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Satanism is Not About Darkness






Debunking the Romance of Vampires and their “Part” in Satanism


The Corruption of Vodou/Vodoun


FATHER Satan?!


Props in Witchcraft in Satanism


Scrying with Black Mirrors


I Come Not to Bring Peace But a Sword

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I have compiled a list of my articles and essays, both past and present that I hope will clear up some common misconceptions in Satanism, along with those that I think will be useful to those starting out in true Spiritual Satanism and/or needs a reminder. There have been claims that I have apparently “stolen” from someone. I will state here and now, that my work is my own work and nothing else. What I write comes from my own research and experiences of which I put a lot of time and effort into doing. I have never even so much as stolen a piece of candy in my entire life, and I’m not about to break a life time habit of not stealing. Any sources that I used are noted at the end of the article, and will also be noted at the end of this book. All articles and essay’s come from my group; Lucifer’s Elite.

Note; everything available here and in general that I produce is copyrighted. I am able to take legal action against those who use my stuff without permission and those who work to defame me. I have done this before and will do it again without any hesitations.



Regards and Ave Satanas

Lucie Elizabeth Lovato

Satanism is Not About Darkness

Many people mistake Spiritual Satanism for being dark; in fact I see it as truly the opposite to being dark. Why would something that’s meant to be dark work on self empowerment, and acknowledging that the soul needs light (energy) to thrive be classed as dark? When I say light, I don’t mean it in the New Age twisted meaning of light. Rather if something was truly dark, would we not be working on suppressing things and damning the soul just like Xianity does? True Spiritual Satanism is not based on darkness alone, but rather a balance (again most definitely not the New Age meaning) Just like Father states in His spiritual warfare message create and destroy, and take delight in what you have destroyed and take delight in what you have created.

So in my opinion, a Spiritual Satanist is not a dark title, and not about wanting to make yourself look dark and superior to others, it is knowing the truth and living with that truth. Not many can live with the truth and not many can tolerate hearing it. It takes a strong and devoted person to be able to do this. It’s not about child like adults wanting to play at being evil or should I say what the common belief of evil is either. Neither is Spiritual Satanism is about getting one over someone else in the Satanic community, and boasting about who has the best title and who is who and so forth. It’s time that people stop playing these childish games and STOP and LOOK at what they are forgetting, and that is Satan. These people are no better than the Xian’s they claim to hate. The whole point of Spiritual Satanism as I said is knowing the truth and living as truth, researching to make yourself more knowledgeable, questioning everything, raising your Kundalini and becoming just like HIM and the Gods! Furthermore, you don’t need to live up to and adhere to anyone’s codes of conduct other than your own as long as they go in accordance to His desires and are not harming fellow Gentiles. What you do, how you dress, the music you listen to, how you act is your business and no one else’s, don’t let anyone dictate to you what your personal preferences should be. A big part of Spiritual Satanism is individuality, I for one don’t care what people think unless I want them to care and they are very few people-those who actually matter to me and are special. Also I don’t believe or think that anyone has to boast about their psychic talents (or in some cases lack of them) in order to convince people that they have them, that’s the individual’s decision and private business. Besides those who boast constantly are just attention seekers and fakes anyway.

Furthermore, Satan doesn’t condone any form of “genocide”, whether it’s racial or something else. I do know that what Satan does condone is the individuality of each race and wanting each race to grow and prosper on their own. This is most definitely not a form of “genocide” and those who believe this need to research more on the matter before they scream like an ignorant child about it, thus making themselves look pathetic and incapable of opening their eyes to the world around them.


Archetypes are often related to the mind, the different stages and development of it. We have archetypes of darkness, light, life and death. The Gods should not be confused with an archetype; our Gods are not created by man whereas archetypes are. The Gods can exist without the Gentile races; can we say the same for archetypes? I think not.

Here we can take a look at different examples of archetypes and their creators. A perfect example of an archetype is the maiden, mother, and crone found in Wicca. Wicca is a watered down version of Christianity with a taste of the occult mixed in with fantasy. However, the maiden, mother, and crone serves its purpose here in regards to discussing archetypes. It is an example of life and death. The maiden is in her youth, then blossoms and becomes a mother. At this point she is in the prime of her life. Then things change, she ages and becomes the crone who holds wisdom of life, motherhood and death. H.P Lovecraft is also responsible for creating a few archetypes of his own. His archetypes mainly revolve around darkness and death from what I have seen in my brief studies of his works.

The Gods are evidently much, much different from archetypes. They teach us things and lessons that an archetype cannot. My opinion is that sometimes an archetype can be taken out of context and turned into a Godform, thus resulting in it turning into a deity as is the case with Baphomet and a few others. Baphomet is a actually a spiritual allegory, and nothing more.


A Godform in the New Age lie is akin to an archetype, where one takes the time to research the Godform that they are invoking by a prayer that is written to fit the God/Goddesses qualities, either by someone else or by themselves. The New Age lie then claims that the Godform is invoked during a ritual, where the Godform becomes a part of you and either:

1) Helps you to attain what you need during that ritual. 2) The qualities of the apparent “Godform” becomes a part of you.

Lilith has unfortunately been a victim of this garbage, as has Astaroth, Satan, Asmodeus and all of the Gods of Hell. Various Left Hand Path “authors” have stated to continue these lies that Satan is the ideal “Godform” to attract gold and wealth, and personal power towards you. Personal power comes from yoga and meditation, and that involves hard work in order to gain it. Satan DOES NOT bestow wealth, gold, fame and riches in exchange for soul’s or so called invocations of His “Godform”. Satan is a real being, He is not an archetype of the ideal “Godform”; I don’t believe that anyone has the right to demand/command never mind invoke Him for their selfish needs/wants.

High Priest Vovim Baghie wrote about how to really invoke an ancient being (the Gods) and the amount of practice, time and effort that goes into it, and that no elaborate rituals are needed for a dedicated Satanist. He also stated that most are rarely successful with their first time in trying it. In one of her 2010 sermons; High Priestess Maxine Dietrich explains why some people see the Gods in their animal forms. This is absolutely nothing to do with “Godforms”. I have already covered and explained what an archetype is, and how a God is not an actual archetype in one of my earlier articles which ties directly into this. Imbeciles claim that they are able to invoke Gods and Goddesses whom are not meant to be summoned such as Lilith and actually believe they have been successful with it. What the individuals do not realize is that they are only suffering from grandiose delusions, or an over active imagination.

There is a huge difference between one’s own imagination and actually hearing from the Gods Themselves. You know when you do.

Debunking the Romance of Vampires and Their Place in Satanism

*Note; this article comes with a warning! It is NOT intended to be read by the faint hearted or those who are easily influenced by this sort of thing. “Debunking the Romance of Vampires” presents the cold hard facts about the reality of vampirism, going into in depth details of disturbing diseases, and the murders of the likes of Elizabeth Bathory, including common medical terms, the ingestion of blood, and other disgusting details of what happens to corpses after death. I am NOT responsible for what you choose to do to this information or how you react, you WERE WARNED!*

For quite some time now, thanks to the Jewish author Stephanie Meyers (Mormon by religion, Jewish by race) the author of Twilight, many people, especially teenage girls consider the ideas of vampires to be very romantic and often quite glamorous. However, upon studying this article, I am more than sure that this will change the minds of many whom are waiting for their Edward Cullen to show up on their doorstep with chocolate, candy and flowers telling her that he will love her for all eternity and that she is his Bella.

Vampires come in many shapes and sizes, there are energy vampires that are known in the occult which are called “psychic vampires”, these psychic vampires have a weak chakra and that can be corrected in time by power meditation, until then, they drain the energy off the people around them, leaving their victims somewhat “lifeless”, emotionally and energy wise. There are sanguine vampires which are people who have a craving for blood, often times this can be some sort of unusual sexual fetish, and this unusual fetish is often known medically as haemtodipsia. This is a Greek term for a person who craves blood in a sexual manner; this is different from someone who has “blood lust” after murdering a person, most often resulting in necrophilia, all of these cases are medical terms and causes for the term “vampire” which has Serbian roots. Another common type of “vampire” is the vampire sub-culture where many teenagers and young adults believe themselves to be a “real vampire” and live the life styles of the vampires shown in movies. Some even go as far to get their canine teeth cut into the shape

of vampire fangs to make themselves appear believable.

Many of these are also into the Gothic culture. The subculture of “vampyres” ranges from clubs, to businesses and a code of conduct/ethics, these cult leaders are often referred to as “Father” before their name and

their cult is known as a “clan”. The romance of vampires thanks to Hollywood has now lead people into a cult as ludicrous

as Xianity, which in turn makes a mockery out of true Satanism and adds insult to injury.

A “Satanic Vampire” is an oxymoron considering the fact that true Satanism celebrates life

and the living, and not the living walking dead in any way, shape or form.

There are many meanings and terms for the word “vampire”, most are medical, and some can refer to draining energy from people, as just stated in the previous paragraph. The Xian God, “Jehova” is a thoughtform that has vampiric traits by draining the Gentile races of their energy which they put into by constant prayers, unknowing what they are really praying to. The origins of the vampire myths and legends tend to most commonly come from Pagan (Satanic) Europe during the sovereign of the Inquisitors during the Inquisitions. Christianity was enforced by those who ruled the Inquisitions, mainly the Catholics who were Jewish by their race, at this time.

(The majority of the Popes in the entire history of Xianity have been Jewish, and I have reasons to believe that Pope Innocent III who was responsible for the Inquisitions was in fact Jewish himself.) Not only did they rule the Inquisitions, they also ruled the governments, the monarchies at the time and so forth, they had complete and total control over the royal families. The two most infamous vampires in history have royal roots, these are Count Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory; both lived in Transylvania, though Elizabeth Bathory was Hungarian royalty. In the legends of vampires, there have been minor and major tales of real people who have been said to suffer from the disease. I have taken two from each to include in this article. In reading this, it’s obvious that these people suffer from known medical diseases today, and therefore is not romantic, a laughing matter, or something to idolize unless you desire to have that disease yourself.

The most common diseases that can quite easily classify someone as a vampire are porphyrins and rabies, as most people are aware; rabies can kill you when it reaches its most dire symptoms and porphyrins causes a person to lose their skin pigmentation thus giving them a pale complexion, amongst other undesirable symptoms that would classify someone in Middle Age Europe to be a vampire. Another common case where a person could be thought of as a vampire is because of necrolysis, which is where the skin on the corpse rots and then produces new cells. “Necro” is another Greek term meaning “dead” hence “Necromancy”=contacting the dead, an occult term. Most often than not when a person reported the alleged vampire walking around the village, they would report this to the authorities, and then the authorities would dig up the corpse and find the corpse producing new skin cells, thus necrolysis.

Some symptoms of Rabies and Porphyrins:

.Porphyrins cannot be contagious; it cannot be spread by blood or by having sexual intercourse. . It can cause loss of skin colour and being sensitive to the sunlight (photosensitivity). .It can cause psychological disorders. .And anemia (a problem with the blood) can form. .Porphyrins is not as common as rabies.

.Rabies can affect the brain and cause depression. .With rabies death is inevitable, although slow and painful, with varying degrees of detrimental symptoms before death. .It is passed on from the bite of an infected animal; dogs, bats, and foxes. .Headaches, nausea, fevers and vomiting are the MINOR symptoms of having contracted rabies. .Autonomic nerves cause the victim salivation and drooling and eyes watering. Some sources that I used for studying stated that because of some of the symptoms of rabies when the body can’t function as it should, the person could salivate blood because of the trouble they have to swallow, this was a common case in Hungary in the years 1721-1728. .The body could shut down and paralysis occurred at this stage.

When diseases weren’t known back in Middle Age Europe, there was ignorance, and ignorance caused the rumours of vampires to spread, it is easy to see why knowing the symptoms above make up the typical Hollywood vampires of today.

Legends and myths of the vampires were known with the Slavs, then they migrated to Austria to Bulgaria, to eventually Romania where the most infamous legend of Count

Dracula was born. Although this is a fictional work, it is based on a person

the son of Vlad

Dracul who was Romanian royalty, fighting the Turkish enemies of Romania during that period. Vlad Dracul worked with the enemy and worked to convert numerous Pagans’ to Christianity. (Thus knowing this, I believe that the story of Count Dracula was invented to blasphemy the Kundalini since “Drac” comes from the word “Draconian” meaning “dragon” and dragons represent the Kundalini along with the serpent.) Vlad Dracul’s son was captured by the Turks and sent off eventually to live with the Sultan, after his 4 years of imprisonment was up, he was released and was said to have gone insane and eventually died. Insanity was another reason for people to believe that a suspect was a vampire if they matched the other criteria’s.

The second most infamous vampire in the world is Elizabeth Bathory, whether or not this insane woman had Jewish roots is unclear to me, but she surely had the mentality of a Kike, why other so called Satanists idolize her and see her as an inspiration is beyond me, unless they too have the mentality of one. Elizabeth was responsible for the murder of her 20 servant girls, she would puncture them and drain them of their blood for her ritual baths which were supposed to give her eternal youth, her ritual murders are very similar to the ones written in this article here: Found: On: The murders that Elizabeth Bathory committed were said to be aided by her two assistants who were allegedly involved in the occult. Since the murder rituals Bathory performed were very much like the Jewish ritual murders that got them thrown out of Europe, I highly doubt this, and them being involved in the occult was a scapegoat for their crimes. Her friends aided her in stripping off her servant girl’s skin where she then punctured them to drain them of their blood. Eventually Bathory was taken to jail where she died, and today in her area where she was born she is still known as “The Whore of Hungary”.

Arnod Paole was a Serbian soldier who came from Belgrade. One night when fighting a mad man who was attacking him, he got bit and did a ritual to drink his blood. (It is important to note that the human stomach cannot contain drinking large amounts of blood, and it is dangerous to do so, it can only handle a drop at best.) Ever since that day Arnod was so scared that he would turn into a vampire upon his death

because he couldn’t finish the ritual, he always walked around in a depressed state; he then married and told his wife everything.

A day after telling his wife, he died and was reported by villagers to have been walking

around the village.

The Shepherd of Blow is said to have died from unknown causes, supposedly came back to life and killed a couple of villagers before eventually getting a stake through his heart.

It wasn’t uncommon for victims of tragic accidents to fall into a coma like state and be

proclaimed dead and buried alive, they would often scream and scratch their caskets to gain attention of any passing villagers.

Rabies has been known to the Gentile races 3000 years before the lie of Jesus Christ came about; a vaccine for rabies that is used today was created by a man named Louis Pasteur along with Emiley Roux in the year 1885. Adding up everything that has been discussed here with certain symptoms of diseases

including some myths, it is clear how the legend of the vampire came about.


is sick and quite frankly disgusting to wish any of the above on yourself just so you can fit


with your so called “vampire” friends, and I am sure those who are most unfortunate to

suffer the diseases mentioned above will be more than happy to tell you otherwise. The diseases discussed and the cases discussed in this article are what makes a vampire. Not the soppy romance stories that Stephanie Meyers writes and fantasies about-in other words; necrophilia, blood lust (which the majority of murderers are into) and rabies. Stephanie Meyers, the creator of Twilight is responsible for further making these dreaded diseases seem romantic and desirable and pushed this onto the teenager’s of today sending them off into a fantasy world, where quite obviously, none of this exists to the deluded taken in by her rubbish.

So girls, are you still waiting for Edward to turn up on your date tonight?


The Corruption and Religion of Vodou

The Corruption and Religion of Vodou

Hollywood is infamous for taking things out of context and not adding facts to their movies along with dramatizing things to suit their Jewish agenda. They even got the so called “facts” wrong in their most popular movie “The Mummy” and exaggerated with that. Hollywood has dramatized Satanism, Nazism and WWII, along with magick and favored movies that promote the Jews and Xianity, stating these as facts. Because of dramatizing things; Hollywood has created a mythical religion of its own that is loosely based off the real thing known as “Voodoo”. Due to lack of understanding; many are unfortunately ignorant and unaware of where Voodoo’s roots spring from and class it as a legitimate religion. Like Satanism, Vodou is not about so called “devil worship” and the Lao “spirits” are our Gods.

Vodou Gods and Magick:

Vodou/Vodoun originated in Africa, and is a religion that is seen in New Orleans and Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Before Vodou got corrupted by Catholicism during the slave trade times, Vodou was originally a religion based on spirit worship and magick. There are both Priests and Priestesses in the religion, Priests are known as “Houngan” and the Priestesses are known as “Mamba’s”. Houngan’s and Mamba’s are responsible for conducting and leading ceremonies where sacrifices are made to their “spirit” of choice and then the “spirit” is invoked. The ceremonies can include acts of magick with Houngan assistants, or where the “spirit” talks through the medium of the ceremony and passes on a message to a specific person, or the entire community. Each Vodou family has a Lao that has been passed down from generation to generation as their protector and patron/matron, it is rare that this would be spoiled and other Lao’s are only chosen if needed for a specific reason. The Lao’s are split into two main categories; hot and cold, these two categories determine the outcome of their reaction, whether or not they be hot tempered or calm. One of the most popular Lao is Baron Sameadi; the spirit/God of the dead, the other is Erzulie, the Goddess/spirit of love.

The Lao:

Ayida Adjasou Agu Sogbo and Bade Agwe La Sirine Ayezan Zaka Bakulu Bosou Koblamin Brise Congo Congo Savanne (He would be considered as a “hot” Lao) Dinclusin and Chalotte

Dumballah/Dumballah/Wedo/Damballah (NOTE; Is the SERPENT God, in each Gentile culture there is a Serpent God; Shatki being the Serpent God in Hinduism; the female counterpart of Shiva.) Erzulie (The Goddess/Spirit of love and beauty) Erzulie Jan Petro Gehde/Papa Gehde Gran Boa Grande Ezili Ibo Lele Jean Petro Kalfu/Carrefour/Kalfou Krabinay Legba Lemba Lingelessu Linto Loco/Loko Marasa Marinette-Bwa-Chech Obatala Ogoun/Ogorin/Ogu-Badgari Petite Pierre Petro Rada Simbi/Simba/Simbi Andezo Siren and Whale Sobo/Sobo Kessou Sogbo/Soybo Taureau-trois-graines Ti-Jean-Petro


Magick that is practiced in Vodou is sometimes known as Hoodoo, practitioners of Hoodoo can be Botanists as well. In their magick; sexual fluids and effigies (poppets) are used, along with herbs that can be stuffed in a bag which is known as a “mojo bag”. Mojo bag’s can be used to protect, bring good luck, and to keep your partner loyal and in love with you. Oils are poured into the mojo bag and the conjurers (conjure is another term for one who practices Hoodoo) then often “breathe life” into the bag, and believe it comes alive, and is “fed” frequently in order to remain alive. In Vodou, there are no boundaries with white and black magick, every aspect of magick is covered and practiced. Some choose to stay away from black magick; but this is their choice. Ceremonies are celebrated with dancing and drums are used to induce trance like states in order to invoke the “spirits”/Gods. The most bizarre belief found in Vodou is the belief in zombies, but not the belief of zombies found in Jeweywood, of course.

Corruption of Beliefs:

Today Vodou has been tainted with Catholicism, they believe in “little Guardian angels” and that Jehova is the main God and uses the Lao (the Gods) to serve humans because Jehova does not want to get involved; Jehova is seen as lazy, or just not bothered.

Unfortunately they believe in Mary and Jesus, too.

FATHER Satan?!

( –please note that in no way am I advertising or condoning this website and I highly disagree with what is said there, I’m putting it down for sources only as I made this as a response to one of the owner’s blogs against true Spiritual Satanism.)

“Father Satan”

I am writing this as a response to someone who believes that people who call Satan by “Father” are in a cult, and should not be calling Him, Father and that those who do come from a background of Christianity, always.

I say that time and time again, Satanism is NOT telling people how to think or what they should call Satan by.

Telling people what to call Satan by is in my eyes ludicrous to say the least.

In Spiritual Satanism there are no mediators, and dictating what people should and should

not call Satan is a form of mediating.

Like many of us, I have somewhat a background in Xianity; however it was not forced upon me as much as it was on some of my brothers and sisters in Satan as I was growing up.

My parents allow me to choose my beliefs and have always allowed me to choose my beliefs despite their disagreement (yes, they know I’m a National Socialist and accept this, although

I no longer live at home as I’ve moved out) and the fact that they baptized me as a baby and

I was forced to say the Lord’s Prayer every night before bed, which I hated to do.

Let’s take a step back and define what a cult is for a moment.


cult does not allow freedom of speech or freedom of thinking, a cult doesn’t allow people


be themselves and have friends and contact with their family outside of that cult.


true Spiritual Satanism, a Satanist is allowed contact with their friends, they are allowed

their own way’s of thinking, they are allowed friends outside of Satanism.

My friends outside of Satanism are Atheists; we respect one another and do not discuss religion or political beliefs we socialize like civilized human beings do.

Many of my Satanic brothers and sisters are the same way, you get the odd few who are the loners but this is their choice and theirs alone.

I love to socialize, but it has to be with the right people, I will not talk to just anyone.

Satan is the center of my life, and I love Him being the center of my life, but I also have my interests outside of Satanism which I use as a balance, so I remain grounded and don’t drift off into a fantasy world.

In a cult, no other interests may be pursued.

My father is my birth father, my mother is my birth mother who I have good and healthy relationships with, I certainly do not accept Satan as a foster parent, though I sometimes call Him by Father Satan.

I call Him by Father because this is my personal choice. He has proven to me that I can trust Him, He has rewarded me with many things lately that never would’ve happened without Him playing in a part of all of this, and I never expected these rewards. These rewards have brought me to tears, because I wasn’t working for rewards, and thought I didn’t deserve them, and they have been life changing rewards, positive life changing rewards.

In my time of need, Satan has been there for me, as have my parents, and He has not let

me down when I called upon Him.

There are so many reasons as to why I can trust Satan and why I call him Father because of these reason’s that words don’t do any justice with, only this quote from Him from the Al Jilwah:

I am ever present to help all who trust in me and call upon me in time of need. There is no place in the universe that knows not my presence.”

I stand at Satan’s side rather than grovelling to Him and worshipping Him as those with the false God would do. I see Him as someone to idolize and look up to, and gain inspiration from. Yes, in a lot of ways He is a father figure to me, but not as a foster parent.

Although I call Him by Father Satan at times, this doesn’t mean I see Him to be creator of the Universe and the Earth. The Earth existed long before Satan created humanity, which I believe is the only thing that He created, at least to my knowledge, and then bestowed humanity with His gifts, His help, and knowledge.

I do NOT see Him to be the equivalent of the Christian god, who I don’t acknowledge to exist only to be a thought form and a drain on humanity.

The person who wrote this article obviously doesn’t know as much as they claim to do on Spiritual Satanism, since they decided to wrongly lump us all into one category making us out to be delusional nutters involved in some Satanic cult.

And if they have talked to any Spiritual Satanists, they obviously did not take the time to get to know them on a personal level, rather than just ask them basic questions on how they view Satan and Satanism.

Props and Terms in Witchcraft in Satanism

In Satanic witchcraft the only tool that we have is our mind and our soul, the rest are props, that we don’t have to rely on, but can use if we want to act out a complete psychodrama, if we feel as though that we can concentrate better in this setting. Even in contacting the deceased, it only takes meditation and concentration, as I was taught by someone very dear to me and very advanced in Satanism. Every Satanist should remember and keep in mind, that a strong soul and complete concentration is what makes or breaks your spell, along with correct planetary timing and avoiding void course of Moon.

In the “Props” section, I have left out the wands for a purpose. This purpose is because wands are offensive to Satan and the Demons, and everyone should know how to direct energy without one, which is one of the many purposes of meditation. Props are only really useful for beginners.


Candles and Incenses: Candles and incenses create the right atmosphere and aromas that are needed for your spell/ritual. Incenses and candles come in many varieties, shapes and colors-shapes and colors apply to candles, only. Colored candles can correspond to the planets and the aims of your working, along with incenses. Color is important, as it is known to have an effect on the mind, each color producing different effects and results. Incenses and oils can create the correct aroma and add to the atmosphere that you’re trying to create. Incenses can come in the form of cones or in sticks.

The Planets: The planets are the most important “props” that you’re going to need when performing any magick. Each planet corresponds to the chakras, as well as the days and they have certain times where they’re most effective. Void course of Moon needs to be avoided; no results will come at this time because the Moon is not in any astrological sign. Phases of the Moon are very important in magick and making sure you get the desired results. The Moon Phases are as Follows:

New Moon Waxing Moon Full Moon Waning Moon Dark Moon The different phases of the Moon each have different candle colors that correspond to their phases, the candle colors for the phases of the Moon can be found on JoS under the “Satanic Witchcraft” section. The Moon needs to be in the corresponding astrological sign in regards to the spell/ritual, for it to be effective and successful, hence why it doesn’t work when it is in void course of Moon.

Astrology Charts: High Priestess Maxine Dietrich states under the section “Azazel’s Astrology for Satanists” that having your victim’s (in the case of black magick) astrology chart can come in useful, so that you know when they are having Saturn transits and so forth. This also applies to healing, too. Astrology charts are a way of divining the future and are a tool to get to know yourself for who you really are and get a better perspective of your life.

Tarot Cards: Tarot Cards are a tool to divine the future and answering questions from the past and the present. They also tell the story of achieving the Magnum Opus in the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana tells us the story of achieving the Magnum Opus, along with the major events in life, the Minor Arcana tells us the daily challenges and triumphs we face in our lives. They can be used when contacting the deceased.

Black Mirrors: This is a tool that is used for scrying; scrying can be done to answer questions, past, future, present. A black mirror needs to be empowered by the method on JoS and frequently charged using the energies of the Moon. I personally find the Full Moon to be the best for recharging and for working with the Black Mirror in general.

The Runes: The Runes are used as a tool to raise energy; each rune has a number, a color and a property. The Runes can be used in contacting the Gods (Ansuz) and the dead, attracting money to yourself and aid in buying property, aid in healing and protection and can be very useful in black magick. They are not just an alphabet.

Herbs: Herbs can be used to cure the common cold and other ailments, or to aid in your magick. When performing magick with herbs, you need to empower them with the elements or by using energy of the Sun. Scott Cunningham is a good source to study herbal lore for. Another good source for studying Herbal Lore from a black magick point of view is; Herbs in Black Magick by Magister Hagur.

Oils: Like incenses, oils can be burned by using an oil burner as an aid to create the right atmosphere that you’re after, or rubbed on your body as long as you’re not allergic to it.

Pendulum’s: Pendulum’s can be used to find something; they can be used to find areas on a map where there is a missing person, etc. They can locate an object that’s been misplaced in your house and can be used in Necromancy. A pendulum can be fancy like with a chain and a crystal hanging from it (common crystals used on pendulums tend to be those in the quartz family) or something simple such as a necklace. They can be used to answer yes/no questions.

Crystals: Crystals have properties which can heal and calm and bring about love (not referring to so called “unconditional love”), they can work with the chakras and in magick. They can also aid in communicating with the Gods (Lapis Lazuli along with Ansuz, for example.) Crystals can be used to store energy from the stars and planets. Google has good sources to learn about crystals, just take care to be careful with what you read and choose your sources carefully.

Ouija Boards: Ouija boards are used to contact the dead. They are NOT a toy, and they should be used during trance. It’s best not to use Ouija boards at parties when drunk with friends. Respect should be given when using this instrument. Both spirits and the Gods can be contacted via a Ouija board.


Invocation: Invocation is invoking something to be inside of you, such as invoking the Gods, or energy. For example; I often INVOKE energy of the Sun. I direct it inside of me with my will, and affirm that it is empowering my soul. Invocation should not be confused with evocation.

Evocation: Evocation is communicating with an entity or working with energy from outside of yourself. Possession is possible, but not with the Demons, possession is of the enemy.

Energy Manipulation: Another term for those who work with magick. Magick is energy, and energy can be manipulated, if you know how. “Knowledge is power.”

Power Meditation: Power meditation allows us to work with our soul; be it breathing exercises, void meditation, work with our chakras and auras and the elements along with many different meditations, combined in one meditation session. Power meditation is essential to achieve Godhood and a strong discipline with it.

Yoga: Yoga helps along with power meditation to raise our Kundalini’s, which is the whole point of Satanism and what Satan intends for His creation along with Godhood so that we can become the master of our own destiny and not the slave to destiny and fate.

Divination: Divination is divining the future if we have any questions or concerns. Divination can give us insight and help answer questions from the past and those questions we have in the present. There are many methods for divination, these being; tarot cards, scrying by a Black Mirror or a Crystal Ball, being the most popular forms of divination.

Scrying: Scrying is looking into dark liquid, looking into the flame of a candle, or some other method as a form of divination.

Necromancy: Necromancy is a Greek term meaning contacting the dead.

Scrying with Black Mirrors

Scrying with black mirrors is my favorite method of divination, with tarot cards being a close second and astrology. Normally I do not brag or boast about my experiences, I keep quiet. However one thing I’m not afraid to admit is that I’m psychic and I have a Pagan friend who believes that you do not get images through using Black Mirror-only feelings, and this is to prove him wrong. Those of you who are interested in scrying with a Black Mirror, this one is for you.

First off it is important that everyone read’s this article found on the JoS:

Some of you reading this may think that I’ve lost it or going insane, that’s okay, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone and those of you in doubt can go directly to Satan. I am not going to complain.


have been scrying with my black mirror for as long as I have been a Satanist for and have

personally found for me that it is the best tool for me. If I’m stuck and I’m without my mirror, I have to use liquid instead as a substitute.

I begin my scrying session always at my altar with candles lit and I often light incense (you don’t have to do this, it’s what I do), I hardly ever perform rituals when scrying.

I get into a trance obviously with my eyes open and I do this for as long as it takes, as the

article on Joy of Satan states, I see the clouds first and the aura of my mirror and altar and the objects on it. After the clouds I see a dark purple light that shines across the entire mirror-kind of like a flash light, this goes on for about 10 minutes and then I find myself engulfed in a bright blue aura (the first time this happened, it freaked me out because I wasn’t expecting it and to this day I still don’t know what it is, but it is there every time I scry) that is around the whole of me. When this aura happens, I begin to see the images in a holograph like way that comes out of the blue aura from outside of the mirror. The images never come until after the blue aura has engulfed me. Sometimes with images come feelings and a sense of knowing, sometimes the images are clear and other times not so clear. Each image has a message and it is up to you to decipher what that image means to you.

I recently used my black mirror to summon Asmodeus, He was by my side whilst the mirror

was showing me images of red gold energy rising up out of the mirror and a peacock clear as day before that appeared in front of me.

A day after, two people confirmed what Asmodeus had said to me during that summoning, without them even knowing.

I Come Not to Bring Peace But a Sword

The Norway Massacre and Christianity

Those of you who watch the news/listen/read the news on a daily basis will know of what’s happened recently in Norway with the terrible massacre. To all “true Christian’s” surprise the man who did this is a Christian “extremist” they are now making excuses for themselves saying that this man did not follow true Christian sentimental values which offer peace and love. Ok so supposing that true Christian values are based around peace and love why are all of the majority of wars in humanities existence been committed in the name of Yahweh/Jehovah? Why are most Priests rapists and pedophiles?

Why are prison cells full of Christian’s and “Born Again Christians” in America that are proven by statistics? Obviously it was in the Bible and God told them to do it…the Bible IS after all God’s word and thus cannot be interoperated into what you wish it to say!! More murders, rapes, child and animal abuse and massacres and genocide has gone on in the name of God rather than Satan and it will continue this way for the remainder of the time Xianity has left in this world.

The victims of the Norway massacre don’t understand how the perpetrator “Breivik” could carry out such a horrid thing and are left wondering what possessed this man to do what he did. Why? Here is why. Anyone who has intense indoctrination after reading that book of murder and lies will be left brainwashed especially for reading it for hours on end and participating in “extremist Christian” internet groups. Residents in Norway say that they’ve only ever seen Breivik alone, anyone who stays alone 24/7 and doesn’t communicate and only reads the Bible and participates in so called extremist groups is clearly mentally unstable and is a ticking time bomb. Here are some Bible quotes for those who still doubt what is written in this article:

“For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man's enemies are the men of his own house.” Micah: 7:6

"I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword" (Gospel of Matthew 10:34), part of the Lesser Commission “Jesus” wishes to dive the family apart so they are at odds with one another, in the Bible God demands that a Biblical fictional character sacrifices his only son to him (grief of a child can at best tear a family apart, keep in mind what was said above), “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword” again-the countless of wars, the Inquisitions, rape, murder=all in the name of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. There is no denying this.

*UPDATE: It is said that Breivk was a Neo Nazi, Neo Nazi’s and actual Nazi’s are very different. Real Nazi’s do not go around killing one another and are against Xianity, neither do they spend their entire days on hate forums and do not mix racial hatred and supremacist in with National Socialism. This was not Hitler’s ideals for National Socialism and I can guarantee that he would’ve been disturbed and highly disgusted by this bastard. (Breivk doesn’t even deserve the title of a human.) Himmler and Hitler worked hard to get rid of compulsory Xianity and replaced it with Paganism. Neo Nazi’s are the exaggerated Hollywood versions of what Nazis are supposed to be, and the people who follow Neo Nazism are mentally ill.


Racism is a dreaded word in today’s society for some reason, it is dreaded much more than the words “rape” “genocide” and “murder” and “terrorism.” It’s actually got to the point where they contradict themselves when they (ZOG) say that we have freedom of speech and thought (supposedly) yet we are not allowed to talk about so called minorities but they can talk bad about the supposed majority (whites.) We are taught that all races are supposedly equal in the Jewish controlled schools and media but nature teaches us otherwise. Sometimes we Gentiles forget that we are animals that Satan has taught how to become as the Gods, therefore by going back to our true natures we can actually learn a lot from observing animals and nature.

Nature never allows two different species to mate and reproduce for example you never see a cat and a dog together mating and reproducing, so why should we as the Gentile races be any different? Many may say that it’s because we operate at different intelligence levels than those that

walk on all fours and because the world has become international now egros it’s easier to mingle with other races and appreciate that at the end of the day we’re all human despite our skin color. The world becoming international has become a curse rather than a blessing.

I ask of all of you reading this (Satanist or no Satanist) to contemplate on what the term

“racism” means to the media and then what it really means to you for a moment. When you figure you have a meaning, compare it to other terms such as “murder” and “rape” (no to many surprises it’s not just women that get raped) and ask yourself what is really bad between the three.

In America many are ignorant to the real meanings of race and racism and when you try and educate them you are a “racist”. (The real meaning of the word “racist” means someone who studies race and culture; i.e: anthropologists are the true racists.)

Where is the sense in all of this? There is none, ignorance is NOT bliss! Many American’s are lead to wrongly believe that American’s are a race of its own this is in fact not true. No one is an American despite the media saying you are unless you’re a NATIVE American then and only then are you an American. Yes you can be an American citizen but that doesn’t mean you’re an American, that’s like saying the Hispanic is an Englishman because he is a British citizen but it doesn’t work like that. Why not? BECAUSE*NATURE HERSELF* DOESN’T ALLOW IT! Many white American citizens tend to forget that their ancestors are most commonly from

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and so forth

that say “I’m half Welsh and half American”. I have covered this already and do not need to explain any further why they’re not American. Their ignorance will be their own downfall, don’t let it be yours.


are (believe it or not) idiots out there

I have written before that on Samhain we’re taught to honor our ancestors but how can we

honor our ancestors? What would our ancestors require of us? They would require of us that we stay true to our races because down our racial lines they never race mixed because they knew what the words “honor” and “loyalty” really meant!

I am proud to say that I am not mixed race, that I am fully English, and that my family have

always frowned upon race mixing, this is the environment that I was raised in. I have never dated outside of my race and never will. I will also be teaching my children the importance of race. But do I look down upon other races and even mixed race people themselves? No, I despise

what their parents did but I do not despise them.

I am gone past caring that the deluded throw the word “racist” at me like they do without

even knowing what it means because I know that deep down I am a good person, I don’t go out stealing, I don’t hurt innocent people, I don’t murder and I don’t steal and I don’t lie, I follow my true nature and to me part of being a good person and following your true nature is staying true to your race.

“I promise you I am quite free from all racial hatred. It is, in any case, undesirable that one race should mix with other races. Except for a few gratuitous successes, which I am prepared to admit, systematic cross-breeding has never produced good results. Its desire to remain racially pure is a proof of the vitality and good health of a race. Pride in one's own race -- and that does not imply contempt for other races -- is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past,

just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.”

-Adolf Hitler-Mein Kampf.

The Dresden Holocaust

Often we are taught that the only so called “Holocaust” that happened was the one that did not even exist. The ones that happened and exist are classed as controversial and questioned and researched because they are a threat to the Jewish agenda. These true Holocaust’s are brushed aside in history, there are no memorial days for them, no days of so called liberation set aside. Instead they are forgotten and are slowly losing their places in our true and real history. Our children are force fed lies and trash and are taught to forget what really happened during World War II.

Winston Churchill known and regarded as a hero and the true face of Britain is nothing but a cold blooded ruthless murderer who did what he did merely to impress Stalin, yet we are meant to hold him in high esteem and regards and be thankful for everything he did. In my eyes, this man is nothing but an abomination and deserves his memory to be spat on rather than honored; this article will go in depth as to why.


.Dresden was a hospital town, for escapees from The Red Army and others from the war in Nazi Germany. .Dresden made china and was well known for its culture of arts. .Dresden is said to have been making supplies for the Nazis, yet these supplies were nowhere to be seen and were not used in order to defend themselves when Churchill began his massacre. .Dresden had no ways to defend itself under attack. .Until Churchill began his massacre, Dresden had been fortunate enough to not really suffer any damage from WWII.

Winston Churchill:

.Winston Churchill was half Jewish, born to a Jewish mother Jennie Jerome, who was the daughter of a New York business man known as Leonard Jerome. .Winston Churchill was born in 1874 and finally died in 1965 following a series of strokes at 90 years old. .Winston Churchill was personal friends with Franklin D. Roosevelt who was also Jewish (it is important to note that Roosevelt supplied Churchill with bombs and such) and was allies with Josef Stalin who was Jewish too and had The Red Army under his control-whom were responsible for making thousands flee to Dresden out of pure terror on the night of their holocaust. .Winston Churchill gained full support from the United States on his Dresden holocaust.

In the year of 1945 on February 13 th , thousands of Dresden civilian’s were wiped out by raging firestorms that raged through their city, knowing no boundaries and was aided by the oxygen that was giving more fuel to the fire. The firestorms lasted for an entire night and finally ended at 10am the day after. In an entire course of one night it is roughly estimated that 250,000 died, half of them being actual Dresden civilians and the rest being escapees from The Red Army. On that night, only one warning siren went off-they did not have enough time to rush to the air raid shelters before the holocaust began. Dresden was known as a hospital town with no arms to defend themselves, if something tragic happened (as it full well did) they were left completely defenseless with no ways of attacking back. Yet those who act souless claim that they did have defenses and were making supplies for Nazi Germany, and because they were in Nazi Germany that was a solid excuse to attack them-that and the fact that Churchill just wanted to show off to Stalin what Britain and the United States was capable of if Stalin broke the war contract that they had. However, these defenses that Dresden supposedly had and were making were nowhere to be seen on the night of February 13 th 1945. Men, women and children were targeted on this fateful night and hardly any were spared, survivors that did survive often give horrific eye witness accounts on that night, stuff that nightmares are made out of and Hollywood horror movies. Churchill’s victims either could not breathe because the air was that thick with smoke in the air raid shelters, women were reported to be running around holding babies to their chest with their dresses on fire screaming until they eventually fell over, or crushed by the burning

buildings, or the victim’s skin literally melted to the ground because the temperature was so hot. When the melted skin was found, there were only puddles left as a reminder that these were once human beings. Burnings were burnt to cinders; those fires destroyed everything in sight not allowing anything/anyone to escape from its mass destruction.

A quote from an eye witness:

A Swiss citizen described his visit to Dresden two weeks after the raid:- 'I could see torn-off arms and legs, mutilated torsos and heads which had been wrenched from their bodies and rolled away. In places the corpses were still lying so densely that I had to clear a path through them in order not to tread on arms and legs.'

From: _07_dresden_holocaust_500kpdf and: on:

Churchill knew no compassion nor pity that night. He did what he wanted to do without regards to human life and emotion. He only allowed three hours between one lot of bombing before giving them a second dosage, he gave them three hours “safety” in order to fool the Dresden civilians to think that it was ok and everything was over. Churchill deceived, and is responsible for a holocaust. Yes, what real qualities that a hero today should have, of course those qualities in someone are extremely valuable and something to consider if it gives you “legend” status.

Please pass this article around; I’m making this into a video and into PDF format as an essay available to download on my site.

In honor of the Dresden victims and my Fatherland Germany. May you never be forgotten and may your tragedy live on in our hearts forever.

Schwarze Sonne

The Black Sun is one of the most powerful occult symbols in alchemy, this symbol represents the nigredo stage during the Magnum Opus, the Black Sun has been seen in Ancient Sumeria and can be found when studying Ancient Egypt and most recently Nazi Germany along with Assyria and Babylon. The most infamous symbol to form from the Black Sun (known as “Schwarze Sonne”) in German is the Hakenkruz a.k.a: the Swastika. Before the Kikes perverted and twisted its meaning and stole it away from us whilst claiming to fear it, the Swastika originally stood for

the Sun and light another meaning of the Swastika is “source”, the Black Sun also being the source hence the Swastika’s other meaning. It is also seen as a symbol of good fortune and luck.

“The Ancient wise men of Sumeria and understood how Royal Power came down from the heavens to direct human affairs. The Babylonians spoke of second sun, a Black Sun that beams evolutionary concepts into the mind of man. In the Egyptian mysteries Osiris is a Black God, Lord of the Underworld, Master of Black Light. He is served by the Priest Adept Moses, who is with our goodly company.”

Vril is a common association with the Black Sun, vril is another term for “life force” as is chi, prana etc. Vril is said to come from the Black Sun, thus the Black Sun is generally recognized as a dangerous symbol since it can help us tap into our racial memory and awareness, indeed true as the more life force we have generally we are more spiritually aware and can see the truth for ourselves without anyone holding our hands to guide us there. It is said that the Black Sun is the invisible Sun which the universe revolves around, much like how our solar system revolves around our visible Sun.

"Nazi Germany became not just a vanished civilization, but also an ideal civilization, destined to rise again. "-John J. Reilly In Review of the Black Sun by Nicholas Goodrick Clarke.

Satanism and National Socialism

National Socialism was founded by Adolf Hitler (politician and ex soldier), which was commonly known as the “National Socialist Labor Party” which was added in front of it in the year 1920. National Socialism is about caring for your race and country, being proud of whom you are and wishing for the advancement of your race and actively working for that advancement rather than being one of those who are all talk.

National Socialism goes with nature because it is natural, nothing about National Socialism is forced, neither is anything ever rarely forced in Satanism. Satanism goes with nature, as Satanism does not try and defy nature, nor do Satanists try and become the God of nature. Satanists do not fear nature; they respect nature and work to obey nature’s laws, regardless of personal happiness out of an act of duty to nature and everything that nature provides us with. Nazism is the highest laws of nature.

National Socialism is NOT about hating other Gentile races and not about wishing them dead either (or hating your fellow white man because he maybe Polish), and neither did Hitler allegedly kill 6 million Jews. Like everything else in history, National Socialism has been a victim of the Jewish controlled media and propaganda, and twisted and wrapped to suit their agenda. The horror stories of the so called Holocaust are nothing more than mere war time propaganda that people have not looked into throughout fear, blind obedience and ignorance. “It’s written in the history books OF COURSE it happened!” is what the sheep preach, and what we so often hear. History is re written by the winners.

Instead of being horrible, degrading and a menace and an outlaw to society, contrary to popular belief National Socialism is something beautiful, creative and above all else-healthy for the mind, body and soul. The only enemy in National Socialism are the Jews, it is important to note that National Socialism is Satanic politics. Those dedicated Satanists who cannot accept that need to spend time deprogramming themselves through study and questioning and not turning to government and popular sources for education as these will obviously be biased. Churchill was half Jewish by a Jewess, by Israeli laws, this makes one a full blooded Jew and qualified for that. The only and real Holocaust took place was in Dresdern in Germany which Churchill was responsible for just for the sheer fun of it. Winston Churchill was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children and wiped the entire small village out in a few nights by raging infernos, yet he is still honored as a hero. Jews in WW2 only died of typhus and starvation because at the end of the war, food was stopped coming into Germany. Once again contrary to popular belief, the Jews in the camps were well cared for; a guard on the camp named Konrad was there solely to make sure that the soldiers did not commit crimes to the Jews.

National Socialism is not just a belief and faith that you’re doing the right thing for you and your race-it is a way of life, much like the essence of Satanism itself. Though National Socialism can be and is a ruthless movement (much like nature herself), National Socialism takes these hard courses of action to further advance its race physically and mentally. National Socialism tests our endurance and strength both mentally and physically. National Socialism teaches us not to be selfish, as Hitler desired that every German should give to their country freely and with sacrifice and expressed the importance of giving to others in need during his “Winter Relief” speech. National Socialism is a movement that cares greatly for the welfare of animals and the youth and elderly unlike the corrupt politicians of today who could care less. The National Socialist Labor Party took action to ensure that the above mentioned were well cared for and not neglected or abused in anyway shape or form.

Internet Satanists

Whilst I understand the need that people have to research Satanism online and talk to their Satanist friends online, there is a difference between actually believing what you believe in the offline world rather than just believing it on the online world and thinking that saying “hail Satan!” makes you into a Satanist.


lot of people unfortunately do not test themselves to see whether or not they really believe


or if they believe it because it’s what their friends believe and they want to fit in and be

popular. These people never take the time and the strength to bounce up off their safety net which is

the internet and go out and explore their beliefs in the outside world-where it is not easy and

it is challenging, very challenging.

If their internets went down; these people would be clueless, powerless and confused and be like a baby looking for its dummy to suck on.

In order to be confidant and strong in what you believe in, then you MUST go out of your

comfort zone and find out for yourself. Because people don’t challenge themselves and are too scared to go out, in my honest opinion I believe that this is why we have posers in Satanism and those who run away when they realize what it is truly about and to he amount of hard work that goes into it.

When I was living in Florida this year for three months; I did not have the clutch of the internet to use as my safety net for Satanism.

I was forced outside of my comfort zone, and forced to see the world from a truly Satanic

perspective, in coming back from Florida; I have changed into a better and stronger person whom only needs the internet to do my duties and responsibilities that I have here. Everyone; Satanist and no Satanist always comments on how much I have changed since then.

I did not have my books in PDF format, I had to read from three books with no Satan

attached onto it, but were full of spiritual allegories. Through this, I have learned how to read spiritual allegories for the most part. Again, I had no internet to guide me; I had what I already knew about spiritual allegories and the help of

my Guardians.

I used what little time I did have on the internet wisely, I spent it on Joy of Satan and

studying in the e groups. I then put this to use offline. Florida was a time where I was cut off from everyone and everything; I was even cut off from my own family.

I spent time forming my relationship with Satan, asking Him questions and I received

answers, I also spent time working on forming my relationships with my Guardian’s, and self empowerment and yes, practicing black magick. Black magick out of everything was what I worked really hard on. Not only did I learn to become independent in general, I learned to become independent in Satanism, to never rely on anything apart from Satan and the Gods.

I never wasted what spare time I had being idle.

When I was out doing stuff, I questioned myself and really questioned myself on what I believed. I rarely had enough time to focus on spiritual warfare online, so I found numerous ways to do it offline every day.

I spent lots of time doing rituals.

I realized that in actual fact, I was a lot better without the internet.

Due to being forced outside of what was once my comfort zone, I have matured and become more independent, tested myself numerous of times and even through out those tests I still

found out that I believe confidently without any lingering doubts in my mind what I do today.

I truly believe that if everyone took the time to force themselves out of their comfort zones, we would have less “Internet Satanists” and more stronger dedicated Satanists who are confidant in themselves and in their beliefs.

Hail Satan!

The Swastika

The Swastika is known as; Svastika, Hakenruz, and the Flyfot, its name is Sanskrit meaning that it is associated to well being and goodness, this is how ancient this sacred symbol is. It is seen around the world in every single culture, meaning the same thing. Countries that it’s seen in are; Japan, China, Greece, Europe and Northern Europe, it is even seen in the Northern English town Manchester as a decoration above a library and many more places in both the Western and Eastern worlds. In Japan it is constantly seen decorating Buddhist temples and even man holes in Japanese streets, the amount of war time propaganda can and will not ban this most infamous symbol from public use because of what it actually represents; FORTUNE, WELL BEING AND GOOD LUCK, NOT RACIAL HATRED/HATRED OF THE GAY/BI/LESBIAN/TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY!

Our sacred symbol –the Swastika-- has in actual fact nothing to do with the hatred of Jews and our enemy, only war time propaganda has turned this into something ugly because it is Satanic and ancient, just like they do with everything Satanic-twist it in order to suit their own agenda’s. People still associate it to hatred because of the Zionist controlled press and history, and claim that it is about time to claim back this symbol of well being and good luck. There is nothing to claim back. Those who aren’t ignorant already know the truth about the sacred Swastika and know what it really represents; ergo in our eyes there is nothing to “claim back”. It’s true meaning to the enlightened will never be tainted because of the Jewish controlled press, and those that are too scared to research into it for fear of being called an “anti semite”, well that is their downfall and not ours, their ignorance is nothing to do with us if they want to be so blind and pretend that they have something to claim back. Swastika has always been ours, is currently ours, and always will be ours.

The Swastika was taken from the ancient occult symbol the Black Sun, which was another symbol used in Nazi Germany. This sun is said to be dated to around the times of Ancient Egypt, and some believe it to be connected to Sirius and a black hole in the Universe. I’m not stating the above as facts, nor do I have any opinion on these, I am just putting down what I have researched about it. Above all else which is something that I DO believe is that the Black Sun is said to be connected to our racial consciousness. I believe that Adolf Hitler used the Swastika for this very reason as it is derived from the Black Sun, and also represents happiness, fortune and well being which is what he wanted for National Socialism.


From: _07_dresden_holocaust_500kpdf and: on: