What is #AntiShock? Short version: Think of it as the cure to the shock doctrine as Naomi Klein put it.

To everything there is a history, an actor, an action, and a method. By defining the terms, we define differences. Where there are differences, there is a current. A motion. Where there is movement there is more hope for change than in mere words. #AntiShock is slow careful application of antifreeze to apathy. Apathy is not lack of interest. It is lack of intent. Tragedy and violence put people into a psychological coma. Being active warms the soul. And being able to map where you're going helps you get moving. Which brings us to the matter of unavoidable disputes among us. There are many who work with their hearts, to whom protesting is the most natural expression of resistance. There are many who work with their minds, who want to know what the most viable solution is. There are many who work with their hands and only trust what they can do consistently. This is human nature. Not everyone understands protesting as a method of change. Not everyone appreciates taking their time and may view that as hesitation. Not everyone can see the value in what they cannot test themselves. If we are going to progress, we have to accept these inconvenient facts. It is b, st for all to know themselves and their environment and allow others to choose how they wish to contribute. Ultimately our most comfortable mode of resistance is not going to be effective if the problem does nor have anything to do with our way of solving it. Just be observant of what others have tried and be willing to experiment. There isn't only one way out of this mess because there isn't just one single crime committed. #AntiShock maps every problem to a four part model. The best option we have is to learn it as we go. We cannot continue asking, "What can we do?" That's a circular question which leads to many falling back to depending on charismatic individuals. #AntiShock allows us to ask, "What is missing?", "How can I do this?", and "Who can help?" Our only challenge is to find others who can fill in the missing pieces and vice versa. Know what you are good at. Know what you share in talent with others so you can communicate. Find out what they don't know so you can see if you might be able to help and vice versa. When you achieve small things, the fear of moving on to larger challenges subsides.

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