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and the Search for the Perfect Job

the Squid


By David G. Derrick, Jr.

$15.95 U.S.A.

"Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job is an inspiring tale for readers of all ages of how truly important it is to find gratifying work. Dave Derrick's illustrations of Sid and his quest for finding a job that he will love are vivid and engaging while depicting the meaningful message that anyone can find work that makes them happy!"
Julie Jansen, career coach and author of I Don't Know What I Want, But I Know It's Not This

What is the perfect job for a giant squid with ten arms? Sid swims ashore, and a girl named Alice helps him on his quest. With his skills, could Sid be a good policeman, fireman, or cook? Ultimately Sid realizes the right fit is important: He must find a job he can put his heart into. Everyone will identify with Sids trials, errorsand finally success! Illustrated with colorful verve by David G. Derrick, Jr., a DreamWorks artist, Sid is a classic, silent comic. Yet this ambitious squid is a hero for our times and inspires readers of all ages to follow their dreams.

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For Samea, Sids best friend. DGD Jr.

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Derrick, David G., 1978Sid the squid and the search for the perfect job / by David G. Derrick, Jr. -- 1st hardcover ed. p. cm. Summary: With the help of his friend Alice, Sid the giant squid tries many jobs including firefighter, cook, and window washer, in the search for the perfect one. ISBN-13: 978-1-59702-021-3 (hardcover) ISBN-10: 1-59702-021-4 (hardcover) [1. Occupations--Fiction. 2. Individuality--Fiction. 3. Giant squids--Fiction. 4. Squids--Fiction. 5. Marine animals--Fiction.] I. Title. PZ7.D4465Si 2010 [E]--dc22 2009028548

and the Search for the Perfect Job

the Squid


By David G. Derrick, Jr.

San Francisco, CA

In this wide and wonderful world there is a job for everyone. Or at least thats what Sid believed. Sid was a giant squid who lived in the dark depths of the ocean. He had ten useful arms, more than a turtle, a sea spider, or even his cousin the octopus. Sid wanted to find the perfect job, but didnt know where to look.

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So Sid decided to see for himself.

David Derrick, Jr., is a story artist at DreamWorks Feature Animation and has worked on the films Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon, Bee Movie, and Flushed Away. A wildlife artist and bronze sculptor, he wrote African Diaries: Sketches & Observations, and contributed to the children's anthology Scrambled Ink. He attended California Institute of the Arts were he won an Emmy Award for his short film Cretaceous Christmas. David and his family live in Southern California.

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Printed in Singapore

Sid the Squid is the perfect introduction for any child to meet one of the oceans unlikeliest heroes. I have no doubt that once a child has been initiated into the whimsical world of Sid, the book will become an oft-requested favorite.
Steve Hickner, Director, Bee Movie and Prince of Egypt

Whats your dream job? Sid the squid struggles with this question by trying out numerous jobs that he could be successful at. He ends up doing what he truly loves based on the innate gifts that naturally define who he is.
Joel Garfinkle, author of Land Your Dream Job

ISBN 978-1-59702-021-3

$15.95 US

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