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Second Meeting of the General Assembly

October 21, 2011 at 9 PM Great Room A Speaker Leslie Martin, Presiding


I. Call to Order
a. 9:04

II. Invocation and opening remarks by Fr. Jude
a. Fr. Jude read a selection from the book of Kings. picked it because it deals with king solomon asking for guidance from God, we are like them, we are trying to serve the people of CUA.

III. Roll Call Attendance IV. Adoption of Agenda
a. adds report from SFAB director gina mclaughlin

V. Adoption of Minutes from last meeting
a. passes

VI. Report from the Speaker VII. Reports
a. Committee on Academic Affairs i. Delegate Perrone apologized for the lengthiness of her report but said she was happy that they had such a fruitful summer. She said she had a long meeting with the provost this past July 27, in this meeting the Provost said he wants to meet more with the body this year than he has in years past. This does not have to be a general meeting, but rather just a few students talking to him. As far as Marist Hall goes, the plan they already had in place was to tear it down in a few years and reconstruct it, the damage done by the earthquake may speed this up though. The Mickey Jackson Consortium problem is finally solved, be it known that the consortium classes are only for languages not offered at CUA or courses required for a major that conflicts with another required class. If there is a problem getting a course approved then she says take the problem to the dean of your school and if it is still not resolved to the Provost himself. As far as technology on campus, this summer Middle States evaluated our college, and due to the lack of the technology in the Nursing School, the University had to fight to keep the school accredited, so the Nursing and Engineering schools will be seeing some major changes over the next few years. The Library policy will be changed, this upcoming semester it will be open 24/7 during midterms week before spring break. She asks all seniors on the academic committee to give her feedback on
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the first year experience, part of the strategic plan set in place by President Garvey is to have all Arts and Science students enter as undecided majors, so they can pick classes, find their interest, and thus not have to change majors down the road. b. Committee of Student Life i. Delegate Rougier said they are currently in the process of getting picnic tables for outside of the fitness center. c. Committee on Student Services i. Delegate Scharmer said Enrollment Services sent out an email with important dates on it, Sept. 12 is also the deadline for student insurance. Yielded to Delegate McCarthy, told assembly about a program Career Services has for the student leaders, that would be tomorrow night at 6 in the Career Services office. d. Committee on Campus and Residential Affairs i. Delegate Rescigno said right now they are working on getting picnic tables outside of the fitness center, however we need to find out if they have the resources and if not how much SAGA would have to fund them. We would then have to go to SFAB and request the funds. Sue Purvi also showed interest in having SAGA input on the strategic planning committee, which will meet next week. ii. Delegate Robinson asked where exactly they would be going? iii. Delegate Rescigno answered they would be near the path on the hill by the fitness center. Also noted that SAGA did not pay for TVs in Fitness Center, so we need to get to the bottom of where that money went. e. Committee on Dining and Pryzbyla Center i. No Report f. Committee on Rules and Administration i. Appointments to Committee i. Margaret Boehm ’12 ii. Leslie Martin ‘12 iii. Peter Rescigno ‘13 iv. John McCarthy ‘13 v. Chris Consalvo ‘14 vi. Kevin Rensch ’14 ii. Motion to Confirm as block 1. Passes iii. Voice Vote 1. Passes h. Committee on Allocation Review Delegate Reported that SFAB met twice since the last meeting and the only allocation over $10,000 was to Habitat for Humanity, which is not a concern of ours. i. Report from SFAB Director

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i. Director McLaughlin reported that one member has left the board, but since she was an appointed, not elected member she has been replaced with Devyn Flanagan, a Junior, she is an athlete, so she will bring an unique perspective to the board. ii. Motion for Approval iii. Voice Vote 1. Passes

VIII. New Business
a. Time reserved by Chairman Fecteau i.Proposed a Bill to start a University Garden 1. Delegate Scharmer motioned to move this bill to committee 2. Delegate Perrone asked if we would even be allowed to do this? Had Delegate Fecteau talked to FMO? 3. Delegate McCarthy encouraged Delegate Fecteau to pull this bill out, he brought up his Mullen Gardens idea, which he felt would make a good study space. 4. Delegate Fecteau said a committee cannot construct a bill, so it is our job to come up with ideas for it, we are here to come up with ideas. 5. Delegate Rescigno said he would like to remind people that success on SAGA 4 will come only through team work and it will be a group effort, he encourages all members to use the committee structures. 6. Delegate Dowd asked if this bill would go immediately to committee? 7. Speaker Martin said yes, unless first reading is waived 8. Delegate Perrone asked Delegate Fecteau if he had talked to FMO, can we do this and what locations did he have in mind? 9. Delegate Fecteau said he had no answer to these questions 10. Delegate Robinson said that she feels as working as a group we should raise the respect level in this room. 11. Delegate Consalvo said he agreed with Delegate Robinson’s statement. 12. Delegate Pylant asked what would be grown in the garden? 13. Delegate Saxton asked if students really even wanted this?

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14. Delegate McCarthy urged wherever this ended up to look into Maryland’s organization with food services involving growing fresh food and selling it on campus. 15. Delegate Consalvo asked if the soil would be safe to grow things in? ii.Motion to Move to Committee iii. Voice Vote 1. Passes

b. Time reserved by Chairman Perrone i. Proposed a Bill to investigate “greening of CUA” it would establish a task force to investigate the Green initiatives of CUA, She has talked to 4 non delegate students who think this is a good idea. 1. Delegate Rescigno said that himself and Delegate McCarthy had talked about it last year, Sue Purvi thought it was a good idea, any four can get involved and if this is successful we can make models off she likes the idea of the Green Club president getting involved with this, we should be supporting the universities green initiatives. 3. Delegate McCarthy pointed out that the solar table near the Pryz was designed and implemented by students. 4. Delegate Pylant said she thinks this is a great idea and the TV feeds around campus show how much energy the table is saving. 5. Delegate Rougier said she will support this and called the idea great and progressive 6. Delegate Perrone said she feels this is a time saver for SAGA since we have a lot of green ideas, so it is a good idea to group them together. ii. First Reading Waived iii. Voice Vote 1. Passes. of it. 2. Delegate Perrone said she will support the bill- it is for students and people

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THE FOURTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2011-2012 IX. Public Comment
a. Ryan McKinney, said he will be acting as the Faculty advisor of SAGA and that he is happy to help out in anyway possible.

X. Open Floor
a. Delegate Rescigno thanked Ryan McKinney for coming to the meeting b. Delegate Perrone said she had exciting news the music school invited Andrew and herself to come and meet with the people in Studio X, this is their first main big one, they look forward to this, she also reminded everyone that the academic affairs meetings are open to everyone, nobody outside of the committee came to the last one and she wanted to open it up . She also reminded delegates to be mindful of what they say as they never know who might hear them. c. Delegate McCarthy re-iterated his point about the seminar he was having tomorrow d. Delegate Rougier said the student leadership conference is coming up and asked if Speaker Martin could give exact details? e. Speaker Martin said it is open to all but all student organization leaders are encouraged to attend, there will be a great speaker, and you can sign up at

XI. Closing Remarks
a. Speaker Martin encouraged all to go to the Career services event tomorrow, also to sign up for the 9/11 day of service and for the Student Leadership conference.

XII. Adjournment
a. 10:05

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