – that good life – once she finds it, which is ironic in a way, as she makes everyone else feel like they belong when they're with her; she's a natural leader and has the right balance of strength and gentleness to be a good one. Jeb Hawkes | 27 years old, raised a Drifter by his mother after his father was killed when he was 10, left his mother behind at 17 to hunt creatures on his own and did so until meeting Carolyn. | Gruff, tough, snarky, and serious exterior hides the damaged yet unceasingly dedicated person underneath the surface; suspicious and takes a long time to trust anyone, and even then the only person he trusts implicitly is Carolyn; always strives to do what he thinks is right, and to selflessly help others; utterly devoted to protecting Carolyn and her family; likes to get down to business and not mess around, and likes to do it his way. Willie Loomis | 25 year old high-end thief from New York recently released from a Pennsylvania prison after a five-year sentence for possession of stolen property. | Quirky, kind, and good through and through, but just a bit off-kilter; appears awkward, a bit nervous, and unconfident to the outside viewer, but he can be remarkably brave and spirited given the right situation, and when he's working as a thief, where he's most comfortable, he's exceptionally confident. Chris Jennings | 41 year old Philadelphia cop who has unknowingly been a werewolf for 11 years; became a cop after his twin brother went missing when they were 29. | Constantly driven by his brother's disappearance to help others and get others answers even though he's mostly given up hope of ever getting them for himself; similarly driven to do anything to protect his daughter, especially after his wife died in the line of duty; feels the emptiness of his brother's disappearance and the loss of his wife's death but has had time to move on and is a strong enough person to let it drive him instead of hold him back; tough and smart, but also upbeat and goofy, and likes to tease and banter with his friends. Amy Jennings | Chris' 10 year old daughter, a witch who can enter and influence others' dreams, read peoples' feelings, and sense danger and darkness. | Highly mature and inquisitive, wise beyond her years, but with a childlike innocence befitting her age; always seems to see right through people, which makes some people uncomfortable around her; since the time her abilities started to manifest – around age five – she's never really had a normal childhood, always being the weird one out, especially since she didn't understand her abilities or the fact that no one else had them. Recurring Present-Day Characters Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Liz) | Carolyn's mother

Roger Collins | David Collins | Victoria Winters (Vicki) | 180 year old vampire T. Elliot Stokes | Mid-40's, leader of the Philadelphia Protectorate. Quick to judge, a bit ruthless, but also believes his power is a bit greater than it is and is thus manipulatable, as he trusts that his underlings wouldn't mislead him on fear of their lives. Julia Hoffman | Tom Jennings | Chris' twin brother, who went missing when he was 29 and was never seen again. In reality, Angelique tried to turn him into a vampire, but the werewolf-induced witch in his bloodline made it go all wrong and he went mad with literally insatiable hunger for blood. She used her power to control him long enough to write a goodbye letter to his family, then captured him and locked him away, just in case something happened to Chris or she had need of a mad vampire, and because part of her couldn't kill someone's twin brother since she lost her own. Recurring Past Characters Josette DuPres Collins | Barnabas wife, who he accidentally killed in 1795 before he knew he'd been turned into a vampire. Spirit survived by her drive to protect Barnabas and their son Daniel, spent 200 years becoming powerful enough to manifest herself and speak to the living. In cases of extreme emotion, like anger or fear, she can even telekinetically affect things around her, though not normally controlled; things just go crazy. Beth Chavez | Woman Quentin meets and, thanks to the influence of Angelique, falls in love with around 1909. He has a daughter with her in 1911, but then Angelique arranges for him to kill her on the full moon shortly thereafter. Angelique makes Quentin forget she and his daughter ever existed. Carl Collins | Quentin's younger brother, and the youngest of the four Collins siblings. Killed by werewolves in the 1897 massacre, and Quentin had to watch him die. | The jokester of the family, even goofier than Quentin in many ways, but also far more serious about his work and duties. Smart, tough, brave, but as the youngest in the family is always afraid of not doing things good enough, and is a bit of a perfectionist as a result; gets on very well with Quentin, with whom he is very close, since they are only 2 years apart in age. Edward Collins | Quentin's oldest brother, oldest in the main line of Collinses and thus in charge of the Protectorate while he was alive. Died in the werewolf massacre that killed the rest of his family in 1897. | Bossy, bitchy, way too glad to be in charge, and likes to take advantage – or try to take advantage – of his position, only to be shot down by Judith. Judith Collins | Quentin's older sister, second in command to Edward. Also died in the werewolf attack in 1897. | Calm, smug, and intelligent; bosses Edward (or anyone else) around and bitches back at him when he does something rude or stupid, and is pretty much always right; essentially hates that Edward is in charge instead of her and acts like the matriarch she feels she should be. Jamison Collins | Edward's son, and Quentin's nephew, only survivor (other than Quentin) of the werewolf massacre of 1897. Grandfather of Elizabeth, and told her stories about creatures and Protectors when she was growing up, but everyone in the family, including her, thought he was just a crazy old man telling fantasy stories. | As a result of his family's death, grew paranoid, ended his role as Protector, put a spell around Collinwood to ward off the supernatural, and locked away everything connected to his past life. Joshua Collins | Barnabas' father, moved to America from England with his wife Naomi around 1760, fought in the revolutionary war; locked Barnabas in a cellar in 1795 with the promise of either finding a cure for vampirism or a way to save him, but died before he could do either and never told anyone else of Barnabas' situation to protect the reputation of the family.

Naomi Collins | Barnabas' mother, moved to America with her husband Joshua around 1760. Enemies and Associates Angelique Bouchard | 700 year old witch, born in the early 1300's in rural France along with her twin brother Alexis; nearly followed her family to death via the Plague, but was saved when Alexis beat the traveling witch Patrick at a game for years and Patrick offered to cure Angelique as well and take both of them with him. After her brother was killed by Barnabas in 1791, was told of a way to save him and left Patrick to spend the next 200 years pursuing it. | Not evil, or even cruel, by nature, and in fact never did harmful magic while she was with Patrick and Alexis, but since Alexis' death has been driven by a near-insane desire to get her brother – and the life they had together – back, and feels that doing almost anything is an acceptable means to that end, that she may be doing evil but only to achieve something good, especially as she believes that when she's done, it will all be undone anyway; willing especially to cause Barnabas as much anguish as possible since he killed her brother; obsessed with Quentin and in her own twisted way even loves him and doesn't want to see him hurt by anyone she didn't tell to do so, and will never physically harm him herself; she has an emptiness inside her that only getting her brother back can fill. Alexis Bouchard | Angelique's twin brother, born in the early 1300's in France, nearly died of the Plague along with his sister, but was saved by beating the witch Patrick at a game for years and returning to youth before the Plague. Along with Angelique, left France with Patrick and never looked back. Spent over 400 years traveling the world with them, but was killed by Barnabas in 1791. Brought back to life by Nick, but without the benefit of his memories was twisted by Nick into being his loyal bodyguard. Still feels a connection to Angelique but can't explain it since he doesn't remember her. Patrick | Witch who's been traveling the world for 900 years and has the rare ability to either return youth (by actually aging them backward, and thus curing any ailments or injuries they received in that time) or advance old age in humans; during the time of the Plague he picked up Angelique and Alexis when he realized they were powerful witches. Nick | Immortal human, once worked for Medea, now obsessively driven to bring her back.

-Barney and Quentin tell each other the phrase "You faced whatever you had to, and I will to." whenever one of them is about to go into a particularly dangerous situation alone, or as self-motivation to continue on after the other has been injured or captured. -Alexis learned to play the violin during their travels, and he would often play for Patrick and Angelique when the three of them had downtime together; Angelique always found it calming and extremely beautiful. After his death, violins always reminded her of him, and violin music is in many ways of weakness of hers; in public and in the presence of others she pretends to hate it, but only because it often makes her cry and she doesn't want to cry in front of others. -Quentin has a craptastic car. He bought it new in the 60's, and hasn't really taken care of it since, aside from regular oil changes and such. It is a blue two-door 1966 Pontiac GTO that now has rust around the edges, is missing paint in places, and half the stuff in it doesn't work: the radio broke in the 80's, there's only one windshield wiper, the passenger side window doesn't roll down, the driver side seat doesn't move forward, the fan barely works, the heater doesn't, etc. Also, it was left in storage for almost 30 years, so it's really a miracle it even runs. Willie is constantly making fun of the car (and Quentin for having it), and he tries to fix it at times, but some parts are just beyond what he can repair and he gives up. When Willie first sees the car, he says "you drive around in THAT?" and after they find out who Quentin is, exchanges like "you've been around for 140 years and you never learned how to fix a car? what kind of man are you?" "one who's been saving little people like you from horror movie monsters instead of wasting time taking shop class" happen often.

Quentin tells Barnabas he "just bought it". Later on, after they know he's immortal already, he mentions he bought the car new, and Barnabas says "I thought you just bought it". -At first, Barney is kind of in shock at being thrust into the 21st century, but once he slowly gets over it, it becomes clear that he's really a quick study and learns most-all of the new things he is taught or has explained to him (what words mean, what devices are used for, etc) and usually doesn't need to have things explained more than once. When he first encounters something he doesn't understand, he immediately asks what it is... if it's something that is similar to or an upgrade of something he is familiar with, though, he'll make a comparison to it instead of just asking (e.g. "it's a carriage without horses!")... after a while, however, he gives up asking every single time he doesn't know something and starts just eying things dubiously. -Barnabas is overwhelmed and frightened (if only of someone finding out the truth about him should he slip up for not knowing something), but also fascinated, at how the world has completely changed from what he used to know. It takes him a while to come around to being fascinated, and even longer to admit he is, but it's clear from his actions. -Barney is also surprised at all the cultural diversity in America, since when he was put in the box, there was still slavery. He's happy when he finds out slavery's been abolished. In fact, when he finds out, he acts like it's just happened (kind of how someone is very satisfied and happy that their kid just graduated school or that a new law was passed) and Quentin has to tell him "it happened over a hundred years ago". -Barney hates elevators; Quentin finds them practical for going up more than three flights, but rather impractical for going less than that. -Carolyn is tough, but sympathetic and willing to listen. She has to be smart too, so not 100% trusting without knowing all the facts, but also wanting to KNOW all said facts. And willing to hear people out to learn all the sides. -Carolyn doesn't like guns. She prefers fighting with knives and swords. She will use guns when absolutely necessary, but she knows she's not as good with them as she is with swords, as she studied Jiu-Jitsu for several years, but was never taught how to use guns. She tells people "I'm a traditionalist." -Carolyn is a closet nerd, and Willie is very openly a geek... they occasionally make references to stuff and high five each other, and they make friends that way. -Willie is really a quirky combination of the original Willie, Andrew Wells (from Buffy), Jamie McCrimmon (from Doctor Who), and Parker (from Leverage). Also, a bit of Mozzie. Coincidentally, Buffy and Doctor Who are two of his favorite shows. Fitting, really. -Liz and Paul are legally divorced, since shortly after Carolyn was born, but it was mutual and they still got along. Nevertheless, he moved back to his native England. He never came back and visited Carolyn at home, but she went back and forth between the two countries frequently. -When Jamison stopped everything and hid it all away, he still told his family stories about creatures, but no really listened to him (they all thought he was crazy)... except Liz. Liz was just a kid when Jamison was in his 70's and 80's, and he told her lots of stories. He said many times that Collinwood was the safest place to live, and that no Collins should ever live anywhere else... he told stories about creatures, framed as fiction. Liz was the only one to ever show interest. On his deathbed (or the last time he ever saw her), he told her it was all true, but at that point she thought he was just crazy too (she was 19 by then), and there were no creatures around anyway to prove him right. She is never sure whether to believe him until Quentin and Barney show up and more and more stuff starts happening around her and she slowly becomes aware of it. -Roger is the illegitimate half-brother (by mother) of Elizabeth. His mother took him away when he was a baby, but he came back after she died... he was allowed back but he has zero control over family affairs and will never get willed any of the family money without scheming.

-Roger is the illegitimate half-brother (by mother) of Elizabeth. This is why his mother took him away when he was a baby and also why he has zero control over family affairs. This is also why he wouldn't possibly get willed any of the family money without scheming. -Joshua fought in the Revolutionary War. -Carolyn has naturally dark brunette hair, which she keeps that way... but to spice things up and add spunk, she has lots of expensive wigs in all colors and styles which she wears all the time, so her hair appears to constantly change.

Vampires Can only be killed by having their head chopped off. Can heal from any injury except their head being removed from their bodies. This can include getting cut off, ripped off, or blown off. Seriously bad injuries (e.g. being burnt to a crisp) take a few days sleeping in seclusion to heal from, but all other injuries heal within in a few hours. A bomb can kill them if they're close enough to be blown to pieces, but shrapnel or the force of being blown back by the blast will not. Weakened by _______, either by consumption, injection, or direct contact with their blood in small doses; large dose will knock them out. Gorgon venom has the same effect, but is slower to act and harder to come by. Find sunlight painful, but it doesn't harm them or weaken them Because their sight is very sensitive in the dark, sunlight and other bright lights are painful to their eyes, especially when they've just been in the dark; their eyes take longer to adjust to brighter light than humans, but adjust must more quickly to darkness. Have extremely sensitive hearing; when they listen closely, they can hear normal volume human voices from nearly a quarter mile away (though they have to be closer to actually make out the words) and can hear heartbeats from 50 feet away. At a distance, with many other noises around, it takes time and work to actually pinpoint a particular voice or other noise amongst the rabble, but if it's generally quiet, it's easy for them to listen in on things from a great distance. Have heightened sense of smell, though mainly for blood and the scents of other creatures. One vampire can tell another vampire by scent. On first encounter with any other creature (other than vampires) they can't tell anything other than that they smell different from humans, but once they know the scent of a certain kind of creature they know that scent forever too. They can't recognize any other creature by sight when in human form, only scent, so they have to get close to them. Need blood to survive, though they can get it from any creature, either human, animal, or supernatural, even from other vampires; human just has what most consider to be the best taste; many of those that prefer human blood find methods of getting blood without killing, either by stealing from blood banks or drinking from humans without killing them. Some, however, kill for their blood, either on purpose or on accident, and as such vampires are one of the creatures caught more often for killing humans than other {creatures}. Vampires won't die if they go without blood, but they will get so hungry that it will often drive them to hungerdriven madness. Humans are turned into vampires by either ingesting vampire blood or getting vampire blood directly into their bloodstream. They usually get dizzy, collapse, slip into a coma, run a high fever, and either die and never wake up or wake up a vampire within 8-10 hours. When first turned, they have an uncontrollable drive to drink blood, and many new accidentally-turned vampires kill humans because they have no one there to teach them what to do. Their blood dries black, visibly distinct from human blood. Generally live either alone, in pairs (usually mates), or in small groups of 3-4 at most. Often nomadic, not staying in any one territory for a long period of time, especially if they have a penchant for

killing humans for blood. Run a bit faster than average humans and don't ever run out of breath or get tired, even over long distance. And they can move supernaturally fast over short distances, including ability to jump over 5-10 feet through the air. When they vamp out, their teeth aren't like fangs, but rows of razor sharp anglerfish-like teeth, and they have dark red bloodshot eyes. Werewolves Turn only on full moon, the day before, and the day after, and when they turn they are no longer in control of their actions, running totally on instinct (though their emotions toward people while human generally affect how they behave toward them running on base instinct). They don't actually turn into wolves, but get sharp wolf teeth, yellow eyes, and claws that retract, and they're stronger than the average human (though not quite as strong as vampires). Even when human, have extremely sensitive sense of smell, like a bloodhound, and can run very fast (though not supernaturally fast) without ever tiring. They can hear sounds outside the range of human hearing (both lower and higher), but otherwise have just slightly more sensitive hearing than average humans. Usually live in packs, of varying size (usually somewhat large), and don't usually move around unless they're forced out, either of their pack or of their territory, or both; packs are very territorial and don't like new werewolves entering their territory without joining their pack. Can only be killed by getting their head chopped off, and can heal from any other injury (see entry for vampires). Sensitive to very high and low pitched noises, and can be weakened or knocked out by extremely loud high pitched sounds, especially if prolonged. Many like wolfsbane like cats on catnip. They started the rumor that it was bad for them specifically because it has the opposite effect. One of very few creatures that can either reproduce with their own kind OR turn humans. Humans are turned by being bitten or scratched without being killed. As with vampires, they get really sick, generally slip unconscious for hours, and if they make through without dying and wake up, they're turned. Since they aren't in control when they turn and are thus unpredictable, Protectors keep a close watch on all werewolves within their territory (or at least a general watch most of the time, just keeping tabs on them, but then keeping close watch on them and knowing where they all are during full moon time), which is fairly easy since they live in packs. If they do kill while turned, they only get locked up, not killed, since they weren't in control. Witches Historically called "Psychics" after the first human-{creature} hybrid, Psyche. ("Psychics" in this sense meaning roughly "in the same form as Psyche"), but when humans started calling them "Witches", supernaturals scooped up the term too and it stuck. Many consider "Witch" derogatory and prefer to be called "Psychic" but most don't care, and some even flaunt the term Witch to show it has no power as a negative term. Witches are human-{creature} half-breeds. They have immortality and magic from the supernatural side, but no freaky creature features; they are essentially immortal humans with magical abilities. A {creature}-witch hybrid creates a more powerful witch with unique innate abilities that no first generation witches ever possess. The more generations of witch an individual is, the more powerful, and the more unique abilities they possess. When witches have children with humans, a much weaker witch (generally with just simple abilities, like sensing

danger) is born, and with every further generation, less magical ability is present. When two witches have a child, a witch of equal or lesser power to their parents is born. Witches born with a single witch ancestor farther back in their bloodline (on either side) are more powerful than other first generation witches, but still much less powerful than second generation witches. Only witches can do magic and spells; it's their unique supernatural ability. As well as just the base ability to do magic (aka spells), every witch is born with certain special abilities with varying levels of rarity, many with more than one ability (particularly second-generation witches). The abilities differ based on what {creature} their parent was, and they are specific to each witch; no one else can do the same things using spells. Some abilities include: the ability to age other individuals backward or forward, the ability to enter and control dreams, the ability to control supernatural creatures, the ability to contact the spirit world, the ability to read emotions and/or thoughts, telepathy, the ability to bring people back from the dead, the ability to send people back through time, the ability to jump into other people's bodies, the ability to alter memories, etc. All witches have the innate ability to sense danger, recognize when someone is possessed by either a demon or another witch, and generally tell on the air when things aren't right. Witches cannot use any spells on other witches... they can't track them, they can't locate them, etc using magic. But they can use their natural abilities on them. (Note: Angelique's ability to control creatures is an exception; she can't control other witches.) All witches smell different from normal humans... a little musty. It's subtle, but unmistakably different to a supernatural nose. Can only be killed by being burned to ashes, but can be weakened or knocked out (for varying lengths of time) by anything that would kill a normal human. A full-blooded witch cannot be turned into a creature, as they aren't actually human, and indeed are already half{creature}. Half-blooded or less and they can, and but they turn into a creature with abilities unique to that kind of creature. Prior to the 5th century, witches were not considered any lower than other supernaturals, and if anything even looked up to for their unique abilities; the humans considered them oracles and soothsayers. However, after the incident with Medea and the founding of the modern Protectorate, witches were not considered {creatures} under the law and it became illegal for second generation witches to be born and even first generation witches were feared, and thus in turn became subjugated and looked down upon. Witches are required to follow the Six Laws, but are not generally given any leniency on matters not covered by the laws, and Protectors tend to care less when a witch is killed than when another supernatural is killed, and in fact it is thus not punishable by death to kill them as they are not {creatures} under the law. In modern times, mainly because of this mindset, two types of witch typically exist: ones that lay low and try to fly under the radar and stay out of trouble and ones that do anything they please because they feel the Protectorate won't protect them anyway so there's no point in respecting their authority or follow their rules. Some middleground witches exist, even some that help and work with Protectors, but they're in the minority. Demons Ancient creatures not originally from earth who used to roam about the earth wreaking havoc and controlling populations, but were kicked back out to their own realm* in ancient times. They can only return to earth by being summoned using an ancient talisman, but once summoned, they cannot be controlled save by witches with the ability to control supernatural creatures.

No demons have corporeal form of their own, and thus none can be seen in their normal forms, save casting shadows reflecting their true form. Almost all demons must take human hosts (either living or dead, depending on the kind of demon) in order to be seen or to kill or otherwise affect anything around them. The one exception to this rule is Reapers, which can't take human hosts. Different demons kill or otherwise attack in different ways, and this is how the type of demon present can be identified. When possessing a human host, they can read all the host's thoughts and blend in perfectly as a human if they choose to. When they wish to show off their demon-ness, or if they get angry and lose control of attempting to appear human, they simultaneously flash black eyes and a shadow of their true demonic form. They can only be sent back to their own realm in three ways: by breaking the talisman used to summon the demon (which only works if done by the person who summoned them), by killing the person who summoned them, or by locking them inside a human body (via branding) and then doing an exorcism (a passage recited in Akkadian). Each kind of demon has a different exorcism, and one must know what kind of demon they are dealing with and what exorcism works for that demon in order for it to work. They can also be exorcised from any single host body by exorcism without branding, but it just leaves them free to take over another host. Exorcisms are painful for demon and human host alike, and most demons try to just leave the body before it gets to that point in order to possess another, if the exorcists can't brand them. While they are being exorcised, their true face flashes back and forth with the human host's face, and when they leave the body, they appear visible as a shadowy image of their true self separating from the host body, like a ghostly shape being ripped out. Once it is completely expelled, it is pulled all the way free of the host body and disappears. In most cases, demons can only be killed by branding their human host to trap them inside (the same as with an exorcism), and then burning the host with the demon inside it. As Reapers don't take hosts, it is generally impossible to kill them. The only other way to kill demons is using the Seal of Solomon, which can kill Reapers as well, as it kills demons in their natural forms, whether inside or outside a host, without harming anyone else. All demons (and their summoners) are dealt with mercilessly on the spot by the Protectorate; they are killed (if they can be trapped in a dead host) or exorcised (if they can be trapped in a living host) if possible, but if it is not possible, the people who summon them are killed to exorcise them back to their own realm (after all, the punishment for summoning a demon is death anyway).
*They are from another realm or dimension. Most people call it “hell” based on the fact that the ancients believed they were from the underworld, but whether that's actually where they're from is unknown.

Specific Demons Reapers | Sometimes called death dealers, or simply the Grim Reaper; do not need to (and indeed can't) take human hosts; can only be seen when they are coming for you, and they appear as a shadowy black humanoid figure with no recognizable face (hence the traditional image of the Grim Reaper as a hooded and black-robed figure); their kills always appear as natural deaths, and they can telekinetically control things around them (which they usually use to do things like shut down buildings and seal doors so people can't open them in order to increase fear in their victims). Vetala | Demons that can only inhabit dead human bodies, which stop decaying when they're possessed; electrocutes people by placing both hands over a victim's heart, and electricity passes from one hand to the other; also drives people irreversibly mad by grasping a victim's head and passing electricity through it; can also kill by touching lips or feet to the victim, but it usually uses its hands; once it enters a body, the hands, feet, and lips of the host turn greenish-white, and remain that way after the demon is gone.

Leviathans {Creatures} that exist primarily in human form but can turn themselves into water (either liquid or steam - they just dissolve into either, and they can't take anything with them, so when they do it their clothing and anything they're carrying just falls to the ground and they don't have any of it when they retake human form again) any time and need lots of water all the time to survive (drink a certain amount of water each day, and if they go too long without, they die). They can conduct electricity really well, and it won't kill them, though it's painful and weakens them. As they're essentially water, they have no internal temperature regulation, so they're affected greatly by outside temperatures, and to the touch they always feel the same temperature as the air (or water) around them. Overheating isn't dangerous unless they reach boiling point, which is very painful (albeit not deadly), or if they're left in a dry heat for too long without nearly constant water, which will dry them out and kill them. Any cold temperatures, below about 45° F, will slow them down, and they can be frozen solid by any prolonged exposure to temperatures below freezing (essentially, as long as it would take a human-sized cube of water to freeze in that temperature). This will not kill them, but stops them until they are warmed back up and is extremely painful, as it isn't instantaneous and their extremities freeze solid first and they don't lose consciousness until completely frozen. Only drying out (going too long without water, enduring too much dry heat, getting sucked dry or water, or otherwise being exposed to excessive heat without pretty much constant water to replenish, etc) will actually kill them. They can't reproduce on their own and must turn humans to replenish their numbers. To turn humans, they have to drown them, basically on themselves (as in, drown them on the water they're made up of) and kill them. They die, then a few hours later they come back to life as a leviathan. However, if they don't get to water really quickly after waking up turned, they'll die for good. They used to just drown people at sea but nowadays they drown people on dry land too, and they always take willing victims (usually people who are about to die anyway). They can get water by either drinking it or just soaking it up through the skin (including humidity in the air, though that really just provides enough to keep them going without drinking). They can also take on water and shoot it out at things (they need enough excess water in their system, though... water that they've just taken on to conserve their natural water level won't do, since it's essentially been converted to be a part of them). They can move as fast as water or steam as they can in human form, just basically unnoticed. They can breathe underwater, and they generally sleep immersed in water, lest they not get enough water during the night hours. They can communicate psychically (after all, they come from under water, where they wouldn't be able to talk), but only with other psychic creatures and witches, not with just normal humans or with every supernatural... and they can't just read minds. They normally live only in the sea or in seaside towns or on ships, or in other really wet environments, occasionally (but rarely) in lakes and rivers. Phoenix A {creature} that can create fire anywhere on it within its body, and usually focuses it through its hands (though they can spit fire out their mouths as well). They can light things on fire by touching them with flame, but can also shoot flames out and away from their bodies, though doing so for too long taxes them, as it takes a great

deal of energy to produce that heat and flame. Phoenixes have the rare ability to teleport themselves, which they do by heating up to extremely high temperatures super fast and spontaneously combusting (occasionally singing other things around them, or starting small fires), leaving a pile of ashes in their wake and reappearing somewhere else. When they do it, they can't take anything with them, including clothes. Some have a habit of faking their deaths this way to fool unknowing individuals, but as this is even more taxing on their bodies than shooting fire, most tend to avoid doing it unless absolutely necessary. Despite being able to produce flame, their core body temperature actually remains colder than the average human to balance out the heat. Cold outside temperatures don't affect them either, as they can heat themselves up, and neither does outside heat, obviously. The one thing that can kill a phoenix is drowning. If they are held under for more than two minutes (at the most), they will die. If held under for less time, it will knock them unconscious without killing them, but the timing has to be perfect, so most people don't like to use it as a method of knocking them out. The only other way to knock them out or weaken them is using gorgon venom. They can be subdued and prevented from creating flames or teleporting by being immersed from the neck down in any liquid or gel substance, or by being immersed all the way with an air supply (like scuba). Gorgons When attacking, their skin morphs to reveal snake-like scales, and inside their mouth is a mass of anemone-like tentacles which have poisonous venom in them that is released on contact and can petrify living tissue, turning an entire human body to stone in under a minute. Gorgon venom will not kill a supernatural, but it can weaken almost any that have blood, is even more effective on creatures that used to be human, like vampires and werewolves, and is the only safe way to knock out a phoenix. For this reason, gorgons are highly sought after by many, including Protectors (to help subdue creatures who need to be dealt with but not killed) and Drifters (mainly to weaken creatures so they're easier to kill). Protectors generally compensate gorgons for their contributions, and many gorgons actually market their venom for Protectors and Drifters to buy, but some Drifters will kill for the poison, figuring it kills two birds with one stone. Gorgons can only be killed by having their head chopped off. They can be weakened by being injected with some of their own venom, though it obviously won't kill them. Can also be weakened by severe blood loss, though again, they won't die. Spirits Most supposed "hauntings" are crap, particularly ones where people think they just hear voices or weird stuff happens. In the case of people actually seeing what they think are ghosts, they are generally not actual spirits, but kind of "afterimages" that have no soul or memories, can't talk to anyone, etc. Actual spirits of the dead exist in three different forms: 1. Almost any time someone dies a supernatural death (at the hands of a supernatural creature or demon, or by a witch spell), their spirit inhabits the place where they died for a short time before fading away, usually a week at most, sometimes as little as a few hours. They also don't normally manifest themselves and can be identified mainly as energy. They can only manifest themselves if they have an extreme emotional outburst and expend a great deal of energy, or sometimes if someone they have a strong emotional connection to is around them.

2. Self-aware, conscious ghosts are created in the rare case that someone who died a supernatural death has an an exceptionally strong drive to protect someone, otherwise watch over someone, or, on even rarer occasion, get revenge for someone they were unable to protect. They can be very powerful, especially if they've been around for a long time, able to manifest themselves for others to see, speak to the living, and, coinciding with extreme emotion, telekinetically affect things around them, or even touch things if they're strong enough. If they do affect things around them in that way, it saps all their energy and they can't manifest again for a period of time. They can only manifest normally for either people they have a strong emotion connection with or witches, though they can appear to others when in an extreme emotional state, or by expending a great deal of their energy. They are not tied to any one location and are usually harmless (just there to be protective or there to warn people of danger, and usually can only speak), though some will be so protective and so emotionally driven that they will actually fight to protect the person they're watching over and hurt or even kill someone endangering them, and those who are out for vengeance will almost always kill those they set out to get revenge on and then disappear for good. These spirits generally fade away and disappear for good after those they stayed to protect have been protected, or their vengeance has been wrought. On the rare occasion that one is out to kill someone and you have to stop them, they can be destroyed by ________. 3. Summoned by witches using a spell. Spirits can only be summoned at the place they died, and are tied to that location. As opposed to the other two types of spirits, summoned spirits can be anyone, whether they died a supernatural death or not. They are as self-aware and conscious as they were when they were alive, and thus cannot be controlled and will behave in whatever way they did when they were alive... so, a murderer summoned as a spirit will probably try to kill someone, but a good person summoned will probably answer questions you have to ask of them. Spirits can only be summoned for short periods of time, a week at most usually, sometimes just a few hours. The only way to get rid of a summoned spirit is to wait for it to disappear on its own, or kill the witch who summoned it.

General Two types of magic can be used by anyone, not only witches: a) summoning demons and b) using talismans already imbued with magical power by a witch. All magical spells (though not special innate abilities) require blood, though usually just a little and not a full sacrifice, unless it's something really dark and powerful. Spells and curses can only be undone by either a) the witch who cast them, b) a blood relative of the witch who cast them, or c) a more powerful witch or group of witches with some blood (or other DNA) from the witch who cast them. Most spells are chanted in either Latin, Ancient Greek, or Akkadian, and then some in Gaelic, depending on how old they are and where they're from.

Time Travel Sending someone back in time normally sends people back halfway, so they exist in the past but their unconscious bodies remain in the present, and they can't actually change anything in the past since they're tied to the future; anything they try to change will only result in the same ending by different means. In order to go back all the way and actually change things requires a huge powerful spell. But doing that means serious consequences. Since people are only sent half-back to the past, their bodies go only – and only part of them at that. When creatures go back, their abilities don't work, so they are essentially turned temporarily human. They also can't take anything with them – no clothes, no weapons, nothing. Reviving the Dead One cannot be brought back from the dead whole, unless it is done within minutes of their death. If brought back, one is usually brought back without any of their memories (or, at least, any of their physical memories; emotional memories remain intact) and left with only their bodies and natural abilities (such as a witch's magic). If they get their memories back, it kills them, by basically just overloading and frying their brain... as their memories return, it starts to slowly overload or melt. The more they remember and the faster they remember, the more quickly death comes to them. It usually isn't instantaneous, giving them a few minutes or the very most a few hours to say goodbye to people they love, but no more. To outside observers, they start getting splitting headaches as they remember, then they collapse and get weak, then eventually have seizures and die. To be brought back at all requires a blood sacrifice, kill one to bring back another, even though you don't get that person back all the way.

Seal of Solomon The Seal of Solomon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seal_of_Solomon) is a magical brass ring that imprisons demons. The wearer of the ring can control demons telekinetically and make them freeze in place or do whatever they want them to (note: the wearer of the ring cannot mentally control the demon, only physically). When any part of the ring (while being worn) touches the skin of a demon's host, the demon becomes trapped inside the host body and is also instantly immobilized, completely unable to move or speak unless the ring wearer commands it to do so. As soon as the ring is removed from the skin, however, the demon is immediately freed from this control. Alternatively, if one says a certain incantation while the ring is touching a host's skin, the demon is exorcised. With another incantation the demon can be killed without harming the host. With yet another incantation and a blood sacrifice, the Seal can be used to kill demons outside of human hosts, including Reapers, the only demons that don't ever take human hosts. The Seal was created when demons still roamed the earth, and after they were all gone it passed out of usefulness and eventually disappeared. It has been thought lost for centuries since no one knows what it looks like. There are weaker copies that have been made of the Seal of Solomon (none of which look exactly the same),

but most were made around the same time (while demons still roamed earth) so most of them too have been lost. The copies can only exorcise demons, not kill them. Also, they cannot work remotely; only the method of touching the skin works. As a copy ring can by design only be used at close range, this makes it much more dangerous to use than the original. Protective Tattoos Magically-imbued tattoos that are essentially (painfully) burned into the skin, and can only be applied by witches. Different kinds afford the wearer different types of magical protection: some protect against magic, some hide from magic, some protect against demonic possession, some protect against death at the hands of supernatural creatures, etc. They will work on anyone, human or supernatural, but finding a witch willing and able to give you one can be difficult. Quentin has a very powerful tattoo that protects him from all magic, save other protection magic or reversal of magic already present (i.e. his immortality). {Teleportation Rings} A set of three rings created in the 1500's by Patrick, Angelique, and Alexis, who needed a way to escape witch trials (among other things) at a moment's notice, just in case. They were forged especially for the three of them and they imbued them with magic while they were being created. Alexis' was lost when he died and it was buried with him, but Patrick and Angelique both still have theirs. Each ring will only transport the wearer and anyone else physically touching it, and only works if worn by a witch. {Blood Necklace} Medea gave each of her followers a necklace with a drop of her blood magically contained within as a way to show her love for their devotion and for them to identify each other. Nick still has his, and the blood within is still as fresh as the day it was put into the necklace.

Three men of the same line, each of them separated by another hundred years, made supernatural and drained of blood; three ancient demons, killed in their natural form; and a witch's daughter, drained of blood; sacrificed upon earth soiled with the human-spilled supernatural blood of a dozen innocents and the ashes the brother of the same witch's daughter. note: demons in their natural form (aka not in human hosts) can be killed only with the Seal of Solomon.

-Rasputin was a witch. In an attempt to gain some power for himself (which worked, sort of), he got himself an in with the royal family of the Russian Empire and got others to believe him a mystic, faith-healing, religious figure. He also manipulatively fueled the revolution, planning to take the power himself, but was murdered before he could, and after several attempts finally gave in and played dead in order to move on to another con another day, but he was finally killed for good when his buried body was dug up by Protectors (and then burned) instead of the guys he paid to help him.

-The Boston Tea Party did not happen exactly as history depicts it; in fact, Protectors boarded the tea ship in order to find a creature that stowed away there to escape punishment. They find it, trap it in one of the tea boxes, and throw it overboard, as drowning is a way to kill that kind of creature. Other people see them throwing the tea box overboard, think it's a great idea, and join in. The Protectors go along with it so as to protect their cover. -Caesar was a creature. He had to be stabbed so many times because one time wasn't enough. He just wouldn't die.

MEDEA is a powerful multiple-generation witch in the 4th century who was born with the unique ability to control any supernatural creature in existence, and she abuses that power to try and essentially take over the world, create a new world order with herself in charge. NICK is a human that works for her and is granted immortality in return for his servitude. Medea ends up almost unstoppable, but in the end is killed (though not before wreaking havoc and killing thousands) by the precursors to the Protectorate. All her other loyal servants are hunted down and killed after her defeat, but Nick escapes. As he was a true believer, he sets about trying to find a way to bring his master back. Nick soon discovers that he can't just bring her back to life because no one can be brought back to life in one piece (the nicest way to bring them back is missing all their physical memories). So, he goes about scouring the world to find another way to bring her back. After several centuries of searching (in the meantime getting more and more obsessed), he eventually stumbles upon THE SPELL, a badass magical spell that will allow him to travel all the way back in time (time traveling is normally not possible save by still existing half in the present and thus not being able to change anything). Not having any magic himself, however, he can't do the spell, so he needs witches to do it for him, and the spellwork and requirements of the spell are as such that he needs two second generation witches who are siblings to complete it. And since it's illegal for second generation witches to be born thanks to his own master's actions, they're not exactly easy to come by. He spends several centuries trying to specifically create the witches he needs for the spell, with no success. Around that same time, a witch named Patrick is born, who has the unique ability to turn back the clock for a single individual, to give them back their youth, or to kill them with old age. After several hundred years of traveling the world alone, he meets two twins who remain healthy among a sea of people dying of the Plague in France in the late 1300's: ANGELIQUE and ALEXIS BOUCHARD. Though they don't know it, Alexis and Angelique are second generation witches - their parents were a witch (a werewolf-human hybrid) and a Phoenix, who were both killed for having children together against laws of the Protectorate, but an unknowing human couple rescued the twins and took them away to a small village in France and raised them as their own, only to be killed themselves by the Plague. When Patrick meets the twins he realizes almost immediately that they are witches, and very powerful ones, and invites them to come with him. They are scared, but as they're being persecuted by other villagers for not getting sick, they agree. The three of them set off around the world together and Patrick teaches them to hone their powers, and together the three of them become very powerful, though they remain overall light witches, not doing harmful magic. Nick, still failing at creating his own witches to do the spell for him, catches wind of two second generation witches powerful enough to do what he needs, and when he discovers one can actually control supernatural forces like his old master, he decides it's kismet and plans to use them. Nick arranges to have Alexis killed in order to convince Angelique to do the spell to get him back. In 1791, he kills a member of a Protector family: JEREMIAH COLLINS. But in killing him he frames Alexis, then leaks word to the family about who did it: Alexis. The punishment for killing a Protector is death, so when they find evidence that supports the tip, Jeremiah's nephew and best friend BARNABAS COLLINS kills Alexis. Several years after Alexis' death, Nick approaches Angelique (or sends someone else to her with the information, or somehow guides her to him) and tells her about a spell she can do to get her brother back. She says that's impossible, that the only way to bring someone back from the dead brings them back less than whole, that that's not enough for her. He tells her about the spell, and that she can get back at the man responsible for killing Alexis at the same time, and gives her Barnabas' identity. Unbeknownst to Angelique, Nick revives the dead Alexis, who returns from the dead minus all his memories (but with his natural magical ability intact). He lies to Alexis and twists him to be his completely loyal servant and bodyguard. Angelique does some research of her own, and when she finds something that supports what Nick told her, she takes his advice to heart and gets to work. She asks Patrick to help her, but he says he loved Alexis too but isn't willing to get involved in something like what she's asking and risk the wrath of the Protectorate. So he leaves

her to do the spell on her own. And she does. She starts watching Barnabas. In 1795, when he goes after a group of vampires alone, she makes sure he gets a giant gash in his arm and gets infected with vampire blood and turned into one. Before he knows he's been turned, he accidentally kills his wife, JOSETTE COLLINS. Fortunately, his family locks him up (though she would have stepped in if they didn't), and she makes certain he stays there to live out 200 years of torture as just the beginning of payback for killing her brother. 75 years later, Angelique returns to the Collinses. She makes certain that a Collins is conceived in 1869 to be born in 1870, exactly 100 years after Barnabas. According to plan, QUENTIN COLLINS is born in 1870. 27 years later, she returns again, and makes contact with Quentin. Then she controls a pack of werewolves and sends them to kill Quentin's entirely family, making sure they turn him and leave no one else alive. Only one other besides Quentin is spared: Quentin's nephew JAMISON COLLINS, who was gone at the time of the attack. When he and Jamison discover he's been turned into a werewolf, Jamison, in pain over the death of the entire family and in small part already angry at Quentin for surviving when no one else did, drives him out of the house. Quentin sends letters back to Jamison for about five years, saying how sorry he is, and how he doesn't blame Jamison for making him leave, hoping he'll be allowed to come home. But no word ever comes back to him, and eventually he gives up. Once he is left alone in the house with full control, he gets a bit paranoid. He hires a witch to do a spell to keep creatures away from Collinwood (which is one time only and only lasts 100 years, and is essentially a huge invisible bubble that no supernatural creature can cross, going in or out) and locks away everything on the Collins estate that could ever connect back to the old life (including all family portraits) and puts it into the old library (already full of the majority of the hunting stuff), then seals off that section of the house, leaving it hidden forever. Eventually, he has a son and then a granddaughter: ELIZABETH COLLINS. Liz grows up hearing lots of stories of Grandpa Jamison's, many of them about supernatural creatures, some about his family (including Quentin)... before he dies, he tells Liz that it was all true, everything he told her about creatures and everything. But he was always a bit crazy, so she doesn't honestly know whether to believe him. Liz eventually marries Englishman PAUL STODDARD and together they have a daughter: CAROLYN COLLINS STODDARD. Liz and Paul get amicably divorced and Paul moves back to England. Back in 1897, Angelique starts following Quentin. When Jamison does the spell and cuts her off from access to him, she realizes she has to make sure Quentin has a descendant to carry on the bloodline or else her spell is done. Fortunately for Angelique's plans, Quentin is unable to bring himself to commit suicide even after he finds out he's a werewolf. Several years after he is turned and shortly after he stops sending letters to Jamison, he meets a woman named BETH CHAVEZ. Their first meeting is brief, but then Angelique, seeing an opportunity, takes over Beth's body and gets close to Quentin, and eventually in a relationship with him. Together, they have a daughter, but shortly after she is born, Angelique moves on to the next stage of her plan. Returning to her own body, Angelique approaches Quentin with an offer of a deal: cure his lycanthropy in exchange for a favor to be collected later. He refuses and returns to Beth. Angelique returns to being Beth and stays there until the next full moon, at which point she returns again to her rightful body, waits until Quentin turns, and locks Beth into a house with him. Quentin as a werewolf kills Beth, and Angelique breaks in a window to make it look like he broke in and accidentally killed her. Then she approaches Quentin again while he is still mourning and makes her offer again, this time telling him she can also make him forget this. He agrees. But instead of just making him forget killing Beth, he makes him forget her completely, including his daughter. And in exchange for curing him, she puts a new spell on him: immortality. Angelique takes Quentin and Beth's daughter and places her with a family. For the next 100 years she simultaneously follows the daughter and Quentin. In 1970, she makes sure a baby is born along the baby's bloodline: CHRIS JENNINGS. Angelique arranges for Chris to be turned into a werewolf. After he is already a werewolf, he has a daughter: AMY JENNINGS, who, as half creature and half human, is born a witch. Over those same 100 years, Quentin discovers he's been made immortal and realizes Angelique did it. At first he actually likes it, but eventually he wants it to stop and wants to get rid of it. He finds dozens of witches on his

way to find Angelique but every one tells him the same thing: only Angelique can undo it. Since she also has an eye on him, she always avoids him and gets away from him. She taunts him along the way, though, letting him almost catch her but not quite. Eventually he clues into the fact that she can see him coming and gets a magical TATTOO that allows him to hide from all magic. After about 50 years of that, he eventually gets tired and has to stop. He retires to a small house on Unalaska island and lives there for about 25 years, keeping an eye out for anything particularly interesting, especially about Angelique, or about his home town. In 2010, the spell that Jamison put up around Collinwood goes down. Angelique can finally move on with her plan. She arranges for run-down thief WILLIE LOOMIS to set Barnabas free from his cellar, knowing that will draw Quentin back home and get her access to Barnabas at the same time (he was locked in with magic that prevented her getting access to him). It works, Quentin returns to Union, they keep Barnabas alive, and she goes about making sure they stay there. And that's where SEASON ONE BEGINS.

Season One Quentin arrives in Union, finds Barnabas, and teams up with Jeb, Carolyn, and Willie; Willie leaves but comes back later, and the group adjusts to living under one roof. Barnabas suffers from the torture of 200 years in isolation, but is helped out of it by the spirit of his dead fiancée. At the same time, the gang are led through an investigation that leads them to someone using creatures as weapons for assassinations, all connected to Philadelphia. When they reach Philly, they find a cop named Chris, who is a werewolf but doesn't know it, and whose daughter Amy is a witch. When the investigation leads them to believe Quentin is responsible – due in no small part to a suspicious Roger looking into Quentin and Barnabas and finding out Quentin isn't who he claims to be – they confront him and learn the truth: that he is in fact immortal and has been for 100 years, and that a witch named Angelique did it to him in exchange for curing him of lycanthropy. After they discover she's placed a demon in their midst and exorcise it from Jeb, the gang has to regroup; they realize that Angelique framed Quentin for the murders, and they go after her. She kidnaps Carolyn and takes her place, but Quentin gets Amy in order to be ready for her... but he doesn't know she's also ready for him, and when she is called out, she grabs Quentin, and kidnaps him. The others go to rescue both Quentin and Carolyn but are in fact lured into a trap by Angelique and captured. Season Two Angelique holds the hunters captive and questions them about a ring called the Seal of Solomon, but when she is convinced they don't actually have it she allows them to escape, including Chris, who she had already captured. After escaping her clutches, the gang – now including Chris and Amy, who have both joined them permanently after being dragged into things – start looking into what the Seal of Solomon could be, who could actually have it, and why Angelique wants it. As Angelique seems to disappear from sight again, their search leads them to the discovery of a sealed section of Collinwood which holds all the family's old Protectorate secrets, as well as some answers about the Seal of Solomon's properties. At the same time, a member of the Philadelphia Protectorate – Joe – secretly contacts them and tells them that they have a spy somewhere in Collinwood... it doesn't them long to figure out it's Roger. They follow Roger, which leads them to who he's been spying for in the Protectorate; they capture that Protectorate member and find out Angelique's been using the Philadelphia Protectorate to do some of her dirty work and also keep an eye on them... and that she's been out hunting for the Seal. They pretend to have found it in order to set a trap for her, which works and they catch her. They interrogate her, both about the Seal and her bigger plans. Getting nowhere, they get in contact with Joe {and somehow they get someone in the Protectorate to gather information about Angelique while they have her tied up}. In the end, they find out that Angelique can indeed has the power to control creatures – but she also uses threats and incentives to get people to do what she wants – and she's been drawing them to Union and PA in general for a purpose and that she wants the gang to kill them for some reason. However, Roger discovers that they have Angelique captive and alerts the Protectorate, who sends some creatures loyal to her to collect her, including at least one demon that she's forced to work for her. {Joe} is captured, and during Angelique's rescue, Angelique discovers that Willie had the Seal all along; she goes back and captures him at the first opportunity. Shortly thereafter, an unknown force frees Willie and {Joe} and steals the Seal from her. Believing the gang to be responsible, she brings Carolyn to the brink of death to force Jeb to give it back to her, giving him an ultimatum that she will kill Carolyn if they don't give her the ring. He tries to insist they don't have it, but she doesn't believe them. Jeb is driven mad with pain, guilt, and anger, but once Liz – who learns about what they're all doing early in the season – helps him move on, he comes up with a plan to stalemate Angelique by threatening to kill Barnabas if she doesn't bring Carolyn back. It works, but, apparently in retribution, Angelique uses her ability to control creatures to use Barnabas as a weapon to kill Liz. Season Three In the aftermath of her mother's death, Carolyn has to deal with mourning and taking over Collinwood at the same time. Their troubles are compounded when Roger – using Liz's death as a long-awaited opportunity to get the others out of the way for good so that he can get the family wealth – gets them arrested and thrown into a

mental hospital by proving they believe they hunt monsters and claiming that they killed Liz themselves through their delusions. They manage to escape and convince the police that Roger is in fact the one who killed her, and get him put away in an asylum for life, but only with the help of a mysterious third party. After that's over and they've buried Liz, they immediately begin hunting Angelique. They find her quickly, but she tells them that it wasn't her who did it, and that she helped them get out of prison. They don't believe her, however, and in order to buy time to prove it to them and to simultaneously keep them off her back in general, Angelique begins sending hordes of creatures after them. Before she manages to get any proof, {something happens} that makes Quentin begin to believe her and convince the others to look into it before killing her. The gang reluctantly listens to him and they switch their focus toward looking into who the string puller could be. At the same time as all that, Quentin starts having dreams – and then waking visions – about Amy, werewolves, and a dead woman again, and he eventually suspects they are long-lost memories. He manages to slowly recover the memories, only to discover the dead woman was a woman (Beth) he loved when he was a werewolf, that he killed her, and that it was that incident which made him agree to Angelique's deal, with the promise that she would make him forget. Later, after losing his memory completely and getting everything back, including his lost memories of Beth, he also remembers that he and Beth had a daughter, and that Angelique made him forget her too and stole her from him. The gang captures Angelique again, without much resistance from her this time, and Quentin questions her about what happened to his daughter, and whether he was wrong to believe her. After continuing to trust that she didn't kill Liz, however, he learns from one of the people pulling strings that Angelique was in fact pretending to be Beth the entire time, that his daughter was thus with Angelique, and that Angelique locked the real Beth in a room with him when he turned into a werewolf, thus making sure he killed her. He puts the pieces together with what he already knows and realizes it's all true. At the same time, Maggie discovers that Joe is in fact a demon, and exorcises the demon, but not before the demon lethally stabs both of them. Before Joe does, he reveals to one of the others everything he learned from the demon: that there is indeed someone else pulling strings, and that they're more powerful than Angelique, and, more importantly, that everything has been about a powerful spell that involved sacrificing three people... and that Quentin and Barnabas are two of them. In another location and unaware of the revelations, Quentin is shot protecting {one of the others}, and he begins bleeding and collapses. Season Four ???? Season Five ????

Naming Scheme: The Human Seasons by John Keats Four seasons fill the measure of the year; There are four seasons in the mind of Man: He has his lusty Spring, when fancy clear Takes in all beauty with an easy span: He has his Summer, when luxuriously Spring's honeyed cud of youthful thought he loves To ruminate, and by such dreaming high Is nearest unto heaven: quiet coves His soul has in its Autumn, when his wings He furleth close; contented so to look On mists in idleness -to let fair things Pass by unheeded as a threshold brook: He has his Winter too of pale misfeature, Or else he would forgo his mortal nature. 1x01 - His Mortal Nature Quentin returns to Union because Barnabas is set loose. He finds Willie, gets him to reveal where the vampire came from, where they meet Jeb and Carolyn... after a slight pissing match over whose way is the right way, they go after Barnabas together with the intent of capturing him and not killing him... but Carolyn gets captured by Barnabas instead. Jeb is pissed and vows to go after her alone. Quentin recognized Barnabas' face when they faced off with him and he sends Willie to go after some records while he goes after Jeb so Jeb doesn't get himself, Carolyn, and Barney all killed... he suspects Carolyn is still alive for the same reason that he suspects he took her, though that isn't confirmed until Willie finds out the information for him and they find Barney and Carolyn alive. After Barnabas recovers from his madness, Quentin reveals Barnabas' identity, as well as his suspicion that Carolyn is a Collins descended from Barnabas himself, and indeed she was meant to be a Protector but for some reason the family stopped their duties. In the end, Quentin tells Carolyn he means to stay nearby because there's no Protector there and there should be, and in return she offers to let him stay at the Old House. 1x02 - Pale Misfeature A group of vigilante vampires come to town after getting wind of some Drifters there, with the intention of killing them since the Protectorate won't. At first they think it's merely by chance that more vampires showed up shortly after Barnabas, but when the others go after them, Barnabas realizes (perhaps after a conversation with Willie that tells him about how communications have improved in the last 200 years) that there's no way they wouldn't know about there being Drifters in town, or at least a Protector, certainly once they got there... and that they'd be prepared for the attack. And indeed, why would they have left a body so easy to find with that knowledge. When he finds the vampires himself, he discovers that they are already holding his friends captive not because they were simply ready for them but because they had set a deliberate trap for them. After it's over, Quentin (after a few more drinks even than usual) has some doubts about staying there, saying he's just let them down like he let down his own family – first getting Carolyn captured and now with vampires out to kill them... that maybe the vampires were right about him being more like a Drifter, that maybe he shouldn't have been presumptuous enough to think he could just restart the Protectorate there all on his own. Carolyn

says she doesn't know how he thinks he let people down before, but she doesn't think he's let them down... sure, Barnabas captured her, but only because Quentin didn't want to kill someone without having all the facts, and indeed who it turned out was only killing because hunger-driven madness had overtaken him... and that if he hadn't done that, if he hadn't left Barnabas alive, she and Jeb would probably be dead now because of the vampires that came there to kill them. He realizes when she puts it that way... and he realizes she's right, and his fears subside again. She basically tells him damn straight she's right, and he better keep that in mind or she might change her mind and kick him out. In the end, Willie leaves town, saying he's had enough excitement for one lifetime, and besides, working for a group called the Protectorate feels a bit too much like working for the government... or a secret society... either way, not exactly the career goal he had in mind. He leaves and they don't expect they'll see him again. 1x03 - Pass By Unheeded Jeb and Quentin are ensnared together in a mysterious case with a high death count: two buildings full of people (specifically, two law firms) have mysteriously died, and when they check it out to see if something supernatural is involved, they get more than they bargained for, discovering dozens of spirits of the dead in the one of the buildings not only present, but warning them with the same message over and over again: “death”. After another building full of people (indeed, another law firm) is murdered the same way, they discover that the culprit is a demon: a reaper. They know all demons have to be summoned, and that reapers are the most dangerous of all demons because they can't be killed, they can only be sent back to where they came from, and the only way to do that is to find out who summoned it. They find it suspicious that the reaper seems to be attacking specific related victims and not killing at random as demons normally do when they're summoned, but they know they have to focus on stopping it and worry about that later. So they go about trying to figure out who summoned it. They discover a connection between the three buildings that were attacked, and there is a fourth firm with the same connection. They go to check it out, just to gather information, but while they're there, the reaper attacks. Jeb and Quentin try to clear the building, and manage to get most of the people out, but the reaper goes after Jeb and kills him. Quentin continues running, but the reaper soon catches up to him too. It places its hand on Quentin's chest and suddenly Quentin begins to rapidly age. When he's reached a state of a man in his 90's, the reaper suddenly disappears. It reappears again a minute later and to Quentin's shock he doesn't finish the job but instead reverses it, returning Quentin his youth. Quentin runs back to Jeb to find him revived as well. And the reaper is gone. They are stunned and confused, but they return home. Together they realize they have to find out who summoned that reaper, why it only attacked certain people, and why it brought the two of them back from the brink. There are no more attacks, so they are left to assume the person who summoned it broke the spell and sent it back to its own realm. While Jeb and Quentin are gone, Carolyn stays at home with Barnabas and helps him adjust while simultaneously providing long-distance support to Jeb and Quentin. She also pops out a few times, to Collinwood – though we don't have to see her go – and at the end she tells Quentin that she's told her mother about him. He's shocked but she assures him she hasn't thrown out any bombshells at dinner. He tells her that, well, in that case, he hopes she only said good things. She tells him coyly that she said what she could... and that now her mother's expecting an introduction... that it's only fair she get it, considering he's staying in her house. … NOTE: This episode is now our introduction not only to reapers specifically, but demons in general, and we need to introduce some things: -the fact that you need to know what kind of demon you're dealing with before you can exorcise them -what demons are and where they supposedly got sent away to, and where they come from now (ancients called

it the underworld, so now we call it hell, but no really believes it's hell) -most demons can only attack people from inside human hosts – some by direct contact abilities, some with telekinetic abilities, etc -how you normally kill or get rid of a demon, and how it works differently for reapers 1x04 - Fair Things Barnabas gets a makeover and he and Quentin are introduced to Carolyn's mother Elizabeth. Quentin tells Elizabeth what he needs to about his past, and how he knows his family is connected to Collinwood, and Barnabas stumbles over the question of his own family. Roger interrupts and snarks about them, but Elizabeth is quite taken with them and says she doesn't see any reason why they shouldn't be allowed to stay. After introductions have been made, Quentin explores the wonders of Collinwood, Barnabas returns to the Old House with the newfound feeling of it actually being home again, and Jeb and Carolyn start looking into who summoned the reaper. Barnabas goes through some of his old things and begins sprucing up his room. Quentin finds him and tells him there's something he thinks he should see. He takes him to his parents' graves. He says he knows Barnabas has been trying as hard as possible to move on, and he's been playing it off like he's fine, but that he knows deep down there's been something holding him back, and his reaction to Elizabeth's question earlier told him what that was. He tells Barnabas that he needs to have real closure about his family being gone and that his life has to be different now, or else he'll never be able to have a life at all. What Quentin doesn't realize is that the visit to his parents' graves has the opposite effect, and in fact Barnabas begins having flashbacks of his family, not all good, many painful, including the death of Josette, and he has nightmares about it as well. At the same time, Jeb and Carolyn find the connection they were hoping for between the law firms that were attacked and another: Devlin and Devlin. They find a connection to an account initialed “ML” and payments made on the exact dates that the reaper attacked people... and they find an address connected to that name. With Quentin and Barnabas they go to check the address out. When they're there, Quentin, Jeb, and Carolyn find bodies and a dead end to their leads. Barnabas, however, finds something much worse... he stumbles into a cellar and is trapped inside it. It is small, dark, and full of blood, and there is the body of a dead woman inside. In his already weakened mental state, he begins having even worse flashbacks, and indeed a complete mental breakdown. Quentin realizes Barnabas is nowhere to be found and goes looking for him. He finds him cowered in a corner in the cellar, speaking almost incoherently. Barnabas lunges after Quentin and tells him that he remembers everything, every moment of his torture, every moment of suffering and madness, and he demands that Quentin kill him. Instead, Quentin injects him with a syringe of ______ and he collapses in his arms. 1x05 - Contended So NOTE: STILL NEED CREATURE FOR THIS ONE As Quentin sits besides a sleeping Barnabas' bedside pondering what to do with him, Jeb and Carolyn return from the scene of the crime with the determination that they reached a dead end, and that the answers may not have been satisfying (and indeed, there are still unanswered questions), but at least the people responsible seem to have been dealt with... they tell him they've covered up the evidence as best they could by burning the building down and sending the cops an anonymous tip, but that there's nothing else they can do. They discuss what needs to be done about Barney; Jeb wants to put him out of his misery – that by all rights he should already be dead – and spare them all the danger he could pose, but Quentin and Carolyn agree that it's not right to kill him just because he's in pain. Carolyn realizes there's something deeper behind Jeb's suggestion, namely not getting answers about who killed him and brought him back or why. He promises

Quentin she'll talk to him. Before she really gets a chance, they get word of yet another mysterious murder, this time with a very different MO: _________________. They deal with that case in nearby Gettysburg. Quentin tries to insist he should come, but Carolyn says that they can handle it, that he needs to stay home and deal with Barnabas. Quentin does indeed stay home, and he tells a still-sleeping Barnabas that he realizes all this is his fault, that he got it all wrong, that he essentially fucked everything up, and that he knows it's up to him to make it right now. Then he allows Barnabas to wake up so he can gauge his state of mind. It's not good, and Barnabas is essentially trapped in a near-constant flashback, his only flashes of reality making him lash out at Quentin again and beg to die. His flashbacks are not consistent either: sometimes he thinks it's his own time and that his father – or others – are there (and perhaps even that people visiting him are those people), and others he thinks he's in the cellar. Throughout the whole thing, he appears to the others somewhat catatonic, just mumbling incoherently. He makes sure Barnabas is secure, then grabs himself a powerful flashlight and searches the Old House for a certain door, which he finds. He busts the old lock, opens the door, and finds a stairway down. He goes down below, where he's pleased to find what he's looking for: really old cells, not touched in a hundred years but still intact. He goes to the end of the passageway, to a specific door... with some difficulty he manages to open the latch and get the door open. Inside is a huge cell – at least 30x30. He leaves. Then, he goes to Collinwood, where he calls on Elizabeth... she asks where Barnabas is, and Quentin says he's afraid his friend is not well, that he's rather tired and may not be around much for a while... she says she's sorry but then deals with the reason he's there – he says he has something to ask of her, that he knows he has no right to, but that he really needs it. “Anything.” “Do you mean that?” “Why would I say it if I didn't? I may not know you very well yet, but you're family. As long as you're here, you ought to consider yourself as such.” he thanks her and asks if she could help him get a few things. Then we see Roger around the corner listening in on this conversation; he looks quite unamused and grows suspicious of Quentin. While on the case, Carolyn tells Jeb that she understands why he's angry, that she is too, but that he shouldn't take it out on Barnabas, and that he may not trust Barnabas, or even Quentin, but that she only needs him to trust her to find the right thing to do. In the end, when chasing a suspect, Jeb and Carolyn get separated; Carolyn deals with a creature that tries to kill her, and Jeb runs across someone entirely different. As Carolyn stops the creature – killing it in self-defense – she hears a gunshot. She runs to find Jeb standing over a dead body with his gun out. In the end they go home and Jeb agrees they should keep Barnabas alive. Quentin is pleased, and doesn't bother questioning why he changed his mind. And he tells them that he's found a place where they can keep Barnabas so that he'll be safe, and so will they. He takes them down to the cellar and he shows them Barnabas in the cell, which now has new cot with a mattress and bedding, several large lanterns to provide ambient lighting, and a large basin of water next to a jar of blood. Carolyn is like “what is this place? I had no idea it was here.” and Quentin explains that most old Protector houses were built with cells to contain creatures that were dangerous but didn't deserve the death penalty, and that it didn't take much looking to find the ones in that house. He adds that her mother helped him get all the things to make Barnabas as comfortable as possible – of course, he didn't explain why he needed them, and he got the blood himself. Then he bounces back to the topic of it being a bit weird having two supernatural attacks so close together when they normally barely happen at all – but then, one was a demon being summoned and one was a creature apparently acting on its own, and there's no obvious connection, so they just assume weird coincidence and are just glad it's over and that they can go on to dealing with helping Barnabas recover. In the end, Roger approaches a mysterious third party with an envelope or folder or slip of paper and asks them to look into something for him, or just tells them something mysterious like “I've got something for you.” At the very very end, Carolyn gets a startling call in the middle of the night – from Willie.

1x06 - When His Wings He Furleth Close This episode is almost entirely Willie telling them his story, though it is displayed merely as story and then it is revealed later that he has been telling Quentin and Carolyn everything. It is not entirely in order, either – Willie's not exactly one for linear and organized – and he frequently pops back to flashbacks related to current topics. The story begins where we last saw Willie: he arrives in New York after leaving Union, where he meets Jason. Then we go back to the very beginning: Willie's childhood. He is adopted by Jason, a high end art and jewelry fence, who – along with his good friend Riggy – raises Willie to be his right hand man. Willie shows aptitude early on for being a thief, and he gets trained to do that. By the time he's in high school, he's a master thief who steals select pieces that Jason has already arranged buyers for. When Willie is 22, he is caught with stolen property, and though they can't make charges of the theft stick, he is imprisoned in Pennsylvania for five years. In that five years, Jason never came to visit him. Cut back to the present, and Willie is reunited with his friends, and his father tells him why he never visited, that he thought he'd let Willie down, not the other way around. A few days later, a guy approaches Willie at a bar, asking him to do a job. Willie refuses, but leaves Willie with his name – Evan Parker – and a way to contact him when he changes his mind. Willie asks Riggy about the guy and finds out apparently he runs crews to do big jobs, uses a different crew every time so nothing can ever trace back to him, and is generally a slimy character; Riggy doesn't trust guys like that. Willie says he didn't either, that he said thanks but no thanks, but that it was tempting considering Jason hasn't given him any straight answers on when he can start working again. Riggy tells Willie there's something he should know. Willie confronts Jason with what Riggy has just told him: that Jason has quit, retired from the life, without telling him. Jason says he's sorry, that he didn't know how to tell him, that he didn't want to disappoint him more, and Willie responds by asking why he decided lying was so much better. Willie then leaves, not sure what to do. Then he finds and remembers Evan's card. Willie meets the rest of the crew, Evan is glad Willie finally decided to join them. He gets a quick run-down of what they want him for, intercut with them pulling off the actual heist. Just when they're almost done with the job, however, Willie spots some weird symbols on the vault door, or in the case holding the item they're stealing. He recognizes them: the supernatural lock symbols like Quentin explained to him had held in Barnabas for 200 years. He freaks out, tells the other they shouldn't be there, tries to tell them it's dangerous and they shouldn't stay, but they won't listen to him, so he leaves without them. He returns home, freaked out, Jason is already asleep, and he goes to bed. Later, in the middle of the night, he hears a loud thump. He wakes up. He runs out to find out what happened, and finds Jason collapsed on the floor. He realizes he's dead and freaks out. Cut back to the present, and we find Willie there explaining everything to Carolyn and Quentin as the ambulance is taking away the body and everything is being dealt with in the background. Willie is in shock and freaking out that it's his fault, that he broke something evil out again, that it followed him home and killed Jason. Quentin goes to check the place for a spirit, to find out if it was a supernatural death, and Riggy finally gets there. He tells Willie he's so sorry. And he says retiring wasn't the only secret Jason kept from him... Cut to the funeral, and we find out Jason had been sick for years now, that he knew he was dying. Willie realizes he had nothing to do with it, but he asks Riggy why Jason couldn't have just told him the truth. Riggy says he's not the one to say, and gives Willie a letter written to him by Jason before he died. In the letter Jason says he's so sorry but that he didn't want to spoil what little time they had together, now that he was back, by bogging it down with grief over the inevitable. Along with the letter is Jason's ring, which Willie takes and immediately puts on to remember him by. Willie tells Quentin and Carolyn he's sorry he called them out there for nothing, but they tell him he did the right thing. Carolyn then asks him what he plans to do now. Willie says he has no idea. Carolyn says she might

have an idea. They return to the Old House, Jeb is like “you brought HIM back?” and Willie is like “great, thanks.” In some moment when Jeb is left alone, he suddenly gets weak, and just barely catches himself before he collapses; he looks around dazed and confused for just a moment, then just as suddenly as he collapsed, he recovers again and shakes it off. Cut back to New York, and we see the thieves who worked with Willie on the heist deliver a prize to the same mysterious woman who's been popping up, who they call Cassandra. The prize is a ring, and they hand it to her. She seems to test the ring out, declares it another cheap copy, and then kills the people who delivered it. Cut back to the Old House, and Barnabas has a vivid nightmare about Josette, then he wakes up and sees her there next to him. 1x07 - His Soul Quentin, Jeb, and Carolyn are shocked to get word of yet another mysterious death near to them, this time a man apparently turned to stone. Leaving Barnabas locked up at home and Willie there to be introduced to Liz, the three of them head to Pittsburgh, where they find a man killed by being turned to stone. Quentin or Carolyn: "Looks like someone pulled a white witch on our poor friend here." Jeb: "...that book freaks me out." Quentin: "You hunt monsters for a living and NARNIA freaks you out?" Jeb: "Beavers are not supposed to talk, man." Quentin: “Well, you're in luck, neither talking beavers nor someone named Jadis – well, ok, it could have been someone named Jadis; for all we know someone's parents had a cruel sense of humor – were responsible for this man's death.” Carolyn: “You know what did this?” Quentin: “I wasn't certain until I saw the body, but now that I have, I'm sure; this kind of attack is unmistakable: a gorgon killed him.” Quentin is surprised, since gorgons are not only rare, but often help the Protectorate – their venom will weaken or knock out almost any creature without killing them, so they'll sell it to them – and almost never attack save in self defense. He ponders that since the victim was on the couch in a state of undress at the time, perhaps she killed him on accident – since the poison is in tentacles that rise up into the gorgon's mouth when they attack – in which case, she – or he's guessing she, though in today's world it's not fair to jump to conclusions – may be scared, afraid the Protectorate won't know it was an accident and kill her, or that Drifters could find her. So they need to find her first. While they are gone, Barnabas continues to see Josette and speak to her. He believes her to be yet again a manifestation of his madness. She questions him about why he's trapped there, he seems somewhat confused, wraps her into his delusions, tells her his father put him there. She tells him that's not true, that he's not in that cellar anymore, but that he's there because he thinks he is. And she just continues giving his flashes of reality, and she seems to almost get through to him a few times, but not quite. But since she is giving him the truth while also being added to his flashback state, he does listen to her, and she does ever so slowly start to get through to him. At the same time, Willie awkwardly meets Liz. He shows up at Collinwood, she greets him warmly, says Carolyn told her he'd be coming, and said he was another friend of Quentin and Barnabas' that Carolyn invited to stay there. She asks how he met Quentin, Barnabas, and Carolyn... he rambles something out awkwardly in which he says something about a vampire hunt but they laugh it off (though she starts to get suspicious at that point about whether it could all be true). In the end, he ends up getting along famously with her, though. Back in Pittsburgh, Quentin, Jeb, and Carolyn find a lead and get some information about who she is, but then another death crops up. When they realize there's a connection between the victims, they begin to wonder if maybe it wasn't an accident after all, and maybe she had something against them. So they look into both the gorgon herself and where she may be and into the connection between the dead men. While some of them

track down the gorgon, the others find someone they think has suspicious motive to want them dead, so they look into the guy. They are shocked when they discover $20,000 deposits going from his account to an account with the initials “ML” on the days of the murders. They contact the others and tell them what they've found, and who they found, saying they have no idea what to make of it and they need to go talk to the guy, but find out the others have tracked down the gorgon and they think she's on her way to see him. They all meet up at the scene, but are too late, and get there to find the guy dead. They chase down the gorgon because they realize they need her alive since she's the only lead they have. They all get separated, though, and Jeb meets up with her and kills her. He tells them he's sorry, he had no choice, she came at him with tentacles out and he didn't wanna end up a crunchy critter like the guy back there. After they get home, they ponder what the whole ML thing could mean, wonder if maybe some creatures are working as assassins for hire or something. At the same time, Carolyn gets suspicious and digs into the last case they worked, into the guy they thought was suspicious at the time there too, and she comes back to the others telling them there were $20,000 payments to an ML account there too. But that's not all – that guy is dead. Just like Nathan Kent, just like the guy who payed out before the gorgon attacks. They're like “what the hell is going on?” and Carolyn tells them she may have figured out how they can get some answers to that: all three of those ML accounts belong to a single bank in a single city, and the accounts are all linked to addresses – likely all fake, of course – in that same city: Philadelphia. 1x08 - Nearest Unto Heaven 1x09 - By Such Dreaming Open with: Quentin has a nightmare: Quentin is being chased... he is running for his life through a dense forest (not unlike the one on the Collins estate). We don't see the figure chasing him... we see clawed hands, and we see a dark shape chasing him, but we don't see what it is, exactly; we don't see its face. Just when it appears the creature is going to catch up with him, there is a girl in front of him. He stops, then suddenly the creature is gone and he is in the middle of a huge, empty paved lot. The girl says, in an adult woman's voice, "why?" then suddenly blood starts draining down her shirt. He hears a tune hummed in the distance. He blinks and when he opens his eyes a woman is standing in the girl's place place, and she is covered in claw marks and appears to have been half-eaten by some animal. He wakes up. End teaser. Act one opens in Philadelphia. A cop named Chris Jennings, starting out a normal day. His alarm clock goes off, he wakes up, he heads into work. He arrives at a crime scene, a bit sluggish, telling his buddies he didn't get much sleep. The crime scene he shows up at is a weird case they're not sure whether to call murder or wild animal attack, that the coroner says the guy's been dead for about 27 hours. As the victim's being wheeled out he stops the gurney and takes a peek. When he sees the victim, scratched all up, the death blow a huge gash to the throat, and asks his partner if they've ever worked a case like this before. Other guy says “No, why? Your memory starting to go already? You know, they say that's the first thing to go.” He says he just got a weird feeling of deja vu is all. His partner jokes “Maybe you killed him, and with that bad memory you just forgot.” When they get inside the guy's house, Chris hears a weird high-pitched hissing noise, asks his partner if he hears it. He doesn't. Then Chris wanders into another room and he smells something. He keeps sniffing, and he realizes what the smell is: some kind of gas in the air. He tells everyone there's a gas leak and to get out. They all run, and get outside the building just in time before it blows, with no casualties. Cut to the gang, and they've just arrived in Philly. Quentin and Willie split up to check out the addresses (all of them are just either empty lots, belong to someone clearly not responsible, or just not there) and Carolyn and Jeb get themselves into the bank that all the accounts link to so that they can get into the computer system and search for any and all accounts with names initialed “ML”.

Back in Union, while all this is happening in Philly, Barnabas continues seeing Josette, and she gets through to him more and more and he begins to get past his PTSD-like madness, slowly but surely. By the very end, he is finally all but back to normal, thanks to her. Basically, the whole episode intercuts back to this. Back in Philly, Jeb and Carolyn meet back up with Quentin and Willie confirming that the addresses are a bust, and Carolyn and Jeb telling them they've had more luck... they found over a hundred accounts with the initials ML and got the records for each of them... and they go back almost 15 years. And up until the ones they already know about, every single one of the accounts that transferred money to those accounts are from states other than Pennsylvania, in fact, there's hardly ever more than two from the same state. Then she points out one account that she found that had more recent activity than any of the others, and indeed had a $20,000 transfers... two nights ago. Carolyn says she found the the account number of the person who paid the money and put a bug into the system to immediately alert her if any more transfers get made into the account, but she can't get an individual name, it's a corporate account for a certain big company, but that it's right there in Philly. She says they're going to check out the company tomorrow, butThen suddenly, her phone beeps. She checks it. ohshit. An alert from the bug she put in the system... another $20,000 transfer just cleared into the account, that it probably got put there a few hours ago but only just cleared. They realize this means someone's probably going to die, very soon, and there's no way they can find out who and stop it in time, if the pattern holds, especially since they don't even know who the first person who died could have been. So they realize someone needs to break into police records to find out if anyone died within 24 hours of that payment going through, that in a big city like this you can't just check the news for every murder case. Quentin is like “you can hack into banks, but you can't get into police records?” and she says she doesn't “hack”, and that there's a reason she had to plug directly into the bank computers for information... and that in any case, police records are way more secure, unless you're inside. He asks how they're supposed to break into a police station. She tells him just like any other office, people go home at night. Cut back to a bar in Philly... the cops all hold a party for Chris, toasting him not only for saving their lives, but for turning the big 4-0 – they tease the fact that the rookie who got bit on his first day on the job is actually still around after 11 years on the job, “and no, you're never gonna live that one down.” He teases back that they're just jealous he's still got all his hair. Later on in the night, one of Chris' buddies tries to hook him with a chick since his wife died 6 years ago, when he refuses they ask if he's already dating the nanny. Then Quentin goes into the police station and approaches the night attendant there. He starts asking some questions. Then, on the security monitor behind him, or maybe just behind him in the building, a window opens. A masked man sneaks inside: Willie. Quentin keeps distracting the person. Back in the office, Willie looks around and quickly hops onto a computer like Carolyn likely showed him, and he gets into the files and takes all the records of murders from the last two days. He finishes, leaves, and Quentin stops distracting the front person and does the same. Quentin gets to the car and Willie is already waiting, mask off now. He holds up a flash drive victoriously. Cut back to the bar, and Chris is just leaving, saying goodbye to his buddies and heading off home. As he's leaving, he freezes and glances around; he feels someone watching him. He looks around. Nothing. He keeps walking. In an alley nearby, however, we see a guy watching him from the shadows. The gang all get back together and figure out that only one case matches the profile: mysterious cause of death in the time frame: the case Chris was working.

They read in the file the guy's name and that he worked for... the company where the account came from., as a VP of some department. Quentin also takes a look at the wounds in the picture. He looks a bit disturbed by them, but he doesn't say anything. Then: Quentin is walking down a hallway in an old building, gun drawn and at the ready. Suddenly, he hears the sound of a little girl humming a song. He follows it, and it gets louder. He reaches a doorway: his bedroom at the Old House. He opens it. With gun suddenly gone from his hand, he steps through it to what is not his bedroom. It is a decorated room, early 1900s. As Quentin steps through the door, he is suddenly wearing attire from the same period. He walks into the room, takes it in for a moment, still hearing that tune hummed in the distance, then he hears a loud banging noise that drowns it out. He realizes it is coming from the closet and he walks towards it, slowly. It keeps banging, getting louder and louder. He swings the closet door open, and instead of something banging inside, there is the same dead woman from the previous dream, slumped in the corner, in the same state as before. From behind him, he hears a growl. He turns around, and he is in Collinwood (modern Collinwood) and the ground is covered in dead bodies, and the young girl is there, standing in the middle. She says "why?" Then from the shadows a black shape jumps at him, claws bared the same as the creature in his previous dream. “Quentin?” He wakes up. In the morning, Chris wakes up to a phone call. This time he looks worse than the day before, super tired. He answers the call. At the same time, the gang, knowing they can't go sneak into the dead guy's house for clues because an accidental gas leak triggered an explosion and blew the whole place sky high, go to the office. Carolyn and Jeb go to the office; while Jeb asks around to try and figure out who hated the guy or might have gained from his death, Carolyn pretends she's going to use the bathroom and sneaks into an office and gets onto the computer system... she finds out that over a dozen people have access to that account... When she comes back and joins him, Jeb is just asking if anyone else from the company has gone missing. The person he's talking to says no, but then another person comes up, apologizes for interrupting, but asks where a guy is, because he hasn't made it to an important meeting. They find out he's the head of the department the dead guy worked in. They leave the building, Carolyn calls Quentin and says she thinks she knows who the next target was, and she's afraid he's already dead. Back at the crime scene, Chris arrives. He gets the name of the dead guy from his partner – who comments on the fact that he looks terrible, to which he chides back “is it like looking in a mirror?” and then says he must have had way too much to drink, that he doesn't even remember making it home last night – and the name of the dead guy is the head of the department Carolyn just called Quentin about. Chris asks whether they've checked for gas leaks this time, and they say they have, and they're good, that they did a bomb sweep too, just in case, that he woulda been there for it if he hadn't taken so long to get ready. Then, Quentin and Willie arrive on the scene. They see all the cops there. Fortunately, Quentin has his fake FBI badge on him. Willie is like “you're gonna use that???” and Quentin's like “first Jeb, now you?” Quentin ignores Willie, though, and uses it to get into the crime scene. He meets Chris then, Quentin asks Chris about his tiredness, Chris says he swears he's been getting enough sleep, but, well, that's long days on the force for ya. Or maybe they connect some other way. In any case, Quentin gets in on the crime scene. Quentin inspects the body, and he is oddly disturbed by it, just like the pictures. Quentin thanks Chris, says they'll hear from him, and leaves. After they're out of earshot of anyone that matters, Willie asks what's bothering him. Quentin tells him he must be wrong, but it looked like a werewolf attack, and so did the pictures of the first victim. “What's so weird about that?” “Full moon was two weeks ago.”

He takes a quick glance at all the people there at the scene, including the onlookers. There is at least one onlooker who's standing looking slightly suspicious (or annoyed, or just way too stoic): the dude who was watching Chris. Quentin spots him and the guy notices that Quentin spots him and slowly turns around and casually starts walking away. Quentin starts following, the guy starts moving faster. Quentin starts running that direction. But he gets there, and the dude is gone. Willie catches up and is like “wtf?” and Quentin is like “I'm not sure.” Then he pulls out his phone to call Carolyn. They all meet back up. Carolyn has been going through records from the computers at the company. She says she's figured out there's over two dozen people with access to that account. Quentin asks her if she has the profile images for all the people who had access to that account. She does, and he looks through, but the guy he saw earlier isn't there; he doesn't look surprised. They ask what he was hoping to find, he says there was a guy he saw earlier, that ran when he spotted him. Then he says they need to figure out what kind of creature could look like a werewolf attack that doesn't rely on the full moon, and that he has a hunch about the guy that he was worried about before but is even more worried about now, and is gonna go check it out. He asks Carolyn to come with him this time, that if he's right, she'll be more valuable than Willie, and more likable than Jeb. Willie asks where he and Jeb are supposed to find out what creatures could attack and look like werewolves, Quentin suggests that wikipedia is a good start. They're like “...great.” Then Quentin takes Carolyn to a very large, old building in the middle of the city. Carolyn asks what they're doing there, what this place is. He says if he's right, they're finding the mystery man from the crime scene. Inside, Quentin goes to the desk. He tells the guy there that they're Carolyn and Quentin Collins, there representing the family in charge of Pennsylvania, and that he needs to speak to the current head. The receptionist tells him to take the left elevator and get off on the 5th floor. Carolyn asks again what the hell this is. Quentin tells her it's the office of the Protectorate for Philadelphia. They go into the elevator. They arrive at the 5th floor. They are invited in. Quentin and Carolyn are greeted by the head of the Protectorate: T. Eliot Stokes. He asks what they're doing there, that he'd heard the Pennsylvania territory no longer had a Protectorate, that the Collins family had been killed off 100 years ago. Quentin says the rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated, and says they're there because he wants to know why they blew up the first crime scene, and why they sent a guy that he suspects was there to do the same to the second one. Then the guy who Quentin spotted at the crime scene walks out and is like “before we answer that, why don't you tell us why you were investigating in our territory without telling us you were here.” He responds “Who says we were investigating? even Protectors are allowed to go on vacation.” “You were impersonating an FBI agent. You know, you could be arrested for that.” “I like role playing. And good luck proving to the cops that I was impersonating anything before I get your picture out to every police precinct, FBI field office, government office, and fast food restaurant this side of the Mississippi with the caption 'wanted for arson and attempted murder of a police officer' nice and neat the bottom.” Once the mutual threats are out of the way, Quentin says that if they bothered to blow up the place, they must have skimmed it for evidence first, and they must have found something they were worried the police could use, which means they must have figured out who was responsible. He wants to know who – and what – it was. They ask why they should tell him anything, he tells them that the only reason he's there at all is this case connects back to some murders in his own territory, that he thinks the same person is responsible but he hasn't been able to trace what kind of creature it even is, let alone who it is or why they're doing it. He doesn't mention to them the ML connection or anything about it being different creatures that he thinks are being sent as assassins.

They learn that the Protectorate thinks it's a werewolf. They ask how that's possible, and the Protectorate people answer that, apparently, when someone with a witch in their bloodline are turned into creatures – werewolves, vampires, what have you – the usual rules don't apply to them. And that sometimes, werewolves like that can change any time, day or night, full moon or new moon. Quentin says he's heard of that, but that it's a myth. “Maybe your family's been out of commission for a bit too long.. it's no myth.” Then, ohshit, Carolyn gets another beep on her phone. Another payment has just gone through. She silently signals to Quentin. Then they promptly but smoothly wrap up their conversation with some more exchanges, and on their way out, the Protectorate guys ask if they'll have the cooperation of the Pennsylvania Protectorate on this investigation. Quentin says that they've just had all the cooperation they're going to get, that it's within their rights to pursue a matter from their own territory into the territory of another Protectorate, and that announcing themselves is a courtesy, not a requirement, and that they've just given them their courtesy. The Philly Protectorate leader says that yes, they technically have that right, but that if they step out of line, even once, THEY (as the local Protectorate) also have the right to kick them out, or even have them taken into custody. And that they should remember that... and that they've got friends in high places to help make that happen. Quentin and Carolyn rejoin Jeb and Willie, and they've already told them what they found out. And Quentin tells them that they need to find out who's responsible before the local Protectorate does, because if they find the creature responsible before they do, they'll likely find out about the assassin conspiracy, and if they find out about that and get to the answers before they do, they'll doubtless kick them out for lying about what's going on, kill everyone responsible, and cover everything up, and then they'll never get any answers. He also tells them briefly about the Philly Protectorate, and the fact that they're considered ruthless, self-righteous, basically everything Jeb said Protectorates were... that they're quick to kill anyone who breaks the laws without finding out the circumstances or even finding out if they're actually guilty, that they don't like people getting in their way, that they basically run things with an iron fist instead of an even hand, that other Protectorates had always cooperated with them when they had to – did favors for them, allowed them the normal courtesies – but that very few actually got along with them or approved of their methods. Jeb tells them he knows all about the Philly Protectorate, because he's encountered them before. He says the last time he was there, they told him never to come back, that they'd kill him if he did. They ask why he didn't tell them that before they showed up, he says he didn't know the Protectorate would be sniffing around so close. They ask him if he wants to leave, he says no, he'll stay out of sight. In the meantime, they need to figure out who's probably next on the list of victims so they can warn them, or stop or, or something, anything. They don't know who the next victim could be, that they can bet it's gonna be one of the other people in the same department, one of the head people, but that it could be any time in the next probably 12 hours, and that there's no way the four of them could possibly watch everyone who could be at risk constantly for that whole time. Quentin suggests that the other attacks have all been at night, and that they can probably narrow it down and each take someone they think is one of the most likely targets, and watch them. They realize they have to at least try, because they could not only get lucky and save someone, but find the creature responsible. Basically, they narrow it down to the four most likely targets. Cut back to Chris, and he's staying late at the office, and he's figured out the connection between the victims, and has already gone to the company office and asked around, and he learned that the two victims were in the same department, but he has no idea who killed them and why... he doesn't even know that it's probably someone at the same office. BUT he's on the track of something the gang haven't figured out yet, some additional connection they don't have because they don't have access to both crime scenes. His partner shows up, Chris is practically dozing off he's so bleary-eyed, and his partner tells him to go home and get some sleep. Chris doesn't disagree, and leaves. Once again, on his way out, he feels someone watching him. This time, after he once again sees nothing and leaves, the guy from the Protectorate sneaks into the police office. Then:

Quentin opens a door and steps through it into a modern apartment. He once again hears the humming in the background. There is no light except through the cracks of a door at the end of a hallway that isn't there in real life. He walks toward the door and opens it. Inside is the same room from the previous dream. This time Quentin's clothes do not change. The same little girl is sitting on the ground in the middle of the room, and she IS wearing early 20th century clothes; she is also the one humming. She is doing something with her hands, but you can't see what it is, and you can't see her face. Quentin walks toward her. He asks "what are you doing?" she stops humming and responds "I'm helping him get all cleaned up; he's very messy." He walks right up behind her and asks "who?" She responds "you, silly!" She moves to the side and another Quentin is suddenly laying on the floor in front of her, wearing the early 1900s clothes from the previous dream. He is covered in blood that's obviously not his, and she is wiping it off with the bottom of her dress. Quentin looks at his mirror self on the floor, then looks back at the girl, but it is no longer Amy. She is the dead woman, once again bloody and half-eaten. She says, again, "why?" Suddenly the Quentin on the floor opens his eyes, bares claws and werewolf teeth, and lunges at him. He wakes up. He is sitting outside a guy's house, and he has dozed off. He's like ohshit, doesn't know how or why he fell asleep. Then he's even more ohshit when he sees a shape sneaking into the guy's house. He whips out his phone, calls an alert to Carolyn to say he thinks he's got something. Then he goes running into the house, tranq gun in hand. He hears a scream. He runs to the scream, just in time to see a male shape in the darkness run away from the body. Quentin runs after the figure, but he gets outside, and he's already gone. He runs back inside to check on the guy, but he gets there too late. His neck has been slashed. He's dead. Just then one or two of the others show up, and he shouts that he's in there. They get to him and he's looking over the scene... just as he spots something near the back door. He picks it up: a wallet. He thinks it might be the guy's at first, but then he opens it, and to his shock he finds a police badge. He shows it to the others just as they get there. The next morning, Quentin and Willie go back into the police station posing as cops. He speaks to Chris, who is even more tired than the previous day, says he felt like he ran a marathon while he was supposed to be sleeping. He also asks if they've been down at the morgue (or something of the like), says they smell like it. Quentin is about to give Chris the badge to ask him about it, but then he notices Chris' badge isn't where it was when he met him before. Instead he keeps the badge in his pocket and asks Chris what happened to his. Chris says that, crap, he must have left it at home... too tired, didn't even notice he didn't even have it. Quentin doesn't detect that Chris is outright lying, but he and Willie leave. Chris then tells his partner that he just realized he left his badge at home, that he's gonna go home and get it. His partner tells him he should take a nap while he's there, that he'll cover for him, that Chris is no good to them half asleep. Chris thanks him and says he'll take him up on that and leaves. Once again outside the building he feels like someone's watching him. Protectorate guy, but Quentin and Willie. This time, however, it is not the

They follow Chris home. When they get there, they wait around a corner out of sight. Once he's in, they get out of the car and sneakily make their way to the house. They get in, Quentin with a tranq gun, Willie with... nothing. But before they find Chris, he finds them. He pulls his gun on both of them, tells Quentin to drop his. Quentin considers shooting him, but doesn't, and drops it. Chris asks “why the hell have you been following me?” then, a girl's voice: “Daddy? What's going on?” Then she and Quentin lock eyes: the girl from his dreams, Chris' daughter, Amy. POSSIBLE EPISODE SPLIT HERE Amy tells Chris not to hurt them, that they're there to help, that she knows them, that he was in her dreams. After some talking and Quentin confronting Chris with his badge, they determine that Amy is a witch, and Chris is a werewolf, that neither of them knew that... and that Chris has no memory of killing any of those people... that it couldn't have been him. But that it had to be him. Then Quentin calls Carolyn and Jeb there. When they get there, Amy looks at Jeb weird but doesn't say

anything and doesn't seem to know why she thinks he's weird. Jeb says he should leave now, that they've figured out who the creature was and that he didn't know he did it, that if he was doing it against his will, this might shed a whole new light on the old cases. and maybe he should go back to Collinwood after all, look over things from that end. Carolyn tells him she remembers every detail of the files they have back home, but he insists, and they agree it can't hurt, so he goes back. This leaves Quentin, Carolyn, Willie, and Chris to work together on the case, to find out who hired the assassin, so that they can figure out who was behind it so that that they can find out how and why they used Chris to do it. They compare notes, telling Chris about the linked cases. This new information makes something make sense to him that he couldn't work out before, and with this new knowledge they get a new lead, and they check it out. {They work the case together, racing against the Protectorate, who they cross paths with and learn are onto the company connection and are closing in on who might be responsible, even without the ML connection. They liaise with Jeb too and make another connection with the previous cases that helps them out. Somehow Amy also helps them. Also, Quentin helps Chris figure out how to turn into a werewolf on his own at some point. Eventually, they figure out who they think is responsible. Possibly because they realize there haven't been any more payments, and a guy just got promoted to the head of the department because all the guys above him were dead, or something. They also realize that if the pattern holds, if the paid assassinations are over, he's next.} Back in Union, Roger meets again with the mysterious guy he gave a file to before. He gets some information back. He skims it and is simultaneously pleased and angered by the news. We don't know what it is. Together they all arrive at the house belonging to the guy who they think did it. Then they get out and walk up to the house. They are almost to the door when they hear a smash of a window. They draw their guns, break down a door, and rush into the house. They get there just in time to find the guy from the Protectorate there to kill the guy. He spots them and runs, at which point they find out that the guy is also a creature, obviously hired by the Protectorate to work for them, like Philly's Barney. Whatever kind of creature he is, he moves really fast. He gets away. Inside, the guy thanks them profusely. They pull their guns on him and tell him to shut up. They have the guy all handcuffed (tied up) and they question him. At first he denies it and won't talk, but then they tell him that all the other guys who have paid ML accounts are dead and that he would be too if they hadn't shown up – even though the guy who was gonna kill him wasn't actually there to kill him for that. In any case, it scares him into agreeing to tell them what they want to know. They ask him to tell them everything about the ML account he paid and the service he hired, who he hired. He tells them that he got a postcard in the mail, from someone saying they could clean up his problems and make them go away. A few anonymous contacts back and forth and it's all taken care of, with no connection to him. They are dismayed when he says he never met the people he hired. But then he tells them there's a storage unit where he made all the drops. He asks what they're gonna do with him now, and they tell him they're gonna arrest him. Chris pulls his badge and makes a phone call. Then, Carolyn and Willie go after the storage unit, and Quentin and Chris go after the Protectorate creature guy. Back in Union, Roger approaches Jeb. “How much do you really know about Quentin and Barnabas?” “More than you, I'm sure.” “Are you?” And he tells Jeb he's got something he might be interested in reading, and gives him the file. Quentin and Chris meet up with the Protectorate guy, or more to the point, he finds THEM, but then Chris uses

his ability to turn into a werewolf and gets the drop on the guy and turns the tables, and Quentin gets his tranq gun out and is like “nice try” and shoots the guy. They take him back to Chris' place and they find out that he's been doing some rogue stuff the Protectorate doesn't know about, that he knows about the ML conspiracy, or at least that the guy hired an assassin, and that Chris was the assassin... that he was covering it up so that they wouldn't find out about him or the conspiracy. They ask why, he just says the person he works for doesn't want the Protectorate finding out. Quentin is like “We found out. Why hasn't anyone come after us to shut us up, if it's such a big secret?” But then, instead of answering, the guy gets the drop on them, gets a weapon, and kills himself. At the same time, Jeb reads through the file, carefully. He has mixed emotions about what he's reading. It's hard to read what his reaction is. Also at the same time, Carolyn and Willie track down the storage unit. After some money changes hand and some threats are made, they find out it's been rented for 15 years to the same guy (she gets a name but we don't see it yet), that the shady guy running the place had never met the guy in person, but that he always got the bill in the mail in cash. Then they actually break in. Inside they find no baddies, but do find a whole bunch of magical talismans and equipment for doing spells and the like... and also, hidden behind something, a whole wall of stalker cam photos, of Jeb and Carolyn and Liz and Roger, all from before Quentin got to them and Barnabas was set loose). They wonder wtf, and Willie is offended that they didn't feel he was worth taking pictures of, but they figure it's just a dead end. Again. But then she gets a call from Jeb telling her to rush home, that there's something she should see. She tells Willie to go back to Chris' and find Quentin, that she's going back to meet up with Jeb. In the end, Quentin and Chris and Willie agree that the Protectorate probably doesn't know about Chris yet, or Amy, that if they did they would have approached him by now, especially if they knew he was investigating the case. Quentin suggests he could leave anyway, that it might not be safe there, but Chris says if he's safe for now, he's not gonna leave his home and his job. He says he'll keep flying under the radar. Quentin warns him to look out, that they never did learn how someone managed to make him kill those people with no knowledge of it, and that they could still be out there... though so far the same creature hasn't been used twice, so he's probably ok there. And since the cops have the guy they think did it, he should be safe from them too. Quentin leaves them his phone number, though, to call if trouble finds them again. Also, before he leaves, he sits down with Amy one last time and asks her who that woman was that was in his dreams. He says he thought it might be her mother, but he saw pictures of their family around the house, and it wasn't her. Amy says she has no idea, that it must have been someone from his memories, or just someone that doesn't really exist. Quentin says he's never met her before, that he would remember if he had. Then Quentin and Willie go home. When they get back, Quentin is ready to tell Carolyn and Jeb about the Protectorate guy they questioned and about him maybe being connected to someone else involved. To their surprise, however, they are met by Carolyn and Jeb standing ominously in wait for them, both with their weapons slack at their sides. Quentin: “What's going on?” He looks back at Willie, but Willie is even more confused, and he realized their focus is on him. Carolyn: “...from the beginning I asked myself why people suddenly started dying around here in droves right after you showed up and decided to stay, but I just assumed it was coincidence – either lucky or unlucky, depending on how you looked at it – and I never questioned it, because I trusted you... and you always helped us, even before you knew who we were.” Jeb: “That's the only reason I agreed to hear you out instead of just kill you when you walked in the door.” Quentin: “...what?? What the hell are you talking about?” Carolyn: “We did find what we were looking for in Philadelphia, after all. I thought it was nothing but another

dead end until I got home and Jeb told me what he'd found here.” Jeb: “You know, Roger may be an annoying pain in the ass, but if there's one thing he knows how to do, it's stick his nose into other peoples' business. Unlucky for you, he decided to stick it into yours. He looked you up. Barney too. But then, we know Barney doesn't exist, because we made his identity up. But you?” Carolyn: “I believed you when you said you were Quentin Collins, grandson of the same Quentin who left here 100 years ago... family.” Jeb: “Problem? There is no Quentin Collins, descended from this family or any other, that matches that sparkling face of yours... no record of a single one in the last 50 years. But there were names that did... Grant Douglas – apparently that's your favorite alias, at least two John Smiths... and Matthew Lincoln. And before you ask, we didn't take Roger's word for it.” Willie: “...what are you guys saying? What does that have to do with Philly and not finding a dead end?” Carolyn (to Quentin, not Willie): “...inside that storage unit, we found an entire wall of photos... of us. From before you got here. Photos from someone watching us. And it turns out that storage unit's been rented out for 15 years by the same guy... he covered his tracks – never showed his face, always paid in cash – but he did leave a name: Matthew Lincoln.” Seeing Quentin's face go pale, Carolyn raises her gun and aims it straight at him, more sad, hurt, and betrayed than badass or angry. Carolyn: “Who are you, what are you really doing here, and why did you lie to us?” Quentin barely knows how to respond, too thrown back by their accusations. Quentin: “...you know who I am... I'm Quentin, your friend, family...! And you know why I'm here... I'm here to help you; I always have been. I've never lied to you. I had nothing to do with any of this... you have to believe that...!” Carolyn: “I want to. I do. But right now I'm looking at your word against a whole stack of evidence that all leads right back to you and not so much as an explanation for why absolutely nothing seems to match the story you told us. Just explain why, prove I wasn't wrong to trust you when you came here... please.” Quentin: “I've been helping you track down this assassin for weeks, as clueless as the rest of you, and I was there when ____ told us about the storage unit; if I was behind it, why would I have let you go check the place out? Why would I have helped you find answers? Hell, why would I even tell you two who I was and then send creatures to murder people right in your backyard?” Jeb: “Maybe you never thought we'd connect it back to you before you finished up whatever it was you were doing here. Maybe you thought having to do a bit of Sherlocking around Pennsylvania with you would make us trust you. Maybe you thought creatures killing people would make us realize how much we needed you around.” Quentin: “You've got it all wrong.” Jeb: “Or maybe, we've finally got it all right.” Jeb pulls his gun up and in one perfect shot shoots Quentin right in the head. Everyone else is completely shocked as, instead of just dropping dead, he goes flying backward a few feet into the wall and slumps to the floor. Carolyn: “What did you-?” Their shock is surpassed only when, after a few seconds of being stunned and blacking out, Quentin gasps for air, winded but alive. He remains slumped against the wall too winded to move and Carolyn and Willie remain shell-shocked and unable to move. Jeb walks right up to Quentin and stops just a few feet away, gun still aimed right at his head.

Jeb: “Wanna tell us what exactly we got wrong?” He doesn't respond immediately, honestly not sure what to say. But in the end, realizing the jig is up and the secret's out for better or for worse, he responds, somewhat weakly, ashamed. "...you didn't look back far enough." Carolyn: "What?" He doesn't respond at first, finding it hard to spit the words out. However, when he looks around at each of his friends' faces, each filled with a mixture of anger and betrayal, but also desperate curiosity, he actually feels the weight of keeping the secret lift a bit, and he slowly stands up to face them on even ground and determinedly and more confidently trudges onward. "My name really is Quentin Collins. But you didn't find me because you didn't look back far enough. (beat) I was born on October 28, 1870; my great-great grandfather didn't leave Collinwood in 1897... I did." … NOTE: During the course of the episode, show Jeb specifically not sleeping. Also, at some point, he gets weak, almost collapses, gets out a pained “Carolyn...” but then he seems to recover before she can run over to help him. He tells her he's fine, that it's nothing, just a sudden pain, but now it's gone. 1x10 - Of Youthful Thought Open with: something bloody... either something specific like a body (or bodies) lying with huge bleeding gashes in them, or something vague like blood draining and dripping to the floor, or shots of Collinwood halls in 1897, or something that's a combination of all the above, possibly just ending on a dramatic shot of a dead body, or more than one, and then end teaser. Open again in The Blue Whale, 1897. The whole place is a party, crammed full of people, all laughing and drinking, and piano music is playing. At the bar, Quentin. He is hanging out with a group of friends, drinking a lot and hitting on women left and right. Basically, like the Quentin we know from the present, only worse. Instead of jokingly flirting, he is actually hitting on everyone, even making out with at least one... and his drinking is clearly a much more serious commitment. Quentin, extremely drunk already, goes to the bathroom. When he's there, he sees a reflection in the mirror – another of himself. He turns around, and there he is, standing there. He's apparently seeing things; he's had enough to drink for his words to loll off his tongue, not quite slurred. He points at the newcomer, barely able to stand up straight. “...hey, you look like me... are you me?” the other him is less jovial, more judgmental. “You could say that.” “...are you really here?” “Not exactly.” “...well, then, I must have had more brandy than I thought.” “What else is new.” “...normally when I talk to myself, there's not another of me there...” He starts laughing, drunkenly to himself. “...but I see you... or, I guess, I see me...” he looks a little more smarmy than he probably should “...and apparently I'm looking rather good.” “Well, I am.” he ignores the insult in the tone as his lips spread in a huge, drunk smile. “...and here I thought it was just my charm that brought women running to my door...” “You shouldn't do that, you know... You don't know what you have.” either subconsciously or consciously unable or unwilling to deal with the deeper truth of that, makes fun of it instead, and just checks his other self out and responds suggestively. “...I do now.” then he turns around to check out himself in the mirror, but by the time he gets turned around the other Quentin is gone. When he's gone, a look of gravity crosses his face for just a few seconds, but then any deeper thoughts are interrupted by one of his buddies busting in. “Hey, buddy, there you are...! What's going on in here?” “...just... talking to myself.” he laughs drunkenly, a lot more than he should; his buddy is confused but drags him out with him and they get back to partying in the bar. At least another few hours later, when there is almost no one left but Quentin and his friends (including the guys now playing the piano – perhaps with Quentin drunkenly singing), another woman walks into the bar, dressed to the nines in upper class attire: Quentin's wife, Jenny. The piano stops. The silence makes everyone else stop, including Quentin. The mood is very much “ohshit” as they know who she is (or, most of them... at least all of them know she's upper class and out of place there), but also, a bunch of drunk guys checking out the hot chick

that just walked in. Jenny goes straight to Quentin and everyone else quickly returns to what they were doing. Quentin is so drunk he's practically falling over at that point. She tells him he missed dinner, that guests from the Philadelphia Protectorate were there, that his brother was looking for him... he tells her he missed dinner on purpose, that Edward was only looking for him to make sure he didn't show up and spoil everything. “You know that's not true.” “Isn't it?” and she tells him he's going to end up dead if he keeps this up. He tells her that's not true... that he's going to live forever... and then he tries to do some drunken stunt, like walk over to her, and he doesn't make it... he stumbles over and falls to the floor, laughing but not even able to get himself up. She decides he's had enough, swings his arm over her shoulder, and drags him out of the bar herself. Back at home, she pulls the carriage around to the side of the house. She meets Quentin's brother Carl... by this point Quentin is already passed out, and together they carry him out of the carriage and into the house through a side entrance. Up in his room, they flop him down on the bed. Jenny tells Carl thanks, that he can go to bed now, that she's got it. Then we see her very gently and, indeed, lovingly, taking off his shoes, getting him into a comfortable sleeping position, and covering him up with blankets, even kissing him on the forehead. Then she blows out the light. The next morning, Jenny is sitting in a chair next to the bed, just doing something while she waits (folding baby clothes, folding towels, knitting socks, playing angry birds... whatever). She's kept the lights dim... she knows the drill. He wakes up. Jenny puts down what she's doing. When Quentin tries to lift himself up, he has to put his hand to his head to stop the splitting headache. It doesn't work, of course, and he flops back down. Jenny kneels down next to the bed and puts a hand on his arm. “You can't keep doing this every night.” “Why not?” “You know why not.” “Why do you care so much, Jenny?” “Because I'm your wife... and, for better or worse, I still love you, even when you do this to yourself. I know you only do it because you think nobody wants you here or cares what happens to you. I just wish I could make you see that it's not true.” “Oh, I think Edward made that point very clear when he told me I'm a “useless waste of space who knows nothing, will never amount to anything, and, above all, is a disgrace not only to the Collins name, but Protectors around the world.'” “Edward is a pompous, self-righteous bully who loves few people and is loved by even fewer. You can't let him hurt you. You should listen to the people who actually care to know you instead of wasting your life away getting drunk in bars and proving your brother right. You have such a brilliant mind, Quentin... sometimes I just wish you'd use it.” She stands up. “I hope we'll see you sometime before dinner.” And leaves. Later that day, Quentin wanders downstairs, this time looking much more put together than we've seen him, and the most sober, and he's trying to block out the headache. He gets down to the drawing room, where Jenny, Carl, his sister Judith, and his cousin William are sitting around talking. They greet him, Quentin tells Carl “Still haven't found your jacket, I see.” and they discuss some family matters and business... then Edward comes in with one or two guests from Philly. Edward glares at Quentin just for being there, but doesn't say anything rude, merely “I don't believe you've met my brother Quentin.” and tells Quentin who they are and very specifically that they're from the Philadelphia Protectorate council. Quentin says very over-politely with a smile “I hope your trip has been productive... and that Edward hasn't bored you too terribly.” He gets another glare. Their guest smiles back and says that the {insert some creature} is already on its way back to the city to be dealt with there, and they say they're grateful for the cooperation of the Collins family. “Always.” Someone mentions full moon starts that night, the Philly person asks how big the local pack is, and someone answers that it was up to 32 werewolves at last count... but that fortunately they've never had any problems with them... that in fact, their cousins Desmond and Geoffrey are out checking in on them now. At some point during the scene, Edward says something rude or demanding or something dictatorial, and Judith bitches him down. We see some more of the Collins day, perhaps including a luncheon... at some point, we see Jamison, and he is on his way out of the house, bags all packed, clearly leaving for a while, heading off to school. Quentin stops him there and is like “were you not going to say goodbye, then?” and then we see Quentin and Jamison and Jamison being all awesome with his favorite uncle, and Quentin basically telling him he'll be awesome, etc. and maybe he mentions that he wishes Jamison was his own kid, and Jamison reminds him that he's got two of his own, and also gently reminds him that Jenny's had them by herself with the nurses, and that maybe he should go see them. Quentin tells him he has, he will, and then he says farewell with a hug and clearly on good terms. Then, later that evening, Quentin goes upstairs, and into a room with two small cribs with sleeping babies in them: his twin son and daughter. There is a banging noise and his daughter wakes up and starts crying. He picks her up and gets her to stop crying, then tells her he knows he doesn't deserve her. When she falls back

asleep, he puts her back into her crib gently. Then he sits down in a chair, pulls out a flask, and starts taking drinks of brandy, this time clearly not because he wants to party. The next day, we see some more day in the life things happening, and more goings on of the 19th century Protectorate, and lots of Quentin with his family. Something crappy happens for Quentin, and in response, that afternoon, he goes out drinking with friends again when he is invited to do so. Carl tries to stop him, but it doesn't work, and he goes anyway. He gets drunk again, of course, and he makes it home on his own this time. But then that night he is woken up by a woman screaming. Despite his pounding headache and still being dizzy from the alcohol, his instincts to help people kick in and he jumps out of bed, grabs a gun from his closet, and goes running out into the house. He runs into Jenny, who doesn't know what's going on. He tells her to go to the twins, that he'll figure out what it is. On his way running downstairs, though, he is intercepted by Carl running straight for him at top speed. He shouts that there's werewolves, and to run. Quentin immediately realizes his gun is useless to kill them, but when he spots one chasing Carl, he shoots it about five times just to slow it down. They run. Quentin says they should try and lock everyone up where they'll be safe, but Carl tells him there's too many, they're just knocking doors and windows down. Quentin is like “what the hell??” but knows he won't get an answer to that so he doesn't bother dwelling on the why. Quentin and Carl separate and between the two of them manage to rouse half the family, but as Quentin is trying to get to safety with a small group, a fight ensues and werewolves overtake them; Quentin watches at least one or two members of his family get killed right in front of his face, but then he gets the drop on one werewolf and runs, looking for Carl. He eventually finds him, with a small group of other family members. He gets to them just as werewolves are about to overtake them. He tries to run to them, to get there in time to save Carl, but he doesn't make it. He watches Carl die in front of him and it distracts him, makes him freeze up, just too long. A werewolf comes up behind him and bites him in the shoulder. He instinctively snaps back into action, tries to fight back, but the poison almost immediately takes affect, and he starts to collapse. The others that were fighting with Carl are killed as he watches, helpless to stop it. He collapses to the floor and blacks out. He wakes up the next morning, feeling terrible, sick even... barely remembering what happened right before the end... until he gets up and looks around... everyone he can see is dead. He gets up, weak but scared and determined... he calls out for Jenny, starts searching for her, finds more family (and a few werewolves) dead along the way... eventually finds the twins' room. Jenny's dead body is there, dead with sword in hand; she went down fighting, but to no avail, as blood is also dripping from both cribs. Quentin is devastated... he backs back out of the room and starts stumbling down the hallway, too in shock to cry, or even react. He makes it downstairs to the drawing room, where he finds the remaining members of his family, a couple dead werewolves... blood is everywhere. He eventually collapses and huddles up basically into a corner, shaking and totally out of it. He doesn't snap out of it until hours later, when suddenly police and the Philly Protectors are there, and Jamison, who was called back... they find him and he's just in shock and tears are dried on his face but there's no other sign of his emotions, other than just “scared”. After that, Jamison reacts almost worse than Quentin, feeling guilty over living when no one else did, angry at himself for not being there to help, and in shock at the death of his entire family, he misdirects his pain and takes it out on Quentin, who survived somehow when no one else did. Quentin isn't phased by Jamison's anger because he's in too much pain himself. But then, that night, Quentin turns into a werewolf on the last day of the full moon. While he's a werewolf, he almost attacks Jamison, but Jamison manages to lock himself in a room long enough to get something to knock out a werewolf and knock Quentin out with it. The next morning, he wakes up and realizes what's happened, and he remembers that he was bitten. Out of pain, misdirected anger, and now fear, Jamison reacts even more harshly: he kicks Quentin out, telling him to leave and never come back. This reaction hurts Quentin even more, but he understands too, and leaves Collinwood. For the next few years, Quentin starts drinking almost constantly, traveling all over the place, he even asks at least one person if there's a cure for it, but the answer he gets is no. He sends apologetic letters back to Jamison every month, but never gets anything in return, and eventually stops that... at least once, he considers killing himself... he spends hours drinking himself into a stupor, then finds himself a sharp blade and tries to make it even sharper. He takes the blade in one shaky hand and holds it to his own throat, trying to get the

courage to do it, but after a few tense seconds, he drops it, unable to do it. From the bottle in his other hand, he takes a few more swigs of alcohol, then he looks down at the knife, then angrily throws the bottle into the wall and collapses to the ground and starts to cry. A while after that, when Quentin is looking even more bedraggled, he is approached by a witch: Angelique. She tells him she can cure him. He says that's impossible. She says it is... for most people. But she has a way. And she makes him an offer: in exchange for a future favor, she'll cure him of his lycanthropy. He asks why he'd accept help from a witch and she does some convincing, essentially telling him he has nothing else. Next we see him, Angelique, and Patrick gathered together. Patrick does magic on Quentin, taking him back in years to before he turned into a werewolf. A few hours later, full moon hits, and he doesn't turn. He is completely relieved, ecstatic even. Cut to about 6 years later. He is living it up, back like how he used to, moved past the death of his family at least on the outside, though still unable to bring himself to go back home and either face Jamison or the place where everyone died... at some point he is shot, or stabbed, or something. Even better would be if he got attacked by a creature. But in any case, nothing happens. He feels the pain, he gets the wind knocked out of him, he even collapses, but he looks down, and he is not bleeding, there is no wound, he gets back up. Then cut to the present for the first time in the episode. Quentin is still there with Jeb, Carolyn, and Willie. He explains that it didn't take him long to figure out that Angelique had done something to him. He went to a local Protectorate and asked if they could tell him what had been done. Fortunately for him, they had a witch who told him he'd been cursed with immortality. He says part of him wanted to take advantage, to be a daredevil and do crazy shit without fear... but then the rest of him couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling that Angelique had probably done it to him for a reason, maybe as a cruel joke or maybe so that she could draw her “favor” from him any time in the future... and no matter how hard he tried not to face it, the one thing he didn't want to think about crept into his mind: all of his family was dead, and now he could never die. He started hunting for Angelique the next day. Along the way he ended up stopping other creatures from killing people, helping other creatures in need of help, and doing the one job he'd always thought he'd never want to do, and no one else thought he could do: Protector. He says that's all he's ever done since. He repeats that he has no idea who did send creatures to kill people for money, that he would never do it, that he didn't do it. He says that Matthew Lincoln was an alias he used for a while, but he never paid for a storage unit in Philadelphia, that he'd never even gone back there before he came back to Union when Barnabas got set loose... that that was the first time he even had the guts to come back and face this place again. With his story done, Carolyn looks unsure, really wanting to believe him but knowing he lied so long and lies so well that she's conflicted on whether to do so. Jeb speaks up and says very plainly that they need proof, anything to prove anything he's told them. Sadly, nostalgically, but also somewhat relieved to finally be telling his story, he pulls out a very old photo from his pocket. It is small, but all the faces are recognizable; it is his immediate family: him, Edward, Judith, Carl, Edward's wife Laura, Jamison, Jenny, and his twin son and daughter – taken about a year before they died. He looks at it first himself, even though every one of them is as clear in his mind as if he'd seen them yesterday, then hands the photo to Carolyn. She immediately recognizes Jamison, from the portrait in the library, and Quentin, standing next to him. Overwhelmed, astonished, wholly pleased, and just plain relieved to know that he's told them the truth, she smiles. Jeb is much less convinced. She asks him then why he didn't just tell the truth before, why he lied. He tries to play off something not serious first, like “What, 'Hi, I'm Quentin, I'm a Protector, here to take over your lives... oh, and by the way, I'm also 140 years old. And your great great uncle.'?” Then he realizes he has to be serious about this, that they won't accept anything less than the whole truth to explain why he'd lied to them for months. He says he might have let them infer and believe things that weren't true, but that he never actually lied... not

once. And he says he'd wanted to tell them since he got there, but that he was afraid, afraid of what they'd think of him, afraid they'd turn him away, something equally irrational... that he's always been afraid. Though he doesn't actually cry, he's on the verge of tears – equally from relief and pain – and just barely holding it in after reliving his past by telling his story to all of them, and by admitting his fears aloud, both to them and to himself. At the very last he says he'd just been keeping it all a secret for so long that it was so hard to stop, and so easy to just keep it a secret and not have to face it. Fade to Barnabas at at least some point, still in his box, listening to the whole thing. His face says he totally sympathizes with Quentin and understands now why he did everything he did for him. Then Jeb says something about how that all sounds too ridiculous to be a lie, and the photo seems to prove that he's over 100 years old, but that he thinks there's still a few things missing... then (either with magic, or just by injecting Carolyn and Willie with something from a syringe in each hand, then whip out a gun and knock Quentin over and head and to the floor, or just beating all three of them down in quick succession) he goes after them and knocks them all out. Cut to black. … NOTE: need to have at least one scene that gathers all (or almost all) the Collinses together in one room, even they don't all have dialogue, just to show how many there are, and thus how many die. ... Hints in this episode to the trip to the past later: -Quentin sees his other self -People that look suspiciously like the backs of Jeb, Carolyn, and/or Willie in the back of at least one scene at the bar. -The noise that wakes up Quentin's daughter -Carl disappears a few times to go off and do things that he doesn't explain very well or makes weird excuses for -Carl trying to get Quentin not to go to the bar that day -Someone is walking past a hallway and thinks they see or hear something, but then it stops, and they keep going -Carl's jacket being missing -Edward arguing with Carl about being gone so much and not helping enough with the Philly Protectorate people, or just the Pennsylvania Protectorate for that matter... “I've been busy... and I'm busy now.” … then Quentin walks in, Carl gives him a deer in headlights surprised look, then relaxes and takes the opportunity to skitter off … Notes on each of the siblings: Quentin is the black sheep, was supposed to be basically second in command to Edward (as second oldest son, even though he's the third oldest sibling), but he never liked doing the work and Edward could never stand him being lazy, so he kicked him out of the position. Quentin always snarks back at Edward, gets on very well with Carl, and likes how Judith always puts Edward in his place but hates how she's always right. Edward is the oldest in the main line of Collinses, so he's in charge of the Protectorate, much to his delight, and he likes taking advantage (or trying to take advantage) of that position. He's bossy and bitchy.

Judith is second in command to Edward, and does not approve of him being in charge and her not, since she believes (usually correctly) that she knows way more than he does and is a much better leader). She likes to boss Edward around and bitch back at him when he does something rude or stupid. And she's pretty much always right. She's basically acts like the matriarch she feels she is. Carl is the jokester; he likes to have a good time, but unlike Quentin, is still serious about his duties. Despite their difference in seriousness about work, they're only 2 years apart and share a love of having fun and goofing off, so they're very close. 1x11 - He Has His Summer The episode opens with Carolyn and Willie waking up, groggy, on the floor of a dark room, hands and feet tied up. Fade to Quentin, still passed out, with blood dried on his temple and head slumped forward. He is tied very well and very tightly to a chair in the middle of a very dark room, dim light coming from only one corner. End teaser. Open act one: As Quentin starts to stir and his eyes start to open, a slow reveal spinning around him shows he is in the cellar beneath the mausoleum, a lantern sitting in one of the corners the source of light. Jeb is standing against the wall, just barely outside the light, so that Quentin can see his form but not his face. As soon as he's awake, Jeb starts in on him. He asks him questions like “Why did you lie? Why didn't you just tell the truth from day one? Are you still lying now? I think there's something you haven't told us, something important. Why did you spend so long running and then come here? You still haven't proved you didn't hire out creatures to kill people... who would want to frame you for that? How does it feel to betray everyone you pretend to care about?” Quentin insists over and over that he's sorry for lying, but he's not hiding anything else that's important, unless Jeb wants to hear his entire 100 year life story. Jeb says maybe he does, but Quentin reminds him he (Jeb) will die before he finishes hearing it, and he (Quentin) will still be young. More and more, Jeb's tactics pry deeper into Quentin's innermost thoughts and feelings, trying to get him to reveal his deepest fears and relive his darkest hours. He doesn't attack him physically just to torture him. Still tied up and unable to find any way to get free, even with Willie's sleight of hand skills, Carolyn and Willie try to work out what happened. Carolyn says she knew something was wrong, that Jeb wasn't acting like himself, but that she didn't think it was this bad, that she just thought he still wasn't over the whole getting killed and being brought back to life and not catching the guy responsible thing... but clearly this is much worse than that. Willie asks if maybe he was replaced by a shapeshifter or an evil robot. She first laughs it off as obviously not possible... but then she remembers the gunshots, and finding Jeb standing over the guy's body. Back in Barnabas' box, he's freaking out a bit because he heard that something happened, but he's trapped and can't help them... he hears Carolyn and Willie talking and he learns that way that Jeb attacked them and that Quentin isn't there and Jeb must have him. Barnabas struggles with how to get out, and if he even should, because he knows he's in there for a reason... but he also knows Quentin's out there and in trouble and he can find him. Through making him realize the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, Josette convinces him to go, basically makes him realize that he's really ready, and that he can go on without her for a while now. Barnabas also finally learns the truth: that she is in fact Josette's ghost there to help him, and not part of his insane mind. After she has convinced him that he's ready to leave and save Quentin, standing in the center of the room, in line with the cell door, Barnabas examines the door with a sad frown, tracing the supernatural symbols with his

fingers “...but there's no way out of here.” “What do you think I'm doing here?” “You're not really here.” then she looks at him with an expression that says 'aww, you silly man, I love you' “Of course I am, Barnabas; I always have been.” she lets that sink in with a smile, then: “...you may not see me again for a long time, but know I'll be here. … You may wish to brace yourself.” Then, she screaming with rage to summon all her emotion and strength with one purpose in mind. And then she explodes with energy in all directions. Loose objects fly to the wall, lanterns shatter with a shower of light, Barnabas throws his arm up over his eyes, and the giant metal door swings open, the latch physically broken from the force. Back in the cellar, Jeb continues questioning Quentin. But he gets going and stops thinking and suddenly he slips and says something he shouldn't know. Quentin says he shouldn't know that. Jeb is caught off guard, and then suddenly, his legs buckle, he barely catches himself on the arms of the chair. Quentin is confused. Jeb looks him in the eyes, suddenly all the malice gone; he's scared, for both of them. He gets out “Quentin... it's not me...” before he gets weak again, buckles again, his head drops... and then he instantly recovers. “Well, I guess the jig is up.” He grips the handles of the chair and pops his head up to look Quentin square in the eyes. This time, the anger is still gone, but so is the pain; all that's left is maniacal madness with a huge malicious grin across his face to match. “I've been waiting for this all night.” With a flash his eyes turn black, and on the wall behind him, in the same moment, a beastly shadow splays on the wall: a demon. He stands up, takes a step back, pulls out his gun, and empties the entire clip into Quentin's chest with a twinkle of glee in his eye. Back at the Old House, Barnabas finds Carolyn and Willie and lets them out. They are very surprised, but also glad, to see him. He asks them where they were when Jeb took Quentin... Carolyn says it's not Jeb, that they can't hurt him. Barnabas nods. They have an understanding. And she tells him that they were in the drawing room. Back in the cellar, the demon reloads the gun and uses it to taunt Quentin some more as he is beating the shit out of him in all kinds of interesting ways (“Killing immortal humans over and over... I should have tried this millennia ago”) while simultaneously taunting him about the fact that he's been in Jeb for weeks and no one had any idea (“I've been here for weeks, and until five minutes ago, you have absolutely not idea.”), not even when he kidnapped him and tied him up in a cellar. “You must not think very highly of your friends.” And he tells him how much he's been dying to wipe the smug smile off his face the entire time, how hard it was to not bag Carolyn knowing how easy it'd be but how it'd probably blow his cover, how much he wanted to make Willie stfu... and also how much fun it was to watch his face when Jeb and Carolyn were accusing him of sending out the assassins – especially since he didn't do it, of course. And he says shooting him in the face was just to fuel things, get the conversation moving – but was also most fun he's had in a thousand years (“It gets very boring where I come from, you know. I only wish it were hell... at least then we'd get some poor human souls to play with, but alas! Why do you think we have so much fun when we come back here.”)… to which Quentin asks why, if it's so much fun, he's spent so much time being bored pretending to be Jeb instead of out killing people... asks him why he's even there at all. “Ohhh, I'd love to tell you... if only to see the look on your face, but I'm afraid some things are just best left... unsaid.”. And then he just otherwise mocks Quentin, and his feelings, and his stupidity, And, of course, he mocks the fact that Quentin can't get rid of him, can't even get past him to the chewy candy center, because he'd have to know what demon he was, and he doesn't. “Not even that super genius memory of yours can help you now. Well, I suppose you just start at the top of the list and work your way down, but then, I imagine I'll be long gone before you pull my number... assuming you even know the right one.” Not immediately after that, he buckles and gets weak again, and Jeb breaks through one last time. He tells Quentin the name of the demon. When the demon returns, it frowns “Well, that was unfortunate.” Then he sees Quentin's face; it says he doesn't know that exorcism. “Aw, you don't even know it, do you... I guess you're stuck with me.” then with a huge grin he punches him so hard it knocks him over backward in his chair. What he doesn't realize is Quentin has already broken free of his restraints and has been waiting for the right moment. He turns to Jeb. "Just want you to know... I'm sorry." "For what?" "I wasn't talking to you." and then in one swift movement, he grabs the chair, gets up, swings it, and slams it hard into the side of Jeb's head. The demon is

not knocked out, but he's knocked over, giving Quentin enough time to just climb up the ladder and open the cellar door. As he's trying to climb out, the demon tries to grab him, but he kicks him down and then makes it out. He gets to the door of the mausoleum and opens it, but the demon gets to the top too, and shoots several rounds into his back just to slow him down. It works, but he quickly recovers (adrenaline, and all that) and makes it out the door out into the very dark cemetery. At the door to the mausoleum, the demon shouts at him to stop, holding a gun to him. Quentin freezes and turns around but reminds the demon that he can't kill him. “Oh, but I can kill him.” and with a maniacal grin, the demon turns the gun on Jeb's head. Just before the demon can pull the trigger, Barnabas shows, rushes the demon, and slams him backward into the mausoleum. The demon tries again to fire a bullet into Jeb, but Barnabas grabs his hand, twists it, and fires the entire clip of the gun into his own chest. With that failed, the demon fights back with similar supernatural strength and throws Barnabas off him and backward and out through the mausoleum doors. As the demon gets up and steps out through the doors to try and jump at Barnabas to attack him, a hand suddenly reaches out from the side to grasp his arm: Willie. The demon is suddenly frozen stiff, stuck staring forward. Surprised, Willie lets it go, but at that very moment, while the demon remains frozen and gives Willie a deeply surprised and disturbed look, Carolyn approaches from the front with a shotgun aimed at him, says something badass like “why don't you try wearing someone your own size, you son of a bitch.” and fires a bean bag round into his chest, making him fly backward, back into the mausoleum again. This time Barnabas jumps him and pins him down so that he can't knock him back. “You can't kill me... but I could kill you.” “But you won't.” Then Quentin shouts to Barnabas what kind of demon it is, says he doesn't know the right exorcism. Then Barnabas, with a victorious and badass twinkle in his eye, starts in with Akkadian, and the demon starts to convulse; he did know the right exorcism. He gets about to the screaming agony and demon face flashing back and forth with Jeb's before the demon suddenly grits its teeth, musters its last strength, as if from an outside force, grabs Barnabas by the shirt and pulls him toward him (which makes Barnabas stop the incantation suddenly), grits out through a maniacal grin "Tell Quentin Angelique says hello" and then it pops out of his body of its own volition and disappears. After it's gone, Jeb remains conscious for just long enough to grab Barnabas' shirt again, look into his eyes with sincere gratitude and relief (albeit unable to get out any words), and collapse. Barnabas catches him and lowers him gently to the ground. Later, back at the Old House, Jeb has been flopped onto Barnabas' bed. Carolyn is sitting on the bed next to him. He wakes up, sits up. “Carolyn...” before he can say more, she wraps her arms around him and pulls him to her in a caring hug “I'm sorry.” she doesn't have to say anymore. His face says he understands: she's sorry for not knowing. She doesn't have to see his face to know she doesn't have to say anything else. He just tells her “Thanks for shooting me.” “What are partners for.” Downstairs in the entrance hall, Quentin and Barnabas are talking. Barnabas tells Quentin that he heard everything that happened, that he's sorry, and that he understands now why he did everything he did to help him. Quentin asks Barnabas how he got out, Barnabas says he had help... from Josette. Quentin doesn't really believe him, but he lets it slide and moves on, says Barnabas faced the cellar again and he made it, and asks what made him finally make it through and realize he could do it. Barnabas then tells him “you faced whatever you had to, now I will too.”, mirroring what Quentin told him in the pilot. Quentin smiles. And then Barnabas tells him what the demon said. Quentin's smiles fades. Jeb and Carolyn come downstairs. Barnabas gets up to leave, but Jeb tells him to wait. He says thank you to both of them, in his own brief but meaningful way. Carolyn also tells Quentin that she's sorry, on behalf of all of them, for doubting him. Quentin says they had every right to. Then Jeb speaks to Quentin alone. "I'm sorry." "Hey, what the demon did... that wasn't your fault." "I know. I'm sorry for letting you think it could have been." "I'm sorry too. I should have just told you the truth." "Probably.

But we all have secrets." They share a genuine moment of understanding, then Carolyn tells Quentin she's sorry too, for thinking he could have been responsible, and tells him that Jeb assured her he wasn't. Then Carolyn and Barnabas go together to the drawing room, to join Willie who is waiting for them. As Jeb and Quentin follow the others into the drawing room: "So, does Narnia really freak you out, or was that just the demon talking?" "Beavers are not supposed to talk, man." At last, they all gather together in the drawing room. Willie: “So, we know Quentin's not a mass murderer... that's comforting.” Quentin: “Well, I'm glad you think so.” Carolyn: “But then, if he's not, who is?” Barnabas: “And why did every clue lead back to him?” Jeb: “If the demon knew who it really was, it didn't let me get it; I didn't get everything, just pieces.” Quentin: “That's ok. Because I'm pretty sure I did. There's only one person I know who would go to so much trouble to frame me for something like this, and only one person who'd send a demon into one of my friends to watch my reactions and make sure I knew it was her: Angelique.” 1x12 - The Mind of Man This episode begins just shortly after the last episode left off. They ask how Quentin is so positive Angelique is the person behind the murders. First he tells them his deduction: that the demon in Jeb knew he wasn't responsible for crimes, and the only way it could have known that would be if it knew who was, and the only way it could have known who was is if it knew the person who was, and that demon told Barnabas to tell him “Angelique says hello”. And that yes, the demon could have been saying that to mess with him, but that's totally her style. He says she's there and she wants them to know it, which can't be good news. They ask him why. In response, he tells them the bit of the story that he left out before: After years of hunting Angelique, every time he got anywhere close to her, she'd tease him, taunt him, but always get away. It didn't take him long to figure out she could see him coming. He got himself a powerful protection tattoo (he shows them the tattoo) from a witch that blocks him from all magic, save other protection magic, reversal magic, or other magical objects. After he got that, though, he just plain couldn't find her... after a while he got tired, gave up, got himself a little shack to hole up in and rest for a while. He tells them that for about 25 years before he came here, he was in hiding, just resting, secretly following trails (thanks to a helpful friend and informant in the local Protectorate there) and keeping up on what reports he could get... and that entire time, she never found him and try as he might he never got word of her. He tells them he doesn't know how, but clearly she's found him again. “If I'd had any idea Angelique would follow me here... or that she would do this...” One of the others asks him what made him come there, out of hiding. “I came when I heard about B... (lightbulb moment) Barnabas...” And he realizes she's been there from the beginning, that she probably knew from the beginning that he'd come there and waited for him... maybe even somehow arranged for Willie to “find” Barnabas and set him loose. Basically, he realizes she's now taunting him like she always used to, making sure he knows she's there because she's safe in the knowledge he has no idea where to find her. They pose the question of why (and how) use creatures as assassins. Quentin says actually, he thinks to put it more correctly, she's using them as weapons. He puts forth their dealings with Chris and the fact that he killed no one of his own will... and that the theory is supported even more by the fact that somehow she even got a DEMON to do her bidding and sit in Jeb unnoticed for weeks, not to mention the reaper she manged to control to individual buildings. They say it sounds like a reasonable theory, but ask how it could be possible He has some internal darker thoughts regarding how that question, but doesn't share them yet, and he just tells them he doesn't know, maybe blackmailing them somehow, or threatening them, or she's not working alone...? but if she is somehow

compelling creatures to do her will, they need to not only find her and stop her from doing it to save humans, but figure out how she's doing it, because if she's harming creatures, it's their job to protect them as much as the humans she's killing. Basically, they realize that, however you shake it, they need to find Angelique. So that's why they try to do. They catch wind of another supernatural murder – Carolyn's been keeping an eye on those ML accounts, since she got her way into the bank's system – and they know Angelique's responsible, and figure maybe they can track her that way... but they also assume she knows that they know she's behind it now “the demon told us she was here, which I have no doubt she was responsible for. And she knew it wouldn't take a genius to put the pieces together. Which means she knows we know she's here, and will no doubt be expecting us to come after her.”, so they figure they have to try and be one step ahead of her... So Quentin formulates a plan, which he doesn't actually share with the others, because he knows he's the only one that could possibly not be affected by Angelique's magic. He introduces to them his tattoo that blocks magic, which prevents her from even being able to locate him using magic, let alone affect him with magic, save reversing the spell she already put on him, if she ever agreed to do that. He says they can use that to their advantage. So while the others are all trying to track down Angelique by capturing the creature responsible for the most recent murder and getting it to lead them to her, Quentin plans to have Angelique come right to them. He essentially uses the distraction of the rest of the gang trying to go after the back way as the moonwalking bear, while he plans to do what he thinks she won't expect: take her head on. Quentin drives to Philadelphia to get Amy, in the guise of using her to help them track Angelique, since she's the only witch they know, saying he should be the one to get her since Angelique can't track him and won't know he's doing it. When he gets to Philly, Quentin promises Chris that nothing will happen to Amy while she's in his care, but tells Chris it would be dangerous for him to come too, since Angelique could track Chris but not Amy, and Chris agrees to let them take her. Quentin's real plan, however, is to trap Angelique when she comes straight for him, which he ensure she'll do, and he plans to use Amy to identify Angelique's plan – probably her in another form, since he knows witches can do that, or someone working for her – when it comes. And it does. Angelique does a spell to change her appearance – temporarily – to look like Carolyn. Then, when Carolyn is alone, she knocks her out, has one of her guys take her prisoner, and takes her place. (Note: MAYBE she is able to impersonate Carolyn pretty well, because of the demon she sent into her before that got information from inside her head and reported it back to her.) Then she goes back to the Old House as Carolyn, along with the others proclaiming their failure. Quentin gets a secret signal from Amy, who he'd filled in on his plan, and then he talks with “Carolyn” about Angelique, and about how they didn't catch her, and about how he feels about what she's done, etc. And then, with everyone else there, he reveals the truth, that he knows she's really Angelique. What he doesn't expect is that Angelique has an exit plan... namely, her teleportation ring. And he doesn't know that her plan all along was to get in there and kidnap Quentin. So when he outs her as Angelique, they have a small confrontation, but all the while she is just biding her time, and when she thinks they're least expecting it, she uses magic to throw them all back... Barnabas is strong enough to resist being thrown back and lunges after her with fangs bared, but Angelique is faster; she grabs Quentin by the arm and disappears, taking him away with her. ...

NOTE: Unbeknownst to the gang, Angelique takes advantage of the fact that Quentin took Amy away from Chris to send her minions at the Philly Protectorate to kidnap Chris for her. ... NOTE 2: At some point, someone poses the question quietly to Quentin “If you hadn't heard a peep from her in 25 years, have you pondered the question of 'why here, why now'?” and he says that's the number one question on his mind, along with “why this?” but that he thinks the only way they can answer that is by finding her. …................................................................................................................................................................................ MAYBE: Bring Liz and Roger back into the story and have them be more involved into the finale, leading into their increased involvement in season 2... possibly have Liz start to get suspicious (after Willie's slip about vampires) around here of them all being up to something big and weird together, and try to figure out what it is... she could start calling them to her to talk, ask them sneaky questions, maybe pop in on the Old House without warning... maybe finally learn the truth for good when she watches “Carolyn” telekinetically fling someone across the room, Barney lunge after her with fangs instinctively bared, and “Carolyn” grab Quentin by the arm and disappear with him.... “I imagine this is probably quite a shock.” “Less than you might think.” 1x13 - The Measure of the Year NOTE: Quentin confronts Angelique about all the things he's pretty sure she was responsible for: setting Barnabas loose, somehow controlling a bunch of creatures to make them murder people, framing him for it, sending a demon into Jeb... her response is basically just “guilty.” She didn't care that they knew she did all that, she just doesn't want them to know why. She plays it off to Quentin as merely her wanting to get him back there and make sure he stayed... and that watching his friends' faces when they found out the truth about him wasn't too boring either. Of course, he doesn't believe that's the only reason, but he has no doubt she's telling the truth about enjoying that bit. TBC

Naming Scheme: Welcome joy, and welcome sorrow by John Keats Welcome joy, and welcome sorrow, Lethe’s weed, and Hermes’ feather, Come to-day, and come to-morrow, I do love you both together! I love to mark sad faces in fair weather, And hear a merry laugh amid the thunder; Fair and foul I love together; Meadows sweet where flames burn under; And a giggle at a wonder; Visage sage at pantomime; Funeral and steeple-chime; Infant playing with a skull; Morning fiar and storm-wreck’d hull;

Night-shade with the woodbine kissing; Serpents in red roses hissing; Cleopatra, regal drest, With the aspics as her breast; Dancing music, music sad, Both together, sane and mad; Muses bright and Muses pale; Sombre Saturn, Momus hale, Laugh and sigh, and laugh again, Oh! The sweetness of the pain! Muses bright and Muses pale, Bare your faces of the veil, Let me see, and let me write Of the day, and of the night, Both together, – let me slake All my thirst for sweet heart-ache! Let my bower be of yew, Interwreath’d with myrtles new, Pines, and lime-trees full in bloom, And my couch a low grass tomb. 2x01 - Hermes' Feather Jeb, in a shower of rubble and fire, blinks his eyes open. He can't move, dazed and pinned down. Some men approach him, grab him He is dragged, still groggy, down a couple corridors, then thrown into a cell. Back at the Old House, Amy and Willie are waiting for word, when Amy senses that something is wrong, that they need to get out of there. Willie isn't sure, but she tells him to trust her, and he does. As they're getting out, several baddies come after them, but they manage to get into Willie's car and escape, barely. Barnabas wakes up in a cell, similar to the one Jeb was thrown into. He just barely has time to take in his surroundings before the door opens and Carolyn enters. But it is not Carolyn; it is Angelique. She says he's looking saner now... “You don't need to thank me.” “Why would I thank you?” “Come now, Barnabas, you didn't think you just miraculously got your wits back just in time to not kill Quentin, did you?” “That was you?” “Like I said, you don't need to thank me.” “Why would you do that?” “...am I not allowed to do nice things?” She takes turns questioning Quentin, Jeb, Barnabas, and Carolyn, who are all in cells, Jeb in bad shape from his injuries; she remains in the guise of Carolyn, and uses it to her advantage to fuck with their heads – with Jeb because he knows he loves her, with Quentin because they're related and being seductive as Carolyn is more twisted, Barnabas because Carolyn has always been kind to him and because he thought she was Josette once, and of course with Carolyn, being attacked by someone with her own face. She questions them about a ring, the Seal of Solomon, and whether they have it, or know where it is, though she doesn't tell them why she thinks they might have it. She also questions them about other things, taunts them about the fact that they thought they'd beat her but they didn't, etc. Occasionally, to motivate them to answer her (as punishment for not telling what she wants to know), she throws creatures into their cells, makes them attack, and forces the three of them to kill the creatures. Unlike Jeb and Barnabas, however, Angelique never personally hurts Quentin. She lets demons she's controlling hurt him, but she just acts seductive toward him, lets him know coyly that she'll never hurt him personally. Amy and Willie work to try and find their friends while on the run from baddies Angelique is still sending after them. Amy tries getting into the others' dreams, to find out where they are, but it doesn't work; she can't even find them (note: Angelique has a magical barrier up to hide herself and everyone she has captured). While Barnabas is in his cell alone, Josette appears. She looks like she's struggling a bit, not as calm as before, though she's trying to hide it. She tries to just comfort him, asks what she can do. He tells her she can get a

message to their friends and tell them where they are. She does so, and appears to Amy and Willie, who don't actually know who she is or what to make of her. Amy realizes she's not alive, though. She tells them where Barnabas is, but she tells them she doesn't have much time, because she sapped all her energy getting Barnabas out of his cell at “Collinwood” (which is still what she knows the Old House as) and it's taking all her regained strength just to manifest herself and speak to them. Right after she's given them the message, she loses control and disappears. Back in the cells, Angelique hints at things to come, in the sense of mocking them and pitying them, telling them things like "Enjoy your family reunion while you have the chance." and/or "Enjoy your time together... you may not have much left." and “You have no idea what's coming.” When she senses that their friends are closing in and is satisfied that either they don't have the Seal or aren't going to tell her while captured – and just because she needs them on the loose – she lets them escape. She makes a play of trying to stop them, but doesn't try nearly as hard as she could. When Amy and Willie get there, Josette appears briefly again and tells them the way in that will take them past the least bad guys, then she disappears. She reappears to Barnabas again and tells him his friends are coming for him, then disappears again. Together they get Barnabas out of his cell first, then Barnabas helps them get to Quentin, Jeb, and Carolyn – he can hear where they are, or smell them, either or. Jeb is still really hurt and can't get out on his own. Barnabas, the strongest of them all, helps him. Then, just as they're on their way out, Amy senses something. She takes off running. Quentin follows her. She gets to a cell. They open it. Inside, they find Chris. They are shocked, as they didn't even know he was missing, but Amy says it's definitely really him, and together, the three of them make their way to the others, and with very little resistance manage to escape. They get Jeb to the hospital, despite him telling them not to. Carolyn gets a few cuts and bruises bandaged but Angelique didn't hurt her much. All the others heal on their own. In the hospital, after Jeb's been taken care of, they all get together while nurses are away. First, Carolyn tells Chris and Amy they probably shouldn't go back home, that if he's on Angelique's radar, it's probably best if they all stick together. They don't disagree. (NOTE: Chris may or may not have recognized them as Protectorate guys who kidnapped him, but Quentin wonders if she wasn't the “employer” that Protectorate creature was talking about – he may or may not suggest that out loud yet, though). They ask Chris what Angelique did to him when she had him, and they find out it was pretty much the same, only she asked him not about any Seal of Solomon, but just what he knew about them. After that's done, they discuss the elephant in the room: the fact that their escape was way too easy and Angelique must have let them escape... but they can only wonder why. At the end, we see Angelique, maybe back with some of the Protectorate guys working with her, and she tells them to double their efforts looking for the Seal. One of them says they'd thought she said the Collinses had it; she says she thought they did, but she must have been wrong, that they don't. And may or may not mention her letting them get away... “So they got away, then?” “Yes.” ...could be too obvious and unnecessary, though. But could hint that she's planning to double her own efforts now that they've escaped, to do whatever she had planned next... or hint at the fact that she wants them to watch the Collinses in the meantime... or something. But without giving away exactly what she has planned, or any hints that it could end up being Roger. 2x02 - Come Today and Come Tomorrow 2x03 - Fair and Foul 2x04 - Pantomime

2x05 - {Serpents in} Red Roses 2x06 - Sane and Mad 2x07 - Muses Pale 2x08 - Laugh and Sigh, and Laugh Again 2x09 - The Sweetness of the Pain 2x10 - Bare Your Faces 2x11 - The Veil NOTE: now, instead of using Maggie, they should use Joe, still in the Protectorate, to try and get information for them, but he is discovered. 2x12 - Thirst For Sweet Heart-ache / Of the Day and of the Night / Let Me See 2x13 - Let My Bower Be of Yew 2x14 - And My Couch a Low Grass Tomb TBC

Naming Scheme: Bright Star, Would I Were Steadfast as Thou Art by John Keats Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art Not in lone splendour hung aloft the night, And watching, with eternal lids apart, Like nature's patient sleepless eremite, The moving waters at their priestlike task Of pure ablution round earth's human shores, Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask Of snow upon the mountains and the moors; No yet still steadfast, still unchangeable, Pillow'd upon my fair love's ripening breast, To feel for ever its soft fall and swell, Awake for ever in a sweet unrest, Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath, And so live ever or else swoon to death. 3x01 - Swoon to Death 3x02 - Live Ever

3x03 - Her Tender-Taken Breath 3x04 - Sweet Unrest 3x05 - To Feel For Ever 3x06 - Unchangeable 3x07 - Steadfast 3x08 - Mask 3x09 - Sleepless 3x10 - Nature's Patient 3x11 - Eternal Lids Apart 3x12 - Not in Lone Splendour 3x13 - Steadfast as Thou Art NOTE: the Joe and Maggie plot could happen at the Philly Protectorate, and Willie could be there, like he and Maggie went there together for some reason, then they figure out Joe is a demon, Willie gets locked out, and Maggie gets trapped inside. And then the Quentin stuff could happen, well, anywhere else, really. And then they wouldn't know about Joe and Maggie until Willie called them... after getting over the shock himself. TBC

Naming Scheme: Can death be sleep, when life is but a dream by John Keats I Can death be sleep, when life is but a dream, And scenes of bliss pass as a phantom by? The transient pleasures as a vision seem, And yet we think the greatest pain's to die. II How strange it is that man on earth should roam, And lead a life of woe, but not forsake His rugged path; nor dare he view alone

His future doom which is but to awake. 4x01 - Can Death Be Sleep 4x02 - When Life Is But A Dream 4x03 - Scenes of Bliss 4x04 - Pass as a Phantom 4x05 - As a Vision {Seem} 4x06 - {We Think} The Greatest Pain's To Die 4x07 - {How} Strange {It Is} 4x08 - That Man on Earth Should Roam 4x09 - {Lead a} Life of Woe 4x10 - Forsake 4x11 - Rugged Path 4x12 - Dare He View Alone 4x13 - {His} Future {Doom} 4x14 - But To Awake TBC

Naming Scheme: When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be by John Keats When I have fears that I may cease to be Before my pen has glean'd my teeming brain, Before high-piled books, in charactery, Hold like rich garners the full ripen'd grain; When I behold, upon the night's starr'd face,

Huge cloudy symbols of a high romance, And think that I may never live to trace Their shadows, with the magic hand of chance; And when I feel, fair creature of an hour, That I shall never look upon thee more, Never have relish in the faery power Of unreflecting love;--then on the shore Of the wide world I stand alone, and think Till love and fame to nothingness do sink. 5x01 - Fears That I May Cease To Be 5x02 - In Charactery 5x03 - {When I Behold} 5x04 - The Night's Starr'd Face 5x05 - And Think That I May Never Live 5x06 - Their Shadows 5x07 - When I Feel 5x08 - {Never Look Upon Thee} / {Look Upon Thee} 5x09 - Never Have Relish 5x10 - Of Unreflecting Love 5x11 - On The Shore 5x12 - I Stand Alone 5x13 - To Nothingness THE END

-Have a couple stand-alone episodes throughout the series that reference stories from the original. (The dream curse plot, NODS, Jeb hunting a Siren, etc) -In some kind of alternate future/dream/vision/etc, Jeb dies to save Carolyn. -At some point, Barnabas walks through fire to save someone, or to get something that they need. -Someone tells Quentin to use his "masculine wiles" to get them out of something -Show Carolyn practicing martial arts at some point. (Note: she studied Jiu-Jitsu for several years, so she fights in a very different style from all the other hunters... this would be noticeable if we were filming it, but alas, it's not) -Barnabas says: "You can't kill me; I'm already dead. And so are you." -Barnabas tells someone at some point "I was born before America was even a country; can any of you make that claim?" -POSSIBLY (it may not work): an episode that is kind of Blink meets... something. Basically, someone (probably Carolyn) finds or receives an unsigned letter addressed to her that was written in either the 18th or 19th century, saying something either ominous or otherwise cautionary, probably telling them not to do something or TO do something important. Basically, they have to determine who could have written the letter, and maybe they have to follow the message to other clues left scattered about (so the message is not all left in one place, should someone bad have found the letter along the way), using hints that only Carolyn would know (which is another clue to her in the present that the letter is genuine and whoever wrote it actually knew her... and leaves them wondering how). This could either be a one-off episode in which they have to prevent someone time traveling or make sure they do, or could tie into the larger arc... or it might not work at all... THIS COULD TIE INTO THE TIME TRAVEL... OR be a hint earlier on that time travel can happen. -An episode where they're all dressed in costumes (Halloween, a costume party, historical re-enactment, whatever), and they end up having to fight something while still in costume. Whatever costume Carolyn has should have a sword, and Jeb's should have a historical pistol (a working one, of course, cuz it's Jeb). -"I took some time off." "Time off?" "I was out of the game for a while." "A while?" "A few years." "A few years?" "...25 years." "25 years?!?!"

"Can you imagine what it's like to hunt and be hunted for your entire life, knowing that it's never going to end? I was 115 years old, and I still looked like this; I was hunting for Angelique, she was hunting for me... it didn't end. I was tired. The only way to escape was to completely get out and get away. I only came back because I heard

something happened back here." -Barney and/or Quentin is tortured naked, or close enough to naked to count. -At some point (possibly late into the series), after one too many comments about "protecting the Collins name" from Elizabeth and/or Roger, Quentin should let out some angry remark along the lines of "You claim to care so much about 'protecting the Collins name', but you have no idea what you're talking about. The Collins name used to really mean something... it meant selflessness and protecting people; I used to be proud to call myself a Collins." -"What are you... a cousin?" "I was never very good at family trees." -One or two of the gang come under suspicion from the local cops... one of them gets arrested (probably Jeb? he's the outsider), and the plot will make you think the hunters are gonna save the cops from creatures and get released when they realize the truth, but the cops get killed instead... like, they get trapped in a warehouse or something where they're hunting a creature, and they try to warn the cops that there's something after them, but the cops don't listen, and they're killed... or something. -When chasing someone or something, they end up in some kind of warehouse or some such; Quentin and Barney are shot and stuffed in a freezer, presumed dead; they are stuck in there for hours, or even a few days with no one able to find them, and they get to the point where they can't move anymore and they lie down and freeze over without dying. POSSIBLY Jeb could be too, after he's a leviathan. -Sometime in season five, like when everything's going to hell, Carolyn asks Quentin how easy it was when he just left everything behind. He tells her it was remarkably easy, but that he also didn't completely run away, because he knew one day he'd have to go back -SUPERNATURAL HEIST EPISODE. Like Leverage or Hustle or the Ocean's 11/12/13 movies or Bada Bing, Bada Bang, or any of those awesome heists, but with a totally supernatural twist... like, use creature characters to the best advantage (use their abilities to help pull off a heist no one else could do, for example), use Willie for sure, have supernatural obstacles instead of traditional ones (ghosts or demons to get past instead of guards, magical blocks to get past instead of laser grids) BADASS THINGS LEVIATHAN!JEB CAN DO -Stick his hand in a pool of water, soak it up, and shoot it back out at someone or something through the other hand -Get soaking wet either in the rain or by getting dunked in a pool, and just suck all the water through his skin and dry out -Turn into a puff of smoke in the middle of a fight, then rematerialize behind the other guy, tap him on the shoulder, and punch him in the face (NOTE: he'd avoid doing this as much as possible since he'd end up naked every time, but if he was losing and just wanted to get the fight over with, he'd totally do it) -Use his body as a lightning rod or otherwise conduct electricity, like grabbing two live cables and bridging the connection - even cooler if he does it to save the others - and even more badass if he does it without knowing it won't affect him -Dry the water off someone else (read: Carolyn) who's soaking wet and freezing by just putting his hand on them and soaking it all up into his skin -Withstands normal physical torture (beat to a pulp, punched around, etc) like it's absolutely nothing and just looks the baddies in the eye like "you wanna try that again?" -Get past building security with heat sensors because he's always exactly the temperature of the room around him “I thought Willie was supposed to be the thief.” “Yeah, well, Willie isn't room temperature.” WAYS LEVIATHAN!JEB CAN GET WHUMPED -Gets trapped in a desert

-Gets locked inside a dry sauna -Gets locked up somewhere without water -Gets locked in a freezer -Just generally has to endure really cold (but not freezing) weather, and ends up shivering and barely able to move or speak but totally conscious, and they have to rush him to warm water because it hurts like really bad frostbite -Gets locked somewhere hot enough to boil water as form of torture - or Ang just uses magic to make him boil screaming agony ensues

-Barney and Quentin go to interview someone who has a dog and the dog goes nuts around them and they stand there like "hm, awkward." -Quentin gets drunk (he's always drinking) and tries to get Barney to dance. Barney refuses. -Dog barks and snarls at Barney, Barney whips out his fangs and hisses at dog, dog whimpers and runs away. -MUSICAL. Just as like one scene or a teaser or something. Could be a dream or real. Could be like a music video a la Ashes to Ashes, or could be everyone breaking out into song a la Once More With Feeling, or could be someone singing a random crack song a la The Doctor on Voyager. -Bad Blood-style episode in which one (or more) of the characters is telling an account of something that happened, perhaps under the influence of alcohol. In Willie's version, everyone has a pornstache. Also, if anyone has buck teeth, someone must mention the X-Files. -Barney dancing to disco music or some such. Probably Willie's fault. Pan around a bunch of people who are far too old for this kind of dancing, then... Barney, dancing completely ridiculously like The Doctor. (His attempt at "modern" dancing, as he only knows slow formal dances from the 18th century.) -Barney has a thing for the 80s (thanks to Willie). This drives Quentin nuts, because dude, he lived through that. (see crack list) -Barney vs TV: He first sees one in early season 2 when they're interviewing a little old lady at home who has left her TV on (a really bad soap opera). Barney almost immediately gets mesmerized by it and walks over, crouches in front of it, tries to stick his hand inside, puts his ear up to it, inspects it up close, etc... Quentin tells the little old lady "Sorry, he just does this kind of thing... he really likes your TV..." then wraps up the interview, goes over and grabs Barney and drags him out... after they're gone, Barney is like "WHAT was THAT???!!!" "That was a TV." "Where were the pictures and the voices coming from?!" "It's a recording. People act stuff out in front of cameras and then they play it on TV. It's like theatre... in a box." "But there were people inside... talking about babies. It was fascinating." he later asks Carolyn: "Do you have one?" -After Barney first sees a tv, he makes them get him one (or uses the one at Collinwood) and he starts watching it constantly. They actually have trouble dragging him out of the house to help them on hunts. He starts off just watching stuff that's educational. He tries a soap opera and hates it. He gets obsessed with HGTV. He gets inspired to renovate the house. Also, he sees scifi and it blows his mind. And he sees something with people dancing (maybe a music video?) and tries to imitate it. -As a running gag, Willie always uses names of Doctor Who actors (usually people who played companions, not Doctors, as they are more obscure) as aliases. He also likes to assign the aliases whenever he goes along with someone... they usually let him to make him happy. He particularly chooses ones that were together in pairs (e.g. "Russell and Hill", "O'Brien and Purves", "Padbury and Hines", "Manning and Courtney", "Levene and Courtney", "Sladen and Marter", "Sutton and Fielding", "Strickson and Fielding", "Jameson and Leeson", or "Craze and Wills") or who played the same character (e.g."Tamm and Ward" or "Ainley and Delgado")

-An entire episode through Willie's POV; in other words, though a crack lens. He constantly fantasizes about things happening being parts of his favorite TV shows and movies (a la Vala's stories in 200), with all the others as the shows' characters. Doctor Who and Buffy would be two of the shows. Possibly also Star Trek. -"...is he quite mad?" "He's talking on a bluetooth." "...I don't understand." "No one does, Barney. No one does." -lulz in which Barney picks up/learns/tries to use new slang words -Before Barney learns about the internet: News report: "...pirates now targeting sites all over the internet..." Barney: "Pirates??? We must warn the internet!" -Crack vampire ep - Dracula's Daughter -While looking for something totally unrelated, the gang comes across a chick who has information they desperately need to get, but when they go in to talk to her, she won't talk to them and she kicks them out... they follow her, however, and discover that she's obsessed with vampires (completely Twilight-fangirl-level obsessed), and they realize that's their way in. So they force Barney to dress up as a pop culture vampire and get close to her (when he says he has no idea what "pop culture vampires" are like, they tell him "just be yourself.")... in the same episode, someone imagines a scene with Barney and the fangirl wherein they're both ridiculously obsessed with each other in a really cheesy dramatic kind of way. -Barney tells the others that Ang smells weird, kind of like dust or a musty room. Jeb says she smells like old people; Barney corrects him and says it's not the same, but Jeb keeps saying it anyway. -Carl tries to hit on Carolyn when he first finds out the truth. Quentin has to shoot him down: "Ok, one, taken. Two, great-grand-niece." ...someone else walks in "yeah, you should talk." -Carl (in an intentionally over-exaggerated way): "WE'LL GET HIM... TONIGHT!!!!!" Quentin (being his brother and totally sharing his sense of humor) joins in: "TONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!" They trot off together loling and everyone else stands there like "..." -Someone in a hurry (probably Carolyn), not thinking about the fact that Barney missed the last two hundred years, drops a laptop in front of him, tells him to research something, and runs out before Barney can protest. Utterly confounded, he proceeds to try and figure out how to work it. (Think Scotty and the computer, only the exact opposite.) Eventually he gives up. Or accidentally turns it on and freaks out. -Someone and Patrick: "Caesar wasn't a _____" "Sure he was. Why do you think it took so many guys to take him down?" "Didn't they all stab him so no one man could take the blame over anyone else?" "Cover stories weren't invented in the 20th century." -When Quentin and Alexis meet in person for the first time: "I thought you'd be taller." "...well I thought you'd be more feminine. But who's counting." -Willie (about Quentin): "...he's not nearly as good as he thinks he is." Quentin: "...thanks." -The characters (or some of them) get shrunk... possibly in one of the dream eps. -Some reference to AU!Willie from the original... either we get an AU ep where Willie is a crap writer, or he dreams about being a writer... and writing really bad poetry. -Somehow get two Quentins in the same room, and he flirts with or hits on himself.

-Drunk Willie -If Jeb does turn Willie into a leviathan to save him, sometime in season 5, he says “ok, how many of you have been dead... twice.” and he and Willie raise their hands. If he doesn't save Willie, he should say the same, and just raise his own hand. CRACK ABOUT LEVIATHAN!JEB Constant mermaid jokes about Jeb after he gets turned into a leviathan (and, well, after he adjusts and decides he's gonna have to get used to it). The others (particularly Chris and Quentin) constantly make mermaid references and jokes, including: -calling him "Ariel" -just calling him a mermaid -telling him to hit someone with his fins -calling him or referring to him as "Splash" -asking him if he'll grow fins if they toss him in a pool He constantly tells them "I'm not a mermaid." but then the first time he has to get naked when they're all around, he's like "what, you guys never seen a naked mermaid before?" and the others could be like "I thought you weren't a mermaid." and "the other ones were hotter." then Willie: "I disagree." They also tease him about being water: -"Do you get algae?" -"If you slept in the ocean, would you wake up covered in barnacles?" Jeb gets back at Chris and Quentin by constantly making werewolf and wolfman and dog jokes. In particular, he calls them names of dogs (Lassie, Clifford, Spot, Fido, etc) and jokes about chasing cats.

Ancient http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_%28mythology%29 - DS HAD THEM BEFORE SN. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorgon American/Native American/British http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deer_Woman / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patasola (or variation) - stomped to death by hot chick = total Kripke. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_dog_%28ghost%29 - not exactly a hellhound, and creepy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogeyman -should be SOMETHING to do with this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squonk - some kind of crack. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will-o%27-the-wisp - lots of legends, should be something. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loogaroo - baneling-ish, has to give the blood of other creatures or else die itself; always in the form of a woman, who sheds her skin to hunt; can only be killed during the day while in human form. Central/South American

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abchanchu - creepy old people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luison - creepy dog-like creature. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anchimayen - created with corpses of dead children, take their form but can transform into fireballs Caribbean http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soucouyant - vampire-like creature that takes the form of an old woman during the day, then at night strips off her skin, turns into a fireball, enters a victim's house through any crack or crevice, and drinks their blood... if they die, she inhabits their skin Serbian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BasCelik - have to dehydrate it. Norse http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draugr - spirit-zombies that come out of their graves at night and eat people or drink their blood East Asian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abura-akago - person dies, gets turned into a flaming spirit, reborn as a baby, and the baby licks up lamp oil Hainu - A ferocious winged dog which attacked humans and livestock. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harionago - female ghoul with thorn-like barbs at the tips of her hair which she uses to ensnare men http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hone-onna - skeleton woman who appears as a beautiful woman then sucks dry the life force of men she entices http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiang_Shi Indian http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vetala Objects http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadair_Idris - The Chair of Idris the Giant. Anyone sitting on this giant sized stone chair is transformed into a poet or driven mad if there is no poetry in his soul. Invisibility Cloak - wear it too long and you start to disappear even without the cloak, so that no one can see or hear you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirteen_Treasures_of_the_Island_of_Britain