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Abstract In progress Introduction While web surng on google for the secret coke recipe I came across a survey

that stated that people believe that diet coke weighs less than regular coke because it is diet. Diet coke should be lighter because the ingredients I believe. The question now is, is diet coke really lighter than regular coke? Before I started working on guring which soda was heavier I couldn't really tell. After I'm done with this testing I will be able to conclude whether or not diet coke is lighter than regular coke. I believe that coke will weigh more than diet coke. Materials and Methods The rst thing I needed to do was to nd out what I was going to work with. Which is coke and diet coke. Then I needed a sample from the population. I used an app for my iPad called TC stats, which my stats teacher helped design, to generate a simple random sample of 15 for each soda. The coke population was 42 while the diet coke population was 64. After I obtained my random sample I took each selected can of soda and weighed it using a scale. I logged each weight for each different soda. Then I put the data I collected in TC stats. I used TC stats to generate summary statistics for both coke and diet coke data. The data is below.

Table 1: Summary statistics weights of Coke and Diet Coke

I was also able to produce a box and whisker plot using TC stats so u can get an idea of what the data looks like. The data is the weight for both sodas.

Table 2: Box and Whiskers plot To make sure you data is correct when you are weighing the sodas make sure that the scale is back on zero or the data will be off and make sure that you copy down the correct weight for the correct soda. Results The key results that I discovered that also proved the hypothesis correct is that diet coke indeed is lighter than regular coke. If you look at the maxes and lows for both coke and diet coke in table one above, you will see that the max and low for coke is greater than the max and low for diet coke. The maxes and lows are just the weight of the sodas in grams. If you look at the mean or median for each soda from table one, you will notice that the coke's mean and median are bigger than the diet coke's mean and median. Any way that you look at the data you will notice that the coke weighs more than the diet coke. The coke data is skewed left and the diet coke is skewed right. The

farther it's skewed left the heavier the soda is. That proves that coke in fact does weigh more than diet coke. Discussion My results do provide answers to my hypothesis. My hypothesis was that coke would weigh more than diet coke and i was correct. People had already sort of guessed right because it would be common sense that something regular would weigh less than something diet. Now that I have tested this we can apply it to other sodas and probably conclude the same thing. Pepsi probably weighs less than diet pepsi, and sprite probably weighs less than sprite zero. If warranted I would check the ingredients to see if they affect the weight in any manner. Appendix All from TC stats: R= H-L Diet coke range is (376.530- 367.329=9.21) Coke range is ( 389.460-383.310=5.15) Mean Coke 386.357 Diet coke 371.144 Median Coke 386.700 Diet coke 371.170 Coke Q1,Q3 = 384.440, 387.610 diet coke Q1,Q3 = 369.690, 371.850