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Rajagiri School of Engineering &

Technology, Kakkanad

We wish to take this opportunity as our privilege to thank all those whose
persistent contributions and suggestions have helped us in the fulfillment of this project
First and foremost, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our
project guide, Mr. Binil .B John, who was always there to help us with proper guidance
and unstinted support. We also give special thanks to Mr. Avinash, our project guide who
inspired us always. He provided us with valuable suggestions during the course of our
work, for the successful completion of the project. He was always there to help us and to
guide us properly.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Prof. P.R.Madhava
Panicker, Head of the Department of Instrumentation who provided us with the lab
facilities and guided us along the schedule path.
We would like to give a special thanks to Prof. S. Ramkumar former Head
of the Department of Instrumentation who gave us the idea of an industrial project. He
played the most important role in our tie up with the company Procsys. We also thank
him for providing motivational guidance and teaching us the engineering strategies in
designing and execution of this project.
We also thank the company Procsys, for whom we are doing the data
acquisition module. The company’s officials were always there to help us and provided
the technical know how about the project.
We are especially thankful to our seniors Shajeer Hussein,Pradul Divakar
and Arun Ghosh, who were indeed a great help in getting our programming procedures
completed. Their constructive ideas and timely review of our progress have resulted in
several improvements in our project.
Last but not the least, we would like to give special acknowledgement to
the efforts of all our teachers, lab staff Mr. Suraj, Mr. Pradeep, Mr. Joe, Mr. Jaison, Mr.
Gince Mon, Mr. Roy as well as all our friends who helped us in making this project
possible and above all to Almighty, whose grace rendered this endeavor a success.

Rajagiri School of Engineering &
Technology, Kakkanad


We are doing a project for a company PROCSYS (Processor

Systems India Pvt. Ltd.). ProcSys today is a leading design and engineering services
company in India, offering both complete and componentized solutions in embedded
systems, product realization and application software. The main project we have selected
is developing a DATA ACQUISITION MODULE. Project team consists of 13 members –
5 people for the hardware design and 8 people for developing compatible software. The
software group is further divided into two, for developing stack and driver software for
the data acquisition module.

To design and develop a PC based Data Acquisition system in
which a data is acquired and converted to digital value using ADC and serially
communicated to PC from a microcontroller for displaying.