English Project A Story Review : “The Big Beastie Thing” Introduction We are students from USM enrolled with

Teaching Graduate Programme, will conduct a lesson based on a story in entitle “The Big Beastie Thing”. There are four members in our group. We will conduct the lesson in different schools and come out with a report. The story is based on a flash movie. We will use puppet show to make the learning more interesting. There are four activities that will be conducted during the project as follows:
1) Flash movie “The Big Beastie Thing”

In this activity pupils will watch a flash movie of the story. While watching the story, student need to find out some words missing shown. They will identify the missing words and complete the sentences with suitable words. Some pupils choosen randomly will come in front of the class and click the correct words. If they got wrong they will try again. Some pupils will tell the summary of the story. They will discuss about the characters of the story and share their opinions about the story.

2) Story Analysis by Students

Pupils will be given the analyzing sheet of the story entitled “My Opinion About the Story”. They will complete the sheet by sharing their ideas of the story. Some pupils will share their views of the story. They will give reasons for their views.

3) Learning New Vocabulary Pupils will read the words shown. They will pronounce the words correctly. Pupils will take turn to choose a card randomly. They will read loud the word and guess the meaning of the word. Pupils will discuss about the meaning of the word based on the story and they will make sentences verbally using the words.

Pupils will complete the worksheet given. 4) Puppet Show Pupils will get into groups. They will create a simple dialogue based on the story in title “The Big Beastie Thing”. reading and writing skills. Pupils will take turn to do the puppet show. To improve pronounciation. 3. . 2. To build up pupil’s proficiency and confidence in the usage of English Language. Objectives of The Project: 1. To provide effective language learning and opportunities to the use and practice of the language among the pupils. To promote unity and fellowship among teachers and pupils. To improve pupils listening. To provide enrichment activities and cultivate interest in the English Language classroom. Pupils will be given 15 minutes to prepare for the presentation of the puppet show. 4. speaking. They will use the stick puppets that they already prepared with their groups the day before. To improve pupils’ vocabulary. 7. 5. They will find out the meaning of the words using dictionary and write sentences. 6. The best group will be given a gift.

Nirmala. Pn. Pn. 13/06/2011 (Mon) During English Lesson ICT room Briefing of the Level 2 pupils 14/06/2011 (Tue) During English Lesson English Teachers. Pn. Premila and Pn. Theyvanay. Flash Video Story Analysis New Vocabulary Level 2 pupils Puppet Show Pn. Padmini School. Theyvanay. Premila and Pn.ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT Date /Day Time Venue Activities Participants Teachers-in-charge (Coordinator) English Committee Chairman of each ‘Story Review Project’ By English Committee Pn. Nirmala. English Teachers. Padmini . Pn. Chairman of the school.