# Married life has many Ups and Downs... May most of yours be between the sheets!

# The Blue Whale ejaculates over 40 gallons of Sperm when Mating. Only 10% enters the female. And you always wondered why the sea tasted Salty?! # Why did the Grammer teacher slap Santa's Son? B'coz he asked: Why is BRA Singular, when it covers 2 items n PANTIES Plural when it Covers one item? # Define contraceptive pill? It�s the second best thing that a women can keep in her mouth to avoid pregnancy. # What do politicians & porn stars have in common? They are experts in switching positions in front of a camera! # Tension is when wife is pregnant! Terror: When girlfriend is pregnant! Horror: When both r pregnant! Tragedy: When U r Not responsible 4 both! # Failure is not when ur girlfriend leaves you... It�s only when u leave her a virgin! # Great door signs: Gynecologist: Dr Jones at your cervix. Septic tank truck: Yesterday's meals on wheels. Plumber's office: Wwe repair what ur husband fixed. Tire shop: Invite us to ur next blowout. Electrical shop: Let us remove ur shorts. Maternity room: Push, Push, Push. # Man Teases his ex-wife's new husband: So, dude how was the second-hand stuff? New husband: Not bad. After the first 3 inches, she was brand new. # Prof teaching muscle movement, asks a lady: Do you know what your asshole does when you have an orgasm? Lady: Sure, he's at the office, working! # Similarity between a dick & matchstick? Both have heads without brains, both flare up at slightiest friction, both fizzle out after showing valour for 2secs !!!

# A hillarious spelling mistake behind a truck, saying: Put deeper at night! # In life, never look down on anybody, unless u r getting a lovely view of the cleavage! # Russian: Sir we got a huge order from usa for 16 inches condoms. I think it is to embrass us. Boss: No problem! Complete the order and mark them SMALL SIZE. # Santa on long tour asks Banta 2 inform if anything unusual haoens at home. Banta SMSs after a month: Man who comes 2 Screw Ur Wife daily, didnt come today. # Whenever you see a woman and an opportunity don't screw the opportunity! # Why is a woman's pubic hair curly? So that it won't poke a man in the eye! # Why is it that a girl looks down when u say I love u? To see if u really mean it! # Why is sex similar to shaving? Well, because no matter how well u do it today, tomorrow u hav to do it again. # Wives are funny creatures. They don't have sex with their husbands for weeks and then they want to kill the woman who does. # Wife: My hubby & I have, what he calls-olympic sex . Friend: Wow, must be a terrific sex life? Wife: Not really. It only happens once in 4 Years. # Life is all about Ass; We are either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it, or behaving like one! # The stock markets now are like an old man's dick; Just refusing to rise, and The irony is that everyone is still getting fucked! # This week is Breast Awareness Week. Spread the slogan: We stare because we care! # 70 ways to make a woman happy: No. 1 is shopping & the rest is '69'. # We had a girl to stay; her name was Viginia. We called her Virgin for short, but not for long. # Father in Church: An hour's pleasure is not worth a lifetime of disgrace. Any questions? Someone yelled: Tell me how do you make it last an hour ?

# Whenever you see a woman and an opportunity - don't screw the opportunity! # What is Fashion Designing? Too many brains working on too little clothes with too many ideas on how to cover two little areas. # What is d similarity between doing sex & doing surgery? Skill is more important than the instrument... # I'm not a Gynaecologist, but I wouldn't mind having a look.. # What is Female Viagra Jewellery. # A old woman calls the Police department and says: I have a Sex Maniac in my apartment. Pick him up in the morning! # Teacher: What do u know about Sensex? Pappu When we have sex with Riya Sen, Raima Sen, Rimi Sen, Konkana Sen & Sushmita Sen etc. it's called Sen Sex! # The saddest part of a Man's body is his Balls. The Lord Almighty sentenced them to : Hang Till Death ! # Girl: Xcuse me brother, that's my seat. Boy: OK! But I'm not ur brother, my father never fucked ur mom. Girl: True, but my father did ! # Why are condoms transparent? So that sperms can atleast enjoy the scene, even if their entry is restricted...! # Every married man keeps wondering every evening: Should I go out and look at what I cannot fuck or....Stay home and fuck what I cannot look at.... # Sex n shopping have one thing in common: In both the cases, men start sweating in 15 minutes n women want to go on and on and on and on! # How do you define a virgin? On the Verge but not in! # What is the definition of a Lesbian? Yet another Damm Woman trying to do a Man's job!!

# A football team loses their star player, Roger Dicks, due to an injury. Next day a headline reads: Team to play without Dicks. The manager calls up the newspaper and objects, so the editor changes the headline. It reads: Team to play with Dicks out. # What do politicians and porn stars have in common? They are experts in switching positions in front of a camera. # On a NUDE beach a man shakes hand with a lady & says: Pleased to meet U! Lady: Yeah, I can SEE that. # Why do men get circumcised? Because women will GRAB anything with 20% off!! # What is a man's idea of foreplay? Half an hour of begging. # Todays generation: Six year old boy to a four year old boy: Dude, I found a condom in the balcony. Four year old boy: What�s a balcony ? # A man is taking a woman home after their first date. When they get to her door, he asks if he can come inside. Woman: Absolutely not. I never ask a guy to come in on the first date. Th Man: All right then how about on the last date? # Q: What did the sign s on the door the door of the Whorehouse say? # Q: What does a nymphomaniac chicken sound like? A: Fuck-fuck-fuck...... fuck-fuck-fuck. # A man raced into to the gents toilets in a pub, ran up to the urinal, whipped out his 12 inch dick and said with a sigh of relief, "Phew, just made it!" The man next to him, looked over and said, "Pretty impressive, could you make me one too!" # The young couple were holding hands in the Nudist camp. Guy: When I tell you I love you why do you always lower your eyes? Girl answered shyly: To see if it's true # Advice of a dentist: Treat your girl friend like a toothbrush. Dont let anybody else use it and get a new one every 3 months!

# Q: What is common between a girl's legs n Amul butter? Both are delicious when spread. # Mr Chu from China & Mr Tiya from Korea came to India & setup a Firm. Till now, they have no Business & are still wondering why their firm: CHUTIYA & CO. failed? # Doctors have discovered that most single women can't fart. Apparently, they don't have an asshole until they get married to one. # What's the difference between a thin prostitute and a counterfeit note? One is a phony buck and the other is a boney fuck. # A husband and wife were sharing a bottle of wine when the husband said: I bet you can't tell me something that will make me feel happy and sad at the same time. The wife thought for a few moments, then said: Your penis is bigger than your brother's. # Q: What is the definition of innocence? A: A nun working in a condom factory thinking she's making sleeping bags for mice. # Q: What's the difference between a policeman's knightstick and a magician's wand? A: A Magician's wand is for cunning stunts. # When God made me, He asked, "Great Memory or Giant Penis?". I cant remember what I said. # Marriage: Where you have to keep paying for sex long after you had it. # Virgin Airline ad: We are much more experienced than our name suggests! # One guy asks the other: Hey, have you ever gone to bed with an ugly woman? The second guy: No, but I've woken up with a few. # What advice does the doctor give to sick prostitutes? Stay out of BED for two days. # What's common between U and Christmas tree? The balls are just for decoration. # Two years ago I married a lovely young virgin, and if that doesn't change soon, I'm gonna divorce her. # Kiss- Height of luv Nipple- Peak of luv

"My hands shake so bad that when I shaved this morning I cut my face!" The second old fogey one-upped him..Cream of luv Marriage. "You aren't sterile. I came three times.. Then I start at my feet and wash up as far up as possible.Weight of luv Fuck.Care of luv Sperm. The second man asked: How long's it been since you've seen your dick? The fat man answered: Long time." # Three old men were sitting around complaining about how much their hands shook.three times!" # Mary went to the doctor complaining of body odor.Boobs. My hands shake so bad that when I took a piss yesterday. madam! The woman replies: Dilated to meet you! . "Tell me some good news for once. "You did last night .Experience of luv Suck." said the secretary.Outcome of luv # I told my wife I want to die in bed. "Do you wash?" the doc asked the rank young girl. A second man said: Gee." the doc concluded. The first geezer said.Base of luv Testicles. really fat man got out of the shower at the health club." # The sexy secretary walked into her boss's office & said. here's some good news." "Well. yes. you're fat! The fat man: Yeah. "My hands shake so bad that when I trimmed my garden yesterday I sliced all my flowers!" The third old man laughed and said. "go home and wash possible. "That's nothing." Mary answered.Mistake of luv Pregnancy.. She said.Depth of luv Ass.Proof of luv Child." "Alright..Taste of luv Masturbation. The second man asked: Why don't you diet? The fat man asks: Why? What color is it now? # A woman walks into a gynaecologist's office who greets her with: At your cervix.Shape of luv Penis. "Each morning. I start at my head and wash down as far as possible.Length of luv Pussy. "I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you" "Why do you always have to give me bad news?" he complained. "Oh." # A really.Substitute of luv Condom.

working at a call centre: Wanted a suitable match for Chandigarh's highest paid call girl # Did you hear that Elton John is getting a divorce. where did I come from? Daddy: You came from the stork Little Boy: Ewww.. I hit two of my best balls. He sees a guy leaping out of the window.Found out his husband was having sex behind his back # As Mike walked into the office on Monday morning.. The doctor puts his stethoscope up to the girl's chest and says... "Well." the man giggled. "Tell me about it. Recruiter: Gay." he replied." . "Honey. I stepped on a rake" # A young blonde girl goes to the doctor for a physical." he continued. er." asked his co-worker. huh? Do you think you could kill a man? "My.# A loud scream comes from the bedroom and the husband runs in. After answering numerous questions. "Yeth and I'm not even thixteen. The guy admitted that he was." # Q: What does a Rubik's Cube and a penis have in common? A: The longer you play with them. until he started the second time. "How was your weekend?" "I played a round of golf." said Jack as he stepped out of the shower. "what would then neighbors think if I mowed the lawn like this?" His wife thought for a moment... a co-worker asked. then replied. "but it would take days & days" # What do you do if you come across a girl in your bed? Apologise and wipe it off! # Baniya gave matrimonial ad for his daughter.. he was finally asked if he was a homosexual.. # Litte Boy: Daddy. you fuc ked a stork? # A delicate young man walked into an army recruiting office. "Big breaths." The girl replies. the harder they get. "That I married you for your money. Wie yells: That guy just screwed me twice! Husband: Twice? Why didn't you call me in after he screwed you once? Wife: Because I thought it was you. # My wife says my sex drive has taken up walking # Man who marries a girl with no bust has right to feel low down # "It's just too hot to wear clothes today. yes.

Policeman: What do u do? Prostitute: I build & destroy erections # Q: Whats the difference between a computer and a woman? . # Two prostitutes were talking: We're in the best business in the world Why's that then? Well. Prostitute: I can do it in any way. today u r doing it like Banta # Q: Why are babies so fragile? A: They are put together with one screw. # Three boys received their grades from their female sex education instructor. The third guy: And then we'll kick her in the nuts! # Pastor: Do you know where little boys and girls go when they do bad things? Johnnie: Sure. the second a D. took Banta�s advice. # What is the difference between a chicken and a baby? Chicken is the result of a sitting hen while the baby is the result of standing cock. and we've STILL got it! # One guy asks the other: Hey. One day we should get her for this. we've got it. we sell it. Only if you do it like my wife does. So how does she do it? Santa: She does it for free. said the first boy.and the third an F. want to have sex? Santa: Ok. We'll grab her. While having sex. Prostitute: I'm a social engineer. # Prostitute: Hi.# What did the Hen say when Rooster tried to rape her? Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckaaak # Sant. I agree. back of the church yard. have you ever been to bed with an ugly woman? The second guy says: No. but I've woken up with plenty # A policeman arrested a prostitute in the Hospital area & asked for her profession.. One got a D+. he asked her: Do u feel any change? Jeeto: Yes. said the second..a unable to satisfy his wife.

French: Just last week there was this woman. it gives me great pleasure. # A professor was asked to give a talk on Sex When his turn came.. it's like buying a book for someone else to read. # Did you hear about the blind man who was walking down the street and as he passed the fish market he tipped his hat and said. # A Kiwi farmer was counting his sheeps: "205.. walked to the podium. Wife: What's this? Nothing honey. # A female Press Reporter slaps Santa. adjusted the microphone just so. so I just pressed� # Signboard outside a prostitute's house: Married MEN not allowed. Brit: That's a lie.. 209. hello darling. # The definition of an optimist is a woman who loads up the CD changer before making love. # I've invented a fly spray that doesn't kill flies. # Condom to whisper: Bloody every month u stop my business for one week. # A French n a Brit gynecologists were chatting. he stood. # If a bomb bursts in a bra.. not the greedy.. # Q: What does PMS stand for? A: Penis Must Suffer # Dentist didnt get erection on wedding night so he used finger. what would you get? Tit-Bits. We serve the needy. He said. I was talking about the taste. French: You Brits always talk about size. "Ladies and Gentlemen.. 207. Whisper: If u make a mistake I lose my business for 9 months. her cliotris was like a melon." # When a man of 60 marries a girl of 21. "Good evening ladies. just a temporary filling. you can swat two at a time. she wouldn't be able to walk if it was. Banta standing near asks Santa: Y did she slapped u? Santa: On her T-shirt was written 'Press'.. 210. it makes them so sexually active." And he sat back down.A: A computer doesn't laugh at a 3� inch floppy. 206. And if it bursts in a man's underwear? .

It took 1 hour to bring the fire under control. If I don't sell more cars this month. I'm going to lose my fucking ass. "Well." Too late he noticed a beautiful blonde sitting two stools away. # Old chinese proverb says: Man with erection walking through door sideways is always going to Bangkok.and 3 hours to bring the firemen under control. Page 2 # Ladies Hostel Caught Fire. "Business sucks." said the woman. # Two women were having lunch together and discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery... "When did he leave you?" the judge asked. The judge was confused. The second woman: Oh that's nothing. I'm getting a boob job. "he kept coming back to say he was sorry. "Thirteen years ago." the tired mother replied. # What's the diff between a bomb n a condom? In a bomb blast population decreases & if a condom blasts population increases. where did all these children come from?" "Well.. # Sometimes I call my husband 'Q'. I'm thinking of having my asshole bleached! To which the first replies: Wow! I just can't picture your husband as a blonde! # A woman with 14 children. stands on her head in bed. if he left thirteen years ago. # One car salesmen complained to the other.Banana split. . Husband: What the hell are you doing? Wife: I figured if you can't get it up. # Doctor: Ur knees all blistered? Lady: Coz of doggy style! Doctor: Cant u do it any other style? Lady: Oh. you could surely drop it in. Her friend asked: Why's that? Is he some kinda superguy like that man on Star Trek? No. but the dog can't! # Wife.. went to court to sue her husband for divorce on grounds of desertion. I can. The first woman: I need to be honest with you. he's a big fat zero with a little dick hangin' down. Immediately. stark naked. ranging in age from 1-14." # Q: Why did the blond get fired from the banana plantation? A: Because she threw out all the bent ones." the wife told her friend. he apologized for his bad language.

"If I don't sell more ass this month. Waitress: What the fuck are you all doing? One points to a sign that reads: FIRST COME. # A man meets a lady at a bar and says: Hi. coz I like cars & I like men. # Q: How do we know men invented maps? A: Who else would turn an inch into a mile! # 3 men sitting in a cafe. what' ur name? She replies: Carman. F*cKING. SucKING. When they are dry. I might go deaf! Husband: I have been cumin in ur mouth for 15 years & ur still fuckin talking. # Name the 5 great kings that have brought happiness in peoples lives? DrinKING. how about I cum in your ear? Wife: No. Banana turns 2 vibrator I don't know why you are fuckin shaking. people laugh at you. FIRST SERVED! # Husband: I fancy kinky sex. when u lick it. what's urs? Man replies: Beer cunt! # Banana and a vibrator sitting on a bedside table. The reporter then said: No. W*nKING ! # Women are like a pair of rubber boots. # Little gypsy girl: Which way do my knickers go? Her Mom: How many fucking more times do I have to tell you yellow to the front & brown to the back! # Tarzan and Jane came to New York and were being interviewed. when they are wet. they smell and when you walk on the street with them." # Q: Which boy has the permission to get into a girls' bathroom and touch her anywhere he likes? A: Lifebuoy."That's okay. what is your wife's name? Tarzan replied: Jane. you cannot enter them. but how can this tiny little hand bag cost so much? Cashier: It`s made of foreskin madam. all wanking." the blonde replied. she's goin 2 eat me! # Customer: Excuse me. A reporter said: Tarzan. LicKING. I'm going to lose my fucking car. it becomes a suit case! . what is her whole name? Tarzan answered: Pussy.

" # The boss went up to the bartender and asked." says the shocked dentist. "No mistake. The policeman searched and eventually found one of them. now you'll be the one getting them out. "No. # The Blue Whale ejaculates over 40 gallons of sperm when mating." the man responded: I don't have any trouble going. "when I catch your boyfriend I'm going to shove this nightstick right up his ass. # A gal tells her Doctor: I've got a bad discharge." Just then a voice from a nearby dustbin called. He told him. They ran and hid in an alley. your honor." To that the lady replies. He asks: Do you want more sex? She says: No. I used to have one just like it. "My mom says I can take the course as long as there's no homework. but only 10% enters the female. Just admiring your penis. "I'm over here officer!" # A man walked briskly into the drug store. sits down on the chair and spreads her legs wide open." testified the man charged with indecent exposure." # What's the diff between hook in cricket and hook of bra. He fingers her & says how�s it feel? Gal: Very nice. and each student had to bring in a permission slip in order to take it.# After great sex. "The gynecologist's office is one level higher. A boy handed in his slip and explained to the teacher. "Well. "You must have made a mistake. # "It was just a simple misunderstanding. "Explain that statement!" demanded the judge. but the discharge is in my ear. this girl and I were drinking in a bar and she asked me what I wanted most in a woman. One sends ball out of boundary and other keeps balls within the boundary. takes off her underwear. The pharmacist smiled and replied: You must mean Ex-Lax. and you wondered why the sea tasted so Fu*kin salty! # A lady walks into the dentist's office. you see. she lies there stroking his penis. went over to the pharmacist and said: I would like a box of Sex-Lax. "Have you been fooling around with the . so I showed her. you installed my husband's dentures last week. # A unit in sex education was about to begin." # These two fags were doing what comes unnaturally when they were disturbed by a policeman.

# When I was born I got the choice: a major dick or a fine memory. lick ur lips n text me back." # Q: If tennis players get tennis elbow.. it is the license to enjoy Kamasutra. and squash players get squash knees. sex is fine. "Give me a double Scotch on the rocks. I am not able to remember what I did choose. # Q: Why does a stupid blond girl never swim on her belly? A: When she feels something wet she turn on her back." replied the bartender. what do gynecologists get? A: Tunnel vision. Just 4 fun or getting paid. # To avoid condom related accident use 2 condoms with chilli powder in between them if outer breaks she will know and if inner one breaks you will know! # Mother: Do u know the meaning of Mangalsutra? Daughter: Yes. "Good. .' # Q: If a married woman is called Polo. # A Survey Report: 65% of all women carry condoms. get me in trouble?" the barmaid asked. # Sex is good. everyone loves getting laid. # Q: Why does a woman have two pair of lips? A: One is for fighting and one is to make up. just what I need." the kid said. "Right now. # One day the PENIS tells the balls: Tonight v r goin for a party! The balls reply: U bloody fuckin liar. then what's an unmarried woman called? A: Center Fresh.. # Q: What is the resemblance between a woman and a condom? A: They both fit around your dick and are present in your wallet. then you fire her!" # An eight-year-old kid swaggered into the lounge and demanded of the barmaid. So if u want me in the sack. # Q: What is the difference between a woman and a fridge? A: A fridge does not moan when there is meat inside. sir.' she moaned as he brought home a new microwave oven. I sure haven't. 'One more thing that heats up instantly and goes off in twenty seconds." "What do you want to do. I just want the Scotch. u always get inside while v r left outside! # 'Great. The mint with a hole.waitress?" "Oh no. Doggy style or 69. The boss replied. The other 35% carry babies. "Maybe later.

3-5. One from France says. # Thought for the day: In terms of sex satisfaction. 3-5. # Do you know that you would look great with two pounds less .5. 3-5. has Mir in it. "You English. No wonder men always want to be inside women! # A Greek n Italian were arguing over who is superior. She used to check him often n she was pleased to listen 1. The first one responded... "That's impossible.coz every nite I see my mum with her feet in the air screamin GOD I'M COMIN! # A blonde has a car crash & an ambulance arrives. Madam has Adam in it.? Girl: I promised my mom that I wouldn't let you touch me below my belt. The traveller gets tired but the road never ends! # A teacher: What part of the body goes to heaven first? A child replies: Feet. # A Guy picks up a girl for the date.7 until one day when she heard. in my opinion those clothes weigh exactly two pounds ! # A kiss is called humanity if its on cheek. sex if on vagina and called bravery if its on ass hole. passion if on breast. 6 stow ur equipment. 7 close ur fly. always thinking about size. I was talking about taste. 2 take out ur equipment. The paramedic asks. 5 let the skin forward." One from England says. 1 open ur fly.6. "Oh no. She has He in it.# Are mice giving you trouble? No? Than you must have a good pussy! # Q: What's the definition of suspicion? A: A nun doing pressups in a cucumber field. # Q: What do you call Afghan virgin? A: Never Bin LaDen." . humor if on navel. 3 pull back the skin. Greek: We gave sex to the world. I think I'm paralyzed too. # At a Gynecologist convention in two gynecologists were talking.2. Why are u wearing ur belt around ur knee.4. love if on lips. woman is like a road and a man is like a traveller. 4 do ur business. # Woman has man in it.3-5. but we introduced it to women! # A mother taught to her son to go to bathroom by the numbers. Mrs. 3-5. Italians: Yes you did. if she had a clitoris the size of a watermelon she couldn't walk.3. Female has male in it. "How many fingers have I got up?" Blonde replies. "There was a woman in my office yesterday with a clitoris like a watermelon.

I'd like to have a look at it. he noticed that one of the young ladies had sketched the man with an erection. and shouted. who's Monica Lewinski? Penis player. "Uh." # A college professor in an art class asked his students to sketch a naked man." explained Marsha." said the researcher. young man.# Marsha completed four weeks of dental restoration with the dentist. she asked him somewhat hesitantly just how long it would be before she could resume her sex life. don't SWALLOW'. If you don't mind. "But more because when we finished. . you have dozens of men that adore you. Jones sitting like that?" The nurse replied. # What a rip-off. I went into our local bookstore and saw this huge display with a sign saying "Newly translated from the original French: 37 mating positions. "You're beautiful. "Oh. # The doctor was surprised to find old man Jones sitting on the bed holding up his middle finger and sticking out his tongue. "You're the first one ever to ask that after a tonsillectomy. The professor said. WHAM!! It all came into perspective! Now I understand what all those "service" agencies are doing to us. Ok." # And I became confused about the word "service." # As a hooker was dressing. "he is the first man that ever said to me 'SPIT. bent over." This is not what I thought "service" meant. and one of them mentioned that he was having a bull service a few of his cows. I can't see a thing." She said. Once safely at home I opened it. that's an most interesting optical reaction." "Now." the guy replied. and found that I had just purchased an expensive book about Chess. Her friend said. I wanted it the other way." said the student to the sex researcher. out of sight of my wife. I overheard two farmers talking. she turned to her customer." She replied. 'Your turn'" # In interview." Noticing that the books were already wrapped in plain brown paper." replied the stunned surgeon. "How did you guess? Is it because I wanted to have anal sex?" "Partly." said the doctor. "I told him you were going to examine his sexual organs. He walked over to the nurse who was taking his vitals. As the professor walked around the class checking the sketches. And when it's all the way in. the student shrugged and stuck out his tongue. Why is this dentist THE man for you?" "Because. "but why is Mr. no. Santa was asked: Who's Monica Seles? A tennis player." So. Then one day. "What other way???" # "In my case. my vision blurs. I just hadda buy one. "when I get it part of the way in. you ran around in front of me. "Excuse me. She confided to her best friend that she had fallen in love with her dentist and she was going to propose to him. "It may well have anatomical as well as physiological basis. "Have you just gotten out of prison?" "Yeah. # When the surgeon came to see his blonde patient on the day after her operation. I hadn't really thought about it.

It's a fucking asshole. # A man kills a deer & cooks it but doesn't tell kids what it is. Banta: Well. then yours. Boy cries out: Don�t eat it. You might want to. # Doctor: Do you watch your husband's face during sex? Preeto: I did once & saw anger. Fuck 4ever & promise me that we FUCK till eternity! # A botany student has brought to our attention the fact that Penis is the only thing that has to be grown before it is planted! # Bio teacher: Girls. She is much better. the size of a penis should be 6 inches for successful penetration. Doctor: Why Preeto: Because he was watching from the window. u can always count on me bcoz FUCK stands for FRIENDS U CAN KEEP. # The young couple were holding hands in the Sunshine Gardens nudist camp. their legs spread.# Q: Why does a blond need a triangle coffin? A: Because everytime their head hits a pillow. He questioned her. # Q: What do you call it when a person with multiple personality disorder masturbates? A: An orgy. # A doctor saw a nurse with one of her boobs hanging out of dress. ye pados wale uncle hai. Girl: Mam. papa kabhi raincoat nahi pehante. # Remeber: If u need a FUCK. "why do you always lower your eyes?" "To see if it's true." she answered shyly. He gives a clue: It's what mom calls me." he asked. "Oh these medical students never keep things in place after use!" # Santa: If I sleep with your best friend what will be the first thought to cross your mind? Wife: That you are a homosexual. how about 9 inches? Teacher: I was talking of necessity not luxury. # Banta: Did you have a chance to sleep with my wife yet? Santa: What are you saying. 1st Baby: Dekh Papa aa rahe hai. I would never even think about such things. Nurse said. # Q: Why do 90% gals have left boob bigger than right? A: Bcoz 90% boys are right handed. "When I tell you I love you. . 2nd: Abe stupid. # Unborn twins in the mother�s stomach saw a penis.

"My wife lets me subscribe to National Geographic and Playboy for the same reason. # If a bomb bursts in a bra. # Q: What is the height of shock? A: When you are having sex with a pregnant woman & suddenly a hand grabs your dick from inside! # A gal with his boyfriend opened her legs inviting him 2 fuck n asked: Hamare baby ka naam kya hoga? He wears a condom n says: Iske baad bhi hogaya to �Jadugar�. And if it bursts in a man's underwear? Banana split." Steve says." # Judge: You want to divorce your husband for threatening you with a deadly weapon? Wife: You got me wrong your honor. Twelve percent said it was to go to the bathroom.# Q: What is the definition of "burning love"? A: It's when at night you reach out for the Vaseline gel and pick up Vicks Vaporub by mistake. Eighty-three percent said it was to go home. # Q: Why women wear bra & panty with flowers printed on them? A: To pay tribute to men who got burrid at these two places. "Why's that?" Jim says. Well. "Wah Santa ji kya chest hai. "Eh tan kuch nahi andar ja ke apni bharjai di dekh. what would you get? Tit-Bits. Banta. I'm divorcing him for threatening me with every night with a dead weapon. please. says: You are third pregnant woman that I have driven to the airport today. "Because with both magazines. # Q: What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob? A: If we don't get some support people are going to think we're nuts! # One woman stops a taxi. watching the woman in the mirror. I am not pregnant. I get to see places I'll never get to visit. # I think my girlfriend has had sixty-one boyfriends before me. # A recent survey was conducted to discover why men get out of bed in the middle of the night: Five percent said it was to get a glass of water.To the airport. Are you kidding me. # Q: What is the difference between a woman and a magnet? . # Jim says. After ten minutes the taxi driver. you haven�t arrived to the airport yet neither. # Santa standing in balcony without shirt. Santa. She calls me her sixty second lover.

What's up. As Big As It Gets. # A naked woman gets into a taxi." came the higher-pitched reply. "I love you." With a deep sigh. Havn't you ever seen a naked woman? No. Forest Hump. # Q: What has 100 teeth and holds back a monster? A: My zipper! # Latest porn releases: Shaving Private Ryan. he whispered. MC and ABC! I asked why. Starwhores and Pornocchio. . Its PREPAID # Banta and his shapely date were parked under a romantic moon. Placing his hand on her thigh. # Q: Why do dogs lick their balls? A: Because they can't make a fist!!! # Q: What is the difference between a priest and a homosexual? A: The way they say ahhhh-men. Riding Miss Daisy. # One of my friend has named his 3 kids NC. he said: 1st Natural Curiosity. the girl replied. 2nd Mutual Consent & 3rd Absolute Bloody Carelessness. He puts a notice: If anyone finds sexy gal in white top and red skirt fuck her. # Man pays Rs 1000 to a prostitute. Position Impossible.A: Magnets have a positive side! # Man: How Much? Prostitute: 25 dollars Man: American Express? Prostitute: For 25 Dollars you can go as fast as you want! # Q: What do you have when you have two balls in your hand? A: A man�s undivided attention! # Q: Why do bald men have holes in their pockets? A: So they can run their fingers through their hair. A cab driver looks at her stupefied." "I love you. He chases but fails. "A little higher. # Q: Why do girls talk so much and guys think so much? A: Girls have two pairs of lips and guys have two heads! # Q: Did you hear about the army nurse who went to bed eating popcorn? A: She woke up with a kernel between her legs. I'm just wondering where you suppose to take the money from. but she runs away.

He is too dumb. "I love sex." # Q: What's the difference between biology and sociology? A: When the baby looks like his dad or mom. it is morally acceptable for them to engage in sex. "Open wide.' The woman wrote. mamma." she said." "No. He gets out his torch and says. "He is going to be a doctor and he has already cured me of that illness that I used to have every month. goes to see the doctor. "When two people love each other very much. the chair's fitted with arms.# Santa's son: Papa tusi papa kis tarah baney? Santa: Puttar pa pa ke. Young girl: " 5 times!?!" Old man: "No dear. # What's common between the Sun & women's underwear? 1) Both are hot 2) Both look better while going down 3) Both disappear by night # Q: What's the similarity between a lady and a chewing gum? A: Both are sweet and tight in the beginning but become tasteless and shapeless later." And Bob wrote. # A blonde. suffering from sore throat. . like Bob and I. try to have SEX." "I can't. He asks her to sit down. On their wedding night. he showed five fingers to his young wife. # A couple was told to individually write a sentence using the words 'sex' and 'love. It helps you to relax. Do you know how to have SEX? Let me teach you S = Sleep E = Eat X = Exercise! Dont think dirty # Director commands during shooting a porn film: LIGHTS CAMERA MUSIC ERECTION (ACTION) # An old man married a young girl. "I don't like the guy you are going out with. When the baby looks like the neighbour. then it is biology." # Q: Why did the blond have lipstick on her steering wheel? A: She tried to blow the horn. choose which one do you prefer to start with?" # Mother was scolding the daughter. then it is sociology." # If you feel stressed out.

. # Did you hear about the blonde mom who kept an icepack on her chest to keep the milk fresh? # A blonde walked into a hardware store. female. ." # Your Name? Abu Dalah Sarafi. "Well. but how about a blow job for the shovel in the back?" # A lady goes to a dentist. so they may tell me what for should I feed you. "WOW!!!" . guests must be coming every moment." "Let them see me this way. Jeeto said. No. # Santa was in his apartment wearing only the slips. no... you see. "I hope I'm running not too fast." "Then take off also the slips. sometimes camel. # "It was just a simple misunderstanding. darling!!! I love you. The clerk asked her.. I'm in the wardrobe! # BEEP. If you find me. # Q: What does a hen think when a cock runs after her? A: She thinks. "Explain that statement!" demanded the judge. "Need a screw for those hinges?" "No. you may screw me.answered him the echo." testified the man charged with indecent exposure. too!!! I want you so much!!! Where the fuck are those darned bees? # "WOW!" . Press one to continue. BEEP. so they know how you feed me. You have reached the Breast Self-Examination Hotline.# Q: Why does a blond wear a tight skirt? A: To keep here legs closed.said gynaecologist." # A pussy-cat says to a tom-cat: Let's play hide'n'seek. press the other one. Sex? Four times a week. picked up the hinges she was looking for. and went to go pay for them." # Two flowers: I love you. this girl and I were drinking in a bar and she asked me what I wanted most in a woman.. (pause) Now. "Dress up.she sits on the chair & starts taking off her clothes. so I showed her. no male or female? Male. if not..

hey. # A woman enrolled in nursing school was attending an anatomy class. I know." # The doctor was surprised to find old man Jones sitting on the bed holding up his middle finger and sticking out his tongue. He walked over to the nurse." Little Johnny. "but why is Mr. don't you think you two should wait till he's been practicing for a year or so?" cautioned her mother. "we've been practicing." # Son: What's the difference between Love. "Psssssst! Hey kid!" "Yeah?" Stranger.Dentist: Err. # A man calls in sick. Mom! Lennie passed his bar exam so we're going to get married next week!" The brideto-be was ecstatic. "Oh Mom." said the bride with a blush. thou who did conceive without sinning.well that's my belief. "I'll give a piece of candy to come in my car. # The prayer of a Catholic girl." replied the bartender. "Do you know what your asshole does when you're having an orgasm?" "Sure" she said. Lady. "He's at home. One girl is so shy she's facing down. I just want you to remove my husband's denture. taking care of the kids." said the doctor. "Excuse me. honey. your maid is my relief and I'm your Dad." "What's that?" asks the boss. "From the stork of course!" . "Where do babies come from?" Not wanting to get into the discussion of sex at such an early time she replies. I sure haven't. # Little Johnny is playing in the street one day when this stranger pulls up in his car. asked the woman. hoping to perk up the students a bit. The instructor. "Gee. teach me to sin without conceiving." # The boss went up to the bartender and asked. The subject of the day was involuntary muscles. telling his boss. then you fire her!" # Mom. relief and belief ? Father: Your mom is love. The man says. The stranger.. A boy YELLS: Sir. "Good. "Have you been fooling around with the waitress?" "Oh no." # The little boy comes home from school and asks mom.mam I'am not a gynaecologist. # A SSC class is told to draw a woman's reproductive system. "I just can't see my ass coming in to work today. she's copying from the originals. Jones sitting like that?" "I told him you were going to examine his sexual organs. The boss replied. sir. "I have rectal glaucoma. "Give me the whole damn bag and I'll come in your mouth!" # Wife: If I sleep with your best friend what will be the first thought to cross your mind? Husband: That you are a lesbian. "Oh Virgin Mother.

" "How disgusting! I am sure your father could have done that.premature withdrawal. or in her panties and started feeling around. no matter how much and which way you fuck her. your balls will never go in. a banker & an architect? A: Judge. C. eye jobs -. B.everything but actual jobs. The next day when the teacher asked him why. It has to be the Bull. Banta jumped forward. I'm thinking of having my asshole bleached!" "Whoa. "But mom..." "Oh that's nothing. When one rubs it. I'm getting a boob job. .you can see who the best man is.800 fine to a man. "Our cow was on heat. # An old maid was held up in a dark alley.illegal erection. his wife kept getting pregnant. E & F are used for bra sizes? A for Almost boobs B for Barely there C for Can do D for Damn good E for Enormous and F for Fake # Did you hear about the blonde man who had 8 vasectomies? He had to. # Breaking news: The latest gizmo to hit the market is a wallet made of Penis skin." # Banta was picked up on a rape charge. # Q: What do u get when you have sex with a judge. boob jobs.800 judge replied 10. She explained she had no money. I just can't picture your husband as a blonde!" # Pappu did not go to school one day. and screamed "That's her! That's her! I'd recognize her anywhere!" # Rich women are getting nose jobs.Honorable discharge. who fucks the stork?" # A judge charged 10.000 for rape and 8% entertainment tax. # Two women were discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery. "I need to be honest with you. it expands to become a suitcase. Banker . he couldn't have. do I point to my crotch when I need a bathtroom?!?! # Q: Do you know who is the best goalkeeper in this world ? A: Women. # Q: What's the nicest thing about a nudist wedding? A: You don't have to ask ." "No ma'm. # Ever wondered why A. he said. D. so I had to take her to the Bull. # I hate it when people point to their wrists to ask for the time !! I mean.. when asked why 10. He was placed in a lineup with ten other fellows and the accusing woman was escorted into the room. Architect. seriously. but the robber insisted that it must be in her bra.The little guy thinks for a few seconds and then asks.

This time he prayed. and screamed." he replied. Santa complains to the TT. Santa says I am confused I think she is cold but people say she is hot. "God please close my eyes. "God please close your eyes. your hair stands! Page 3 # Three men were discussing wives. Banta jumped forward. "That's her! That's her! I'd recognize her anywhere!" . not exactly. not me. "but if you keep doing that. Second says mine is very hot." she said. your cock stands! Your wife touches your cock. He was placed in a lineup with ten other fellows and the accusing woman was escorted into the room." When he opened his eyes the girl was naked. I'll write you a check." Asks the other blonde: "And. Santa's son's. wife pray o god please take the pain away but leave the swelling. He prayed. Would you like to buy some?" She responds. Jeeto is on the middle berth. The counselor asked the wife about the problem." # A woman walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he sells size extra large condoms. "Is this true?" the counselor asked. " A man sleeping over my wife is not giving berth to my son. Pappu's top berth is taken by someone. "Yes we do. but do you mind if I wait around here until someone does?" # Any relatively reasonable and good thinking man would wonder every evening: Should I go and look at what I cannot fuck or stay home and fuck what I cannot look at? # In a train. # A priest saw a girl removin her blouse. were the questions difficult?" # Q: What does PMS stand for? A: Penis Must Suffer # Banta was picked up on a rape charge. "No sir." the spinster said."I told you I haven't got any money. His wife. # The difference between your girlfriend & your wife: Your girlfriend touches your hair." # A young couple on the brink of divorce decided to visit a marriage counselor. "Well. "She's the one who suffers." # Height of irritation: Hanging from a cliff with an ant on your balls." # One blonde tells another blonde: "I've done a pregnancy test. "My husband suffers from premature ejaculation. turning to the husband. He replies. # Husband was in pain as a honeybee bite at his penis. First says my wife is very cold.

" # My girlfriend told me to give her 12 inches and make it hurt!. seriously. "It must be your feet.." # We were having such a romantic afternoon making love in the back of the Mercedes . # Man: "I'd really like to get into your pants. it's all brand new. "I've got ten children..." The Arabian says. "Hey. he goes over to the new guy and asks him: "So.. one more and I'll have a rugby team." Woman: "No thanks. how do you like using second hand stuff?" To which the new husband replied: "It isn't that bad. There's already one asshole in there." he replies.. let's play a game" she said.some come out running and others run out coming! # The Englishman says. "I've got seventeen wives. # I hate it when people point to their wrist to ask for the time! I mean... just what I need. The husband sits up and begs. one more and I'll have a football team." The American says.# "Great. After knocking back a few drinks. # Q: What's the difference between a bar and a G spot? A: Most men have no trouble finding a bar. .. one more and I'll have a golf course.. do I point to my 'Dick" when I need a rest room! # It has been studied and determined that the most often used Sexual position for married couples is the doggie position." # A blonde and her boyfriend were setting at home one night and became bored. "Certainly not!" "Hmmm. "I've got fourteen children.then they kicked us out of the showroom. it's not to bright and it spreads easily. # A divorced man meets his ex-wife's new husband at a party. . "One more thing that heats up instantly and goes off in twenty seconds...And the wife rolls over and plays dead.." she moaned as he brought home a new microwave oven.." # There's a fire at the whorehouse. After a few minutes he turns to her and says. # A major company just developed a new paint called Blondo. # Q: What's the best form of birth control after 50? A: Nudity. "Can I smell your pussy?" The woman looks at him in disgust and says. Past the first 3 inches.. So I Fucked her 3 times and then hit her with a baseball bat.." # A guy walks into an elevator and stands next to a beautiful woman.. # Q: Did you hear about the army nurse who went to bed eating popcorn? A: She woke up with a kernel between her legs. then.

I resent that. "Where would we be today if no one had ever been curious?" Little Johnnie. "Do you know what time we quit around here ?" he asked. I'll give you a blow-job if you can find me. # A guy in a bar stands up and says.J. the handsome executive called his newly hired red-headed assistant into his office. So the conclusion is that a f**king smoker never dies. but there are just too many holes in the plot." # Q: Did you hear about the blonde lesbian? A: She kept having affairs with men! # A man and his wife are f**king. Sweat is pouring off both of them. "Let's play hide'n'seek. "I got injured between the first and second hole." "What if I can't find you?" "I'll be behind the piano. "You will never get a band aid to stick there!" # Have you heard the one about the gay who wanted to enlarge the circle of his friends? # Smoking reduces ur life by 5 mins. Teacher. 30 minutes. The wife finally looks up and says.. "What's the matter. Sex increases ur life by 10 min." . "Whenever somebody knocks on the door. Hutter # Q: Do you love me ? A: What do you think ? That I'm doing pushups?" # In the clubhouse one-woman golfer said to another. # Q: Why did they kick the midget out of the nudist colony? A: He kept sticking his nose in everyone else's business! # Q: What is the similarity between a dick and a matchstick? A: Both have head without brains and they both flare up at slightest friction." Another guy stands up and says "Hey." # "I'm trying to finish writing a script for a porno movie. what did you wear for safe sex? Father: A wedding ring... "All lawyers are assholes." said the other woman. "In the Garden of Eden?" # As the end of the day drew near. can't you think of anyone else." "That�s a bitch.. darling. either?" # Boy: Dad. 15 minutes has passed. then 45 minutes." ."What game?" was his bored reply. "Sure !" the girl nervously giggled. # A teacher was winding up a discussion in her fourth grade class on the importance of curiosity.

"Excuse me ma'am. "Yes I have but when I remove it. # Q: Why do 99% of the girls have a bigger left breast? A: Because. A: If you're not in bed by 12.The first guy says. # Q: What is the height of shock? A: When you are having sex with a pregnant woman and suddenly a hand grabs your dick from inside! # "Darling. how's it going with the ladies?" "Women.. "I'd really like to get into your pants. they continue." # A man approaches a woman and says." # Q: What is the definition of old age? A: When it takes the whole night to do what you used to do the whole night! # Santa. they object. "So. "Hell no!" "Well then. # Did you hear about the flasher who was thinking of retiring? He decided to stick it out for one more year." said Mike. so he asks her.. A: After 5 years. to me." he says. I'm an asshole. # A man got on an elevator and there was a lady on it already. "Have you tried lemon Santa. the job still sucks. "I think so." The woman replies. are nothing but sex objects. "whenever I mention sex. After that.99% of the guys are right handed! # David. and then replied. # I've learned that you can get by on charm for about fifteen minutes. "Will you still make love like that to me after we're married?" He considered this for a moment. I've always been especially fond of married women. Doctor. there's an ass in there already." # Q: What's the difference between a wife and a job. "Really?" "Yep. Mike. "No." said Mike. David asked. "I am suffering with loose motions. . can I smell your pussy?" She replies." she whispered after they had finished making love. "Why? Are you a lawyer?" The second guy says. "It must be your feet!" # Ever wonder why your gynecologist leave the room when you get undressed? # Q: What did the blonde's mum say to her before her date." # Q: Why was the gay sergeant fired? A: For the way he drilled his troops. you'd better have a big dick or huge tits. "No thanks.. come home.

and things were going hot and heavy. He replies. "Slow down." she said. If he steps on you. # Q: What is the difference between men and women? A: A woman wants one man to satisfy her every need. Bad girl: Yes. and said." he panted. # Q: What's the height of Frustration: . "No. "Foreplay is an art. can and will be held against you. but her husband has stated she was very hot in bed last night. A man wants every woman to satisfy his one need.# One evening." # Q: What's the difference between dark and hard? A: It stays dark all night. "You are under arrest. a female police officer pulled a man over for drunken driving. "because I'm about to spill my paint!" # Q: Why do woman get their belly buttons pierced? A: So they have a place to hang a air freshener! # A woman walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he sells size extra large condoms. you're fucked. I asked if either of them ever got themselves caught in a zipper. # A blonde finally got his girlfriend into bed. "Nice boobs. # Doctor's Note: There is no sign of a fever. # It has been determined that the most often used sexual position for married couples is the doggie position: The husband sits up and begs while the wife rolls over and plays dead! # Q: What did the penis say to the condom? A: Cover me I'm going in! # Q: What's the definition of an Impotent Loser? A: A guy who can't even get his hopes up. but do you mind if I wait around here until someone does? # It has been revealed that criminals who steal Viagra will face stiff sentencing. Do you want to say anything?" The drunk replied. baby. it isn't any good. "Yes we do." "You better get your canvas ready soon. Would you like to buy some?" She responds. # Good girl: It's hard to be good. If it's not hard." # I once heard two ladies going on and on about the pains of childbirth and how men don't seem to know what real pain is. Anything you say. # Q: "Where is an elephants sex organ? A: In his feet.

"What do you think I have. # Q: Why did Jeeto keep the door open while taking a bath? A: Because she was afraid that someone might see through the key hole. "I'm looking for some deodorant for my husband. isn't that a burden? Mrs. "Because I thought it was you. # Q: What do you call an adolescent rabbit? A: A pubic hair.. "Whaa! That guy just fucked me twice!" Santa says. and she was at the drug store looking at the men's toiletries." says Preeto. A police officer comes up to him and yells frantically. A clerk comes up to help her and asks if she needs assistance. it's for his underarms. # The farmer's neglected wife steps behind the barn and sees the young hired hand taking a piss. "Twice? Why didn't you call me in after he fucked you once?" Jeeto says. "Boy." She says." He says. you'd best run get you a cup. "Is it the ball type?" "No." # A drunken man was casually taking a piss into a drinking fountain in the park. thirteen. I'd sure like to have some of That!" He says. "Well. says. # Q: Why are egyptian children are always confused about their parents? A: Because their daddies become mummuies after death." # Q: What did the stockbroker�s wife tell her husband when she cheated on him? . She stares in disbelief at his huge apparatus and say.. Groucho: Lady. My fee is eighty dollars an hour. There's a public toilet 20 meters from here!" The man. # Q: Why do 99% of the girls have a bigger left breast? A: Because 99% of the guys are right handed. "I think I might be a nymphomaniac. do you have any children? Mrs. Smith. but I don't know what type he uses. Smith: Well. Santa runs in and there's a guy leaping out of the window. Groucho: Thirteen! Good lord. # Q: What is the lightest thing in the world? A: A penis.even a thought can raise it. amazed. # There's a scream from the bedroom. a hose?" # Groucho: So. "How much for all night?" # Banta and Preeto had got married. I'm 'bout through." The clerk says.. "What the hell do you think your doing.A: A boxer trying to scratch his balls. Jeeto. His wife. I love my husband." # A lady says to the psychiatrist.until he started for the second one. yells back. "I'll see what I can do to help you. Smith: Yes. I love my cigar but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.. Mrs.

if I can find a phone. one hardly used. "Stop! Don't do that! It's unfair! You don't give me a chance to save!" The wife. it's brand new. # Q: What's the definition of a real loser? A: A guy who has a wet dream and gets HIV. The hunter. It's such a shame. "Depends." # Q: Why did God give women boobs and nipples? A: To make suckers out of men! # My husband is in danger of losing his license to practice medicine. # Q: How is college like a woman ? . # Q: Why do men become smarter during sex? A: Because they are plugged into a genius. The monkeys on the top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.A: �Honey." # Q: What's the best thing about a blowjob? A: Ten minutes of peace and quiet. He was the best veterinarian in town. some climbing down. # One day a wife of a hunter found him with his lover. She took a gun and aimed it at her husband's testicles. the better you feel. The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes. all on different limbs.� # A company is like a tree full of monkeys. # Man to his ex-wife's husband: So how was the 2nd hand stuff? Ex-wife's husband: Not bad. # Q: A husband was asked: Do you talk to your wife after sex? A: He replied. He was caught having sex with some of his patients. I�ve gone public. # Q: Did you hear about the gay bank robber? A: He tied up the safe and blew the guard. at different levels. # Q: Why is a man's pee yellow and his sperm white? A: So he can tell if he is coming or going. sway them to and fro. # If I wanted to hear from an asshole I would fart. # Vagina to penis: Surrender! I have you surrounded! # Q: Why is being in the military like a blowjob? A: The closer you get to discharge. After first 3 inches. # For sale : Twin beds. "Ok. some climbing up.

# A husband and a wife were fighting about their sex life.so I said. unzips his fly and shows him a great time. "Sorry to tell u this but the woman below has left!" # Q: Is it wrong to have sex before you're married? A: Only if you're late for the ceremony. "Mommy. .." # Q: What's the difference between a blonde and an ironing board? A: It's often difficult to open the legs of an ironing board. The hubby complains. nonplussed. Afterward. # A businessman comes home from work. it's salty." # Q: What is the similarity between a lady and a chewing gum? A: Both are sweet and tight in the beginning but become tasteless and shapeless later. Then she pulls him into the bedroom. # A little girl is talking to her mother and says. She said. "All right. she greets him with a deep." said the woman. "You never tell me when you are having an orgasm?" The wife replies." "Listen. "How can I? You are never here. then asks. Little girls like dolls and little boys like balls. and before he can even say anything to his wife. "If you can hold it in one hand. "No. I just found out our neighbor's son has a penis like a peanut!" The mother is in shock. when they grow up. and nine months later you wish you'd never come.." breathed the obscene phone caller. he stares fondly at her. The mother says. However. # Q: Why do we have orgasms? A: How else would we know when to stop? # A Dentist was removing a tooth of a lady. he said. "Implants?" # A man is doing push up's on the beach. its just to remind you that we are not going to hurt each other". I'll give you some. but tries to keep her cool." # Human tastes change as people mature. "If you can guess what's in my hand. "Mam you are holding my balls". "Let's just be friends. "You mean it's small?" The little girl replies. girls like balls and boys like dolls.A: You work so hard to get in. what did you do to the car this time?" # "Hello. passionate kiss. pushes him down on the bed." I know. I'm not interested. Santa sees him and starts laughing loudly and says. baby." # Q: What's the difference between a penis and a bonus? A: Your wife will always blow your bonus! # I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with "Guess" on it. # Q: How do you know you're leading a sad life? A: When a nymphomaniac tells you.

Her husband finally consoles Santa." After a few moments. "Did you notice my birdy?" The guy says. sure I do.she's gonna eat me # Q: How do you know when you are getting old? A: When you start having dry dreams and wet farts . she asks her boyfriend. She undresses. "This is for the roses". "Cause there's two nuts out there trying to deliver an organ" # Q: What did the banana say to the vibrator? A: I don't know why you're shaking. I was concentrating on the nest" # Santa's keep dies. " Not exactly. "Why are you going to sleep on the floor?" The old woman says. Why?" asked the other. One lady turns and asks. After sex. so the old man lies on the bed but the old woman lies on the floor.# Q: What did Bill Gates' wife say to him on their wedding night? A: "Now I know why you named your company Microsoft!" # Santa gives 12 roses to his wife. The old man asks. Santa exclaims. Her husband is calm but Santa furiously moans her death. Jeeto is thrilled. the first old lady asks. "Don't worry.. "Who drives you to the beach?" # Q: What's the ultimate embarrassment for a guy? A: Walking into a wall with an erection and breaking your nose # A man escaped from an asylum for the insane and raped a woman." "What do you do about it?" "I suck a lifesaver. two-minute ride # Two elderly ladies are sitting on the front porch. Jeeto. "why can't you find a vase?" # Q: What's the definition of a healthy virgin? A: One who has never been bed-ridden # A girl got a bird tattooed below her navel. I'll marry again" # Q: How can you pick out a paranoid woman? A: She's the one putting a condom on her vibrator # An older couple is ready to go to sleep. lies down on the bed and spreads her legs and says.. "Oh. "Because I want to feel something hard for a change" # Q: What does Viagra have in common with Disneyland? A: One-hour wait. The next day the headlines read: "Nut Bolts and Screws" # What did one ovary say to the other one? "Did you order any furniture?" "No. "Do you still get frisky?" The other replies.

"No. "No.. Preeto? I was beaten mercifully by my husband. The girl asks. so they may tell me what for should I feed you" # Q: Why does law of society prohibit sex between lawyers and their clients? A: To prevent clients from being billed twice for essentially the same service # Q: Why do lawyers and prostitutes do not engage in sex? A: Because there would be a dispute on who would charge # Q: What's blonde's idea of safe sex? A: Locking the car door # Q: What's the difference between a mosquito and a blonde? A: On slapping a mosquito. "Oh.. Banta. I work in a condom factory and these are customer complaints" # A couple that just met in a singles bar is having sex. thank goodness. "Are they your babies?" The man lowers his head and says. Preeto. The lady sitting next to him asks. but given down under # Does anyone know what would happen if the earth rotated 30 times faster than it does today ?? We would get our paycheck everyday. so they know how you feed me. "You haven't got AIDS have you?" He replies. said.# Q: Why did the blonde have lipstick on her steering wheel? A: She was trying to blow the horn # Boy to girl: Darling." She responds. I don't want to get that again" # What happened to your face. I thought the same too # Banta was in his apartment wearing only the slips. Banta? I thought he is out of town these days. and all women would bleed to death. "Dress up. Unfortunately. His wife. guests must be coming every moment. it will stop sucking # Q: What is the difference between a Micro-wave oven and a woman? A: Micro-wave oven does not scream when you put a piece of meat in it # Aussie Kiss: Similar to a French Kiss. Viagraccino? A: One cup and you're up all night # A man is on a train and is carrying three babies." "Let them see me this way. ." "Then take off also the slips. what is rape? Girl: It's the wrong man at the right place # Q: Have you heard about the new hot beverage.

though with certain misgivings. but how do you make it last an hour?" # Did you hear about the nurse who swallowed a razor blade? She gave herself a tonsillectomy.# Secret of long life. only one's coming and one's going # A man came up with a new invention. during kinky sex you use the whole chicken # Q: What do a coffin and a condom have in common? A: They're both filled with stiffs. "We live today in very difficult times for young people. "What can you do for me?" The boy replies. his pant would tighten # "That bastard husband of mine wanted me to sleep with the landlord because he lost the rent money playing poker. it means that you need the whole bed to sleep" # A Roman girl asks an Egyptian boy. That way a woman can be at her best when she is at her worst # Girl to Mom: when I see the neighbour's son.. a vibrating tampon. He quits drinking because of will power." she said. "Excuse me. though. Mom: Next time. "You didn't do it. "Come behind the pyramid. In moments of temptation. But he quits womanizing because he has the will but no power# Q: What 2 things in the air can get a woman pregnant? . I shall make you a mummy" # Q: What is the difference between erotic sex and kinky sex? A: During erotic sex you use a feather. and circumcised three of the doctors on her shift # Q: What 2 things in the air can get a woman pregnant? A: Her Legs # Jeeto lying nude on the bed with her legs wide apart asks Santa. an appendectomy. did you?" "I have to admit I did. "Yes. Morning 2 eggs Evening 2 pegs and Night 2 legs # The Dean of Women of girls school was lecturing on sexual morality. What I haven't done.. I might add. is tell my husband the rent is paid up for six months!" # Q: What's the difference between cricketers and condoms? A: Cricketers drop the catches and condoms catches the drops # Man quits smoking because of will power... "ask yourself just one question: Is an hour of pleasure worth a lifetime of shame?" A girl rose in the back of the room and said. a hysterectomy." the housewife told a neighbour. don't wear the bra. "Do you know what it means?" Santa says. my bra tightens.

"What can you do for me?" The boy replies.A: Her Legs # Jeeto lying nude on the bed with her legs wide apart asks Santa. "Do you know what it means?" Santa says. during kinky sex you use the whole chicken # Q: What do a coffin and a condom have in common? A: They're both filled with stiffs. Great friends are like viagra . is tell my husband the rent is paid up for six months!" # Q: What's the difference between cricketers and condoms? A: Cricketers drop the catches and condoms catches the drops # Man quits smoking because of will power." the housewife told a neighbour." The hubby retorts. My boobs are sagging.lift you up when you are down # A kiss is called: Humanity if its on cheek. What I haven't done. and my arse is too fat. only one's coming and one's going # A man came up with a new invention. He quits drinking because of will power. "Come behind the pyramid. did you?" "I have to admit I did. "Your eyesight is fucking spot on" # Friends are like underwear . . "Yes. his pant would tighten # "That bastard husband of mine wanted me to sleep with the landlord because he lost the rent money playing poker.. a vibrating tampon. it means that you need the whole bed to sleep" # A Roman girl asks an Egyptian boy. I shall make you a mummy" # Q: What is the difference between erotic sex and kinky sex? A: During erotic sex you use a feather. though. Mom: Next time. That way a woman can be at her best when she is at her worst # Girl to Mom: when I see the neighbour's son.always a comfort. Good friends are like condom ..always protecting. my bra tightens. "You didn't do it. though with certain misgivings. Give me a compliment. "I'm ugly. But he quits womanizing because he has the will but no power Page 4 # Q: What's a birth control pill? A: The other thing a woman can put in her mouth to prevent pregnancy # Woman stands in front of a mirror and tells her husband. I might add. don't wear the bra.

what does he want to be? He replies. "So Bob.. "Ooooohhhh. that sucks peoples' blood. "The party invitation plainly said 'Black Tie Only'. they were laughing so hard # Dracula dies and goes to Heaven. but half the crew did too." The woman then says.." # Three things in Golf that sound dirty: After 18 holes. Preeto: What is that? Santa: Stimulate Me sexually than Satiate ME Sexually # This woman goes into a dentist's office. "A thing with wings. . "99 Condoms!?! Fuck me!" The guy replies. "Make it 100 then.. you gotta help me. I keep losing my temper with people. after he is through examining her he says. and Bravery if its on asshole." # A female news anchor who." Patient: "I just did. you fucking jackass" # Q: What's hard and hairy on the outside. but I am going to have to drill a tooth." said the blond. the pain is so awful I'd rather have a baby!" To which the dentist replies.. # Santa to Preeto: SMS me than SMS me. the day after it was supposed to have snowed and didn't. "I'd like 99 condoms please". turned to the weatherman and asked.." Doctor: "Tell me about your problem. that starts with a C and ends in a T? A: A coconut # A couple just married was happy with the whole thing. God asks him. When I showed up. "I am sorry to tell you this. where's that 6 inches you promised me last night?" Not only did he have to leave the set. Sensuous if its on navel.. I have to adjust the chair" # A guy walks into a local pharmacy and walks up to the counter where a lady pharmacist is filling prescriptions. soft and wet in the middle.. I can barely walk.Love if its on lips.. I'm under a lot of stress. Sex if its on vagina. With a surprised look on her face the pharmacist says. He was happy with hole and she was happy with the thing # "How embarrassing. When she finally gets around to helping him he says. everyone was wearing suits too. "Make up your mind." God makes him WHISPER ULTRA WITH WINGS # What similar things would you want in your coffee and girl friend? Should be hot Should be rich Should be creamy Should be able to keep you awake all night! # Patient: "Doc. Passion if its on breast.

Damn. I missed the hole again # Q: Why was Iraq war like anal sex? A: It was an invasion you couldn't see. mistress on the cover of Playboy and wife on the cover of Missing persons # Q: To make it straight she pulls it. Hi. I am home # Three guys introduced to a girl. riding a woman you fix your legs & move your ass # Doc to man with leg burns: Two weeks of bed rest. I am Peter-not a Saint. but best of all are girls that swallow # Q: What makes a happy man? A: Daughter is on the cover of Vogue. No way did you see Bush at the front # Q: Why was Philip's girlfriend disappointed? A: Because she found out that Philips 14" was a television # Q: What arte the 3 words men hate to hear during sex? A: Are U done? Q: What are the 3 words women hate to hear during sex? A: Honey. to make it stand she rubs it. to let it in she pushes it. Man: Viagra? Is it good for burns? Doc: No but it will keep the sheet off your legs .Lift your head and spread your legs. some brings joy and some bring sorrow. some gals lead and some gals follow. two tubes of anti burn cream and viagra. Third: I am John. Jeeto: Why don't you get your dick laminated as you have done with your Cell phone # Some gals beg and some gals borrow. It was painful without oil. son on the cover of Sports Illustrated. both look better while going down and both dissappear at night # Q: What is the difference between riding a bicycle and a woman? A: Riding a bicycle you fix your ass & move your legs.not a Baptist. The girl retorts back. Second: I am Paul-not a Pope. to make it stiff she licks it. What is she doing? A: Threading a needle # Q: What three things are common between the sun and woman's underwear? A: Both are hot. Nice to see you all. I am Mary-not a Virgin # Santa: I am tired of changing condom everyday.

. it gives me great pleasure. forward. stop and eject # Have you heard the one about the homosexual who wanted to enlarge the circle of his friends # Q: Why doesn't Osama bin Laden have sex with his five wives? A: Because every time he spreads their legs he sees Bush # Q: How does Osama bin Laden practice safe sex? A: He marks the camels that kick # Q: Do you know why old gynaecologists are in the demand? A: Because they have trembling fingers # Q: Why do women like chocolate with nuts more than sex? A: If they bite the nuts in the chocolate it doesn't yell # Q: Why is orgasm a 6 letter word? A: It's easier to spell than. Father. he said.. Nun!" # Q: Why do men ask for a woman's hand in marriage? A: Because they are tired of using their own # Teacher: Use "harrasment" in a sentence. forward. painted fully white... touches groin and starts masturbating.. what is your pastime?" The priest tapped the kid's shoulder and immediately answered... grown up together. backward. "Nun.# A kid asked the priest. "It means ladies and gentlemen.. she reclined . Then he offered her ascotch and sofa... A man asks... forward. a woman appears nude... had lots of fun together. she declined. "I'm the mint with a hole!" # Height of foolishness: A woman bathing in a transparent bathroom and Santa looking through the key hole # Santa giving speech to deaf people. rubs chest. Ohmygodyesnoohshityesdeeper yesgodnopleasenoshityesohfucknoyesyesyes ohgodfuckinghellyesyesyes # Santa: Have you ever fucked your girlfriend in the other hole? Banta: Are you mad? She'll get pregnant # A 75 year old man talking to his penis: we were born together. Johnnie: Her mouth said no but "her ass meant yes # Once at a fancy dress party. enjoyed life together. backward. When asked." # Q: What's common betwen men and video? A: Both go backward.. my child. "What are you?" She replies... then why did you die before me? # It's in the mixture: He offered her a scotch and soda.

Preeto. Wife C: You both are lucky. Man: yes! I'm HIV positive # Husband: What do you like. I'm suing for discrimination # A guy donated blood to his girl friend. She explains the problem to . shoot more than once and they eat what they shoot # Q: What do toys and tits have in common? A: They're both originally made for kids.. he wanted his blood back. from the emergency room." Man. but dads end up playing with them # Q: What did the sign on the door of the whorehouse say? A: Beat it .we're closed # Q: Did you hear about the lesbian who took Viagra? A: She couldn't get her tongue back in her mouth for a week # Banta calls his wife. my son is an addict. The girl threw a bloody tampon at him and says. my charming face or my sexy body? She takes a gud look at him from head to toe & reply: Your sense of humour # Wife A: I hate my engineer husband. erect n erect. "Slow down. Since you haven't sexually harassed me. what do you have? A: Two feet of my cock in your ass # Woman. I'm going to spill my paint!" # Q: What's the difference between light and hard? A: You can go to sleep with a light on # A blonde is suffering from a sore throat so she goes to see the doctor. "Oh my God!!" cries Preeto. After things got sour.. "The whole finger?" "No. I'll pay you in the monthly instalments # Q: Why do hunters make the best lovers? A: Because they go deep in the bush.. inject n inject.# Screatary to boss: All the other women in the office are suing you for sexual harassment. God: Is there anything positive going on in you life. foreplay is an art. "The one next to it!" # Man: Bless me god.. it starts showing on the face # Q: If I have a rooster and you have a donkey and your donkey bites off my roosters feet. mine is a lawyer! postpone n postpone! # Q: What is the difference between sex and shave? A: If you don't do it for 4-5 days. Wife B: Mine is a Doctor. my wife is a gambler." replies the guy. if you don't get your canvas arranged soon. "Well. He tells her that his finger got cut off at the construction site where he works.

"Open wide.Ding. �Certainly. "Dr. "You stop that. "Do you ever take it off?" Santa. He glanced at it and said.� Mimicking his gesture she says. "OK. a woman was spending a long time looking at the cards.the doctor who asks her to sit down. told me for a woman of my age." He stops. when I go to the bathroom and during sex!" # A lady goes into a convenience store. "Good Lord." # A woman of 55. Then when the night comes the girl takes off her clothes. finally shaking her head each time. "I wear a condom all the time" Banta." said the woman." replies the blonde. "Yes". "And how may I help you?" "I just don't know." A clerk finally came over and asked. Ding. �I need some batteries� The guy. "Do you want to do IT?" Santa says. He pulls out a plate and starts playing it "Ding." The girl gets annoyed. looks at him and asks. my breasts are in terrific shape!" . what incredible eyesight you have!" # Banta." Santa pulls out his plate and starts playing "Ding. Ding. "this chair's got arms" # Q: What do you get when you cross a python with a porcupine? A: Ten feet of barbed wire # Q: Do you know why they call it the Wonder Bra? A: When you take it off. "Yeah. was undressing in front of her husband. �If I could come this way." After a moment of stunned silence Santa. you wonder where the breasts went # Q: Why are condoms like cameras? A: They both capture the moment # Q: What do you call a lesbian with long fingers? A: Well hung # Santa was sitting in a bar having a few drinks when he noticed a tiny little spot on the wall that seemed to be moving. "Do you have any 'Sorry I laughed at your dick' cards?" # Santa is traveling in the train compartment with a girl. Ding. "It's a ladybug. ma�am. I wouldn�t need any batteries� # At the card shop. just come this way. motioning with his finger. "no. "How do you protect yourself from AIDS?" Santa. Go ahead. He called it to the bartender's attention. He gets out his light and says." "I can't. Suddenly she smiled and said. muttering.

As the cop tried to arrest them for their public act of indecency." # Whats the best thing about babies? MAKING EM . child is a result of a standing cock # Playboy is coming out with a new magazine for men who are married. asks the woman if she knows what her asshole does when she has an orgasm. he didn't mention you at all" # Lesbians can also take Viagra.Her husband looked at her and said. "When I catch your boyfriend. Man: Viagra? Is it good for burns? Doc: No but it will keep the sheet off your legs # Q: What is the difference between a child and an egg? A: Egg is an a result of a sitting hen. The instructor. "Thank you" # Q: What's an Australian kiss? A: The same thing as a French kiss. "Did he say anything about your big ass?" Without missing a beat she answered.. I'm going to shove this nightstick right up his ass. The cop pursued after them and managed to catch one of them. He says. they bolted away. "Officer. one guy suggests they indulge in partner-swapping as a trial. I'm over here. "Sure!!" She says. two tubes of anti burn cream and viagra." # Two couples decide to spend the weekend away together at a posh hotel. the guy turned to his new partner and said. only down under # Q: What do a clitoris. "No dear. They don't have to swallow it. hoping to perk up the students a bit. "Wow! This is the very best sex I had in years: I wonder how the girls are doing?" # A woman enrolled in nursing school is attending an anatomy class. When they get there.. "He's at home taking care of the kids. "You have acute vaginitis. they just let it melt in their tongues # Doc to a man with leg burns: Two weeks of bed rest. an anniversary and a toilet have in common? A: Men usually miss them # Q: What three two-letter words denote 'small'? A: Is it in? # Two gay guys were caught in the act in a public park by a policeman." She says. After 2 hours of solid sex by the fireside." Just then a voice called out from behind a tree. The subject of the day is involuntary muscles. Every month the centerfold is the exact same woman # Preeto goes to the gynecologist and he examines her. He told him.

get your own. It was rush hour. "Feel and see for yourself. he suddenly said "Hey! You wanna see my underwear?" Before she could respond. "He did. and discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery. how's about us going for a walk together." "How dare you." Preeto responded. The first woman says." So she did and says. "I need to be honest with you. "Sir." said Jeeto. "But I thought you said your hubby had a vasectomy. "Hello luv. and many people were forced to stand. "No. Meanwhile. 'All Lawyers are ASSHOLES!' A man at the front of the bar stands up and says 'Hey! I resent that!' So the first man asks. "this one's all mine" # A Scottish man was taking a stroll down a country lane. "They tell me that you people don't wear anything under those kilts. "I take the next turn. After a while a beggar came up to her and said. "Whoa I just can't picture your husband as a blonde" # "I must take every precaution not to get pregnant. right?" "No way. She glanced down and said. does it also come in men's sizes?" # A woman sat down on a park bench. "Yes we do. right there in the hall. the lovers couldn't wait and got down to it on the back seat." The second woman says "Oh that's nothing. He replies." "Oh really." said the woman." The Scotsman says. because that's the fifth raise you've had in the last half hour" # Leaving the wedding reception the honeymoon couple hailed a cab to take them to their romantic boutique hotel in the hills. She walks up to him and says." said the groom. "Nice design.# Two women were having lunch together. One particularly cramped woman turned to the man behind her and said. that's just my pay check in my pocket. "What are you doing in my bed?" # A woman walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he sells size extra large condoms. I'm getting a boob job. if you don't stop poking me with your thing. The driver wasn't too sure how to get there and said he would ask directions when they got closer. glanced around and decided to stretch out her legs on the seat and relax. "Then you must have some job. Would you like to buy some?" She responds. that's gruesome!" He says. That's why I have to take every precaution" # The blind date hadn't been all that great and she was relieved the evening was finally over. "Try it again. where he meets up with a curious lady. I'm thinking of having my asshole bleached!" To which the first replies. "Oh." said the beggar. revealing that he wasn't wearing any. 'Why are you a lawyer?' . it grew some more" # A man in a bar stands up and proclaims. but do you mind if I wait around here until someone does" # The subway car was packed. At her apartment door. I'm going to call the cops!" "I don't know what you're talking about miss. "I'm not one of your cheap pickups!" "Well then. he had dropped his pants." she said. Seeing a fork in the road the driver said.

but I guess so.. "No.. his mounting left a lot to be desired. He is too dumb".'I have been raped. it gives one a feeeling of faith and security while getting screwed. "Why Gomer. A: "Well. it comes once a month lasts about 5-7 days and if it doesn't come means you are in big trouble # Q: Why sperm donation is more expensive rather than blood donation? A: Because it's HANDMADE # Gomer Pyle is with his girlfriend Bunny and he says.'Sorry Madam." A few minutes pass and Bunny says in a surprised tone. He was happy with the Hole and She was happy with the Thing. # A prostitute goes to a Bank to deposit a 1000 rupee note.. ''Oh my God! exclaimed the prostitute. can I put my finger in your belly button?" She answers.. # Mother was scolding the daughter. how forward. "He is going to be a doctor and he has already cured me of that illness that I used to have every month" # Q: What's the difference between biology and sociology? A: When the baby looks like his dad or mom.. "Why Gomer.. # Q: "What's this I hear about you breaking off your engagement?" asked Julie. "Bunny." she said.. "Sur----prise! Sur---prise!!!! That ain't my finger neither! Gollllllyyyyyy.. then it is sociology # Q: What is the closest thing similar to a woman's period? A: Your salary." Sharon confirmed.. the note is a fake.'NO! I'm an asshole!' # Q: What's the biggest tragedy in the movie Sholay? A: Well.. that isn't my belly button!" Gomer answers exuberantly. first of all the Thakur's wife dies & then to make matter worse Gabbar cut off Thakur's hand # A couple just married were happy with the whole thing. momma." # Q: What is the similarity between men and rats? A: Both keep searching for new holes # Doing business with you is like wearing a condom.. "Although his diamond was of pretty good quality.' # Q: Why does Banta dislike making love to virgins? A: Because he is against bloodshed . The teller says. "I don't like the guy you are going out with.. When the baby looks like the neighbor. then it is biology.

" # Q: How do you tell the difference between a cow and a bull? A: Milk them both." Doc: "That won't do you any good. I thought you had said 3 males a day!! # An elderly gentleman went to see his doctor and asked for a prescription of Viagra. Guess where it would have bitten? The boy's hand # Doctor: You look so weak & exhausted. one night of passion and I spend the rest of my life digging a grave # Next time you wave. maybe four." The elderly gentleman: "That's allright. a mosquito enters the girl's skirt." # "Just try to relax. only to be told that he has cancer of the penis. Jeeto are watching boxing on TV. "he's a dwarf. Are you having 3 meals a day as I have advised? Lady: Doctor. . He goes home and beats his wife and shouts angrily. ant wakes up and sees the elphant is dead. I don't need them for sex anymore as I am over 90 years old.I told you to stop smoking # Q: What's the height of recyling? A: Sending a sanitary napkin for drycleaning # A girl taps a boy on his ass and enquires. says the ant. In the dark. How many do you want?" The man answered: "Just a few. " how come you have such a strong ass?" The boy replies. "Good! Now you know how I feel!" # Girl friend & boy friend go for a movie. this won't take long. the one that smiles is the bull # Santa and his wife." The boss enquires. "A guy smells my hair every morning and comments that they smell very nice. Doc: "That's no problem. girl complains to her boss that she's been sexually harrassed. " I'm disappointed! It was all over in 2 minutes!" Jeeto retorts.# Q: What is the similarity between men and mice? A: The pussy gets both of them in the end # Q: What is the difference between a condom and a coffin? A: Both are for stiffs except one is for coming and the other for going # Ant and elephant share a night of romance." said the gynecologist trying to calm the obviously nervous young blonde patient. "Haven't you ever been examined like this before?" he asked. Santa sighs and says. "One needs a strong hammer to drive a long nail home! # At work. but cut each one in four pieces. "Then what's wrong?" The girl retotrs back. I just want it to stick out far enough so I don't pee on my shoes. Next morning. Damn. use all your fingers # Man goes to hospital for a periodic check-up.

. Doctor: Tell me about your problem. I keep losing my temper with people."Yeah.. "I was walking along the beach and I tripped over a lamp.' And I said. Doc. pussy was pussy. thats cute.. boss was boss & king was king. 'No shit!'" # Gone are the days when booze was booze. "Why did you choose gynecology?" she asked.Hundreds of nuns are jogging at the park!! # Q: How are a Christmas tree and a priest alike ? A: They both have ornamental balls # Q: Why was the gay guy fired from the sperm bank? A: Because he was caught drinking on the job # Q: What drives a lesbian up the wall? A: A crack in the ceiling # Banta: Doctor.. I can grant u you only one wish. Now pussy is king. He says. you must help me. I'm under such a lot of stress. and then a red man in a turban came oozing out." the blonde replied. Banta: I just did.. "but not by a doctor!" # A young doctor just out of medical school announced to his wife that he planned to specialize in gynecology. my hole is too big. He said simply. sure. I can. He said. 'I ama Genie... There was a puff of smoke. you stupid bastard # A bikini is the closest thing to a barbed-wire fence. Prostitute: Why are you repeating the word God? Doctor: It was an ECHO! # Doc: Why your knees all blistered ? Lady: Because of doggy style sex! Doc: Can't you do it any other style? Lady: Oh.GOD. "There's lots of openings. Today's news. What did you name the other one?" # Yesterday's news.GOD.. "How'd you get a cork in your ass?" The other guy says.A nun jogging at the park was raped. .it protects the property without obstructing any of the view # There were these two ovaries and they were cleaning their house when they heard a knock at the door. but the dog can't! # Customer to buxom waitress after reading her name tag: "Susan'. Doctor looks into the hole & says GOD. booze is boss & the boss is a pussy # Prostitute: doc." # Two guys are in a locker room when one guy notices the other guy has a cork in his ass.

. She was immediately receptive to his foreplay after they parked."I'll get the door. "Why should I be upset. "Slow down.. "You're not a nudist. "How many children do you have?" he asked. "Don't be alarmed. you just don't have time to get dressed!" # Scott finally got his girlfriend into bed." he panted. The doctor replied. Whisper replies: If you fail to work once. "I got stung between the first and second hole. but suddenly objected. "Because there two nuts at the door trying to shove in an organ!" # A lady was toweling off in front of the mirror when she noticed a few gray pubic hairs. baby. "because I'm about to spill my paint!" # A guy was on his first date with a notoriously loose girl. my business is in loss for four days. "I know you haven't been getting much lately. "Lady. my business stops for nine months # A woman golfer suffers a nasty bee sting and leaves the course to go see her doctor about it. She seemed to be enjoying his progress." she said. "What happened?" asked the doctor." "You better get your canvas ready soon. She looks out the peep hole and says." the lady replied. "Foreplay is an art. "You must have an awfully wide stance!" # 3 women are gathered and the subject of conversation turns to birth control. "Eighteen. Doctors are reporting that many men are having allergic reactions to latex condoms. "Tell me a joke in which im not involved? Preeto. "Ouch! That ring is hurting me!" "That's no ring! That's my wristwatch." she said." ." # What's the similarity between walking on the edge of Mt. and things were going hot and heavy." says the first ovary. Dogs chase cars. "I'm pregnant!!" # Harry still enjoyed chasing girs when he got 70. Everest & getting blow job from an 85-yr old woman? Whatever you do don't look down # Banta asks his wife. The first woman says. "We're Catholic so we can't use it.but I didn't know you were so worried about it!" # There's a new medical crisis. His wife was asked if she minded. "Did you order furniture?" No why?" asks the other ovary. She said.. The petting increased and he put his hand in her panties." Although somewhat embarrassed. They say they cause severe swelling. "I'm a nudist. but they cant drive # Condoms say to Whisper: When you work. She bent down and said to her privates.. the man proceeded to ask the routine questions." he gasped." replied the lady golfer. So what's the problem? # The census taker rang the doorbell and was quite surprised when the door was opened by a nude woman.

"Everyone tells me I need a checkup to see if I'm sexually fit"." # An eccentric old woman had two poodles that she was very attached to. I'm 5'1". One day they both died. "I agree. and when his eyes get big as saucers I kick the bucket out from under him!" # A really." "Damn!" said Santa. really fat man got out of the shower at the health club. "Why don't you diet?" The fat man asks. madam?" asked the taxidermist. so she took them to a local taxidermist. Last week your salesman called and signed me up for two jumps a week. One got a D+. He is persuaded to have a medical exam first.and the third an F. the others ask. # A woman answers the phone in a busy office. "Long time.. "Would you like them mounted. "Well. no. "I'm afraid I made a big mistake. "One day we should get her for this. and my husband is 5'2". "Waiter." Santa replied. "Well. "I do that in the kitchen." Third woman says. She says. "O.. "I am too but we use the rhythm method.". "We use the bucket and saucer method." # Q: Did you hear about the new edition of Playboy for married men? A: It has the same centerfold every month . "Yeah." said the first boy. "Goodness. the second a D." So the old guy sticks out his tongue and his middle finger. "Good morning. you're fat!" The fat man said." "Whats that??". he says to the doctor.Second woman says.K. "Why? What color is it now?" # Q: Why did the Scottish farmer take his sheep to the edge of the cliff? A: They push harder that way # A 90-year old man announces his intention to marry a woman of 30. "Yeah." # Three boys received their grades from their female sex education instructor. Parachute Club.. your thumb is in my soup. She decided that in order to remember them she would have them stuffed. A second man said.. why don't you stick it up your ass?" He says." came the embarrassed reply." He says." said the second. "And then we'll kick her in the nuts!" # A waiter brings a lady her vegetable soup. "let me see your sex organs. I got arthritis and the heat makes it feel better. "Gee. "How long's it been since you've seen your dick?" The fat man answered. We make love standing up with him standing on a bucket." The second man asked. "this is Parachute Club. "Yeah. "Excuse me. but isn't this Prostitute Club?" "Oh no sir. says the medic." The second man asked. and his thumb is hooked over the cup." said the third." She says. Just holding paws. We'll grab her.

who is thrilled with Santa's action She undresses. can't you find a vase # A husband comes home with a half-gallon of ice cream and asks his wife if she wants some. About as hard as my dick. "What a silly question from someone having dick on his face" # A man tells his friends that his 5 year old son is very badmash (naughty).! Ask how? Badmash punctured all my condoms with pin Page 5 # A policewoman taking a bath but forgot her panties. 38-Burden tax 36-Wealth tax 35-Entertainment 34-Excitement 30-Development tax # Girl: Doctor. Doctor: Let me see. "How hard is it?" she asks.. job sucks and the wife doesn't # What is the difference between a slut and a bitch? Slut is the one who gives it to everybody. Santa: Why. my boobs are hard & aching. then pour me some. She let the dog smell her pussy. lies down spreads her legs and says this is for the roses.# All boobs are to be taxed as per size." # Q: What happens when a whorehouse catches fire? ." he replies. and the bitch is the one who doesn't gives it to you # Santa give twelve roses to his wife. "Why do you have your boobs on your back? The camel replied. because he made our housemaid pregnant. both of us will be out of business for next 9 months # Q: What are the three biggest tragedies in a mans life? A: Life sucks. "Ok. Doctor feels them & make face. Jeeto. Girl: Is it bad? Doctor: Not only bad but its contagious too! Now my dick is hard & aching # A camel met an elephant & elephant asked. rub oil on the head if it's not going in # Q: What did Stayfree tell to condom? A: Boss if you fail. the dog came back with her baton # Teacher: Why are you rubbing oil on your head while I am teaching? Boy: Last night I heard my mum tell my dad. She calls her for police dog to fetch it.

A: Some come out running and some run out coming # A guy walks into a clinic to have his blood type taken. she can't find it so she looks innocently at the guy and takes his finger and sucks it. Do you know the meaning of Mangal Sutra? Daughter: Its a license to do Kama Sutra # "I've got to get to the doctor and renew my prescription of birth control pills. it got stuck in my throat. That's why I can't afford to get pregnant # Q: What did the blonde's mom say to her before the blonde's date? A: If you're not in bed by 12. "But I thought you said your husband. When I swallowed it. "What's wrong honey? Didn't you come? Do you want more?" His wife said. The nurse goes about taking the blood sample from his finger after finishing she looks around for a piece of cotton to wipe away the excess blood. I can't afford to get pregnant!" said Preeto to Jeeto. "Do you think I could have a urine test done?" # A couple was in the bathroom getting ready to go to work when the husband looked at his wife and said. Banta. When he finished he started putting his clothes back on and saw his wife still writhing around against the door and he asked. They've never met # Q:Why don't blondes eat bananas? A: They can't find the zipper . turn to side B and side A finishes # A happy man must have A woman who cooks and cleans A woman who has good money A woman who like to have sex and ensure these 3 never meet # Mom asked her daughter who was about to get married. no." Jeeto responded. This morning I awoke with a stiff neck! # American men say: Women are like cigar. come home # Q: What did the blonde's right leg say to the left leg? A: Nothing. "He did. The guy is so pleased he asks. had a vasectomy. break them and they are finish Punjabi say: They are like cassettes. I'm just trying to get the doorknob out of my ass. # Q: Have you heard where many seniors are opting to spend their second or even third honeymoons? A: Viagara Falls # Last night I tried a Viagra for the first time. throw them and they are finish French say: They are like wine glass. it's not that. "No. "I gotta have you!" He backed her up against the bathroom door. pulled down her panties and nailed her.

"Have you just gotten out of prison?" "Yeah. true love and showing off? A: Spitting. "How did you guess? Is it because I wanted to have sex from the rear?" "Partly. bent over. When middle management are together. Conclusion: The higher up you are in management. and shouted. swallowing and gargling. " Yes Sir!" The lawyer further enquired. but if you lick a penis it becomes bigger! # When blue collar workers go out together on a weekend they talk about football. "Well. then he did. "Wow. You'd move fast too if you had three assholes and they were all on fire!" # Two rabbits were being chased by a pack of wolves. # Q: What's the difference between a lollipop and a penis? A: If you lick a lollipop.'" # Q: What's the difference between love." # Two eagles are soaring along when suddenly a passenger jet screams past them." said one to the other. "Why? Are my eyes bulging?" # Two woman were talking about the new hunk in the neighborhood. " Did you scream for help?" The victim replied. "Yeah... "Did anyone come?" The victim shyly replied. . 'YOUR TURN. it becomes smaller." # The local care center for seniors has begun giving viagra to the old men each night. "but I'd sure love to blow his mind. "But more because when we finished. the lawyer asked the victim. you ran around in front of me.# Q: What's the similarity between a man and an uppercase Q? A: They're both big fat zeroes with little dicks hanging off them # In a rape trial. Top management discusses golf. After a few minutes." her friend sighed.. do you want to make a run for it or stay here a few days and out number them?" # A woman walks up to a guy in a blue bathing suit and says.. she turned to her customer and asked. # As a hooker was dressing." the guy replied. "But he acts so stupid. The wolves chased the rabbits into a thicket. " Yes Sir." "Yeah.It seems it keeps them from rolling out of bed. one rabbit turned to the other and said. the smaller your balls. "Did you know your eyes match your swim trunks?" He says. "I think he must have his brains between his legs. One eagle says to the other." She said. they talk about tennis. first I did. did you see how fast that thing was moving?" The other replies.

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