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Super-Easy Stars p y
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted (beige) Crochet Hook: G7 (4.5 mm) I eked 25 stars out of one skein (216 yards), so a little yarn will go a very long way here. This would be a great project for scraps! Gauge: Whichever makes you happy. This is one of the beautiful things about projects no one is going to wear. My finished stars measure 4 inches tall and 3½ - 4 inches wide. This is an easy pattern. Good for beginners, and for advanced crocheters who like to work while watching TV. Note: I have written the turning chains into the pattern, so no extra chaining at the start of rounds is necessary. round 1: chain 3, slip stitch into first chain to join in round. round 2: (chain 1), single crochet 4 times through center, slip stitch into (chain 1) to join round -- 5 stitches stitches. round 3: (chain 1), 1 single crochet in 1st stitch, *2 single crochet in next stitch*, rep instructions between * and * 3 more times, slip stitch into (chain 1) to join round -- 10 stitches. round 4: chain 5, single crochet into 2nd stitch, chain 5, single crochet into 4th stitch. Repeat in pattern, making the single crochet into the 6th, 8th, and 10th stitches. round 5: *chain 2, make 3 double crochet through the loop, chain 3, make 4 double crochet through the loop, slip stitch into single crochet from round below*. Repeat instructions between * and * 4 more times. Finishing: Weave in ends. Block lightly, if desired. Festoon garlands, trees, cards, packages, and possibly even your person. k d ibl Questions? Find errors? Please contact me:
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