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Conflict Resolution Skills 1

Total No. Of Hours Target Audience


Conflict Resolution Skills Module
Dimensions of Conflict situations
Personal and Group conflicts Session Methodology Group discussion, videos and activities Duration 2 hours

Causes of Organizational Conflict

Conflict Prevention

Handling Difficult Conversations

The talk can change your life

Activities, Videos, Simulations, Case studies

2 hours

Essentials of a good conversation

Techniques and guidelines to help make the work place better

The right Mindset Preparing for a difficult conversation Creating the right atmosphere Coping with critisim Giving unwelcome messages Assertiveness Expressing strong feelings Tools and Techniques videos and role plays 2 hours The 3 Cs Magic A's .

brainstorming and group discussion 2 hours Listening skills Calming Techniques Anger Management 2 hours Simulations and role plays .Emotional Awareness Activities.


serving as a meditator when friction exists.Questioning skills. Nature of reward systems. defusing the angry screamer. combating charges of discrimination. meaningful and pleasant and they shall practice the same. disabling the back stabber. dealing with embarrassment and humiliation. intra enabling the members of the personal. figure team members refusing to be coerced. communication distortions. inter group and intra group conflicts organization to feel the ownership. Some other tools are . encouraging the dependent personality. maintaining confidentiality. appreciation movement andthe "I am listening Box" The participants will be able to learn the benefits of a good conversation and how it can help them in their professional life. low formilization. They will be introduced to the following . task interdependence. goal incompatibility The participants will be introduced to very simple powerful ways which help in conflict prevention.8 Conflict Resolution Skills Session Objective Learning Objective The participants will be introduced to the different The participants will be able to prevent a conflict by reading its early signs and types of conflicts such as inter personal. They will also be able to prevent group politics To understand how conflicts can be avoided it is vey important for the participants to understand WHY conflicts are caused. control those under the wrong influence. 6 Thinking Hats is a tool which will help them voice their optinions. The participants will be able to discuss and apply skills which would help them handle unpleasant conversations in a socially appropriate manner Participants will learn the factors that make a conversation clear. Participants will learn how to handle legitimate complains. Difference in individuals.Scarce Resourse. .

importance and ways of using the "Avoiding and Accommodating" techniques. They will be The techniques introduced in this session would be able to defuse a conflict easily and will Collaborating. Participants will be prepared for handling defensive feelings. be skilled enough to convert a conflict This session will help participants understand the into an opportunity.managing expectations. Competing and Compromising. what are the habitual approaces to conflict and study their opening lines. how to prepare for the conversation and clarifying their own feelings. Participants will be able to know why a work atmosphere is important. Participants will be able to react in a more assertive manner minimizing the chances to get involved or initiate a difficult conversation. Theparticipants here will be introduced to the 3 very The participants will be able to hadle powerful techniques which help managing conflict.Participants will be able to understand why should they: avoid difficult conversations. avoid playing the blame game. conflicts with confidence. feeling the fear and doing it anyway. the fight or flight response and how to manage it. asking someone to change their behaviour. Participants will learn when and how to express their feelings. . stepping over their comfort zone Participants will be able to prepare for handling questions which may lead to difficult conversations and set clear objectives for themselves and their coworkers. Participants will be prepared on how to give bad news. coping with tears and tantrams.

The consciousness of their moment-to-moment participants will focus on the importance emotional experience—and the ability to manage all of healthy ways to express anger. This session is an introspective one. "Be willing to forgive". which will help participants explore whats really behind their anger. The participants will be introduced to the "Fight and Flight" System of the body and they will bemade aware of their anger warning signs and triggers . The of Their feelings appropriately is the basis of a participants will be able to use communication process that can resolve conflict. "Letting Go" The participants will be equipped with techniques which will help them handle feelings such as such as anger. joy. sadness. "Choose your battles".The participants will be aware of their emotions and will be able to express Participants will be made aware of the their emotions appropriately. fear. techniques such as "Focus on the present".

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