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Microsoft Word XP for Beginners - Exercises

Excercise 1. Setting Word XP to look like Word 97

1. Change the toolbars so that they appear on separate lines 2. Change the menus so that all items are visible

Excercise 2. Word-Wrap and Capitals and Punctuation and coloured underlining

Type the following. Only press at the end of a paragraph. (including spelling mistakes as shown!) Using Word XP XP, in case you wondered, apperently stands for Experience! Word XP is a very powerful tool. Most people use an extremely small proportion of its capabilities! It is possible, for example, to produce a automatic TABLE OF CONTENTS including page numbers, which saves so much time but few people realise this. Note the red line under apparently because it is spelt incorrectly, and the green line under the word a before automatic because this is grammatically incorrect

Excercise 3. Non-printing symbols and the Insert option

1. Find the non-printing symbols button and click on it Note the symbols which appear. 2. Move back a few characters and insert the word cat 3. Make sure Overtype is on. Move back to the beginning of the word cat and type dog 4. Make sure Overtype is switched off.

Excercise 4. Saving the document

1. Save the text you have typed to a file called REPORT on the network drive (G:/) 2. Save the file as a Word 97 file

Excercise 5. Save Options

1. Change the options so that when you save it prompts for document properties 2. Close Word 3. Reopen Word and type the following: The cat sat on the mat 4. Save the file as TEST making sure that you put the following information in the properties box. subject is Cats Keywords are cat, sat, mat 5. Make sure that the Fast Saves option is not on 6. Make sure that an AutoRecovery file is saved every 8 minutes

Microsoft Word XP for Beginners - Exercises Excercise 6. Starting a new document

1. Create a new document using the Blank Document template 2. Type a paragraph of your own choice and save as TEST 3. Crate a new document using the Contemporary letter template

Excercise 7. Opening the document

1. Open the file beginning with the letter X. (note that the files are in alphabetical order) 2. Open the file Recipes 3. Open the file Library 4. Create a new blank document. 5. Prepare to open a file and change so that you see the properties for each file 6. Change back to show the size, type and date modified for each file 7. Cancel the Open box 8. Open the file The European Computer Driving Licence as Read Only

Excercise 8. Changing Documents

1. Change to look at Recipes 2. Change to look at Library 3. Arrange the files so that you can see them all. 4. Make the document Library fill the screen

Excercise 9. Closing
1. Close the file Report 2. Close the file Recipes 3. Close Test 4. Close Word for Windows

Excercise 10.
1. Start Word 2. Open Library

Moving around the document

3. Using the file Library move to the bottom of the document with one key sequence 4. Move to the top of the document with one key sequence. 5. Move to the end of a line of text with one key sequence. 6. Move to the beginning of a line of text with one key sequence. 7. Move down a screen-full of information. 8. Move up a screen-full of information. 2

Microsoft Word XP for Beginners - Exercises Excercise 11.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Select a word Select a sentence. Select a paragraph Select any one and a half lines. Select the whole document. Select the first and third lines

Selecting text

Excercise 12.

Deleting text

1. Open the file Recipes 2. Delete the references to elephant meat (in the list of ingredients and in the first line of the method)

Excercise 13.

Moving and copying text within a file

There are two recipes listed in the Recipes file. They have got muddled. Use Moving techniques to rearrange the information as shown below

2. 3.

Make a copy of the Teabread recipes under the Flapjack recipes Close Recipes and save the changes.

Excercise 14.

View modes

1. Using LIBRARY, change to Print Layout and look at the top of a page. 2. Change to Normal and look at the top of a page. 3. Zoom to view the document at 200% 4. Open the file PASSAGE and select the Page width option 5. Select the text width option 6. View the document two pages at a time 3

Microsoft Word XP for Beginners - Exercises

7. Change to view the Page width

Excercise 15.

Checking Spelling and Grammar

1. Open the document The European Computer Driving Licence 2. Carry out a Spell check on the document. Note that ECDL occurs many times and add this to the dictionary.

Excercise 16.

To change the text style and size

1. Open the document PASSAGE.DOC. 2. Select the whole document and change the text to Arial, and the font size to 13. 3. Select one line and change to Times New Roman, size 13. 4. Select the 3rd line and increase the font by 1 point.

Excercise 17.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Character Formatting

Use the file PASSAGE Make the heading Thinking of postgraduate study? bold, and underlined. Make the headings Why bother with postgraduate study and How will you pay? bold Make the words Postgraduate study and research in the 2nd to last line of the document italic. Make the heading How will you pay? small capitals. Double underline the heading Thinking of postgraduate study? Move to the end of the document and type the equation A2=B2+C2. Create a new line and type The chemical name for water is H20.

Excercise 18.

Formatting a paragraph

1. Centre the heading How will you pay? 2. Right justify the first paragraph. 3. Centre the last paragraph. 4. Left justify the first and last paragraphs. 5. Inset the line beginning More and more graduates by inch from the left hand margin 6. Inset the paragraphs beginning Although most careers.... and If youre heading for ... by 1.25cm from the left margin and 1.25cm from the right margin. 7. Inset the first line of the last paragraph by 1.25cm from the left margin. 8. Make the first paragraph a "hanging paragraph". 9. Make the first paragraph double line spacing. 10. Use formatting to ensure that each paragraph is followed by a blank line.

Excercise 19.

Page breaks

1. Insert a page break before How will you pay?

Microsoft Word XP for Beginners - Exercises

2. Delete the page break

Excercise 20.


1. Just before the second heading Insert a section break which also starts a new page, and the following text will be on an odd page. 2. View the document 2 pages at a time. 3. Change the section break to a continuous one (do not delete the section break) 4. View the document 5. Change the section so that it starts a new page

Excercise 21.

Changing the Page Margins, Paper Size and Orientation

1. In the first Change the page orientation to landscape for the first section...... 2. Set up the left hand margin as 5cm and the right hand margin as 6.26cm 3. Select Mirror Margins and get a preview of what the document will look like when printed.

Excercise 22.
Table 2


1. Set up a table for the following: Engineering Section Student Numbers 1999/2000 Applied Year HNC Computing HND Engineering Design Maths degree 2. Save the document 3. Remove the borders 4. Stop the gridlines from showing 5. Show the gridlines again. 1999 129 154 87 2000 155 160 100 99 132 85 Accepted 1999 2000 143 156 94 89 98 65 Passed 1999 2000 102 143 60

Excercise 23.


1. Print the document. (with your initials at the top) 2. Print the current page. 3. Select the first paragraph and print 2 copies of that only. 4. Look to see what printer you are printing to..