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Halloween Haunt Assembly Monday, Oct. 17 & Friday, Oct. 21 Parent/Teacher Conferences 10/17-11/3 Warner Halloween Haunt Sunday, October 23 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.

The Haunt is coming….and it’s going to be a ball!
The Haunt is coming on Sunday, October 23rd, 11am-4pm! It’s going be a ball! MONSTERS’ BALL!!! Haunt news: Read all about the spooktacular things we’ll have at the Haunt this year! If you’re a Kindergarten family, you’ll want to visit all the fun activities and games going on in the K yard! Come visit the Arts and Crafts station located outside the K yard. We’ll have glitter tattoos, colorful hair extensions and those cool hair feathers! Get your face painted, buy a sugar skull and check out the leather bracelets! Stop by our brand new Steals & Deals booth where you’ll be able to get FaBOOlous deals on: Piano Lessons, Horse Riding Lessons, Swimming Lessons, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Private Chef, Photographers, Tutoring and Many More! Make sure to tour the Monsters’ Ball in the Haunted House it’s guaranteed to give you a good fright! Open to 2nd -5th grades only. Back by popular demand, is the Silly Zone. Your kids won’t want to miss out on the chance to spray

October 21st! Be sure to have your child wear his/her t-shirt and show their school spirit!! We have adult sizes too! Buy a pair of flashing shoelaces. The suggested donation is $1 per ticket. The Silly Zone is located in the teacher parking lot. Mediterranean Booth or Earlez Grille and dine in front of Center Stage! Enjoy the live entertainment while you watch the kids participate in games like Bobbing for Worms. look for the Absentee Teacher Auction flyer that will be going home with your child this week. Casseroles – We’ll be selling delicious restaurant and homemade casseroles at the Haunt. Grab some lunch from California Pizza Kitchen. The Haunt Committee wishes to thank the following Sponsors: COURTYARD SPONSORS: Abrol Family Adler Family Aghai Family Amin Family Artin Agazaryan Baer Family Bella Bernhardt Brandon Brooks Bucksbaum Family Caleb & Oliver’s Crew Casden Family Claire & Louise Cutter Cohen-Left Family Daneshmand/Shamie Family Daniels Family Davis-Kern Family DeFeudis Family Din Family Eugene Lee’s Family Geller Family George Family Grover Family Hankin Family Harris Family Hart Family Horn Family Jason Shin & Lisa Song Jesse and Oliver’s Crew Jet Meir’s Family Jordan Left Family Kang Family Kashfian Family Katz Family Kaynor Family Kittle-Pals Family LaCorte/Reif Family Lemke/Bernhardt Lipetzky Family Mado Henry Malkan Family Marcus-Diliberto Family Mark Family Novian Family Ornest Family Pair Family Parker & Spencer Felix Penhakashi Family Pignatelli Family Radilaleh Family Reiner/Schwartz Family Reinhardt/Hadley Family Sacks Family Scary Spooky Silvertons Schenck Family Small Family Sophia Stone’s Family Spivak Family Swirsky Family Szani Family Tabib Family Takahashi Family (Gai and Kento) Takahashi Family (Miyako) Thayer Family Wadhwani Family Wasson Family Webb Family Weil Family Wong/ Sarkisian Family Zax-Shuter Family . Eat your Eyeballs and the H2O Balloon toss! Teacher Auction – If you can’t make it to the event but still want to put in a bid for your child to win a play date with their teacher. October 17th and Friday October 21st) and that means we’re getting closer to giving away the THREE GRAND PRIZES!!! This year the grand prizes are: 5 Magic Mountain Tickets. they are a perfect way to keep track of your child during Halloween night while you trick or treat! Haunt Assemblies: We’re down to the last two Ghostly Giveaway assemblies (Monday.down their friends with colorful silly string. What you need to do: Pre-order your wristbands and tickets! Save on wristbands and pay $50 now! On the day of the Haunt wristband prices will be $60. For more information. Haunt T-shirts and shoelaces: Haunt Spirit Day is this Friday. 4 Disneyland Tickets and a Google e-reader! Please turn in your GGA tickets to the Haunt box in the Office to give your child a chance to win. look for the flyer that will be going home with your child this week.

Orthodontics Marco Valentino dba Angelo Elections for 2011-2012 SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM-SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (SSC) AND LOCAL SCHOOL LEADERSHIP COUNCIL Nominations and Elections will take place on Thursday. . Interested candidates may have prepared written statements for distribution or may speak prior to the election. please contact Ms. and all four competitions through the end of May.m. or concerns prior to the informational meeting. starting at 8:30 am. and since there are Parent/Teacher Conferences we will start at 2:10 p. and expectations of being on the team.) If you make the team. 2011 Location: Warner Auditorium Time: 2:40 – 6:00 p. We encourage everyone to attend. Message from Coach Diamond Coach Diamond is looking for dvd donations for rainy days. & 5th grade students (There are up to 19 spots available on the team) If you are interested in auditioning.m. you must get the paperwork from Ms. estimated costs. you must be available for practice every Friday from 2:40 . questions. 4th. If you have any children’s dvd’s at home that you are no longer watching. Firoozeh Rahbar. for the dance workshop. Bockman’s 3rd Grade Class Mrs. November 5th from 10:00am-6:00pm AND Sunday. Gibson International Emery Academy of Martial Arts Jacobson & Han. Also. Message from Reading Buddies Reading buddies starts this week after the school bell rings. Realtor Dr.3:15 p. LLP Beverly Catering by Ron Berookhim Dr.m. October 20. Warburg at (310) 470-1868. (could go later) Who: 3rd. November 6th from 9:00 a. in the auditorium.m. Realtor Jim Bremner. California Pizza Kitchen District 5 Councilman Paul Koretz’ Office Monsieur Marcel’s Gourmet Market and Restaurants Rabizadeh Family Slayke Water Stan’s Donuts Tricia and Byron Thames Warner STAR Zeidler Dental London Cleaners Keyes Automotive Group Spivak Law Firm Jersey Mike’s Subs Jill Epstein.ATTRACTION SPONSORS: Amin Family McSorley Family Ms. Warburg prior to auditions. 2011 in the Library. In addition. (If you cannot attend the informational meeting.m. 2011 at 1:40 p. Tali Tehrani. You will receive paperwork regarding the mandatory competition dates.m. and 1:45 on Tuesday. November 4. If you have any conflicts. Warner Avenue Dance Team Auditions The auditions for the 2011-2012 Warner Avenue Dance Team are almost here! Audition Date: Friday. at that time you may ask any questions. Coach Diamond would greatly appreciate them. Movies Must Be RATED G! Please deliver movies to the main office. please attend the informational meeting for DANCERS AND PARENTS on Tuesday. Terada’s Kindergarten Class Pignatelli Family Solaris Amini/Heidi Mylo Tabib Family CORPORATE SPONSORS & OTHER SUPPORTERS Bristol Farms on Westwood Blvd. Mon/Wed/Thurs.-5:00 p. Tooth Buds Pediatric Dentistry Hilary Stevens. you must be available on both Saturday. October 25.

all students who are English Language Learners must be tested in both their native language and in English. Trick or Treating. Corporate Sponsors! The new roster is about to go to print! support warner! Any parent or business interested in buying space in the up-coming school directory.details to follow. when we will head back to Warner. It’s a tax-deductible contribution to Warner Avenue Elementary School AND a great way to “get your name out there” to all the parents. where you can bring laughter and cheer to the seniors in our thanks to the combined efforts and generosity of the Lange family. Parents who are fluent in Farsi. Chinese or Russian are asked to volunteer their time to help test these students. Parent supervision will not be provided so please make arrangements as necessary. please contact Leeora Moradi at if you plan on joining us or if you have any questions. Zap. Japanese. If your child has a STAR class. Our students are thrilled to have this wonderful addition to Warner! There will be an unveiling soon.11/3 Please note early dismissal will take place at 2:05 pm every day except Tuesday will remain at 1:39 pm. We will walk to Belmont Village and trick or treat from 3:00 pm to approximately 4:30 pm. To volunteer for this very important job. Start your Halloween festivities early and enjoy an afternoon with our seniors! Please RSVP to llacorte@ usc. Smile and Greeting Seniors at Belmont Village What could be better then trick or treating? Trick or treating at Belmont Village. Testing times can be arranged around your schedule. Community service credit is available for this fun event. STAR will take your child and keep them until their normal STAR class begins. please contact AP Elvira Sandoval at Teacher Conferences 10/17 . New Science Lab Update The new science lab is almost ready.. Please meet us in costume on October 28 at 2:30 pm on the corner of Woodruff and Warner. English Language Learners. at the ha see you We’ll unday! unt this s .Volunteers Needed! Each year. Korean. Don’t Forget. Bob Wasson and Ms..

Warner Annual Fund Thank you to all the families who have donated to the Warner Annual Fund. Wilson Family The Irons/Livadopoulos Family The Irving Family The Ishak Family The Isutani Family The Jason Shin & Lisa Song Family The Jeffrey Shen Family The Jordon Left Family The Judy Gerson/Seth Swirsky Family The Jutabha Family The Kalchev Family The Katz Family The Kim Family The Kittle-Pals Family The Kraus Family The Kyle Fisher Family The Kyung Family The Lange Family The LaPaglia Family The Lappenga Family The Lazarus Family The Lee Family The Left Family The Lejeune Family The Limor Family The Lopez-Williamson Family The Macey Family The Maity Family The Malkan Family The Marcus-Diliberto Family The Mark Family The Mazdisnian Family The McCollough Family The Meenaghan Family The Meskin Family The Meyers-Kunis Family The Michael Zhang Family The Michelle and Robert Lee Family The Millett Family The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The Mir Family Moore Family Moradi Family Morovati Family Motlagh Family Musher Family Musico Family Nagy Family Nakano Family Nishisako Family Novian Family Olson Family Ornest Family Pair Family Pajand Family Parker Family Penhaskashi Family Pignatelli Family Quijada Family Price Family Radilaleh Family Rahman Family Raucher-Lee Family Reinhardt/Hadley Family Salomon Family Saven Family Schenck Family Schlesinger Family Sedlacek Family Selzer Family Shahmaram Family Shamoeil Family Shaub Family Shelton Family Shin Family Shnayder Family Shuter Family Sophia Stone Family Spitz/Vazirani Family Spivak Family Staddon Family Swirsky Family Tabibian Family Takahashi Family Tjahjadi Family Torres Family Trachtenberg Family Vafaee Family Velloso Family Verny Family Wadhwani Family .thank you to those who participated so quickly! For any questions/corrections please contact Amy Baer at The following list was compiled as of 10/5 and represents the first month of donors . The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The Abrol Family Adler/Park Family Aghai Family Ahmadzadeh Family Akka Family Amin Family Artin Agazaryan Family Arzt Family Aslmand Family Azad Family Baer Family Bailey Family Bakshian Family Bernhardt Family Bernier Family Breitbart Family Broukhim Family Brzeski Family Bucksbaum Family Burger Family Casden Family Chan/Henry Family Chandler Family Cheungsomboune Family Chief Family Coffman Family Collyns Family Daniel Family Daniels Family Daniel Kim Family David Kim Family Defeudis Family DeLeon Family Devgarte Family DiCarlo Family Din Family Dinov Family Erwin Family Eugene Lee Family Fagan Family Famulari Family Fang Family Fatu Family Fuhrer Family Furner Family Geller Family George Family Gilani Family Goldberg/Kravetz Family Greene Family Greene Family The Grover Family The Hakakha Family The Hamilton Family The Hankin Family The Harris Family The Harrison Family The Hart Family The Hartley Family The Hayool Family The Hirsch Family The Hoffman Family The Howard J.

Anique.The The The The The Wadhwani Family Webb Family Weber Family Weil Family Weinberg Family The Weir Family The Welch Family The Storey. Pierce Wertheimier Family The Wong/Sarkisian Family The The The The Yeh Family Zargarpour Family Zhongruyi Family Ziperovich Family .

Look for more recycling drives coming to Warner this year! TB Test Reminder Reminder: all volunteers including field trip drivers need to have an up to date (within 4 years) TB test and volunteer form on The current list is available in the Main Office. Some classes have scheduled field trips in October.Earn $$ for Warner! Help us earn money from Ralph’s simply by scanning your Ralph’s Reward Card with the scan bar code letter you received in the first day package next time you shop at Ralph’s and they’ll send Warner a percentage of your purchases. Warner gets 1% of your total purchases by calling 800-316-6142 and designating Warner as your they’ll give us points which turns into dollars for our school at the end of the school year. theatre and all the shops and by logging them in the Guest Services on the 2nd floor of the mall. . You need only scan the letter once to be in their system for the school year and just scan your Reward Card as usual.please sign up and a big THANK YOU for supporting Warner!! Whole Foods Gift Cards Whole Foods cards may be purchased from Sarah Davidson slsdavidson@msn. ucla. Warner Recycles Please recycle your used batteries and ink or hedvats@sbcglobal. mentioning WARNER for your and 5% of the proceeds will be given back to WAVE. Consider purchasing American Express Gift Cards from them which has the lowest fee and the highest points for WARNER!! For questions contact jacklinyamin@sbcglobal. PLEASE SUPPORT WARNER THROUGH RALPH’S!!! Do you shop at Westside Pavilion Mall? Save your purchase receipts from the mall including restaurants. Blank forms available outside the office. so please check your TB test status and turn in your forms as soon as possible. Or register online at Earn $$ for Warner from Target Every time you use your Target Redcard or Target credit card when you shop. 1) Click “Take charge of education” 2) Click “enroll now” 3) select zip code and type 90024 and then select Warner Ave 4) type your redcard account number and name This is an easy process and takes less than 5 minutes . Any questions email Catherine Sarkisian csarkisian@mednet. Drop them off in the containers by the Main Office.

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