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Topic 1 Cocreation through social media networks

Broad Indicators already discussed with gauri

Student Name gauri vaidya &pooja rajput Swati Pawar & Sneha Tiware

2 Change in strategic intent and its effect on Business performance. with swati discussed

3 Cost implications of ICT for MSME

MSME,s havent much budgets for huge it spends. Nevertheless, will spends on use of ICT be justified in terms of accrued benefits. Point out such systems Suraj K Mishra & Anand K Tripathi that are cost effective and also worthwhile investments for small organisations. Narrow down MSME.s to a few sectors so that the study is relevant and focussed. Varun Bhatia & Janhvi Kagrana

4 Strategic initiatives by organisations through Business model Innovations varun and janhvi discussed with How has ICT impacted on governance in businesses. Implementation of ICT has brought about changes in the way business operate. Governance deals with 5 Impact of ICT on Governance systems in Business organisations , procedures and systems that top policies management decides in governing or operating a business. Select a certain industry and conduct the study.

lavesh & Raj kiran

6 Hurdles in adopting E-learning by academic institutions

knowledge delivery through electronic form is imperative today. What are the diffefent e- learning tools that academicians can utilise and what are the Anuradha Sharma & isha Wayase hurdles to using and implementing it. Select a few educational institutions particularly in higher education and conduct the same. Few could be as less as five.

7 Role of social media in knowledge management

Ruchi Prasad & Jyoti Singh we have many social media networks for the community at large and in general. Can there be a Nipun & Bhabani social media for students and faculty in academics focusing on this specific group. Will this be of benefit, discuss its viability.

8 Need for social connectivity among academicians

there are some km tools that are beneficial to organisations.. Which are they, discuss the one that 9 Enhancing marketing capabilities using Knowledge Management tools can be of great use to the marketing department of any business. there is gap between what is taught in educational institutes and what the industry requires. What kind of efforts should be taken to reduce the skill gap especially by management institutions so as to enhance employability of students

Sarvesh & Abhijeet

10 Skill Development Initiatives to reduce unemployability

Rajkumar Patil & Mohammed

concentrate on only one sector. Companies in this sector use brand ambassadors to promote their brand 11 Study on calculating RoI on brand ambassadors in real estate, telecom and retail sectors do they utilise to and products. What methods Dharmendra Yadav & Sheetal Nikkam calculate return on investements made on such brand ambassadors. 12 External networking as sources of Innovation discussed Sonam Rai & kanchan Mishra


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Do Governance systems promote innovation Transition to a new innovation led Governance system External networking as sources of Innovation Promoting an innovation culture through changes in Governance systems Changing role of leadership in Trade Unions





Cost Leadership

Ruf n Tuf - innovative brand from Arvind Mills - ultimately failed to capitalise. The concept was to sell the ready-to-stitch jeans to the consumers who were not accustomed to buying readymade clothes. For reasons the brand was not so successful. Device a differentiation strategy for the brand..

Devise a differentiation strategy for a new company manufacturing and marketing helmets in india

Discuss how one can achieve cost leadership in the tour operators industry in India. Cite the case of SOTC

Cite the case of SOTC

Guidelines for submission of the Assignment Structure 1 Cover page 2 Contents 3 Abstract

- title of the topic, author identity,Institution

This is the index that should consist the broad heads and page nu

4 Introduction

5 Methods used

This summarises the report in about 150 words. i) Discuss the importance of the topic or the specific area, stress one should undertake work in the area, the benefit of outcomes studies. Hence you should immediately have... ii) Objective have about two to three objectives to focus on the topic only an want to achieve out of it. i) Describe the method used to conduct the study i.e. Type of stu source - Discuss how willl you go about collecting data. Some of desk research, hence it will be secondary source. If you collect da it become a primary source. Iii) Discuss how present data.

6 Data Presentation

7 Findings

i) textual data - It should be presented in a logical sequence. Hav headers and sub headers. Remember, reference your text from w you take information by superscribing numbers. This can easily b word as it has an option for referencing. ii) Numerical data mean redaily tables taken from websites) When one collects prim they have to be tabulated and presented. Use excel through its c graphs. Remember to interpret what is most significant. describe major findings of the study and what do these findings l is the outcome of these findings and the study. Remember, this s to the objectives specified.

8 Conclusion

Suggest ways and means to overcome difficulty / remedy a situa oopinions / improve / alternatives etc.. This section should concl report.

9 References

10 Glossary

The text books, magazines, journals, websites that you refer are mentioned here. i) When you refer to booksmagazines, journals the following styl .. E.g. Hill and Hottkinson, (2009), Business Strategy. TataMcGra Delhi. Ii) If you re websites.... name of author, title, copy the entire url link, retriev u access it e..g. September 27, 2011). iii) remember the re to numbered in accordance to the text that you superscribe in th sections. Every single article, however small, must be referred. It have lots of references, thats a good benchmark. The thumbrule is atleast three refernces per page. More the better. There must be some terms or acronyms which have to be listed

11 Annexures if any

Something very relevant, which is of significance, can be attache

Instructions The assignment should consist of 5000 words (excluding the abstract), Font size 12, Page marg


st the broad heads and page numbers

ut 150 words. opic or the specific area, stress on need, why area, the benefit of outcomes of such iately have... ii) Objectives of the sudy s to focus on the topic only and what you

nduct the study i.e. Type of study. Ii) Data about collecting data. Some of u will conduct ondary source. If you collect data first hand , Iii) Discuss how will you

nted in a logical sequence. Have appropriate ber, reference your text from where so ever bing numbers. This can easily be done in ncing. ii) Numerical data - (this dosent ebsites) When one collects primar y data, sented. Use excel through its charts and hat is most significant. dy and what do these findings lead to. What nd the study. Remember, this should pertain

ome difficulty / remedy a situation / etc.. This section should conclude the entire

ls, websites that you refer are to be

nes, journals the following style be followed Business Strategy. TataMcGraw Hill, New Ii) If you refer to copy the entire url link, retrieved on (the date 11). iii) remember the references have text that you superscribe in the earlier ever small, must be referred. It is good to od benchmark. The thumbrule internationally . More the better. onyms which have to be listed here.

of significance, can be attached here.

stract), Font size 12, Page margins of 1 inch on each side, line spacing of 1.5 and Time New Roman font