Memoirs of Her Scent Previously; Edward paid no attention to the game at all, eyes and mind ranging the

forest. He was aggravated with himself. "I'm sorry, Bella," I heard him mutter fiercely to his Bella. "It was stupid, irresponsible, to expose you like this. I'm so sorry." A wave of remorse washed over me, from his direction, as he said this. Suddenly, his breathing stopped and his eyes zeroed in on the right field, I follow suite, and I heard them before I saw them. He angled himself in front of Bella, taking a half step to stand between Bella and what was coming. Carlisle, Emmett, and the others turned in the same direction, hearing as well the sounds of passage before seeing the intruders themselves. Ch4: Cataclysm Ranging a dozen meters apart they emerged, one by one from the forest edge, and just like Alice had predicted there were three of them. Two were males; the other was a female with a chaotic assortment of fiery hair, feline features and crazed claret eyes; the color that belong to those who kill without remorse, and give in to their thirst without conscience. I too was like that once.

I still continue to fight that part of me, but compared to them, I always feel the remorse that they cannot feel for I have never known what it is like to forget one's humanity. My strange, overbearing power has never allowed me the audacity of not feeling; at times I wished it would. However, every time I killed someone I felt their pain and fear as my own and yet that didn't over power the burning thirst I felt at the back of my throat, at least not enough for me to stop what I was doing and try take over the predatory side that always took over when I thirsted. This coven, they were cautious and curious; however, they seemed wary about meeting a coven as large as ours, at least that was encouraging in some ways. Following Carlisle's lead Emmett and I gradually stepped forward. They were introduced as Laurent, James, and Victoria. Carlisle invited them to our home and they were visible shocked to find that we had a permanent home, here at Forks. But then everything went as wrong as it could go, it all happened so fast, even for my eyes to see or my ears to comprehend. A light breeze ruffled Bella's hair and I stiffened as I smelled her appealing scent and then the atmosphere took a chaotic turn, and the second male, James, was suddenly scrutinizing Bella, his

nostrils flaring and his eyes hungry. Suddenly he had become the hunter, who only saw his prey before him and now that he had the perfect prey he would set his mind to it and have it one way or another, the only difference from any other previous hunt was that this 'prey' was being protected by an opponent that presented him with a sweet challenge. The kind of challenge that he had been looking for, this I could capture from the air around him in an instant and it disgusted me as well as made me jealous though I could not quite comprehend why the jealousy. A swift rigidity fell over all of us as James lurched himself forward, with one step, into a crouch. Next, Edward had countered his actions by bearing his teeth and crouching before Bella to defend her, a feral snarl ripping from his throat, threatening James, daring him to do anything more than what he had done. "What's this?" Laurent asked with open surprise. "She's with us." Carlisle's firm rebuff was directed toward James. Still, the intensity of our caution did not loosen and neither James nor Edward. As I watched them warily, relaxed their aggressive poses. Edward was furious and dejected, meanwhile James was

thrilled and enjoying the challenge that had so conveniently presented itself before him. His mind was working and planning what the next stage of the game would be. He was savoring every moment of it as he taunted Edward, moving this way and that so that Edward would mirror his every step- disgusting- while his plan had already taken form, all that he needed was to decide how best to obtain his price. "You brought a snack?" Laurent expression was incredulous as he took an involuntary step forward. I hissed at Laurent's words and actions, but Edward drowned my protests as he snarled even more ferocious at Laurent's actions, harshly, with bared teeth. That caused Laurent to step back once more, sensing the tangible threat behind Edward's ferociousness. "She's human," Laurent protested. In contrast to his

emotions, his words were merely astounded. "I said she's with us," Carlisle corrected in a hard voice and all his pretence at courtesy gone. "Yes." It was Emmett now, speaking at Carlisle's side, his eyes warily on James. I couldn't help but wish that I had been the one speaking and not Emmett; there was something that had me wanting to defend our Bella.

James straightened, slowly, out of his crouch, but his eyes still appraised his prey with thirst and lust, nostrils wide. Edward still held himself protectively, tense in front of Bella, his stance like that of a lion at the ready. More conversation took place, in which Laurent promised that neither he nor his coven would 'not harm our human girl' or hunt in our range, much to the other two's distaste. Yet I had the sinking feeling that this was not the end, the situation had not been solved and he would come at us with a comeback to try and have Bella. James was determined to have Bella, there was resolve tangibly edged to his emotions in a way that concerned me and put me on edge. Carlisle considered Laurent before reaching a final decision, by then he called Rosalie, Esme, and I forth while Emmett fell back. As soon as I was at Carlisle's side, listening to his instructions, I found myself wishing that I could be at Bella's side where I could calm and comfort her nerves. She was terrified, numbed with fear, and I was sure that she would have appreciated the help my power would have provided her, but at the moment I did not trust myself to make such suggestion. The fear of actually trying to help but ending up hurting her was mortifying. I think I felt a strange sting of jealousy toward Emmett and his better control.









alongside Alice and Emmett. The sense of loss that I felt at that moment was almost unbearable. By now I knew Edward enough to know that he would be rash and would try to take Bella far away from here. A strange sadness surged through my body at the thought, drowning all the others emotions and making me oblivious to their emotions, which would have otherwise flooded through me and as a result, would have blocked my own feelings from reach. That's why -having this knowledge- when Bella, carried by Emmett- I felt a quiet rumble go through me at the sight- along with Edward and Alice at their sides, burst into our large white room I was surprised and yet relieved that Edward hadn't done the predictable. Laurent stood in our midst. I could hear Emmett's low growls rumble as they approached, from deep within, and set her down at Edwards's side. "He's tracking us," Edward announced as he balefully glared at Laurent. Laurent's face was unhappy, but his feeling told me

otherwise. Judging by his emotions, he could care less about what was going on when all he truly cared about was not being blacklisted or persecuted by our abnormally large coven- to make it

so that we understood that he had nothing to do with the matter of James decision to hunt our Bella. As Edward spoke Alice danced her way to my side and whispered to my ear, telling me that we should go upstairs so that she could explain what was going to happen. I nodded to her reverberating voice and bounded the stairs with her, up to my room. "So," I started. "What's the plan?" Alice engrossed me into an animated recount of what had happened after they had disappeared into the trees, she told me about the brilliant plan the Bella had formulated in her attempt to bring Edward and his rationality under control– it had worked. All things considered, if the plan did go according to plan, it is a brilliant plan and I had to agree with Emmett- Bella truly was diabolical, and I actually thought she was so innocent, guess I got proved wrong. I liked it. Now that I think about it, I think it is time for Emmett and I to make a little bet. "There's no time for bets, Jasper," Alice reprimanded while I smiled sheepishly, my goddess knew me too well. "Sorry, couldn't help it," I smiled, without remorse if you must know. Alice shook her head, sighing knowingly.

Now, to make sure I understood what was going to ensue here, I need to verify everything with Alice and summarize everything she's told me. "So… you and I are to take Bella away from here?" I inquired with unease. Alice nodded. "And Edward trusts me to do such task, to be around Bella?" Alice smiled kindly at me then. "I told him to give you some credit when he asked if you were up for it," Alice stated, that was as good as a yes for me. I felt alighted with glee. "Besides, you've been doing very, very well, all things considered." Her eyes gleamed with pride as she said this making me purr at her appraising me. "I have, haven't I?" I mused as she showed me an encouraging smile. "Alright then, let us get a move on." I tested the atmosphere as we reappeared at the end of the stairs; I was surprised by what I savored. Bella was surprised by something, this bemused me, and just as I was about to probe the answer from her emotions I noticed that Edward had captivated her, of course. Just then Esme took her away, something about a change of clothing. During our Bella's absence we had settled everything we needed or would need. Carlisle equipped us each with small silver

cell phones- to keep in contact. Carlisle instructed that Alice and I were to take his Mercedes; we would need the dark tint where we were going. Now, one last thing needed to be clarified. "Alice," Carlisle asked, "will they take the bait?" We all watched Alice as she closed her eyes and became very still, I along with her as if her actions were somehow reflected on me impairing me from acting on my own, of course that wasn't the case. Finally, her eyes fluttered opened and we received the answer that we longed and hoped to hear. "Let's go." Carlisle began walking toward the kitchen. While Edward went to Bella's side in less than it took her heart to skip a beat. He crushed her to him, catching her in his iron grip. He pulled her face to his, lifting her feet off the floor, clearly unaware of the rest of us watching him. For a moment his lips loved hers, with such passion that it seemed as if they would melt into each other from the heated passion of their kiss as he tried to remember the taste of her warm breath as it collided with his own cold breath against his lips, creating an epic battle. Surely someone may contradict, but there

are times when I think that it is possible for summer and winter to clash against each other in a heated-cold love that will never compare to any other. I chuckled mutely –though I knew now was not the time for laughter– as I felt Rosalie's indignation surging through her; she was ever the jealous one. I also chuckled at Bella's poutiness when the kiss between her and Edward ended too soon for her liking. His eyes fumed into hers as he set her down, still holding her face with such delicacy, mustering his love and his goodbye. Then he was gone, along with all the traces of his love that had shown from his eyes and face just moments ago as he put on his expressionless mask, his cold mask, which would allow him to protect his lover- and so the hunter becomes the hunter. We stood there, and I could not help but look away from Bella as her tears fell noiselessly down her ivory cheeks, mourning for the inevitable separation that had to transpire between her and her lover. It tore me to feel her sadness and solitude- even among usto a degree that surprised me and aggravated me; I had never felt such despair for another. The aggravation was such that I wanted to ignore it and run to her, embrace her, and tell her that everything would be all right, though I knew not of the future I felt that such comforting white lies

would suffuse as long as it calmed our Bella and stopped her tears from falling. The silence dragged on and I was still, immobile in my own torment, as my own feelings clashed with hers, but then Esme's phone vibrated and she received her okay as I fought back my compelling feelings and stifled them. Esme walked over to Bella and caressed her cheek, removing some of her tears, in that motherly way of hers as she smiled down upon the girl she already considered a daughter. "Be safe," were Esme's lingering words as she slipped through the door, Rosalie following her and they were gone. Then it was just the three of us, we too waited. Alice answered her phone before I even heard it vibrate- she too vanished, swallowed by the darkness as she went to get the car, leaving Bella and I to be alone in this prolonged silence as I stayed a safe distance away from her, though I longed to be near. -What am I saying?I could not take the silence anymore. I had to break it. "You're wrong," I said as silently as I could so that I would not startle her. I failed. "What?" she asked, startled and confused by my sudden

words, she seemed to think that I too could hear her thoughts. "I can tell what you're feeling," I stated simply, knowing that she would understand she was after all the one feeling. "And you are wrong, you're worth it." She shook her head in defiance. "No I'm not," her voice was so small, so frail as she said this that I, too, hurt. I spoke again, trying to convince her. "Yes you are, Edward thinks so, he loves you and so does the rest of the family," - minus one, but I wouldn't tell her that. She already knew anyway- there was a bit of doubt in her but she accepted it, I smiled at her, she was really something. The car was ready and it was time for us to leave, I would be driving, but before that Bella needs to sleep and I know just the right thing to make her sleep- my touch. I promise Bella, for Edward, I'll make you safe so sleep and dream of your lover until we get to Phoenix. Sweet dreams… I wished her as she fell into a fitful sleep at my touch. Things I learned about Bella during our trip? Smiles

maliciously- she talks in her sleep and tells Edward how much she loves him, so amusing, now I understand why he loves to watch her sleep. Actually, I never knew Edward had such an ego- he has to

constantly hear her say how much she loves him, I know an Edward-iffy weakness! Well, we do learn something new every day. Also, you can ask Bella something, anything while she's asleep and she actually answers! I mean, I was only kidding when I asked her about the airport but she actually answered, I was not sure if I should have believed her- I mean, she was asleep and all, but then we passed right by it, this threw Alice and I into a fit of laughter. Truly, Bella Swan was something else. Well, we are here… and now we wait some more.

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