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Compassionate Shopping Guide

Companies that do not test finished products, ingredients, or formulations on animals.
The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC)
developed the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals (Standard), an internationally recognized non-animal-testing standard. Formed in 1996, CCIC is comprised of these leading animal protection groups: American Anti-Vivisection Society, Chair American Humane Association Beauty Without Cruelty, U.S.A. Doris Day Animal League The Humane Society of Canada The Humane Society of the United States MSPCA’s Center for Laboratory Animal Welfare New England Anti-Vivisection Society The Standard of Compassion for Animals is recognized in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. New U.S. and Canadian companies are continually being welcomed to the CCIC Standard. CCIC periodically publishes updated editions of our Compassionate Shopping Guide, but in the meantime you can look for newly approved companies by regularly checking our up-to-date list at

This is Not Just a List, It's a Standard
CCIC's Standard is the only criterion to trust for cosmetics, personal care, and household products that are genuinely not tested on animals. That is because approved companies have done far more than simply issue a testing policy, which can so often be misleading. If a company is listed here, it's because it has been able to prove, according to CCIC's Standard, that its products and ingredients are not tested on animals.
Any company that fails to abide by CCIC’s strict criteria will be removed from the Compassionate Shopping Guide. If a previously listed company no longer appears, it could be for one of the following reasons:

About this Shopping Guide
Each year, an untold number of animals continue to suffer and die in laboratories in the United States and Canada in tests for products such as shampoo, make-up, and laundry detergent. Animals continue to suffer elsewhere around the world, and products tested on animals continue to be imported and sold across the globe. There has been some success, as animal testing for cosmetics has been banned in a number of European Union (EU) countries and an EU-wide ban is on its way. We can make a difference here in the U.S. and Canada, too! The following U.S. and Canadian companies manufacture cosmetics, personal care, and household products with compassion! They have each signed the Standard, a pledge that they must:  Not conduct or commission animal tests;  Not purchase from suppliers ingredients that have been tested on animals after a fixed cut-off date; and  Verify the strict implementation of their fixed cut-off date with supplier assurances. This is the only international program of its kind. It is the Standard that consumers can truly trust. The companies listed have shown that they care about animals. You can show that you care by choosing to buy their products. Companies marked with a heart ❤ are the original signatories to the Standard of 1996. Companies marked with a diamond  have chosen to license the logo, so you can find our international ‘leaping bunny’ on their products or in-store displays. Companies marked with a square ■ are cruelty free subsidiaries of parent companies that do not comply with the Standard. Companies that manufacture in Canada are marked with a flag

 Company does not/no longer abides by one or more elements of CCIC’s Standard;  Company consistently failed to respond satisfactorily to invitations by CCIC to prove its stated animal testing policy;  Company is no longer in the cosmetics and/or household product business;  Company no longer manufactures in the U.S. or Canada; or  Company chooses not to participate in the program.

Interested in Doing More to Help Animals?
You may wish to consider the following:  Write a letter to a favorite company you’d like to see on this list.  Visit for a sample letter, and urge the company to join the CCIC program.  Thank a current CCIC company by dropping them a note and expressing your appreciation for their commitment to products manufactured with compassion and their ongoing efforts to abide by the CCIC Standard.  Request a free Compassionate Shopping Guide for a friend and share your interest in compassionate consumerism.  Give cruelty-free gift baskets, and fill your gift with CCIC-approved products. Include a note card that says all the products are free from animal testing.
For more information, please contact:

The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC)
1-888-546-CCIC (2242)

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CCIC-Approved Companies that DO NOT test finished products, ingredients, or formulations on animals.
# 100% Pure A Abra Theraputics
Afrumos Afterglow Cosmetics  Alba Botanica 
Alexandra Avery Body Botanicals 

Alima Pure  Allens Naturally  Amal Oils American College of Healthcare Sciences Ana’s Organic Collection Anna Marie's Aromatherapy Antiochia Apala Hair Arbonne Aroma Bella Aroma Crystal Therapy  Aromatiska  Aroma Naturals  Artisan Naturals  Ashambri Skincare A Spa For You Sedona Day Spa  Aspen Clean  Aubrey Organics, Inc.  Au Naturel Botanicals  Aunt Bee’s Skin Care Auromère Ayurvedic Imports  Austin Rose Avalon Natural Products 

Bio Pac Blessed Botanicals Blooming Lotus Body Bistro Body Butter Factory Bonicca Natural Body Care  Booda Organics Botanical Skin Works Botanie Soap, Inc. Brew City Botanicals Bronzo Sensualé Bum Boosa Bamboo Products Burt’s Bees  ■

Desert Mermaid Devita Natural Skin Care Systems Dhara Holistics Dickinson Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps  Dr. Goodpet Dr. Ken's (Floss & Go) Dr. Woods Products Duchess Marden 

GratefulBody  Green Girl Basics  Greenridge Herbals Greenwood Naturals  Grime Eater Products

H Hain Celestial 

C Cactus & Ivy 
California North CamoCare Candied Soap Bakery Castle Baths  Caswell-Massey Co., Ltd. Caudalie  Celsaderm Christine Valmy, Inc. Citra-Solv Clean George  Clean Kids Naturally Clean River Products Clear Conscience  Clearly Natural Coastal Classic Creations  Color Me Krazy Color My Image Comforts for the Mind, Body and Spirit
Control Corrective Skincare Systems

B Baby Bump, Inc.
Back to the Earth Company Beaute Mineral Beauty Without Cruelty Beeceuticals  belle & bianca Belli & Baby  Belly Buttons & Babies Belonger Botanicals Bésso de Natúra Better Botanicals  Better Life Biao Biogime Skin Care Biokleen

Copper Lotus Cosmetics Crazy Rumors  Crystal Body Deodorant  Cuccio Naturalé

D Daddy Van’s
Daisy Blue Naturals Dale Audrey/Oral Fitness, Inc.  Dancing Dingo Deep Steep Deodorant Stones of America Dermalogica  DermaQuest Skincare 

HALO Purely for Pets Hard Candy  Hawaiian Resources Company E Earth Alive  HC Pain Spray  Earth Dance Botanical Healing Scents Bodycare  Healthy Times Baby’s Herbal Earth Friendly Products  Garden  Earth Natural Essentials Herbal Choice Mari  Earth's Beauty  Herbaluna Earth’s Best  Herban Lifestyle Earth Solutions HERBOLOGIE, Inc.  EcoColors Hoke2  Eco-Dent International  HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury  Eco-Me Honeymark International Elemental Herbs  Hugo Naturals  Elizabeth Van Buren Essential Oil Hurraw! Balm  Therapy, Inc. Hush Hush Essentials ELON Emerita I I Love Inky  Eminence Organic Skin Care Infinite Aloe  Emtage Hair  Innersense  Enviro Tech International  Intelligent Nutrients  EO Products  Irie Star  Everyday Minerals  ISH Ionic Rescue It’s A 10 Haircare  F FACE atelier FACEFACTS by Lori, Inc.  J Jacki’s Magic Lotion Fleabusters/Rx For Fleas Jason Natural Cosmetics  Florere Jess’ Bee Natural Lip Balm  Flowerfolk Joe Blasco Cosmetics Forever New International Josi Essentials Fourth Coast Soaps Joyful Hands Holistic Pet Care Freeman J R Liggett J Squared Organics G Gabriel Cosmetics  Giovanni Cosmetics  K Karma Healing Solutions Glad Rags Kelly-Nehemiah Cosmetics  Golden Path Alchemy Skincare Kimberly Parry Organics  Gourmet Body Treats Kirk's Natural Products 

Kiss My Face ❤ Kokokahn KSA Jojoba

Naikid Nail Aid Natural Grace
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal 

Q Quadruped Pet Care Products
Queen Helene 

Swipes Lovin’ Wipes

T Tallulah Jane 
Tata Harper  The Body Shop ❤  ■ The Damajon Group  The Good Home Co.  The Jojoba Company  The Living Clay Co.  The Soap Opera Tom's of Maine ❤ ■  Trillium Organics  Tropiclean  Truuth Tsi~La 

Naturals by Safety 1st  Nature Clean  Lakon Herbals Nature’s Absorbing Oils Lather, Inc. Nature's Gate Lauren Noir Nature's Soap Dish LEAP Organics  Naturity, LLC  LFT Group  Naturopathica Lilly’s Naturals Neal’s Yard Remedies  Lip –Ink International  Nectar Essences Little Forest Natural Baby New Vision  Products Nima Nyima Little Twig NuCèlle  Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare  Nue Products  Lobob Nurture My Body L’Occitane NutriBiotic LoriannZ Nutro Body Care Lotus Moon  Louise Bianco Skin Care O Obligé By Nature  L’uvalla Certified Organic ONLY YOURx Skin Care Oracle Organics  M Maggie Blue Australia Orange-Mate Maggie’s Pure Land Products  Organic Health and Beauty Magick Botanicals Organic Indulgence Malcom’s Miracle For Sensitive Organic Make-Up Company Dry Skin  Organic Oscar- Pet Cosmetics Mámbino  Distribution  Ma Mi Skin Care Organique by Himalaya  Martha Stewart Clean  Organix-South, Inc. (Thera Martha Stewart PETS  Neem)  Mary Kay Orjene Organics  Max Green Alchemy  Osea International Mètamour  Outside/In Cosmetics Method Products

L La Bella Pink

R Rachel Perry
Rare Natural Care, Inc.  Redbud Soap Company Rejuvi Laboratory, Inc. Renée Rouleau Skin Care Renude  Royal Labs

S Salon Naturals 
SanRe Organic Skinfood  Sappo Hill Soapworks Save Your World  Scandia Spa Sea Chi Organics Seascape Soap Co. Sensibility Soaps  Sevani  Seventh Generation  Sewing Expressions, LLC  Shaman Earthly Organics  SheAyurvedic Skin Care  ShiKai  Simplers Botanicals Simply Soap Skin Care for Athletes (Morning Indigo) Skinlove Slice  Soapwalla Kitchen Soluzione Spa Products  Sombra Cosmetics, Inc. Sonoma Soap Sound Earth, LLC  Spa Organica SPA Pet Products Spa Ritual 
Spasome Balms and Intelligent Pure All Natural Therapeuticals

U Unicure
Un-Petroleum  Urban Decay 

V Vapour Organic Beauty 
VB Skin Systems 
Velvet & Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery 

Vermont Soapworks Videlina Natura V.I.P. Soap Products  Vivoderm 

W Warm Earth Cosmetics
Welcome Home  Well In Hand  WellSpring Naturals  Wholefood Farmacy Whole Spectrum Wildflower Organic Bodycare W.S. Badger Company-Badger Balm 

Mia Rose  Mirror Lake Organics Mixaroma Molly’s Suds Laundry Products Montagne Jeunesse  Most Wanted, Inc. Motherlove Herbal Co.  Mountain Girl Botanics  Mountain Girl Soaps & Sundries Mountain Green  Mountain Ocean, Ltd. Mountain Sky My Lip Stuff  Mystic Wonders

P Pangea Organics
Paradise City Herbal Parissa  Paul Mitchell ❤ Philessential Pittstown Soapworks Planet Preserve Pristine Beauty Priti NYC  Prophet Skincare Pro-Tec Pet Health Pura Vida Spa… ahh! Pure Anada Natural Pure Touch Pureology ■ Purple Prairie Botanicals

X Xingu Amazonia  Y Yarok
Ysolde Yves Rocher 

N Nadina's Cremes
Nahla Beauty
Updated 06/20/2011

Spice Cosmetics Spring Rain Botanicals Squid Balm Stark Skincare St. John's Herb Garden SugarCane Skincare Suki  Sunfeather Natural Soap Company, Inc. Suntegrity Skincare Susan’s Soaps & More

Z Zatik Natural 
Zen Spa  Zhang’s Lifebalm  Zia Natural Skincare  ZuZu Luxe