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By Brianne Drouhard

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“If you like pretty twinkly magic, unthinkable depths of lavish colors, organic farming, and horses with horns, boy are you in for a treat! The brilliantly talented marker-wielding creator of this universe, Brianne Drouhard, has wrought forth a world of such intense charm and adorableness, that even the coldest-hearted football jock will not be able to resist the call to be immersed in this lush and wondrous world.”
– Derrick J. Wyatt, Art Director, Transformers: Animated

Billie the Unicorn seeks adventure! She leaves her cornfield for the forest where her friendly cousins—Rhubarb and Smudge—grow delightful flowers like magic. Soon Billie learns that gardening takes both skill and love. However, the legend of a Queen’s castle, which holds the world’s grandest garden, lures Billie away! But will Billie discover that friendship matters the most? Created by animator Brianne Drouhard with traditional colored markers and pencils, this charming world of Billie the Unicorn will enchant a new generation of fantasy-loving kids and adults who like contemporary art and classic fairy tales.

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For my family and friends, including my little brother Adam. Thank you for keeping me company on life’s unique path. —B.D.

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By Brianne Drouhard

San Francisco, CA

Billie the unicorn grew up in a cornfield. There she had spent most of her life, sowing kernels, tending stalks, and playing with corncobs. However, she had decided it was time to visit somewhere new. Billie remembered the mystical forest where her cousins lived. Rhubarb and Smudge took care of the woods in their own special way. So Billie said good-bye to the place she had called home and set off to find them.

The forest was beautiful and mysterious. Billie couldn’t wait to see Rhubarb and Smudge. Strolling in the cool shade and listening to the singing birds, she wondered where her cousins were. “Billie!” shouted a voice from the shadows.

Brianne Drouhard is a professional animator, character designer, and storyboard artist, and has contributed to the popular TV shows Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Ben Ten, Class of 3000, Teen Titans, and Transformers: Animated. A graduate of California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), she has exhibited artwork in galleries nationwide and blogs at potatofarmgirl.blogspot.com. See more at www.briannedrouhard.com.

Also from Immedium: ”The best stories are adventures for everyone, not just the kids. I LOVE this book!”

— Raymond Choy, Toy2R

“A Dazzling Celebration of Childhood… A touching tale that teaches children the importance of family, friendship and love, the book is packed with vibrant, colourful illustrations, and incredible creatures.”
— Chic Today

“… this book should immediately be made into a movie, since the stunning illustrations look like animation and the theme park tie-in is just too good for Hollywood to pass up.”
— Cool Mom Picks

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“It’s not often that something makes you go ‘aaaaawww,’ ‘cooooool,’ and ‘ha ha ha ha ha’ all at the same time. The world seriously needs more of the cute/awesome/ funny work of Brianne Drouhard!”
— Lauren Faust, Executive Producer, My Little Pony

“Brianne is an amazing talent. A mixture of influences combined into something new and wholly original!”
— Glen Murakami, TV Producer, Ben 10, Teen Titans, Superman and Justice League

“More stunning work from Brianne Drouhard, aka The Best Kept Secret in Animation.”
— Chris Battle, Designer, The Powerpuff Girls

ISBN 978-1-59702-024-4

$15.95 US


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