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QUESTION : 1. The administrator can change the Service request type using menu *Reassign Menu 2. DQM permits the customer walking into branch and seeking customer service request number first will be serviced first *True 3. The account number in the Client Module will be __________ digits and ________ *12 and numeric 4. Central Monitoring Tools helps in finding out the status of ____________ at various branches *DQM 5. DQM is based on _______________________ technique *FIFO 6. Non STP entries are added in the _________ reports *Client*Storage*Master*Service wise 7. _________________ is a system that helps in dynamic management of Customer flow in the Branch Across Services Desks *DQM 8. Customers selecting __________________ option on DQM gets priority and jump the queue *GOLD Privileges option*Elite Privileges Options*Platinum 9. Dynamic Queue Management System *Redirects the customers to less populated counters*Informs customer about the expected wait time 10. Which of the listed is true for Dynamic Queue Management System *Reduces the congestion in the lobby area*Differenties customers for preferentail treatment*Differenties customers as per their profile 11. The token gives details like *Bank Name*Branch Name*Estimated to wait 12. FIFO stands for *First in First Out 13. _________________________ is the administrator of administration software module of DQM installed in a branch *Branch Manager*Branch Operation Manager 14. The admin can edit the counter/ teller by providing *Name of the Counter/ teller*Counter /teller Type *Service to be assigned to the counter /teller 15. DAM stands for *Dynamic Queue Management 16. Switch to option is used to change the customer type if the customer has wrongly selected the confirmation button *True 17. Which of the following are mandatory services that are to be mapped on DQM *Accounts related request 18. Employees should necessarily be green flagged in *Drafts/Pay Order/ Funds transfer*Cheque Deposits*Cash deposit or withdrawal Rs.50,000 & above 19. There are __________ number of service buttons *12 20. How many buttons are there in confirmation category *Three 21. Customer can select multiple services by pressing respective buttons

*True 22. First character indicates _____________ *Customer*Non-Customer*Gold Customer 23. Characters ____ to _________ indicate the unique running token number on that particular day *3 to 5 24. Central Monitoring Tool helps in analysing the daily footfall routed through DQM *True 25. How does touch screen works *On the sensing of the touch 26. On selection of a service type , the DQM generates a slip with the _____________ number *Customer Services Request 27. How many services are listed in DQM *15 28. The various forms of report generated using DQM software includes *Age wise report of customers*Service wise report*User wise report*Waiting time report 29. Which of the following are true with respect to Non STP Services *It`s due to some defect or fault in the process*It`s displayed in the Client*its entry is mandatory 30. The four columns in `Counter` option includes *Counter displaying the teller number *Active showing the activation status*Logged in displaying the log in status of the counters *Type displaying whether Counter serves Customer 31. The customer wait till their _________ and ________________ is displayed on the Display Screen *3.Customer Services Request Number and Service Desk Number 32. The counter number consists of _________ digit and Service Request Number ________ *Two and Five 33. The counter shows only ______ digit against Service Request Number *Two 34. ____________ might misuse the client software *Tellers 35. 30 by 30 helps in reduction in customer wait time *True 36. On clicking ______________________ option , on every fifth token a line will be printed on the token requesting the customer to fill feedback form *Enable Focus Survey 37. What is the least number of days data required to calculate the average time? *30 days 38. STP Entries are not Mandatory *FALSE 39. The benefits of using touch screen includes *Less of hardware issues due few circuits and No buttons*Very economical *No restriction on adding new features since the changes are required only in the software 40. The customer selects the services required from __________________ available on the DQM *Service Request Buttons 41. What happens next after a token is presented from the slot *The customer waits for the service desk number to be displayed on the display monitor 42. The tellers at the front desk uses the ______ software *Client 43. DQM provides an option using it customers gets priority and jump the queue

*True 44. STP stands for *Straight Through Process 45. In the counter display screen the client can view *Total number of Service Request`s Pending*Current serving Service Request no. For the counter/Teller selected *Service assigned to counter/teller 46. Select the steps followed by the administrator in proper sequence *Log in to the Administration Menu-> Select the `Counter Option` -> Click on `Edit ` for desired counter - > click on different services - click on Save 47. The User is called _____________ within an interval of _______ minutes *Twice and Ten 48. On successful completion of 30 by 30 all the Branch Employees are certified *Green 49. The token gives estimated time for waiting *true 50. Non STP do not follow straight through process *True 51. For implementing 30 by 30 in a branch , who should take the initiative in training the staff *Chief Information Officer*Regional Training Manager 52. Dynamic Queue Management System helps the organisation by giving a detailed statistics on wait time and average time to service per customer *True 53. STP are sub-services of the 15 main services out of which 12 are mapped on DQM *True 54. On clicking `Counters` option, how many columns are there *Four 55. In absence of DQM system customer move from one counter to another which may lead to confusion and big queues *true 56. The benefits of 30 by 30 includes *All 57. If a Non STP is selected, account number is a mandatory entry *True 58. On pressing ____________ button all selected services gets cleared *Cancel Button 59. The three types of button includes *Service Buttons*Confirmation Buttons*Cancel Buttons 60. ____________ services should each counter be mapped to for the branch to be 30 by 30 compliant ? *Atleast three 61. DQM restrictions and its misuse comprises of *Pressing of the Gold button by unprivileged customers*Problems in DQM may occur due to harsh use *Miss use of client software by teller 62. Anand visit ICICI Begumpet branch to equire about ICICI Loambard insurance products. Anand is 38th customer on the specific date then the token number generated by DQM would be *CO038 63. The objective of the 30/30 concept is to *reduce the customer wait time*serve the customer faster

64. DQM Helps to *All 65. Specialised Services will be assigned only to the respective specialised service desks where the CSO has been trained to service these requests *True 66. On clicking __________ option , the admin can view the Pending and Request Served User wise reports *Online Info 67. The major future development with respect to DQM includes *Installation of Touch Screen DQM with card reader*Enhanced features for DQM mainly in Admin and Client feature *Installation of LCD as DQM monitor 68. The client software is used *Tellers 69. There are _____________ types of buttons and __________________ in the DQM machine *Three and a Receipt Dispenser *Four and a Receipt Dispenser *Three and a Token Dispenser *Four and a Token Dispenser 70. The second character indicates *Type of the first service selected 71. The branch wants to see the average time of all the services. What button he/she needs to click in DQM admin module *Users Button *Counter Button *Service Button *Average Time Button 72. In a `30/30` scenario if there are 30 Customers present at a particular time and there are 30 customer Service Desks in the Branch all the services desks should be attending to one Customer each *True 73. Among 15 services , how many mandatory services are necessary to be mapped at DQM *Nine 74. Installation of LCD display screen helps in *Display of advertisements on ICICI products for more business generation