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2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY

Fiscal Year July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008


A world where people with disabilities are fully included.

mission values

Empowering people with developmental disabilities to enrich their own lives through our services.

Commitment to People u Quality u Teamwork u Initiative

Innovation u Stewardship u Integrity


Cheryl Valentine, center, Janice FreyAngel, at left, and Lions Clubs members open the Eyeglass Recycling Center, where community members and Crossroads work together on volunteer activities.


CHaiRMan of tHe BoaRD of DiReCtoRs

Letter From the Chairman oF the Board and President/Ceo
Dear Melwood Supporter:
This past year was a time of great economic and social change. To maintain success and progress, people and organizations must adapt, often rapidly. The needs and expectations of people with disabilities are changing, as is Melwoods response to those changes. Our executive leadership change enables us to look at new ways of fulfilling our vision. We are all demonstrating that we can successfully shift between old and new stages in life, old and new ways of doing business. This report, Transitions, chronicles our successful adaptations while holding true to our vision of enriching lives of people with disabilities. Take pride knowing that your support helps make these stories possible. Proudly,

Andrew V. Colevas
ViCe CHaiR

Frank O. Coombs

Stanley J. Botts Marty DErasmo Michael A. Edwards Reggie Harris Jay R. Kern David E. LHeureux George Moore J. Robert Moore Frank A. Nicolai Dana B. Stebbins Samuel Thompkins Louis Welker

andrew V. Colevas

Janice Frey-Angel, MSW

CHief finanCial offiCeR

Ronald L. Stubblefield, CPA PhD MSW

senioR ViCe PResiDent

Janice frey-angel

Joel Pagliarello
ViCe PResiDents

Ronald Hanley Donald Pollock Jonathon Rondeau

andrew V. Colevas Janice frey-angel Melwood Board Chairman Melwood President/CEO

2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY

PuTTing PeoPle



Work supports our vision of full community inclusion for people with disabilities. People share their lives through workplace interactions. Work enables people to contribute to society in a meaningful way, and works material rewards lets people choose how they want to share in the community. Workplace success requires training, support at home and work, and often, accumulated life experience. In turn, recognizing peoples achievements helps continue their growth and ability to take greater control over their lives.

elwood now offers recycling services for government clients, and is the only recycling contractor for all Navy installations in the Washington, DC area. Recycling is Melwoods first new line of service to federal customers since 1997, and one of many contracts Melwood operates under the AbilityOne Program, which offers quality employment for people who have disabilities. Expanding into recycling made sense, given our reputation for quality custodial and building services, says Joel Pagliarello, Melwood Senior Vice President for Contract Services. Recycling represents our determination to offer new and different types of employment opportunities for people with disabilities, says Janice Frey-Angel, Melwood President/CEO.

A New Opportunity

Kevin Mackell and Stanley Mohr retrieve and unload carts full of Throughout Melwood, people with recyclable materials. disabilities are making the most of new job opportunities. Stanley Mohr worked on various custodial crews for 23 years and leapt at a recycling opportunity, saying, I like working with new people.

Now, Stanley collects and sorts recyclable materials alongside four coworkers. There is a learning curve and Stanley is doing pretty good learning all the tasks, says Rodney Johnson, his supervisor.



After Graduation

he Transitioning Youth program gives young people with disabilities a head start on life after graduation, including employment opportunities. Eight young men and women work alongside other Melwood employees with and without disabilities at a high profile, secure custodial contract in downtown Washington, DC. Norvella Fowlkes, one of the newest members, completes her assigned tasks for an entire floor, which is no small accomplishment. The Transitioning Youth do their jobs just as capably as their more experienced co-workers, says Donna Price, the onsite project manager. Their success has been recognized, too. Melissa Maher and Jeremy Yorkshire have both earned Employee of the Month honors at the site.

(Clockwise from left) Melissa Maher, Norvella Fowlkes, Marlon Ferrel, Philip Sauder, Jeremy Yorkshire, Robyn Grantley, Cherena Oliver and Lekisha Sellman have all excelled in jobs through the Transitioning Youth program.


The Right Job

or several years, Stephen Kaldenbach worked for other employers but found reporting to work a challenge. He lost several jobs because he occasionally refused to go to work or inform his supervisor he would be absent. After considering his options, Stephen became a Melwood employee at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Stephen has been at his new job over a year, is content, and says he loves working at his new job. Now, Stephen calls his supervisor when he is sick and schedules days off ahead of time. Since entering supportive employment, Stephen has become much more responsible for his success at work.
2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY 4


Not Waiting
hilip Sauder was eager to work for Melwood in downtown Washington, but had to wait for a security clearance. In years past, he would not have begun work until his clearance was granted. Melwood now places employees at sites with less stringent security requirements until they receive their clearances. The employees then transfer to the jobs for which they were originally hired. Before receiving his clearance, Philip worked at the Naval Research Lab for three months and was glad to work as soon as possible, saying, I put all my money in my savings account.



ew in 2008, Crossroads combines three programsPersonal Enrichment, Employee Development and Horticultural Therapy that Melwood used to operate separately. Crossroads emphasizes personal choice in pursuit of life satisfaction and skill diversity. Individuals can take part in life skills, employee development or horticultural therapy activities each day. When Ashlee Holt first joined Crossroads, she would not cooperate if she was not in control of decisions about activities. However, Ashlee enjoyed working in the greenhouses with a group focused on horticultural therapy. Within a week, Ashlee grew to trust and enjoy the company of her peers. She and the greenhouse staff could then engage in light-hearted conversation. Ashlee continues to communicate more effectively, decide what she would like to do during the day, and is very productive when she chooses to take part in work activities. Dwawn Hopkins joined Crossroads through the Transitioning Youth program. For several months, he was distant from his peers and staff, and was anxious about working, but grew to enjoy the horticultural therapy program. Now, Dwawn interacts more easily with others, has more interest in working, and looks forward to taking part in activities, says Kedra Frisby, Dwawns development coach. Beau Rose is quiet and reserved, but at times can be very vocal. In the past, Beau had difficulty engaging in group activities. As a result, Beau often worked on projects by himself. Eventually, Beau joined a group working in the Melwood Garden Center and blossomed. Now, Beau willingly takes part in group activities and is usually smiling. He is proud of his work and always willing to try new activities.


suPPorTing PeoPle aT home and Work

Specialized supports at home and in public enable people to enjoy and become part of their community. Melwood staff turn individual plans into real-life results.

grouP TransiTions,

Individual Goals

atty Cain worked in the community and on Melwood custodial crews for several years. Recently, Melwood began providing support services to Patty and her two housemates in the home they share. I have been in this field for quite some time but never have I seen the individuals so active, so much in the community. They go everywhere, says house coordinator Vencentia Edmonds. Support isnt limited to housing services. Patty and her family were concerned about her weight, so they set a goal for Patty to lose 50 pounds in a year. Now only four months later, Patty has lost 18 pounds by exercising regularly and carefully following her diet with the guidance and support of her community support living team.

finding The

Right Home

ince 1991, John Rogers* lived in Melwoods Community Living program but had a reputation for behavioral concerns and lived alone with a full-time counselor instead of with his peers. Over the summer, he was hospitalized with weakness in both legs that kept him from walking and caused other health problems. John wanted to live with other people and Melwoods Community Support Services team recognized that he would need additional support after he left the hospital. He and his team decided that he could live with housemates if he moved to a suitable Community Living home and had the necessary community support. Carnita Smith, a Melwood direct care professional, joined John each day for nearly six months to help him with medical procedures, physical exercises, therapist recommendations and daily living activities. With her support, John fully recovered and returned to a new home, where he lives with two friends. John and his friends get along well, and his behavior has improved so much that a previously prepared behavior plan is no longer necessary. Johns personal motivation and Melwoods dedication to person-centered programming made Johns recovery and transition to a new, satisfying environment possible.
* Not his real name.
2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY 6

neW horizons

Autism Services

DeAndre, at right, socializes with Dia ne Wair, therapeutic integration instructor, and Bryce Chitwood, recr eation center director, between acti vities.

elwood began a new program, Autism Services, to assist autistic children younger than 21, and their families. Available services are individually tailored and include respite care, an after school program, intensive individual support services and family training. DeAndre had a difficult adjustment when he first entered the after school program. He doesnt often speak, choosing to display behavior that could be considered aggressive. DeAndre also struggled with social skills, and only wanted to listen to music or use a computer, even though other children were interested in playing together. Over time, the introduction of various visual aides has helped DeAndre understand and communicate with others, and his growth is remarkable. His behavior has improved and his interests have expanded. Now, DeAndre enjoys weekly equestrian and horticultural therapy activities with his peers, and has become friends with another child in the program. When DeAndre is frustrated, he is better able to express himself with help from staff, making each day one of progress.

Students in the after school program enjoy many activities, including using the computer, or interacting with Frosty, a popular horse in Melwoods Equestrian program, who visits the after school program each week.


suPPorTing relaxaTion and Play

Melwoods Recreation Center serves campers of different ages and ability levels with an emphasis on inclusion and acceptance for all. Sometimes growth occurs quickly. Other times, progress is seen from year to year.

kamP a-kom-Plish
elwoods Kamp A-Kom-Plish offers enriching day and overnight summer camp experiences for children of all abilities. Teenagers can enroll in the Terrific Teens program to develop teamwork and leadership skills while at camp. Tony first attended summer camp in 2007. He enjoyed himself, but was very quiet, usually socializing with only his younger brother and his counselor. In 2008, Tony returned as a Terrific Teen, a program designed for teenaged campers who want some responsibility and leadership roles in addition to traditional camp fun. Terrific Teens have more freedoms and responsibilities than regular campers, often requiring adjustments on their part. Over the course of his two-week stay, Tony became very outspoken and active in the nightly rap session when the teens could discuss life and personal issues with each other.
Tony, pictured with his brother Billy, at left, showed the personal growth that makes recreation programs so rewarding.

One evening Tony declared, that was by far the best rap session he ever attended. The statement surprised and rewarded the staff, because making a public statement about his feelings to his peers was a big step in Tonys socialization. With that one remark, Tony showed the personal growth that makes recreation programs most rewarding.



ccess Adventures gives adults with disabilities the opportunity to take supported vacations throughout the year.

Elmer Duckett, at left, and William Dill, at right, greet a shopkeeper in the Nassau Straw Market during the Access Adventures Bahamas Cruise.

2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY

2008 donors -Thank you!

Melwood made a world of difference to my brother Paul and my family.
Joe Brown

Gifts of $10,000 or more

Mr. Joseph Brown Mr. Andrew V. Colevas The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. The HSC Foundation

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Mr. Gary Alexander Mr. Michael Babauta Mr. Gary Brown Mrs. Mary L. Buszuwski Clark Construction Group, LLC Clark Enterprises Inc. Mr. James Dresser ECHO-Employee Charity Organization of Northrup Grumman Dr. Barry H. Epstein Ms. Patricia A. Ferrill Ms. Deborah A. Fischel Mrs. Etta Fleisher Mrs. Janice Frey-Angel Mr. Andriy Garber Mr. Frank Gren GWBDG&E CPA Mr. Gary R. Harris Knights of Columbus. St. Columcille Council #5317 Knights of Columbus-Maryland State Council

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Melwood is a committed United Way partner agency. Melwood employees gave 24% more in 2008 than during the previous year.

It was a pleasure meeting her and having my picture taken with Mrs. Bush.
Brenda Sheaffer

Mr. David L. Cahn Mr. Kenneth Campana Mr. James Edward Campbell Ms. Julie Walsh Cantor Ms. Deborah A. Carpentier Ms. Natleen G. Chance Ms. Mary Jane Checchi Ms. Yuren Chen Mr. Derek Denson Chiari Mr. Doanh Le Chu Mr. Pete J. Ciullio Ms. Shirley Clark Clinton Post Office Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cohen Mr. Arthur Pasquale Coletta Mr. Chris Collins Ms. Faith A. Collins Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Comer Mr. & Mrs. John M. Cook Mr. Craig Cook Mr. Frank O. Coombs Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Cooper Mr. Derek Corbett LLC Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Coulter, Jr. Ms. Kaye L. Coursen Mr. Alvan M. Crews Ms. M. Doreen Croser Mr. Joseph Roland Cumberland Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Cummings Ms. Bertha Alene Curtis D. James Sturgill Mr. & Mrs. Phil J. Danahy Mr. Michael H. Darmstead Mr. & Mrs. Roy F. Daugherty, Jr. Mr. William David Mr. James P. Davis Mr. Jay R. Defibaugh Ms. Karen Lee Degerberg

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ployees, e program em ored AbilityOn ite House ra Bush hon eaffer at a Wh First Lady Lau oyee Brenda Sh wood empl including Mel bruary. ceremony in Fe
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2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY


2008 donors -Thank you!

I want to help others like me on the road back to full and independent Personhood.
Killian Swift
Mr. Neller Johnson Ms. Marta S. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Jones Ms. Beth Jones Mr. Bert Kapinus, Esq. Mr. Robert W. Kaufman Mr. Kevin A. Kelley Mr. William Henry Kenety Mr. William Martin Kerrigan Mr. Robert J. Keyes Mr. Thomas James Keys Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Kieffer Mr. Joseph Francis King Mr. John Knight Mr. & Mrs. Stuart M. Kohn Ms. Mardi Kontos Ms. Kat Kouts Ms. Ethel L. Kramer Mr. Stanley Burton Kronstedt Ms. Alice LaMarsh Mr. Donald Edward Langley Ms. Carolyn LeCrone Mr. Roscoe Alvarez Ledbetter Ms. Joanne Lee Mr. & Mrs. Foster & Nadia Leonhardt Mr. & Mrs. Lance & Monica Leonhardt Mr. Kenneth Lewis Mr. Larry Limbacher, Sr. Mr. Karl Lin Mr. Spyridon Livanis Mr. Winthrop Lodge Mr. Thomas S. Logan Mr. David Lomax Mr. John M. Lorah Ms. Brenda J. Lore Loveville Leather Harness and Tack Shop Ms. Nancy S. Lychos Mr. David Mack, Sr. Mr. Randy Maged Mr. Robert H. Magill Ms. Christina Mann Ms. Ellen Kahler Markham Mr. Paul Leo Marr, Jr. Mr. John Marshall Maryland Bank & Trust Company Maryland Charity Campaign Ms. Odalys Massa-Flores Mr. & Mrs. Eric Maxfield Dr. Tom McConnells Ms. Alice C. McCullough Metropolitan Siding & Windows Mr. John V. Michel, Jr. Mr. Robbie S. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Lee J. Miller Ms. Veronica Milstead Mr. Franz H. Misch Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mitkus Ms. Cynthia G. Moore Mr. Dominic John Motta Mr. Glenn A. Myers Mr. Bob Navarra Ms. Darwina Neal Mr. Raymond V. OConnor, Jr. Mr. Joseph Gerard Oneill Ms. Ashley A. Owens Mr. J. Arthur Padgett, Jr. Ms. Cecile Parmentier-Line Mr. Richard Patterson Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pelosi Ms. Pimol Phinyakasem Mrs. Inez Pickeyal Mr. & Mrs. Manuel & Virginia Pinto Mr. Andy Pittman Mr. Robert Poe Mr. John Weston Porter Mr. Dirck K. Praeger Mr. Donald Puchaty Queen Anne School Ms. Helen Rita Quill Ms. Phyllis Quinn Ranchworks, LLC Rappaport Management Company Ms. Carol Redmond Mr. Stanley James Reed Mr. Willis J. Reilly Mr. Richard Reise Ms. Linda S. Renzi Mr. Thomas Walton Richardson Mr. Charles Riley Mr. Harry R. Ritter, Jr. Mr. Harry L. Roesch Ms. Wanda Sue Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Sabino W. Romano, Jr. Ms. Lisa Romero Mr. Jonathon Rondeau Mr. & Mrs. Phil Rosengard Ms. Amy R. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rottmann Ms. Alice Koury Sanslone Ms. Martha I. Sawyer Mr. William Scher

Thank you for sending more than 2,000 Valentines greetings to Melwood participants!
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ector urnament Dir y Hoyer joins To gel at y Leader Sten Janice Frey-An House Majorit d President/CEO and Melwoo Teo Sodeman unty Open. ce Georges Co Melwood Prin the

Donations in Memory of:

Ms. Tricia Babauta

Donations in Honor of:

Mr. Andrew Colevas Ms. Doris Curtis Ms. Martha DErasmo Ms. Etta Fleisher Ms. Priscilla Hawkins Ms. Hazel Moran Ms. Sylvia Alvarez Morini Mr. Brian Nader Ms. Julia Brynn Thomas Ms. Denise Williams

Mr. Paul Brown Ms. Sandra K. Davis Mr. John Fischel Mr. Don Iacobazzi Mr. Irwin Neveloff Mr. Gregory Michael Smith Mr. Rocco Soraci Ms. Brooke Thomas Mr. Ken Toshok

Thank you to the thousands of vehicle donors who have supported our mission and services through their generous donations.

We have made every attempt to include each donor. If you do not see your name listed, please accept our sincere apology and contact our development office at 301-599-8000.

2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY


increasing visibiliTy and revenue


elwood continued to increase its regional visibility as host charity of the Melwood Prince Georges County Open. The golf tournament was held at the highly-regarded Country Club at Woodmore, raised considerable revenue for Melwood, and drew universal praise from Nationwide Tour officials, players and more Autism than 30,000 golf fans. Services 0.6% Day Habilitation 8.6% Charitable donations and income from events like this tournament help us to provide vital Recreation Supported people with disabilities, said Janice services for House 24.3% Majority Leader Steny Employment Frey-Angel, Melwood President/CEO. Hoyer greets Melwood staff who 18.9% Teo Sodeman, tournament director, volunteered at the Melwood Contributions from area corporations presents the 2008 Melwood Prince Prince Georges County Open. and volunteers helped make the event Georges County Open winners trophy successful. More than 250 volunteers Community to Jeff Klauk as announcer Charlie Contract Services worked as course marshals, walking scorers, standard bearers, and van pport 13.3% Brotman, Prince Georges County (Federal) 30.2% drivers over the course of the week. Executive Jack B. Johnson, Melwood Management Fundraising 7.5% consumers Cathy Spaur and Brenda TheCommunity will return to The Country Club at Woodmore the week and General 2.3% tournament Sheaffer, and Melwood President/CEO of June 1-7, 2009 and will be broadcast worldwide on the Golf Channel. Recreational Living 3.9% Janice Frey-Angel look on. Details,Autism opportunities to volunteer or sponsor, are at including Services 2.3% Services 0.6% Day Habilitation 8.6%

financial highlighTs
Supported Employment

Community Services 14.9%


Community Support 13.3%

Support and Revenue Contract Services

(Federal) 30.2%

Vocational Training and Consumer Support 9.6%


Employment Services 63.4%

Public Support

Net Support from Community Special Events 1.3% Living 3.9% Other


Management and General 2.3% Recreational Services 2.3%

Fundraising 7.5% Customer Service-3 Warehouse-2 Healthcare-1 County Govt-1 IT- 1 Recycling-1

Service Fees 14.1% Sales Revenue Contract Revenue 71%

Clerical-3 Food Service-12 Community Services 14.9% Retail-19 Landscaping-61 Vocational Training and Consumer Support 9.6%


Employment Services 63.4%

Custodial 613 Melwoods total income for fiscal 2008 was $68.5 million, and expenses amounted to $68.8 million. The overage is attributable Public Support to continued reductions in vehicle 12.2% donations and increased expenses to provide services. Melwood has taken steps to balance Net Support from the budget for the coming year by reducing expenses not related to program services, identifying new revenue sources for Special Events 1.3% existing programs and attracting new donors. Customer Other Service-3 Warehouse-2 Healthcare-1 Clerical-3 0.9% County Gov Food Service-12 13 MeLWooD IT- 1 Service Recycling-1 Retail-19 Fees 14.1% Landscaping-61

Autism Services 0.6%



PeoPle served
Supported Employment

Day Habilitation 8.6%



Disability Type
Contract Services (Federal) 1% Other 30.2%


Other 1% Other 1% Community Mental Mental Health Living 3.9% 16% Mental Health 16% Health 16% Neurological 63% Neurological Disability 14% 63% Developmental Neurological Disability 14% Developmental 63% Disability Disability 14% Disability Developmental Sensory Disability Sensory Disability 2.4% Sensory Disability 2.4% Physical Physical Disability 2.4% Disability 1% Physical Disability 1% Disability 1% Public Support Net Support from 12.2% Special Events 1.3%

No Disability 7.4% No Disability 7.4% No Disability 7.4%

Autism Autism Services 0.6% Day Habilitation 8.6% Autism Services 0.6% Day Habilitation 8.6% Services 0.6% Day Habilitation 8.6% Management Recreation Supported Fundraising 7.5% Recreation and General 2.3% Supported 24.3% Employment Recreation 24.3% Employment Supported Recreational 18.9% 24.3% Employment 18.9% Services 2.3%

Services Provided


Community Community Community Support 13.3% Services 14.9%Support 13.3% Community

Support 13.3%

Vocational Training and Consumer Support 9.6%

Community Community Employment Living 3.9% Community Living 3.9% Services 63.4% Living 3.9%

Contract Services Contract Services (Federal) 30.2% (Federal) 30.2% Contract Services (Federal) 30.2%

People Trained or Employed

Occupational Type
Clerical-3 Food Service-12 Customer Service-3 Warehouse-2 Healthcare-1 County Govt-1 IT- 1 Recycling-1 Public Support Public Support 12.2% Public Support 12.2%

Other Community Based 0.9% Community Based Supported Employment Supported Employment Community Based Service 16.8% Supported Employment 16.8% Fees 14.1%


Sales Revenue


Contract Revenue 71%

Contract Supported Contract Supported Employment 32% Contract Supported Employment 32% Employment 32%

Contract Contract Services 51.2% Contract Services 51.2% Services 51.2%

Average Hourly Wage and Benefit By Job Type 0.5%


Retail-19 Landscaping-61 Support from Net Net Support from Special Events 1.3% Net Support from Special Events 1.3% 12.2% Other Special Events 1.3% Other 0.9% Other 0.9% Custodial 613 0.9% Service Service Fees 14.1% Service Fees 14.1% Contract Fees 14.1% Sales Revenue Contract Revenue 71% Sales Revenue Contract 0.5% Revenue 71% Sales Revenue 0.5% Revenue 71%

$14.37 $14.62 $7.54 $7.79 $16.40 $8.67 $11.08

$5 $10 $15 $20

Custodial: 613 Custodial: 613 Landscaping Landscaping: 61 Landscaping: 61 Custodial: 613 Retail Retail: 19 Retail: 19 Landscaping: 61 Food Service: 12 Food Food Service: 12 Service Retail: 19 3 Clerical: Clerical: 3 Food Service: 12 3 Customer Service: Customer Service: 3Clerical Clerical: 3 Warehouse: 2 Warehouse: 2 Customer Service: 3 Healthcare: 1 Customer Service Healthcare: Warehouse: 2 11 County Govt: County Govt: 1 Warehouse Healthcare: 1 IT: 1 IT: Govt: County1 1 1 Recycling: IT: 1 Recycling: 1 $0 Recycling: 1

2008 RepoRt to tHe CoMMUNItY


5606 Dower House Road Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772