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THE YFL FACILITATOR’S GUIDE - Worship and glorify he/she may receive new life.

the Lord with the We also ask You, in Jesus’

How to Lead a Discussion Group HOW TO CONDUCT A ONE-TO- participants. name., to grant/ him her the
ONE SESSION 3. Prayer for Protection gift of tongues and any other
A. The process
“ Lord Jesus, we ask You gifts that You want him/her
B-egin with a prayer
A. Goals and Process to cover us with Your to receive.”
I- introduce each
1. Great the participants. Most Precious Blood and
2. Clarify questions Mother Mary’s Mantle of Spirit of the living God
M-ake participants concerning the sessions. Protection”. - Pour a fresh on her
comfortable 3. Find out factors that may 4. Binding and Casting, bind - Melt her
P- roceed with the hinder the participant to and cast any negativity - Feel her
discussion receive the Holy Spirit. (vice, addiction, sin) that - Use her
S-hort prayer to end the 4. Know the participant’s he/she has (e.g. anger 7.Closing Prayers
discussion. prayer concern (including fear, lust, envy, anxiety, -Prayer of thanks
the special gifts of the pride, doubt etc.) -Prayer for strong Christian Life
B. Some Tips Holy Spirit she wants to -Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be
1. You are not expected to receive). “ In the Mighty Name of
know the answer to their 5. See if the participants will Jesus, we take authority B. Tips
questions you can ask make a personal decision and gather all the evil 1. Do not consume too much
somebody to answer it. to accept Jesus. spirits around us, above time.
2. We are not there to us and below us. We bind 2. It is God who sends down
convince them, we only B. Some tips and cast them at the foot the Holy Spirit not you.
want to show them the 1. Before the whole session, of Your Cross to be gone 3. Keep you eyes open and
truth. pray for each participant forever. And we ask the be aware of what’s
3. Avoid using Christian in your group. Holy Spirit to fill the void happening.
jargons. 2. Be aware of the time. that the evil spirits have 4. It’s the participants
4. Keep the discussion on 3. Keep the session light- left behind. We pray for prayer, you are just
the topic. just like having a protection against any guiding him/her.
5. Budget your time. relational conversation backlash from the evil 5. Incase of disturbances
6. Hang around then as with a friend. one” (e.g. demonic
much as possible. 5. Lifting of Concerns oppressions), pray for and
7. Show concern and mingle HOW TO PRAY OVER YOUR -Pray for the participants claim for God’s peace in
with them. PARTICIPANTS concerns. the name of Jesus. Don’t
8. Listen to all the talks and panic.
sharing even if you heard A. Format 6. Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 6. Feel free to ask the team
these many times. Prayer for the Gifts of the leader and the
9. Be a good example to 1. Ask him to join you in a Holy Spirit. coordinator.
your group. prayer or to begin the 7. If you do decide to go for
10.Participate in all activities. prayer in himself. “Father we now ask You, in a help, ask one of your
2. Spontaneous Praising Jesus’ name to pour upon prayer partners to do it.
(name of the participants). Do not leave your
Your Hole Spirit, so that
participants at any time
during this baptism.
8. Ask for support from the
CFC-YFL family during
baptism. You must have
prayer warriors during
this session.



speaking and
praying in tongues