shahi paneer

shahi paneer

ingredients: 250 gms. paneer (cottge cheese) 3 tbsp. ghee or butter 1 onion chopped into strips 1/2" piece ginger chopped fine 2 green chillies chopped fine 4 tomatoes chopped fine 2 cardamoms crushed 1/4 cup beaten curd 1/2 tsp. red chilli powder 1/2 tsp. garam masala salt to taste 1/2 cup milk 2 tbsp. tomato sauce to garnish: 2 tbsp. grated paneer 1 tbsp. chopped coriander method: chop the paneer into 2" fingers. heat half the ghee. add onion, ginger, green chilli and cardamom. fry for 3-4 minutes. add tomatoes and cook for 7-8 minutes, covered. add curd and cook for 5 minutes. add 1/2 cup water and cool. blend in a mixie till smooth. heat remaining ghee; add gravy and other ingredients except milk and paneer. boil to get very thick gravy. just before serving, heat gravy, add milk and paneer fingers and boil for 3-4 minutes. garnish with chopped coriander and grated paneer.

gobi manchurian
gobi manchurian

ingredients: 1 medium. cauliflower clean and broken into big florettes. 1 small bunch spring onion finely chopped 2 tsp. ginger finely chopped 1 tsp. garlic finely chopped 1/4 cup plain flour 3 tbsp. cornflour 1/4 tsp. red chilli powder 2 red chillies, dry 3 tbsp. oil 1 1/2 cups water 1 tbsp. milk method: boil the florettes for 3-4 minutes in plenty of water, to which a tbsp. of milk has been added. drain and pat dry on a clean cloth. make thin batter out of flour and 2 tbsp.cornflour, adding 1/4 tsp. each of ginger and garlic and red chilli powder and salt to taste. dip the florettes in the batter one by one and deep fry in hot oil. keep aside. in the remaining oil, add remaining ginger, garlic and crushed red chilli and fry for a minute. add the salt and spring onions. stir fry for a minute. add 1 1/2 cups water and bring to a boil. add 1 tbsp. cornflour to 1/4 cup water and dissolve well. gradually add to the gravy and stir continuously till it resumes boiling. boil till the gravy becomes transparent. add florettes and soya sauce. boil for two more minutes and remove. serve hot with noodles or rice. variations: dry manchurian can be made by omitting the gravy. make florettes as above and instead of adding water as above, add fried florettes, spring onions and soya ce at this stage. sprinkle 1 tsp. cornflour on the florettes and stirfry for 2 minutes. serve piping hot with toothpicks or miniforks and chilligarlic sauce or tomato sauce. same procedure for veg. manchurian (with gravy or dry), but instead of using only cauliflower, use finely chopped minced vegetables and bind with some cornflour or bread crumbs and make small lumps the size of a pingpong

ball. fry as above and proceed as above.

aloo palak
aloo palak ingredients 3 cups chopped spinach 2 large onions chopped fine 2 large potatoes boiled and peeled 1 tomato grated 2 green chillies 1" piece ginger 1 tsp. lemon juice 1/2 tsp. wheat or other flour 1 tsp. red chilli powder 1 tsp. cinnamon-clove powder 1/4 tsp. turmeric powder 1/2 tsp cumin seeds 2 pinches asafoetida 1/2 tsp. garam masala 1/2 tbsp. butter 4 tbsp. ghee salt to taste method: put the washed spinach in a pan; add very little water (just a sprinkle) and a pinch of salt. cover and boil over a high flame for 2 minutes. cool quickly, or hold under running water in a colander. put in a mixie, add green chilli and run for a minute. keep slightly coarse, do not make very smooth. keep aside. cut the potatoes into big pieces. heat ghee and fry potatoes till light brown. drain the potatoes, keep aside. in the same hot ghee add the cumin seeds. add the ginger, onions and fry till very tender. add the tomato and further fry for two minutes. add all the dry masalas and fry till ghee separates. add spinach and potatoes. when it resumes a boil sprinkle the flour and stir well. boil for 2-3 minutes. add lemon

juice just before serving heat butter in a tiny saucepan and add the asafoetida. pour over the vegetable and mix gently. serve hot with naan or parathas or even rice. note: you may use boiled peas, boiled corn kernels or paneer chunks in the above dish, instead of atoes. making time: 45 minutes makes for: 6 shelf life: best fresh

potato in curd gravy
potato in curd gravy

ingredients: 3 medium. potatoes boiled and peeled 1 cup curd or yogurt beaten 1 tsp. red chilli powder 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. dhania powder 1/4 tsp. turmeric powder 1/4 tsp. garam masala 2 pinches asafoetida 1 stalk curry leaves 1 tbsp. coriander leaves chopped 1 1/4 cup water 1/2 tsp. each ginger, garlic grated 2 green chillies slit 1 tsp. each cumin, mustard seeds 1/4 tsp. wheat flour 1 tbsp. oil method: cut potatoes into big pieces. mash 3-4 pieces fine with hand. keep both aside. mix all the dry masala in 1/4 cup water. heat oil. add the seeds (cumin and mustard). when they splutter, add ginger-garlic, chilli and curry leaves. add the masala mixture and fry for 2 minutes. add beaten curd and fry for 5 minutes or till the curd loses its whiteness. stir continuously

after adding curd. add the remaining water and all the potato and flour. stir well. boil and simmer for 10 minutes or till gravy thickens garnish with chopped coriander. serve hot with thin wheat chappaties and rice.

masala vada
masala vada ingredients 1 cup yellow gram (chana) dak 1/2 cup onion finely chopped 1/2 cup coriander finely chopped 1/2 cup dill leaves finely chopped 3-4 green chillies finely chopped 1/2 tsp. cumin seeds oil o deep fry method wash and soak dal for 3-4 hours. keep 2 tbsp. dal aside, grind the rest,coarsely. mix all other ingredients, including whole dal. add 2-3 tbsp. hot oil to the mixture. heat oil, make pattie shaped rounds with moist palm. let carefully into the hot oil. fry first one side then the other till golden brown. serve hot with green chutney, tamarind chutney, or ketchup

hot kachori
hot kachori

ingredients for cover: 1 1/2 cup plain flour 3 tbsp. oil salt to taste

cold water to knead dough for filling: 1 cup yellow moong dal washed and soaked for 1/2 hour 1 tsp. garam masala 1 tsp. red chilli powder 1/2 tsp. dhania (coriander) powder 1/2 tsp. coriander seeds crushed coarsely 1/2 tsp. fennel (saunf) seeds crushed coarsely 1/2 tsp. cumin seeds 1/2 tsp. mustard seeds 1 tbsp. coriander leaves finely chopped salt to taste 2-3 pinches asafoetida 1 tbsp. oil oil to deep fry 1 tbsp. plain flour for patching method for cover: mix flour, salt and oil, knead into soft pliable dough. keep aside for 30 minutes. for filling: put plenty of water to boil. add dal. boil dal for 5 minutes, drain. cool a little. heat oil in a heavy pan. add all seeds whole and crushed allow to splutter. add asafoetida, mix. add all other ingredients. mix well. do not smash the dal fully. but enough to make the mixture hold well. remove from fire, cool. divide into 15 portions. shape into balls with greased palms. keep aside. to proceed: make a paste with water, of flour for patching. keep aside. take a pingpong ball sized portion of dough. knead into round. roll into 4" diam. round. place one ball of filling at centre. pick up round and wrap ball into it like a pouch. break off excess dough carefully. do not allow cover to tear. press the ball with palm, making it flattish and round.

repeat for 4-5 kachories. deep fry in hot oil, on low flame only. if the kachori get a hole anywhere, apply some paste. return to oil and finish frying. turn and repeat for other side. fry till golden and crisp. small bubbles must appear over kachori. drain and serve hot with green and tamarind chutneys.

spicy sev
spicy sev

ingredients 2 cups gram flour (besan) 1/2 tsp. ajwain (omam) seeds 1 1/2 tsp. red chilli powder 1 tbsp. oil salt to taste 2-3 pinches asafoetida water to make dough oil to deep fry method 1.mix the chilli, oil, salt and seeds into the flour. 2.add enough water to make a dough which is quite gooey. should not be pliable but sticky. 4.grease the inside of a sev-press, fill with the dough. into hot oil, and fry lightly on both sides. 6.drain well and cool before storing. variation: you may adjust the chillies as per taste. you may omit chillies to make bland sev. you may add finely crushed dried herbs (eg. mint) for add flavour. note: a sevpress is similar to a vermicelli press, but it should be small enough to handle over hot oil

malai kofta
serving: 8 preparation time: 1 hr ingredients: for the koftas: cottage cheese: 350 grams plain flour: 3 tb baking powder: 1 level ts green chillies: 4 coriander: 1 tb ghee: for deep frying salt: to taste for the gravy: tomatoes (large): 4 fresh cream: 100 grams ghee: 4 tb chilli powder: 1 ts salt: to taste to be ground into a paste: onion (large): 1 fresh coconut: 2 tb garlic: 7 cloves green chillies: 2 red chillies: 2 coriander seeds: 2 ts cumin seeds: 1 ts cherongia sapick: 2 tb poppy seeds: 2 ts ginger: 1 fresh coriander: 2 ts the steps: pre - preparation : 1) chop green chillies and coriander. 2) grate the fresh coconut. 3) chop fresh coriander. preparation : 1) crumble the cottage cheese and knead very well. 2) mix the cottage cheese, plain flour, baking powder, chillies, coriander and salt. 3) shape into small balls and deep-fry in ghee. 4) keep aside these koftas.

for the gravy: 1) cut the tomatoes into big pieces, add 4 cups of water and cook. 2) when soft, prepare a soup by passing through a sieve. 3) heat the ghee in a vessel and fry the paste very well. 4) add the chilli powder and fry again for a minuteadd the tomato soup, cream and salt and boil the gravy for at least 10 to 15 mins. 5) just before serving, add the koftas. 6) serve hot with parathas, puris or rice. calories: 300 per serving suggested accompaniments: parathas, rice, naan, phulka left - over ideas : vegetable kurma.

paneer kofta for koftas: 200 gms cottage cheese (paneer) 2 potato (aloo) 1/2 tsp red chili powder (lal mirchi) 1/4 tsp garam masala 2 tblsp cornflour oil for frying for gravy 4 onion (pyaj) 4 tomato (tamatar) coriander leaves (dhania patta) 1/2 cup curd (dahi) 1/2 cup cashewnut (kaju) powder 1/2 tsp cumin seed (jeera) 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp red chili powder (lal mirchi) 1/4 tsp turmeric (haldi) 1/4 tsp garam masala 1 bay leaf (tej patta) 2 tblsp clarified butter (ghee) how to make paneer kofta: boil potatoes and peel them. grate paneer and potatoes. add salt, red chili powder, garam masala, cornflour and mix well.

make round balls of this mixture. now heat oil in a pan. fry balls in the oil till brown in color. grind onion and tomatoes together. chop coriander leaves very finely. heat oil in a pan. add cumin seed and bay leaf. add onion, tomato paste and brown it, stirring continously. when it leaves oil add curd, cashewnut powder, salt, red chili powder, turmeric, garam masala. stir it continously for a minute. then add 2 cup of water. put on the lid and simmer for 5 minutes. while serving reheat the gravy and then add koftas to it. garnish it with chopped coriander leaves.

punjabi malai palak koftas ingredients: 100 gm paneer - mashed 2 slices bread - remove sides 3 tbsp curd 1/8 tsp baking powder 1 green chilli - chopped finely 1 tbsp finely chopped coriander 1/2 tsp salt & 1/2 tsp pepper, to taste ¼ tsp red chill powder 11/2 tbsp maida (plain flour) few pieces of cashewnuts for gravy: 4 tablespoon oil 1 tsp dhania powder, ½ tsp red chilli powder ¼ tsp garam masala, salt to taste for tempering: 1 tablespoon ghee 1″ piece ginger - cut into match sticks 1 green chilli - slit lengthways 1/2 tsp red chilli powder boil together 1/2 kg spinach leaves - chopped, 1 green chilli - chopped 1″ piece ginger chopped and grind together 2 onions, 2 tomatoes, 2 laung (cloves) method: to prepare koftas, spread ¾ tbsp curd on each slice of bread to wet it. after spreading curd on both sides of bread, keep aside for a minute. mash the paneer well. add baking

powder, green chillies and coriander. mash the bread slices well and mix with the paneer. add salt, pepper & red chilli powder to taste. add maida in the end. mix well. make balls and stuff a piece of cashew in the centre. deep fry 4-5 pieces at a time, in medium hot oil and keep aside. to prepare the gravy, wash palak leaves and chop roughly. put leaves with a green chilli and ginger in a pan and cook covered for 3-4 minutes after it boils. remove from fire. cool. after the spinach cools, blend to a paste and keep aside. grind onions, tomatoes and 2 laung (cloves) to a paste. heat 4 tbsp oil. add the onion - tomato paste and cook stirring till dry. add masalas dhania powder, red chilli powder, amchoor and salt to taste. saute further for 1-2 minutes on low flame, till oil separates. add the ground spinach and sauté for 2-3 minutes. add ½ cup water to make a thin gravy and sauté for another 5 to 7 minutes. at serving time, heat the spinach gravy and add the kofta. slir gently on low flame for 1-2 minutes till the koftas are heated through. remove from fire and transfer to a serving dish. for tempering, heat 1 tbsp ghee and add the ginger

left over kofta ingredients: koftas: 2 cups leftover rice 1/2 cup grated bottlegourd 1 tbsp chopped coriander 1 tsp wheat flour 1/2 tsp chili powder oil for frying salt to taste gravy: 2 red chilies 8-10 cashew nuts 1 tomato, chopped 1 onion, chopped 2-3 garlic flakes 1" piece ginger 1/4 tsp cinnamon and cloves powder 1 tsp red chili powder 1/4 tsp turmeric 1/2 tsp garam masala 1 cup water 2 tbsp oil method: 1. mix all ingredients of the gravy and blend to a fine paste. keep aside. 2. squeeze water from the grated gourd and add all the ingredients of koftas except oil. 3. mix them well and make small rounds. fry in oil until golden brown.

4. heat 2 tbsp of oil in a pan, add the ground paste and fry for 4-5 minutes or till oil separates from the gravy. 5. add koftas and cook for another 5 minutes. 6. serve hot with rice or chapatis.

cocoa brownies
cocoa brownies ingredients: 250 gm butter 750 gm castor sugar 750 gm sifted self-raising flour 2 egg yolks 1 tbsp treacle 6 tbsp cocoa powder 250 gm chopped walnuts pinch of salt 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp soda bicarbonate method: mix all ingredients in a bowl. blend well but handle the mixing ac¬tion lightly. drop teaspoonful of the mixture on a lightly greased baking tray or on wax paper. bake in preheated oven of 160 °c for 10 minutes. cool well on racks before storing in airtight containers.

navratan korma
navratan korma

ingredients: 2 cups peas boiled 1 large carrot chopped and boiled 1/2 cup tomato sauce 1/4 cup curd 1/4 cup malai (cream) 3 tbsp. butter

1 small sweet lime 1 small apple 1 banana 2 slices pineapple 10-15 cashewnuts 20 raisins 2 glaced cherries for decoration 1 tbsp. coriander chopped 1 tbsp. ghee salt to taste dry masala: 1 tsp. cuminseeds 2 tsp. khuskhus (poppy seeds) 1 tsp. cardamoms wet masala: 1 large onion 1/4 cup coconut shredded 3 green chillies method: grind the dry and wet masalas separately. chop the entire fruit fine. heat ghee and fry cashews, drain and keep aside. add butter to ghee and heat, add the wet masala and fry for 2 minutes. add the dry masala and salt and fry 2 more minutes. add the carrots and peas, mix together curd and cream and add to gravy. allow to thicken a bit, add fruit, cashews and raisins and boil till the gravy is thick and the fat separates. garnish with grated cheese, coriander and chopped cherries. serve hot with naan, roti or paratha.

broasted chicken
broasted chicken ingredients 1 chicken with skin, cut into 8 pieces, or 8-10 drum stick - juice of 1 large lemon

- 1 cup plain flour - 1 cup basin (gram flour) - 1 tsp. red chilies (optional) - 1 1/2 tea spoon salt - 1 tea spoon black pepper - oil for deep frying 1. put the chicken a large bowl, add lemon and one teaspoon of salt and rub it all over the chicken pieces. cover and marinate for at least 3 to 4 hours or overnight in a refrigerator. 2. mix 1\2 teaspoon of salt and rest of the ingredients, except oil. place the coating mixture in a plastic bag. put one piece at a time in the bag and shake it to coat the mixture. arrange the coated chicken pieces in a single layer on a cookie sheet. 3. deep fry the chicken in an electric deep fryer. follow the manufacturer's instruction. alternatively fry the chicken in a deep fryer over high heat. fry to a crisp golden color. remove from the oil and place on an absorbent kitchen paper. serve hot with french fries and garlic chutney garlic chutney recipe next msg mein ;)

chilli paneer recipe 350 gms paneer 2 tsp salt 1 egg 1/2 cup corn flour 1 tsp ginger-garlic paste 2 cups coarsely chopped onions 2 tbsp sliced green chillies 1 tbsp soya sauce 2 tbsp vinegar 1/4 tsp ajinomoto oil for frying little water how to make chilly paneer: cut the paner into cubes. mix together the cottage cheese, 1 tsp salt, egg, corn flour, garlic, ginger and water to just

coat the paneer pieces with the mixture. heat oil in a pan and fry the paneer pieces caoted with mixture till golden in color. heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a wok and stir fry the onions in it over high heat for half a minute. add the green chillies, salt, soya sauce, vinegar, ajinomoto and the fried paneer cubes. mix well, and garnish the chilli paneer with finely cut spring onions and coriander.

orange tea cake
orange tea cake ingredients: 250 gm sifted self raising flour 5 eggs 250 gm castor sugar ¼ litre orange juice concentrate 30 split almonds (optional) 260 gm butter pinch of grated orange rind 2 tsp vanilla 3 tbsp evaporated milk ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda method: cream butter and sugar till light. beat in eggs, one at a time for one minute each. fold in dry ingredients and orange rind, but not almonds, if they are used. lightly stir in wet ingredients. place cake mixture in lined or ligh¬tly greased loaf tin. bake in preheated oven (140 °c) for 35 minutes. when cooked, remove from oven and when still hot, gently press almonds on top. cool on rack.

spring rolls recipe for spring rolls u need pasta/spring roll wraps (u get them ready in market.) for filling u need cabbage, onion, capsicum, carrots (all cut into julliens)

two to thre cloves of garlic (chopped) oil chilly sauce soy sauce salt, white pepper ajinomoto (optional) method: now in a kadai, heat oil and add garlic, saute for a while, then add onions again saute till they start loosing colour now add capsicum, carrots and cabbage respectively in gap of 1 min each. now add salt, white pepper, soy sauce, and chilly sauce according to ur taste. add little amount of water to cook the vegetables well. when cooked, transfer the vegetable to a colander(perforated vessel or a large sieve) and let the excess water get drained out. now take the spring roll wrap and fill the vegetable filling into it, now roll the wrap sealing the sides and stick the edges with egg or maida paste. now heat oil and fry the rolls till golden brown. drain the excess oil and cut into pieces and serve hot with hot garlic sauce.

try spicy shev bhaji (maharastian sabji)
ingrediants : oil, shev, onion,red chilli, ginger, chilli powder, haldi, salt, dhaniya and 1] chop onion [2-3] 2] chop coconut [half] 3] now fry onion with small amount of oil on tawa 4] fry coconut chips, dhaniya, red chillies and power....... 5] fry black masala..... 6] now mix all and grind with some water and make paste..... 7] now in bowl take oil [3-4 table spoone] 8] add paste in it after heating oil. 9] fry that up to it will turn to dark brown. 10] make hot water and add to it as per ur req. 11] now wait until it boils

12] after that add shev good amount and het it for 2 min. 13] serve it with roties and rice try nice spicy dish reply

cashew nut cookies
cashew nut cookies ingredients 256 g butter 143 g icing sugar. 285 g flour 86 g cashew nut powder. ½ tsp vanilla powder ½ tsp baking powder 1 egg yolk 85 g cashew nuts method 1. cream butter and icing sugar till creamy. 2. add in cashew nut powder, flour, vanilla powder and baking powder. 3. roll the mixture and cut into shapes with cutter. brush with egg yolk and top with cashew nuts. 4. put into oven and bake at 300°f for 10 minutes

quick chocolate eggless cake - by shelly
ingredients: 1-1/2 cup flour 1/3 cup cocoa powder 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 cup cold water 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 tsp vinegar method:

preheat oven to 375°f. spray a small baking pan (8x12) with vegetable spray or baker's joy. combine dry ingredients directly in the pan. mix all the wet ingredients in a small bowl, combine remaining ingredients leaving out the vinegar until the final step. combine wet and dry ingredients, stirring together in pan until well combined. stir in the vinegar rapidly and immediately place pan into preheated oven and bake for 25 to 30 min. optional: you can stir in 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips just before baking to make a richer cake with melted chocolate bits or swirls.

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