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– Canadian university reputation survey, Maclean’s magazine

Imagine a university that embraces innovation and cutting-edge research by some of the most driven graduate students and supportive, award-winning faculty in Canada. Imagine a university where Bill Gates says he finds the best talent in the world; one that fosters a diverse offering of disciplines, from philosophy to kinesiology, from tourism to electric power engineering. Imagine a university on a spacious campus located in a beautiful, welcoming city that boasts numerous parks, sports facilities, museums, restaurants and shopping destinations.
Imagine yourself at the University of Waterloo.

Growing graduate studies is not without its challenges.” “There are big directives in Waterloo’s Sixth Decade Plan”. She is also cross-appointed to the University of Waterloo’s Department of Health Studies and Gerontology. In international health circles. a newly established position at Waterloo to emphasize the “facilitative” role of the Graduate Studies Office (GSO) that she heads. Horton is a key advocate of micronutrients – vitamin 1 . The first directive? Increasing graduate enrolment to 8.000 print and electronic serials available at Waterloo libraries on-campus libraries www. nearly doubling the present number. “the first priority is funding. Horton looks forward to guaranteeing financial support to full-time research master’s level students in the coming years as well. Horton is “excited” by the opportunity to lead Waterloo’s Graduate Studies and is “interested in trying to make things better. iodine and folic acid – to combat million external research funding in 2008/09 buildings with wireless capabilities Horton’s primary role at Waterloo is as the university’s first Associate Provost of Graduate Studies.300 graduate students today 8. Horton is an economist and holds the Centre for International Governance Innovation Chair in Global Health Economics at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. 1 st Waterloo’s ranking in Maclean’s magazine $141. Waterloo currently offers funding to all incoming full-time PhD students during their first three years of study. 8 24. she could take her pick.” particularly Waterloo’s commitment to a guaranteed annual income for all full-time students in research-based graduate programs. the Plan calls for giving international experience to Canadian students wherever possible. zinc.” But besides bringing more students from outside Canada into graduate work at Waterloo. that has much to say about graduate study. Numbers being an economist’s passion. It is mentorship by the faculty that allows students to do really great. iron.000 by 2017.rloo global malnutrition. which is pretty ambitious. and points to the exceptional faculty members at Waterloo who will help to make these goals attainable.000 students in research programs at the PhD and master’s levels. and 3.” says Horton. so I’m a big believer.000 in professional and course-based master’s programs.1 100% When you ask Sue Horton what her field of expertise is. And third? “Continuing to improve the graduate student experience. That will include 5. life-altering research – to expand your mind – to capitalize on the Waterloo experience. Professor: Sue Horton Student: Jilan Yang 13 Industry Research Chairs 60 Canada Research Chairs 987 and growing full-time professors 4. Second? “Internationalization of graduate programs. Horton is up for the challenge.” To that end.000 graduate students expected by 2017 graduate programs 100 over but Horton is inspired. Horton says. This brochure highlights exceptional faculty members and their students. “I do international work myself. says Horton on the 2006 document that guides Waterloo from here to 2017. The goal is 30 per cent of student enrolment.uwaterloo.

Luckily University of Waterloo professors and students are leading the way. it’s no wonder we’re looking to innovative solutions. 2 .7 billion in health care costs each year. But it will take a multidisciplinary research approach to make headway.applied health faculty of stroke of brilliance ahs With stroke affecting more than 50.000 Canadians and costing $2.

and well-being • behavioural and cognitive neuroscience • biomechanics • health behaviour • health biology (biohealth) • health informatics • leisure behaviour and cultural resources • management of recreation and leisure services • physiology and nutrition • population health • public health • psychomotor behaviour • recreation and leisure resources • tourism policy and planning • work and health WHy WATERLoo foR GRADUATE STUDIES IN APPLIED HEALTH SCIENCES? • Every full-time student in the faculty is guaranteed to receive a teaching assistantship. “I’m learning the broad spectrum of neuroscience instead of just concentrating on my own research.” she says of Staines’s mentoring and assistance. • Applied Health Sciences faculty members are national and world leaders with very high levels of research funding and wellequipped facilities to support your research goals.” he says.” And Smith can’t imagine a better place to be than at Waterloo to finish her studies. health. such as the Research Institute for Aging. is a core scientist in the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario’s Centre for Stroke Recovery. Health. and extensive community 3 . along with other University of Waterloo professors. Meanwhile. links out to the community.uwaterloo. “As a student.” says Smith.” DEGREES: Health Studies and Gerontology (HSG) – MSc. and Well-being) – PhD HSG (Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience) – PhD HSG (Work and Health) – PhD Kinesiology (KIN) – MSc. Alison Smith. PhD KIN (Aging. a virtual institute affiliated with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. Health. and Well-being) – PhD RLS (Tourism Policy and Planning) – MA RLS (Work and Health) – PhD KEy AREAS of RESEARCH: • aging. Health. “I couldn’t imagine a better job. Now in her final year of PhD candidacy in the Department of Kinesiology.ahs. I really appreciate that. over 30% of our students have acquired valuable external scholarships. and Well-being) – PhD KIN (Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience) – PhD KIN (Work and Health) – PhD Public Health – MPH Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS) – MA. research assistantship. especially if that means to another city and another university. one of his former undergraduate and master’s students. joined him to continue her own work on the effects of bimanual – or two-handed – training in stroke victims. But that’s exactly what happened when Richard Staines left his former school and took a position as Canada Research Chair in Sensorimotor Control and assistant professor at the University of Waterloo. • 10 research centres/groups. They study how the central nervous system network adapts following a brain injury. psychology and clinical disciplines – something rare at other schools. excitedly describing Smith’s project that uses a videogame-like machine to entice subjects to move their wrists while electrodes record brain activity. • you can gain intensive specialization while benefiting from active collaborations and multidisciplinary approaches to the study of health and well-being. “After so much time working together. provide opportunities spanning from basic to applied research. • In recent years. he’s making sure I stay on the right path. core biology. PhD RLS (Aging. In the past five years there has been an exceptional expansion in neurosciences with more hirings. I have a lot of input into where my work is going. and/or scholarship. Staines. and collaborative groups between kineseology. “We really want to understand what it is that is changing the way the brain is representing information. PhD HSG (Aging.sciences It takes a certain kind of professor to inspire students to follow him. she’s glad she made the leap. there’s a lot of give-and-take in the relationship. A few months later. Professor: Richard Staines Student: Alison Smith www.

most people would consider that very dire news. tough times can be one of the greatest assets for learning.faculty of arts world leaders arts When the economy takes a plunge. 4 . But for some students studying International Affairs.

Global Finance in Crisis. They are currently co-editing a book. government and other organizations to ensure successful knowledge mobilization to serve society. After Pagliari completed a master’s degree at the London School of Economics. What defines the Waterloo experience for Pagliari is the frequent interaction between student and supervisor.” he says. and then bounce drafts of papers back and forth.While the global financial crisis has shaken financial institutions and undermined the confidence of their customers. • Arts is the largest faculty at Waterloo with over 7000 undergraduate and graduate students. That continues even when Pagliari does a stint in New York as a visiting researcher at Columbia University. PhD Global Governance – MA. “It’s my first experience as a co-author. PhD History – MA. it has provided a unique opportunity for PhD student Stefano Pagliari and his supervisor. according to Pagliari.” he laughs.arts. Pagliari sees the timing of his arrival in September 2007 and the start of the economic meltdown as “a lucky coincidence. www. Eric Helleiner (left).” That comfort level has led to the two co-authoring a number of papers and to Pagliari helping organize two workshops on international financial regulation at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) at Waterloo.000 this year – was an added bonus. PhD Political Science – MA Psychology – MA. “does allow greater interaction.” Receiving a Balsillie Fellowship – valued at $ 5 .” says Pagliari. PhD Taxation – MTax GRADUATE DIPLoMAS: Business Information Technology (ACC) Cognitive Science (interdisciplinary) Information System Assurance (ACC) Taxation (ACC) Theoretical Neuroscience (interdisciplinary) WHy WATERLoo foR GRADUATE STUDIES IN ARTS? • The faculty of Arts at Waterloo offers over 33 distinct graduate degree programs designed to respond to today’s realworld needs. who outlined the process.uwaterloo. “especially with the complementary nature of our interests. academically oriented around practical world problems. • Many programs allow inter-university course options and offer co-op work opportunities. he came to Waterloo as one of the first cohort of students in the PhD program in Global Governance at the new Balsillie School of International Affairs.” Helleiner adds. Not only is Helleiner well known for his research in governance of international finance. “We have very brief conversations and quick brainstorming sessions. with a professor in Germany. The small Global Governance PhD program. PhD Psychology (Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience) – PhD Psychology (Developmental Communication Science) – MASc Religious Studies – PhD Russian – MA Sociology – MA. trying to make sure there’s a very good fit. “Eric has a certain way of approaching the discipline that I feel comfortable with.” The program “is looking to match incoming students to specific researchers. PhD German – MA. Looking back. “The ethos of the program is very much out in the world. PhD Anthropology (Public Issues) – MA Applied Economics – PhD Classical Studies (Ancient Mediterranean Cultures) – MA Economics – MA English – PhD English (Literary Studies) – MA English (Rhetoric and Communication Design) – MA fine Arts (Studio Art) – MfA french – MA. which admits just eight students each year. “We work well together because we don’t mind criticizing each other. Usually Eric writes the first draft and I attack it with all the anger I can muster. frequent exchange of emails. but. • We forge strong connections with business. MASc.” says Helleiner. PhD Philosophy – MA. • our research is enhanced by over 20 research centres housed within or closely affiliated with the faculty of Arts.” Professor: Eric Helleiner Student: Stefano Pagliari DEGREES: Accounting – MAcc. He was keen to work with Helleiner.

not to mention supportive faculty. makes building the future one smooth ride. 6 .faculty of engine fusion of minds eng Jetting across the globe to conduct research in mechanical and mechatronics engineering could have caused some turbulence for one PhD student. But Waterloo’s collaborative environment.

“I measure by results and this is very fast-paced research.eng. MEng.” says Nieva. and is responsible and dependable. For her part.” Originally from Peru. Sohi’s decision to attend Waterloo was not. Nieva accepted Sohi into her Harsh Environments MEMS group. and I wish them to become multidisciplinary MEMS engineers. You can count on him. the multifunctional MEMS sensor needs to be batch fabricated and reasonably priced. 7 . PhD Civil Engineering (Infrastructure Systems) – MEng Civil Engineering (Nuclear Engineering) – MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) – MASc. The department’s a friendly environment. PhD MS (Management of Technology) – MMSc Mechanical Engineering (ME) – MASc.” she says. MEng. Not only must they be designed to withstand the high pressures and temperatures of combustion gases. PhD Civil Engineering – MASc.” says Sohi. “In my research team. “The best thing.3 million in research funding. MEng. In weekly meetings. • In 2008. MEng.eering Next time you read about green vehicles scheduled to roll off the lots.” www. if necessary. Nieva knows what Student: Ali Najafi Sohi Professor: Patricia Nieva GRADUATE DIPLoMAS: Electric Power Engineering (ECE) GRADUATE CERTIfICATES: Computer Networking and Security (ECE) Design (MME) fire Safety (MME) Green Energy (MME) Management Engineering (ECE/MSCI) Software Engineering (ECE) Sustainable Energy (ECE) KEy AREAS of RESEARCH: • automotive systems • biotechnology and health engineering • nanotechnology • sustainable energy • water resources • wireless communications WHy WATERLoo foR GRADUATE STUDIES IN ENGINEERING? • More than 1. Nieva finds Sohi “a wonderful student. she encourages students in her group to collaborate with each other and broaden their knowledge of MEMS rather than focusing only on one project. Sohi is delighted with their working relationship. Although a female professor has never directly supervised him. They are also collaborating on papers.uwaterloo. Entrepreneurship and Technology – MBET Chemical Engineering (CE) – MASc. two of which were accepted for prestigious ASME and IEEE conferences. “I need to have a device that works within two years. take a moment to think about the engineers driving the trend. 52 of Canada’s NSERC awards went to Waterloo Engineering graduate students. and. we are all friends and I’m concerned about how they do personally. students won’t feel isolated here. Although the technology is somewhat complicated. Sohi approached Waterloo mechanical and mechatronics engineering professor Patricia Nieva because her work with MEMS sensors seemed to reflect his own interests. DEGREES: Architecture – MArch Business. He’s very creative and selfmotivated. assistantships and other funding opportunities are available to reward outstanding students. PhD CE (Nanotechnology) – MASc.600 exceptional people like you study with world-renowned experts and conduct leading-edge research in our advanced facilities. PhD it’s like to be far from home. PhD ME (Design and Manufacturing) – MEng ME (Nanotechnology) – MASc. How? He’s developing a multifunctional micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor for continuous in-cylinder monitoring of internal combustion engines. PhD ECE (Electric Power Engineering) – MEng ECE (Nanotechnology) – MASc. helps find a bypass for problems. Nieva encourages discussion. where he is co-supervised by Amir Khajepour. I can even consult with her on matters unrelated to research. PhD Systems Design Engineering (SDE) – MASc. Ali Najafi Sohi believes his PhD research at Waterloo will help reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of the next generation of internal combustion engines. After completing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. “is that I am really friends with her. as well as academically.” The two even share outside interests such as good food and some cultural common ground. • In 2008/2009 Waterloo Engineering attracted $47. He’s always thinking about new ideas.” To get the job done. MMSc. After a few phone conversations. • Scholarships. PhD ECE (Software Engineering) – MASc Management Sciences (MS) – MASc. “It’s a very multidisciplinary topic. PhD SDE (Nanotechnology) – MASc.

tourism and the environment.faculty of environm hot topic env It’s not your imagination. And when it comes to linking global warming. 8 . Climate change dialogue is heating up. the University of Waterloo’s graduate programs in environment provide unparalleled leadership in the field – and mentorship to its students.

GIS labs. Daniel Scott. Hydrology lab. a better researcher and I will eventually be a better supervisor to my own students.uwaterloo.” she says 9 .” he says. Dawson says Scott’s support of her work will leave its mark for years. green solutions. MES. • Gain first-hand experience in our research facilities – Ecology lab. PhD Global Governance – MA. Professor: Daniel Scott Student: Jackie Dawson www. associate professor and a Canada Research Chair in Global Change and Tourism who is also the chair of the joint World Meteorological Organization – World Tourism Organization Expert Team on Climate and Tourism. PhD Tourism Policy and Planning – MES KEy AREAS of RESEARCH: • adaptations and hazards • advocacy • climate change • conservation of biotic areas • earth systems sciences • ecological sciences • environment and health • environmental informatics (geomatics.’” she says now. I’m lucky I can just walk down the hall and talk to him whenever I want. PhD Local Economic Development – MAES Planning – MA. to help her wade through it all. MES. Right from the beginning. • one of the few Canadian universities granting the Master of Applied Environmental Studies (MAES) and Master of Environmental Studies (MES) degrees. • 14 research centres and groups you can connect with to further develop your research. At conferences other PhD students told her they were jealous she was working with Scott. “That’s when I realized. Scott says he’s happy to pass the torch to the next generation of academics. ‘Gee. providing funding. just as Waterloo professors Geoff Wall and Geoff McBoyle. “We have an international reputation for being leaders in this field and it’s great that we get to keep it going. a University of Waterloo PhD student in the Faculty of Environment’s Department of Geography and Environmental Management. PhD Geography – MA. writing joint papers and showing enthusiasm for her ideas. climate change – when you consider its multifaceted derivations. And Dawson. GIS) • infrastructure and transportation • policy and governance • physical geographic sciences • regional analysis • resource management • science-policy-governance interface • sustainable community planning • sustainable local economic development • urban design WHy WATERLoo foR GRADUATE STUDIES IN ENVIRoNMENT? • over 40 years of experience researching and advancing the study of the environment – our graduates create tomorrow’s smart. MAES. a better writer. outcomes and responses – is hardly a simple topic. 280 graduate students. For his part. “They’re the icon of climate change. means you’ll have lots of opportunity to interact one-onone with your advisor and other experts.” DEGREES: Environment and Resource Studies – MES. A student from Spain flew to Canada just to work with him for a week. But it wasn’t until last year that she realized how coveted his expertise and time really were. pioneers in climate change and tourism. As a growing heap of research shows. Dawson says. Restoration Ecology lab.nment When she’s not publishing papers or giving presentations on the impact of global warming on tourism. MSc.env. • The small size of this faculty. He’s a dream of an advisor. you might find Jackie Dawson bumping over northern Manitoba’s vast ice fields on a tundra buggy searching for polar bears. she’s always felt at ease discussing her PhD topic – climate change and the New England ski industry – with Scott. “He is making me a better academic. knows she’s incredibly fortunate to have the support – and ear – of her supervisor. did for him when he was a master’s student at Waterloo.

yes. 10 . success can be simulated.faculty of mathem a model team math Today’s industrial-sized problems require savvy mathematical models. Good thing Waterloo’s Mathematics professors and students are pushing the boundaries of innovation to prove once and for all that.

Not a bad first step toward her goal of developing a mathematical model to locate a single cell and track it through a series of images. “I appreciate that the work could have some real world application. • over 500 graduate students and 200 professors. into the project and contributes ideas. By the following spring. “She has gained a lot of insight Professor: Justin Wan Student: Laura Bradbury DEGREES: Actuarial Science – MActSc. For Bradbury.” If researchers take photos of cells every five minutes over a period of time. they can end up with thousands of images illustrating change over time. “Segmentation of brightfield cell images. and Laura Bradbury.matics Computational math – the bridge between mathematics and computer science – could lead to big breakthroughs in the field of cell biology.” www. he reminds them of the academic and societal importance of their work. PhD Quantitative finance – MQf Statistics – MMath. • NSERC funding awarded to Waterloo mathematics faculty researchers is significantly above the national average. Bradbury was thinking of pursuing a master’s degree when Wan offered her the project. the pair had already published their first paper 11 . students keep him engaged too.” he says. PhD KEy AREAS of RESEARCH: • actuarial science • algebra and logic • algorithms and complexity • analysis and functional equations • artificial intelligence • bioinformatics • biostatistics • control theory • cryptography • databases and text management • differential equations and dynamical systems • fluid mechanics • geometry and topology • graph theory • graphics and human/computer interfaces • mathematical physics • networks and distributed systems • number theory • programming languages • quantitative finance • quantum computing • scientific and statistical computing • statistics WHy WATERLoo foR GRADUATE STUDIES IN MATHEMATICS AND CoMPUTER SCIENCE? • you’ll find the largest concentration of researchers in the mathematical and computing sciences in North America. MMath. PhD Computational Mathematics – MMath Combinatorics and optimization – MMath. At least that’s the hypothesis of Justin Wan. That’s the really nice thing about the project.uwaterloo. We learn together. Bradbury began her studies in the summer.” she says. a master’s student he is supervising. Wan says part of his role as a graduate student supervisor boils down to simple motivation. For their part.” With the help of an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award and funding from the math faculty. 19 of whom are recognized with research chairs. The next step will involve implementing algorithms to identify individual cells. PhD Biostatistics – MMath. a computer science professor who holds the Canada Research Chair in Scientific Computing. “It’s fun working with Laura. could lead to better treatments. what makes them grow and die. • Strong connections to industry bring exciting applied research opportunities for faculty and graduate students.” says Wan. PhD Pure Mathematics – MMath. So how to track and understand the significance of those images? By putting their heads together – and using massive amounts of computer power – Wan and Bradbury believe they can help medical researchers get a better grip on this type of data.math. for example. When some students drift away from their goals. “Understanding how cancer cells respond to different drugs and chemicals. get stuck or lose interest. computational math offers a means to pursue her love of both mathematics and computers – not to mention the ability to work on something that will touch real people. “Biologists want to study cell behaviour. along with researchers from McGill University and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. PhD Applied Mathematics – MMath. Valedictorian of her undergraduate math class at Waterloo. PhD Computer Science – MMath.

12 . but discovering them and even using molecular data to determine how the organisms are related. No easy task. How many photosynthetic organisms can you name? Biologists at the University of Waterloo are not only naming algae.faculty of scien an ocean of opportunity sci Quick.

has a surprising loophole on her side. she might have some explaining to do. her PhD student. industry.” says Lynch now. • our reputation for excellence and innovation provides our graduate students an edge in a competitive world. He too has travelled Canada and beyond collecting samples from rivers. “Michael is going to be extremely marketable in the Professor: Kirsten Müller Student: Michael Lynch DEGREES: Biology – MSc. In the first year it was offered. Many have gone on to promising careers in business. They just look at me and say. go on through. ‘You’ve got … algae. Jack Carlson Award for Teaching Excellence. That told me she was actively recruiting and probably had a good relationship with her students. ponds and oceans.uwaterloo. field work. taking them back to the lab so the team can identify. she even encouraged Lynch to teach two of her undergraduate courses when she was on sabbatical.nce You would think that when Kirsten Müller walks up to an airport customs agent. • In keeping with our hands-on philosophy. molecular and optical physics • biochemistry • biomedical ocular research • biotechnology • chemical physics • condensed matter and material physics • contact lenses • developmental biology • genomics • geochemistry and hydrogeology • immunology • inorganic chemistry • low vision rehabilitation • microbiology • molecular biology • nanotechnology • organic chemistry • plant physiology • quantum computing • subatomic physics WHy WATERLoo foR GRADUATE STUDIES IN SCIENCE? • The faculty of Science at Waterloo is one of Canada’s leading institutions for graduate studies.” says Müller. practicums. Michael Lynch. Okay. “They don’t care at the border because algae is not a plant.” www. the Arctic and New Zealand. PhD Earth Sciences – MSc. He has also guest lectured graduate courses and conducts research with international groups. PhD Biology (Nanotechnology) – MSc. PhD Physics (Nanotechnology) – MSc. PhD KEy AREAS of RESEARCH: • analytical chemistry • animal physiology • aquatic biology • astrophysics and gravitation • atomic. That fascination with algae’s complex background was what first drew Lynch to explore Waterloo as the place to conduct his PhD studies. But it was his initial contact with Müller that sealed the deal. end. Müller says Lynch’s work on the evolution of ancient red algae is cutting edge and influencing the future of algae research. Understanding photosynthetic organisms is important for environmental reasons – think water quality. gets the joke. isolate and study rare and new species. Africa.S. “Within 10 minutes of sending the first email. the associate professor and Biology Core Facility Manager at Waterloo is often approaching the desk with bags full of algae. After ranking 10 relevant professors in Canada and one in the U. Müller won the prestigious Dr. PhD Physics – MSc. After all. or internships. But Müller. Lynch shot off an email to Müller – his number one choice. In fact. an award that reflects how students feel about her open door policy and student-focused supportive style. PhD Chemistry (Nanotechnology) – MSc. “I feel really good about that. pollution control and even food sources – but also because it is a fascinating component of evolutionary research. biofuel. a phycologist who has picked up samples in as far-flung places as Europe. PhD Vision Science –’” she says laughing. and government along with major universities in Canada and around the world. PhD Chemistry – 13 . I had an appointment. She does. He was amazed by her quick and friendly response. Some programs are also available through the co-op system. many programs incorporate practical experience through industry-related research projects.

ca Economics MA.uwaterloo. PhD • Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering • Green Reaction Energy • Interfacial English MA.biology. Entrepreneurship and Technology MBET • Commercialization of Emerging Technologies • Innovation and Entrepreneurship • New Venture Creation • Social Entrepreneurship www. PhD • Cultural Studies in a Francophone Context • Early Modern French Literary Studies and Theory • Electronic Chemical Engineering MASc. Philosophy and Religion •Roman.uwaterloo. Health. MES.math. PhD • Control Theory • Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems • Fluid Mechanics • Quantum Theory • Relativity and Cosmology • Scientific Computation www.math.uwaterloo. PhD • Credibility and Ruin Theory • Demography • Funding of Pension Plans • Investments • Risk Theory • Stochastic Modeling www.cbet. PhD • Empirical/Archival Accounting Research • Judgement and Decision-Making Research and Well-being PhD • Alzheimer Research and Education • Cardiovascular Disease and Cognitive Impairment • Functional Abilities and Falls Prevention • Health Services Research Assessment • Healthy Lifestyles and Slowing the Aging Process • Research Translation to the Continuum of Care www. PhD • Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation • Human and Environment Relations • Local and Global Governance for Sustainability • Sectoral Issues and Options (e.environment. Mechanics and Construction Engineering • Transportation Engineering www.economics. Greek and Near Eastern Archaeology and Art programs/phd/behavioural Computational Mathematics MMath • Computational Optimization • Computational Statistics • Discrete Computational Mathematics • Machine Learning • Numerical Methods • Scientific Computing www.uwaterloo. Statistics and Optimization • Separation Processes Biology MSc. PhD • Algebraic Combinatorics • Continuous Optimization • Cryptology • Discrete Optimization • Graph Theory • Quantum Computing www. PhD • Applied Economics • Economics of Technology and Management • Public Economics Catholic Thought MCT • Roman Catholic Theology www.uwaterloo.uwaterloo.geography.stats.uwaterloo. PhD •Communication Design • Critical Media Studies • Digital Media • Historical and Contemporary Literary Studies • Literary Theory and Discourse Analysis • Rhetoric (literary and visual) french MA. PhD • Animal Biology • Bioinformatics • Environmental Biology • Microbiology • Nanotechnology • Plant Biology MEng.html Chemistry MSc. Applied Mathematics Business.programs/areas of Accounting Classical Studies (Ancient Mediterranean Cultures) MA •Ancient Cultures and Economies of the Mediterranean Basin •Ancient Languages and 14 . Public Discourse and Expressive Culture) Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience PhD •Brain Structure and Activity Relationship •Electrophysiological Methods for Recording Neuronal Activity •Human Neuroanatomy and Neuropathology •Integrated and Adaptive Behavioural Responses •Study of Large Neuronal Systems in the Orchestration of Behaviour www. MEng. PhD • Development and Environments • Earth System Sciences • Geomatics www. Computer Science MMath. PhD • Aqueous and Organic Hydrogeochemistry • Environmental Sciences • Hydrogeology • Isotope Hydrology and Geochemistry • Solid Earth Sciences • Water Cycle Modelling www.uwaterloo.html Earth Sciences MSc.uwaterloo.accounting. PhD • Antennas and Microwaves • Circuits and VSLI • Communication and Information Systems • Computer Hardware and Software Engineering • Mechatronics and Controls • Nanotechnology and Silicon Devices • Power and Sustainable Energy • Quantum Computing and Photonics Geography Architecture MArch • Armatures and Envelopes • Cultural Design • Digital Design • Small Buildings • Urban Design Anthropology (Public Issues) MA • Archaeology • Physical and Medical Anthropology • Socio-cultural Anthropology (Governance. PhD • Algorithms and Complexity • Artificial Intelligence • Bioinformatics • Databases and Text Management • Graphics and User Interfaces • Networks and Distributed Systems • Programming Languages • Scientific and Statistical Computing • Software Engineering • Symbolic Computation www. PhD •Applied Linguistics/Second Language Acquisition •Classical German Literature •German Film Studies •Literary and Cultural Theories •Literatures of the Weimar Republic and Post-WWII www. water) • Sustainable Communities/Sustainable Societies • Sustainable Social and Biophysical Systems Combinatorics and optimization MMath.htm Environment and Resource Studies MES. Colloids and Porous Media • Nanotechnology • Polymer Science and Engineering • Process Control.psychology. Editing and Publishing www. PhD • Environmental and Water Resource Engineering • Geotechnical Engineering • Nuclear Engineering • German Electrical and Computer Engineering MASc. PhD • Analytical Chemistry • Biochemistry • Inorganic Chemistry • Nanotechnology • Organic Chemistry • Physical Chemistry • Polymer Chemistry • Theoretical Chemistry www. Civil Engineering Actuarial Science fine Arts (Studio Art) MFA • Drawing • Electronic Imaging • Painting • Sculpture www.

ca/facgrad/wh. Culture and Society • Social Inequality • Theory and Methodology • Work and Technology www.psychology. or Regional Economic Development • Strategic Economic Planning www.uwaterloo.ahs.uwaterloo. MSc and PhD •Biology •Chemical Engineering •Chemistry •Electrical and Computer Engineering •Mechanical Engineering •Physics •Systems Design Engineering PhD • Conflict and Security • Global Environment • Global Justice and Human Rights • Global Political Economy • Multilateral Institutions and Diplomacy Statistics 15 . www.uwaterloo.uwaterloo.uwaterloo. Work and Leisure • Self.uwaterloo.ahs. MEng. Imperialism and Slavery • Science. PhD • Ergonomics.uwaterloo.grebel. Theological Studies MTS • Christian Theological Traditions www. Class. PhD • Aging.uwaterloo.uwaterloo. Drama and Lyrical Prose www. PhD • Industry.uwaterloo. Human Factors and Biomedical Engineering • Modelling and Simulation • Nanotechnology • Pattern Analysis.research Global Governance MA. PhD • Metaphysics and Epistemology • Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science • Philosophy of Technological and Scientific Developments • Theoretical Ethics and Moral Psychology Religious Studies PhD • Ethnicity and Religious Diversity • Religious Diversity in North America • Socio-cultural Approaches www. Entrepreneurship and Technology – MBET Master of Engineering – MEng Master of Public Health – MPH Master of Quantitative finance – MQf Master of Taxation – MTax Philosophy Russian MA • Belarusian and Croatian Studies • Comparative Literature and Literary Theory • Memoir and Album Literature • Russian Literature (Medieval to Contemporary) • Russian Folklore. PhD • Biomedical Ocular Research • Contact Lenses • Low Vision Rehabilitation • Optometric Education and Practice • Visual Development and Refractive Correction • Vision and Ophthalmic Standards www. Evaluation • Social Determinants of Health www.germanicandslavic.uwaterloo.uwaterloo.stats. Public Health MPH • Disease Prevention • Environmental Health • Health Promotion/Protection • Kinesiology MSc.sociology.uwaterloo. Mechanics and Mechanical Design • Thermal Engineering and Fire Behvaviour www. PhD • Administration and Management of Services • Aging. Medicine and Technology • War and Society GRoWING LIST of INNoVATIVE PRofESSIoNAL PRoGRAMS: Master of Accounting – MAcc Master of Actuarial Science – MActSci Master of Applied Environmental Studies in Planning – MAES Master of Architecture – MArch Master of Business.uwaterloo. Planning. Health.grad. PhD • Design and Manufacturing • Fluid Mechanics • Green Energy • Mechatronics Research • Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering • Solid Planning MA. Vision Science MSc. Cold War History • Historiography • Health Studies and Gerontology Tourism Policy and Planning Mechanical Engineering MASc.history.uwaterloo.optometry. and Well-being • Leisure Behaviour and Cultural Studies • Recreation and Leisure Resources • Tourism Policy and Planning • Work and Health Quantitative finance MQF • Computer Intensive Methods for Stochastic Models of Finance • Finance Econometrics www.mtax. PhD • Canadian. PhD • Astrophysics and Gravitation • Atomic. MMSc. Machine Intelligence and Robotics • Signal and Image Processing • Societal and Environmental Systems Engineering • Software Engineering and Optimization Software • Systems Theory www. Illness and Disease • Interventions to Reduce Workplace Injury • Rehabilitation and Return to Workplace • Risk Management and Disease Prevention • Social Determinants of Occupational Injury and Illness • Work-leisure-family Balance www. PhD • Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience • Clinical Psychology • Cognitive Psychology • Developmental Communication Science • Developmental Psychology • Health Psychology • Industrial/Organizational Psychology • Social Psychology www.globalgovernance. MES • International Tourism • Sustainable Tourism Development • Tourism and the Environment • Tourism as a Force for Local Economic Development www.mfinance.philosophy. History MA.uwaterloo. and Well-being • Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience • Behavioural Research and Program Evaluation • Biostatistics and Health Informatics • Cancer Prevention • Human Nutrition and Chronic Disease • Intervention and Prevention Strategies • Population Health Work and Health PhD • Epidemiology of Workplace Psychology MA. American and Modern European History • Gender.uwaterloo.politicalscience. and Well-being • Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience • Biomechanics • Neural Mechanisms and Determinants of Human Motor Behaviour • Physiology and Nutrition • Work and Health www.ahs. PhD • Algebra and Logic • Analysis and Functional Equations • Geometry and Topology • Number Theory Physics MSc.mme.uwaterloo.math. PhD • Biostatistics • Quantitative Finance • Statistics and Computing Pure Mathematics MMath. International and Sustainable Development • Entrepreneurship (Private and Social) • Human and Social Capital • Recreation and Leisure Studies MA. Molecular and Optical Physics • Biophysics • Chemical Physics • Condensed Matter and Material Physics • Industrial and Applied Physics • Nanotechnology • Quantum Computing • Subatomic Physics www.shtml Management Sciences MASc.ahs.uwaterloo. PhD •Aging.html Nanotechnology Sociology MA. Local Economic Development MAES • Systems Design Engineering Taxation MTax • Canadian Income Tax www. PhD • Decision Support Tools and Analysis and Planning • Environmental Planning • Heritage Planning • Infrastructure Planning • Strategic Planning • Sustainable Community Planning • Urban Design www.physics.uwaterloo. Women and Family • Global Political Science MA • Bioethics and Contemporary Political Theory • Canadian State and Society • Conflict and Conflict Resolution • Gender Politics and Interest Group Politics • Globalization and International Relations • Political Economy and Politics of Developing Areas www.ahs. PhD • Energy • Health-Care Management • Human-Computer Interaction • Innovation and Entrepreneurship • Management of Technology • Optimization www.

uwaterloo.5 CAEL 70 CanTest Some departments admit directly into the PhD program from a four-year bachelor’s degree. you’re in good company.grad. German. you will need to provide certification of English language proficiency. Renison University College offers two intensive language programs – English for Success and English for Academic Success – to develop spoken and written English. Everyone is welcome in Canada.0 90 NOTE: Some departments may require higher scores. No wonder the United Nations has consistently ranked Canada as one of the best countries in the world in which to live. Please see our International Admission Guide for a list of degree requirements and standings by o n e o f t h e W o r l d ’ s best C oUntr I es Walk though the Waterloo campus and listen. Our education system is top-notch and our university degrees are recognized worldwide. research opportunities and our co-operative education system.internatio As an international student at the University of Waterloo. to name a few. You will need these minimum test scores for admission: Paper-based ToEfL TWE Essay IB-ToEfL MELAB 85 IELTS .5 550 4. making our multicultural campus welcoming to all. and Spanish. Candidates must also demonstrate other superior qualifications. You’ll hear students speaking a variety of languages – Cantonese. Our international students attend Waterloo for a high-quality education and the exceptional hands-on experience they receive through labs. such as advanced research ability. day-to-day living is the best way to learn English quickly. www.asp e n g lI s h l a n gUa g e r eqUI rements If you were educated outside Canada in a country where English is not the official language. a safe country where people from many different ethnic backgrounds live peacefully together. although most admit from the master’s.uwaterloo. Please check with your chosen department or school for application deadline and additional application requirements. One-third of all graduate students come from over 90 nations around the world. But if you want extra practice to improve your Academic English skills. ad mI s s Io n r e qU I r e m ents The minimum requirement for admission to a master’s program is a four-year bachelor’s degree from an approved university or I m p r o v e y oUr e n g lI sh Whether you’re ordering a coffee or commenting on the weather. Departments may set higher admission requirements.html 16 www.

Here are the typical weather conditions that you should expect in Waterloo. www. WINTER: DECEMBER To MARCH Winters in Canada are usually quite cold.000 – 2.000 PhD $5. All full-time international students starting a master’s research-based program receive an International Master’s Student Award (IMSA) valued at $1.onal students sC h o l a r s hIp s a n d fI n a nC Ia l sU p port Waterloo is committed to providing financial opportunities and support for international students.uwaterloo. Academic departments may offer guaranteed amounts at the time of admission. The main sources of funding are: International Graduate Student Awards. SUMMER: JUNE To SEPTEMBER Summers are usually very warm and sunny.500 $1.400 – 1. consulate or high commission in your home country. research studentships. They host events designed to help you adjust to life in Canada. housing. WATERLoo WEATHER: In Canada there are 4 distinct seasons: fall.iso.800 $ 150 – 500 $1.400 – 1. h oW mU Ch W Il l It Co s t ? International students pay tuition and incidental fees for each of the three academic terms: fall (September to December).ca 17 .100 per term for three years. Students already receiving major external awards or sponsorship are not eligible.550 (-) $4. but can be cool and rainy at times. with regular snowfalls that leave from 5cm to 20cm of snow on the ground. including heat and hydro) Food Books and supplies (varies by course and program) Other (transportation. Staff can help you with immigration issues.238 $ 252 $ 252 $3. s t Ud y p e r mIt Every international student must have a Study Permit to study in Canada.550 – 6. winter (January to April) and spring (May to August).000 – 2. hazy and humid in July and August.cic.200 $4.200 $4.100 (-) $2. but becomes cooler in the later months. Int e r n a tIo n a l ma s t e r ’ s s t U d e n t aW ard (I msa ) and In t e r n a tI o n a l d oC t o r a l s t U d e n t aW ard (I dsa) The University of Waterloo provides awards specific to international students to offset the tuition fee costs. personal) Total per term Master’s $5.500 $1. winter. including orientation and English language programs. Once you have been accepted into an academic program. All full-time international students starting a PhD program receive an International Doctoral Student Award (IDSA) valued at $3.550 – 6. and financial and academic advice.800 $ 150 – 500 $1.gc.000 *NOTE: Some programs may have higher fees.550 per term for two years. research assistantships and teaching assistantships. medical insurance. The temperature rise and conditions can become hot. www. spring. apply for a Study Permit at a Canadian embassy. entertainment. cultural adjustment.642 PhD $2.238 $ 252 $ 252 $1. and summer.192 Master’s $2. Here are approximate fees and expenses you can expect to pay (in Canadian dollars): Tuition and fees: Tuition* Incidentals and compulsory fees University Health Insurance Plan International Student Award reduction Total per term Living Expenses: Housing (rent. Don’t wait until the last minute! Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to find out more. fALL: SEPTEMBER To DECEMBER It is usually warm at the beginning of September.000 – 1. SPRING: MARCH To JUNE Springs are usually mild and sunny. Waterloo Int e r n a tIo n a l s t U d e n t o f fI Ce The International Student Office offers a range of programs and services to help make your stay at Waterloo both enjoyable and academically fulfilling.000 – 1.

Funding helps make that happen. The Graduate Studies Office works closely with departments to advertise. This applies to the first three years of full-time enrolment in a PhD program.000 Website www. researching. and are awarded to full-time graduate students with a first-class (80%) standing. studying and defending a thesis. An awards reception to celebrate award recipients is organized each – $35. re s e a rC h as s Is t a n t s hIps/ r esear Ch st U dentsh Ips Research Assistantships and Research Studentships are offered at the time of admission by some academic www.000 per term.500 – $ lab work.on. Nominations for University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarships are submitted to the Graduate Studies Office (GSO) by academic departments.000 and $3.grad.000 each year in additional funding to students receiving tri-council (NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR) and provincial (OGS) competition-based scholarships. Teaching Assistantships are offered at the time of admission by some academic departments.uwaterloo. 18 Un I v e r sI t y o f W a t e r l oo sC holarsh I ps Internal funding to support University of Waterloo graduate students includes bursaries. as Merit Scholarships.000 annually. or as term scholarships and normally have a value between $1. Other sources of funding processed through the GSO include: Maternity and Adoption Bursaries. f U n dI n g f o r d oC t o r a l st U dents Guaranteed financial support for doctoral students will be a minimum of $ www. The PGS provides up to $10.sshrc. f e d e r a l a n d p r o vIn C I al g radU ate sC holarsh I p s External Agency NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council SSHRC Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research oGS Ontario Graduate Scholarship Value for 12 months $17. Waterloo offers a variety of internal and external awards. and scholarships.000 $15.000 $17. Child Care Bursaries. marking and instructing while carrying on graduate work.osap. p r e sI d e n t ’ s gr a dU a t e sCholarsh Ip The University of Waterloo President’s Graduate Scholarship (PGS) celebrates outstanding academic achievement of graduate students. funding Between attending seminars.asp . loans. t e aC h In g as s I s t a n t s hI ps Various academic departments offer teaching assistantships to students interested in demonstrating. corporate donors. adjudicate and distribute awards to graduate students. The awards may be given as Graduate Entrance Scholarships.cihr. Graduate Student Bursaries. foundations and the general public. staff. alumni. Many of these funds are made possible through contributions by faculty. successful graduate study requires time and single-minded focus.000 $17. In addition to government financial support and research grants.500 – $ www. Research Travel Assistantships and Doctoral Thesis-completion Awards. students.nserc.

If your department requires you to select a potential supervisor when you apply for graduate Child Care Student Accounts www.uwaterloo. Admission to a PhD program requires a 75 per cent overall standing in your previous Career Services www.uwaterloo. you will receive an email from the University of Waterloo with instructions for using Applicant Quest (Waterloo’s self-service application system) to upload your application documents. and statement of interest/supplementary information form. Athletics and Recreation www. International students may be required to apply earlier to allow for extra processing childcare/ Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) www. This will include transcripts (courses. The Graduate Studies Office grants official admission. Departments and faculties may set higher admission yoUr g r a dU a t e s t U dIe s sU p e r vIs o r The University of Waterloo is known for its exceptional and supportive graduate advisors. 2. Within a few days of submitting your on-line application.adm. Candidates must also demonstrate other superior qualifications.library. After researching the program you wish to apply to.virtualtour.uwaterloo.gsa.research. The minimum requirement for admission to a master’s program is a 75 per cent overall standing in the last two years of a four-year bachelor’s degree program from an approved university or while others admit students for fall.htm Virtual tour of Waterloo www.asp 19 .ca office of Research www. hoW t o a p p l y Applying to Graduate Studies at Waterloo is an easy two step process: students/stdfees.healthservices. Graduate Studies office (GSo) www. Please check with your chosen department or school for application deadlines and additional application requirements. search the departmental website or on the Graduate Studies Office website: www. a resume.uwaterloo.asp a pplI C a tI o n d e a d lIn e s Application deadlines vary by department and program. Some departments admit directly into the PhD program from a four-year bachelor’s degree.html Graduate Student Association (GSA) www. GRE).grad.uwaterloo.uwaterloo. the university has high expectations to drive academic excellence.uwaterloo. such as advanced research ability. Some departments only admit students for the fall term.uwaterloo. Check with the relevant department for its admission terms and application The materials might include test scores (English Language Proficiency.grad. although most admit from the master’ Housing and Residences www. go to www. winter or spring terms. grades.athletics.and admissions requirements CAMPUS AMENITIES: Like the thousands of graduate students who call Waterloo home. NOTE: Academic departments make admission decisions and offers of financial Health Services Library www.uwaterloo. degree certificates) from all postsecondary institutions attended and supplementary application materials.cte. Complete the on-line application and pay the application fee.

safe.grad. The annual Graduate Student Research Conference encourages and fosters interdisciplinary research on campus and creates awareness of the research conducted by graduate students at Waterloo. the Grad House offers a variety of services and activities that cater to the graduate student and university community. Occupying the original farmhouse of South Campus. an integral part of Canada’s “technology triangle.uwaterloo. restaurants and shopping? Welcome to the city of Waterloo. www. gr a dU a t e h o Us Ing Located within walking distance to campus. An exclusive Club.uwaterloo. Of course there are many off-campus options in Waterloo region to meet your needs and budget. so don’t be surprised if you see cornfields and Old Order Mennonite buggies just minutes away from busy streets. plenty of green space. the Grad House is the graduate student lounge and houses the office of the GSA. Stratford Shakespeare Festival and the sandy beaches of the Great Lakes. Waterloo is known for its charming blend of urban and rural. www.gsa. museums. Columbia Lake Village is a great place to call in Wat Are you looking for a city that boasts a thriving multicultural community with safe streets.” With a population of 121. www.housing. and convenient residence while studying at Waterloo. communicates regulations and operates the Graduate House. This residence community offers graduate students and those with families a gr a dU a t e s tU dent resear Ch Conferen C e Keep the spirit of graduate innovation alive and show off your work. the city of Waterloo combines the advantages of a small community with easy access to metropolitan Toronto.000. Students have the option of an oral or poster presentation. top-tier gr a dU a t e s tU dent asso CIat Ion The Graduate Student Association (GSA) advocates concerns to university administrators and external 20 .

has become one of Canada’s leading comprehensive universities with 28. • Plan a weekend camping trip with friends or family at one of the many local provincial parks. research and discovery.waterloo. Waterloo. Why not jump in feet first and take advantage of all the things Waterloo region has to offer? • Buy local apples. Waterloo. tomatoes or artisanal cheeses at one of the many nearby farmers’ markets. • Check out live bands at Grad House or at the fox and the fiddle. Niagara falls or Stratford. • Spend a Saturday afternoon shopping at Conestoga Mall or trendy boutiques in Uptown Waterloo. Inte l l I g e nC e C o m e s h o m e Of course we have a lot to be proud of in • Watch mainstream and foreign films at the Princess Cinemas. it accounts for 45 per cent of job growth and is home to 40 per cent of all the hightech firms in the area.000 full. This track record can be partially attributed to our enlightened approach toward intellectual property. • Snowboard or ski at Chicopee Ski Club when cold weather hits. Or hop on a Grand River Transit bus to get from point A to 21 . Why? While Waterloo only represents 10 per cent of the labour force in the region. • Get dressed up and meet friends for dinner and dancing at Caesar Martinis. Being a smaller city.and part-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs. CANADA UNITED STATES Lake Superior Lake Huron Waterloo Lake Michigan Detroit Toronto Lake Ontario Boston Niagara Falls Stratford Lake Erie New York Philadelphia MEXICO UNITED STATES g et tI n g a r oUn d W a t e r l o o Travelling around Waterloo region is often trouble-free. What better way to spur entrepreneurial spirit than to let professors and students own their work? a boU t t h e U nIv e r sI t y o f W a t e r l o o In just half a century. • Ice skate at the outdoor rink in downtown Kitchener.aterloo CANADA Montreal Ottawa WHAT CAN I Do IN WATERLoo? Starting or continuing your graduate studies sometimes means moving to a new city. grab a beer stein and some schnitzel and make some noise at oktoberfest. the University of Waterloo. www. was named Intelligent Community of the Year in 2007. the university is committed to building a better future for Canada and the world by championing innovation and collaboration to create solutions relevant to the needs of today and tomorrow.on. best known as the home of BlackBerry development company. In the next decade. • Take a walk through Waterloo Park or hop on your bike and ride the trails. • Hop on a bus to Toronto. Research in Motion. located at the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle. • Throw on some lederhosen (or not). as home to the world’s largest post-secondary co-operative education program. but it is satisfying when outsiders pay us accolades too. Flying out to visit family or take a vacation? Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is just over just over an hour’s drive from Waterloo. embraces its connections to the world and encourages enterprising partnerships in learning. Professors and graduate students retrain rights to the intellectual property they develop at the university. traffic jams are rare in Waterloo and there is usually enough parking for everyone.

The PEFC logo on our materials signals not only the certified fibre Waterloo.graduate studies your mind. Design: UW Graphics Photography: Light Imaging 12/09 88852 .uwaterloo. Canada The University of Waterloo is proud to be one of the first universities in Canada to print our materials on paper certified through the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). but also Waterloo’s commitment to improving our environment. Ontario. our mentors www.

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