1st Preference Christy Quinn for London Young Labour Block of 14

I’m Christy and I’m running for the LYL executive for the ‘Block of 14’. I hail from Kennington in South London and work as an English tutor. I’ve been a committed Labour Party member and activist since I was 15. I’m running because I’m absolutely committed to making sure our young members in London are a distinctive and influential voice within the party. London Young Labour needs to be more than just a source of foot soldiers for Labour politicians trying to get elected. I agree with Adam and Shelly about the need to redouble our campaigning efforts and become a much better organised movement that will help Ken Livingstone beat Boris in 2012. But this is not all that we should be. Not everyone joins LYL just to go on the doorstep. Just as many young members get involved in Labour because they want a space to learn about and discuss politics. We owe to our young members, and especially new members of the party, to offer them the chance to learn more and discuss what the Labour Party is for in our modern politics. Young Labour members stand at a real risk of being shut out of the party’s policy review process, and we owe it to them to give them as much exposure to it as possible. If elected, I would kick off a new series of events where young members will have to chance to discuss and actively engage with party policy in a friendly, nonconfrontational manner. This year we’ve had a great series of events where young members got the chance to ask questions to Labour leaders like Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander. We must provide members with even more opportunities to discuss and get involved in the issues that will decide if Labour wins the next general election. I will work to provide new members with new ways to engage with London Young Labour; fresh additions to the traditional door-stepping, canvassing and pubs. I’m planning a new series of events where members can discuss and actively engage with party policy, plus a new series of socials that will give a chance for new members to become part of what can be quite an intimidating environment. I would also support members in gaining skills and training through becoming more involved in progressive organisations like Movement 4 Change.

Young Labour is a source of great strength for Labour in London, both as a source of activism and as a forum for debating ideas. I passionately believe that we can make it even stronger.

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