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1. Preliminary details of the visit:A. Date of Visit to the Jail: 11/09/2011, 10:30AM. B. Jail Name: Jharpada Special Jail, Bhubaneswar. C. Total team members: 13th students including myself and 3 teaching staff.

2. Modalities adopted by the team :The KIIT Law School Criminal Law Honor 7th semester team along with teaching staff went around the entire jail premises to see the living conditions of the inmates including sanitation, general hygiene, cleanliness of the barracks, toilets, bathing places, kitchens, prison medical facilities etc. team also expand own work area and take woman inmate and young offender living condition, education and legal aid condition inside the jail premises.

3. The detailed observation made by me according to the format is as under:Sri Prakash Ch. Sahoo (Superintendent of prison) Sri Manoj Sarangi (Prison Welfare Officer) Sri Saroj Ku. Biswal (Jailor) Smt. Suchita Das (Asst. Jailor)

The author is a student of B.A. LL.B, 7th semester in KIIT Law School, KIIT University Bhubaneswar, India. He is available at

TV set is available in all the barracks.09. Guard Military staff 4.1. 5. There is library in the jail which is being utilized by the inmates. 3. CCTV with 16 cameras is there in the prison for monitoring. It has more the 8 blocks 10 individual cells and 20 barracks. Light and ventilation in the barracks is satisfactory and according to the standard minimum rules. Bhubaneswar Unknown 376 = 365 Males + 11 Females (+3 Child excluding ) 96 01 43 (All are males. Accommodation:This prison situated very close to the residential areas. Newspaper of Hindi. 2. Jail authority informed that repair and maintenance of the building is done by the inmates and the expenses are being paid by jail authorities. Accommodation in the jail includes young age offender barracks and general wards besides a separate female ward. Name of prison Sanction capacity of the prison Actual strength of the Prison (As on 11. The jail is constructed as per the norms of Model Prison Manual. Food:- . English and orriya are being subscribed in the library for the prisoners. There is adequate facility in the jail for sport such as carrom board and playing cards. Each sector and ward has secured entrance. This prison is not overcrowded as like I show Jodhpur prison. which are divided in sectors.) 66 + 3 Female Worden 25 4.2011) Rigorous imprisonment Simple imprisonment Sessions Jharpada Special Jail.

Cotton Kurtas Cotton Trouser Cotton gumcha(Towel) Blanket hot (Weather) Blanket cold (Weather) Sarees (woman) Cotton semis or Kurtas 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 3 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs ACTUAL SUPPLY IN QTY 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 3 pcs 2 pcs Out of stock 8.In jail kitchens there are sufficient number of exhaust fans. The prisoners during interaction stated that they get oil and soaps and have no major complaint. For woman there are bathroom. 2. 5. floor made of an impermeable material. Fly proof automatic closing doors is not available in jail kitchen. 4. 7. Cooked food sample is checked by the officers of jail. The authorities claim that these toilets are cleaned with acid. Clothing and Bedding:The scale of clothing and bedding prescribed for issue to the convict prisoners and the item actually supplied are listed in the following table SL. There is no separate kitchen for the Hospital was available but jail staff ensured that every prisoner in the hospital is given the required diet and milk from outside of jail. 3. 6. 7. Food is brought from the kitchen to the barracks in the small trolley/ carts so all effort are reported to be made by the jail administration to serve hot food to the inmates.NO PROVISION PARTICULARS 1. Sanitation:Each sector has common toilet blocks besides one emergency toilet in each dormitory. Children staying with the convicts:- . There are no bath rooms and prisoners take bath in the open. 6.

2. KIIT University. with special focus on the latrines which is outside to the barrack. nutrition.B in KIIT Law School. Adequate number of doctors with at least one lady doctor and Para-medical staff should be posted in the jail hospital. immunization of children is being taken care. One doctor should remain present in the hospital round the clock. 3. 9. education.kls@gmail. India. General cleanliness in the jail. should be improved. adequate number of sweepers should be posted in the jail and flushing systems should be repaired. Recommendations:1. He is available at chainsukhsolanki.Only three children are staying with their mothers and they are periodically checked by the medical officer and Health. . Jail needs adequate number of female warders because in this jail every female warder bound to guard female ward without anther lady staff. Questionnaire for Jharpada Special Jail Prisoners 2 2 The questioner is a student of B. For this purpose. LL. Bhubaneshwar.

Whether the inmates are provided healthy food as per the recommended Government guidelines? 4. if any? 9. how many more inmates are there? 7.Food 1. What are special arrangements in summer and winter season. Whether the numbers of inmates are more than the sanctioned capacity? If yes. How many inmates are kept in one cell/barrack? 6. Whether clothing is provided to the inmates at regular intervals? . Whether under-trial prisoners are kept separate from convicted prisoners? 10. Whether the quality of food is fit for human consumption or not? 3. Whether Young prisoners are kept separate from adults? 12. Whether there is proper ventilation in the rooms? 8. Whether there is arrangement for proper sanitary system? Clothing 13. How many times food is provided? 2. Whether Persons imprisoned for debt and other civil prisoners are kept separate from persons imprisoned by reason of a criminal offence? 11. Whether clean drinking water is available? Accommodation 5.

Whether the clothing for winter season are given or not? . Whether beddings are provided to the imamates? 15.14.

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