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The empowering world

Acer Emea
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In a continuing effort to improve the quality of our products, information in this brochure is subject to
change without notice. Images appearing are only representations of some of the configurations available
for this model. Availability may vary depending on region. Acer disclaims any liability for errors and
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TECHNOLOGY AROUND THE WORLD. Acer's long-term mission is to break the barriers
ESTABLISHED IN 1976, ACER HAS CONSTANTLY PURSUED between people and technology. Our commitment
ITS GOAL OF BREAKING THE BARRIERS to developing easy-to-use, dependable products
that meet our customers' needs has led to the
BETWEEN PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY. creation and introduction of our unique
Empowering Technology, designed to ensure that

The Acer Brand

our customers receive the full benefit of each and
every technological breakthrough. Empowerment
through hardware, software and services.

The Acer Brand

That's the Acer brand promise. Since we first
started 1976, we have cultured a passion for
innovation through the development of reliable,
user-friendly technology designed to bring out the
very best in people. Throughout these years, we
have been driven by the continued support and
by the extraordinary loyalty of our customers.
The constant expansion of Acer led to the most
significant group-wide reorganisation in our
history. In 2002, Acer Europe, Middle East and
South Africa merged to form Acer EMEA under
the guidance of Gianfranco Lanci, and branches
Gianfranco Lanci were opened in every Western European country
President Acer Inc.
together with the leading Eastern European
markets and also in Dubai and South Africa.
Pride in the future

Pride in the future

All Acer products display impeccable build quality.
It’s a matter of pride, and our commitment to
our customers. Exciting things are still to come,
and Acer's objective is to continue to research
and develop true Empowering Technology in the
form of innovative designs developed around our
customers' real needs.

We plan to build on our successful Channel

Business Model, and fortify our position in new
and emerging markets. We aim to drive desktop
PC revenue, and invest in mainstream or mature
technologies such as LCD TVs. And ultimately,
we are determined to become one of the world's
top three PC brands within the next few years.
First-class Business model
Acer has based its success on an innovative,
profitable and sustainable Channel Business
Model that involves working with first-class PC
industry suppliers and channel partners.

First-class business model

Through dedication and commitment to this
business model, we have fortified our branding,
technology and marketing know-how; as well
as our effectiveness in managing global
logistics, worldwide business channels and
customer service.

Our success can be seen every year in every

ACER’S INNOVATIVE CHANNEL BUSINESS country as Acer continues to increase its market
share, occupying the No.1 spot for notebooks in
WILL ALLOW US TO STAY both Western Europe and EMEA markets. With a
FOCUSED ON THE REAL NEEDS OF OUR CUSTOMERS. year-on-year growth that far outshines the
competition, Acer is currently ranked number
one in the West European LCD monitor sector,
third in the global PC Market rankings for the
EMEA Region, and is one of the top 5 vendors in
the EMEA Server market.
Acer ranks n. 4 on a worldwide basis and n. 3 on
Total notebook market *

*GARTNER Q4 '05 source

Over the past few years we have dedicated
considerable resources to the research and
development of dependable, user-friendly
mobile solutions designed to extend, connect
and innovate user mobility and make a
tangible difference in the way our clients
operate out in the real business world.

We have made it an unconditioned priority to

conceive and introduce cutting-edge mobility
solutions such as our own proprietary SignalUp
wireless technology and Acer’s ground-breaking
Empowering Technology and combine them
with the latest mobile technologies to guarantee
optimum levels of efficiency and productivity,
allowing users to remain at the centre of
their business world for longer and maximise
their mobile potential.
Notebooks Acer takes its user-centric approach to new
heights with the stunning range of powerful
PDAs. The Acer S and N series PDAs share a
Acer offers a comprehensive selection of family resemblance - they are amongst the most
notebooks with simply unrivalled levels of powerful Pocket PCs available on the market,
mobility, each individually developed to bring they feature an array of latest-generation
performance, reliability, and style to home and communication features to meet the needs
office worlds and empower users with true of highly-mobile professional users, and
mobility. Compact, easy to transport and designed they are small yet powerful enough to
as a complete solution for both work and provide flexible multitasking for lightning-fast
entertainment, the Acer notebook range offers personal and professional information
management, any time, any place.
high performance, easy connectivity, elevated
security and exceptional value for money and
provides the perfect mobile solution for everyone
looking to take their digital world with them.
Hi-tech Passion
In 2003, Acer signed an agreement to become
the Official Supplier to Scuderia Ferrari, a
company that has always been synonymous with
engineering excellence, stunning design and
technological prestige, and in 2006, Acer
became Sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari, further
highlighting our dedication to technological
supremacy and the pursuit of success.

The philosophy of Acer, as Ferrari, goes beyond
the pursuit of new technologies, each dedicated
to the development of innovative solutions to
create desirable, eye-catching and devastatingly
fast products that are coveted the world across.
There’s no mistaking a Ferrari for any other and
the Ferrari notebook is no exception. Now in
carbon fibre, the precision and passion of Acer and
Ferrari are expressed to the full in this slim and
elegant work instrument that is a triumph of the
latest advances in mobile technology.
Combining sublime natural good looks and
inspirational performance potential, the Acer
Ferrari range of products offers a collection of
technological and design achievements that
further advance Acer’s position at the forefront
of cutting-edge, hi-tech digital solutions.
Produced under license of Ferrari Spa.
all associated logos and distinctive
designs are trademarks of Ferrari Spa.
Business Solutions

One of Acer’s many strengths is its ability to

transform its unique understanding of
business into a comprehensive selection of
innovative solutions that harness all the
advanced technology, trend-setting style and
user-oriented design philosophy Acer is

Business Solutions
famous for across the globe.

Developed to offer the perfect balance between

reliable performance and superior value, Acer’s
range of advanced IT solutions make
sound commercial sense to companies and
professionals who take their business seriously.
The mark of a truly great desktop lies in its ability
to integrate seamlessly into your office world
and help release the full potential of your
business. The ground-breaking technologies,
innovative space-saving designs, effortless
expandability, guaranteed quality and reliability,
together with ultra-low running costs,

Innovative Solutions for Growing Businesses

comprehensive warranty cover and after-sales
service only begin to tell the story of how Acer’s
Veriton and Power desktop ranges can open up
your business possibilities.

Innovative Solutions for Growing Businesses

The TravelMate notebook series offers unbeatable
support for fast-moving businesses. With a complete
range of dependable solutions including ultraportable
notebooks and the revolutionary tablet format, the
TravelMate series provides stunning performance and
From the beginning, we’ve taken a user-oriented
unlimited wireless mobility to drive your business to
approach to the design of our Altos Server,
success. Compact, stylish and easy to carry, the TravelMate
Storage and wired and wireless networking
range also features the cutting-edge innovation of Acer's
solutions, using only the most sophisticated and
TravelMate series ground-breaking Empowering Technology to maximise
your mobile potential and bring power, efficiency and
dependable technologies. Only this way can we
deliver the level of excellence, reliability,
unlimited productivity to any business meeting.
scalability and value for money for which Acer is
world-renowned. The result is flexible, reliable
and infinitely-expandable performance that
ranks amongst the finest available at any price.

Servers, Storage and Office Networking

Towards Convergence

Live your digital world

Live your Digital World
After more than 30 years producing impeccable
solutions to support our customers in the digital
business world, Acer now aims to provide the
ultimate home entertainment experience with
a selection of products designed to bring the
digital world even further into the home.
With this goal in mind, we have designed and
refined a series of innovative products that
offer the combination of beautiful design,
technical perfection, exceptional quality and
consumer-friendly use that characterise the
entire Acer product range.
Acer Living Center Aspire series
With DVD video, music, TV recording, photos, video The Aspire notebook series is designed under
games and online entertainment available at the the same user-centric philosophy as the
touch of a button, Acer has extended its range of TravelMate series but is created around the
home entertainment solutions by adding a needs of consumers as well as business
high-quality system that not only provides instant people who expect both productivity and
access to live, recorded and online content, but is also entertainment from their PC. In addition to
so stylish any home would be proud to have one. advanced processing and multimedia features,
Simple to install and compatible with most existing the Aspire notebooks also feature the
audio/video products, the slim, stylish and revolutionary Acer CrystalBrite LCD technology
whisper-quiet Aspire range offers unrivalled versatility, for deep, brilliant and colourful images, and a
instant connection and intuitive functionality leaving richer, smoother cinematic experience,
you free to concentrate on the fun. ensuring peak productivity and breathtaking
entertainment wherever, whenever.

The Evolution of Digital Home

LCD TVs and Media Gateway
The Evolution of Digital Home
Acer continues its unmatched drive towards
a complete range of user-friendly digital
The introduction of a stunning range of LCD A logical evolution of Acer’s commitment to entertainment devices with the introduction of
televisions together with the inspired Acer digital convergence, these two sensationally a selection of lightweight, compact and
Media Gateway signals a new era in Acer’s digital user-friendly ranges finally break down the easy-to-use digital cameras with simplicity
solutions, each using advanced technologies, barriers between on and offline entertainment, built-in, providing an enjoyable way for the
innovative designs and superior ergonomics to offering home entertainment enthusiasts a growing number of home users to fully discover
bring the full potential of online, recorded and fresh, stylish, and captivating way of enjoying the power and flexibility of digital media. Acer’s
live entertainment right into your living room so the most revolutionary video innovations in the digital cameras have an agreeable, natural
that you and your family can enjoy a far more comfort of their home. charisma and a host of practical, user-friendly
captivating entertainment experience. features making it easier than ever to capture
your digital imagination.

Digital Cameras
Video Projectors
No office solution would be complete without a
comprehensive range of cutting-edge video
projectors designed to offer the finest portable
and ultra-portable DLP™ technology for the
demanding SoHo and SMB markets. In line with
Acer’s other business solutions, our digital
projectors harness the latest, micro-sized chipsets
for slimmer, lighter and more robust designs,
improving portability and ergonomics while
keeping total cost of ownership to a minimum.

AView on Next-generation
A View on Next -generation technology
Acer sets the performance bar for others to follow
with no fewer than four stunning LCD monitor
ranges designed to provide the highest levels of
comfort, ergonomics and value for money. With the
‘Gamers’, ‘Prestige’, ‘Office’ and ‘Value’ lines, Acer
has a solution for everyone, some featuring the
innovative AcerBrite technology, all built with the
same level of quality and care as you’d expect from
Western Europe’s leading LCD monitor
manufacturer, and each one bringing extraordinary
graphic resolution, stunning movie performance,
true-to-life gaming and super-sharp data images to
the world’s most stylish desktops.
In line with Acer’s commitment to bring
technology closer to our customers, we are
constantly striving to find new ways of breaking
the barriers between people and technology, to
allow users to be more productive, enhance
their lives and successfully make the most of
Acer's innovative IT products.

We have transformed this dedication into a core

technology that is now integrated into our
entire product range. At its heart, Acer’s
Empowering Technology presents users with
friendly and intuitive interfaces that allow them
to make the most of their technology in the
smartest and most productive ways at the press
of a single key, providing what we believe to be
the finest and most inspired implementation of
“caring through innovation”.
In the office, Empowering Technology drives
productivity by enhancing efficiency. Our latest
ranges of notebooks, desktops and projectors all
feature this user-friendly technology, providing
one-button access to a series of tools designed to
perfect the efficiency of everything from security,
system setup and management, performance,
and recovery in addition to dramatically
enhancing the connectivity, power and
presentation potential of businesses and
professional users alike.

At home, Empowering Technology is used to

make it easier than ever to bring out the
full potential of our growing range of
digital entertainment products such as the
Acer Media Gateway and LCD TVs through
enhanced usability and greater control for
simply stunning results. Just one press of the
Empowering Technology button makes digital
convergence child’s play and provides instant
access to the family’s favourite media formats,
display profiles and channels for an
unforgettable entertainment experience.