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PM DIMENSIONS is a company headquartered in Mumbai, with a major operational base in Gandhinagar, Gujarat and subsidiaries in Austria and, Singapore. The company offers engineering services, specialized IT product development and professional workforce development to clients in India and in international markets. The company has a requirement of several hundred engineers for energy industry projects. Such engineers need specialization in nuclear, solar and wind domains. Here PM DIMENSIONS’ workforce development division has designed 12 month programs that will convert academically trained engineers into practicing and productive engineers. Even as they secure industry recognized certification (not a formal degree/diploma); PM DIMENSIONS will absorb such engineers within engineering services division in specific project teams. The approach that PM DIMENSIONS follows requires the student’s sustained commitment in terms of time, money and effort in upgrading skill sets – which is reciprocated by a long term commitment from PM DIMENSIONS to employ such candidates at superior pay scales than current levels. Engineering services cover a wide range of activities supporting the engineering project lifecycle, from design to project management to operations and maintenance. Some illustrative work we do is in the area of    Computational Fluid Dynamics Thermal Hydraulics Analysis Health, Safety, Environment Audits    Finite Element Analysis Risk & Reliability Engineering Services Compliance Management & Documentation Services

As engineering services are project and client-driven, it is difficult to predict project-specific job roles. However, candidates after completion of training can expect to be engaged in one of the following roles depending on their electives and area of interest:  Design & Simulation  Engineering Operations & Maintenance  Engineering Support Services

The training offered by the Workforce Development division of PM DIMENSIONS ensures industry acceptable /preferred level of qualification and competence. The training is spread over 12 months and delivered by eminent and experienced faculty in intensive classroom/lab sessions and supported by site visits and software based simulations.

. Therefore.credila. are governed by policies of CREDILA and the Reserve Bank of India guidelines. Credila offers an educational loan to selected candidates (subject to a provisional job offer from PM DIMENSIONS) for the training programme1. please visit the website listed at the end of this note. CREDILA (www.Our approach mandates that: (a) The students fund the training (and demonstrate commitment to skills upgradation). (b) PM DIMENSIONS provides employment at 30-40% superior salary scales compared to the market (and demonstrates commitment to recruit the practicing engineer in the engineering services division) For a detailed list of the topics covered in the training. all fresh engineers are expected to undergo advance level training to make them eligible to work on global projects. Trainings are self-funded by the candidate. PM DIMENSIONS has a relationship with HDFC subsidiary. Loan processing needs to be completed before the course starts.Tech graduates from IITs directly. We do employ M. 1 Please note that the loan process. PM DIMENSIONS’ role is limited to assisting the candidates with the loan documentation and requisite paperwork to expedite the process. In order to ensure that deserving candidates are provided financial assistance for the This commitment includes adequate performance throughout the 12-month programme. Funding for the training programme The kind of engineering services projects we work on require intensive knowledge of the appropriate domains. as well as sanction of the loan. PM DIMENSIONS cannot influence the outcome of the loan process. but fresh engineers do not generally possess the level of training we expect.

4. Do I have the option of choosing the centre? Based on candidate feedback. More locations may be announced in case we get a significant number of deserving candidates from a city.Tech Stream and your area of interest (Design and analysis. Salary levels Salaries start at Rs.000 per annum FAQs 1.50.000 (for the solar and wind engineering programmes) and Rs. .00. 1.000 . We have also modified some locations so that the training locations are better aligned to the student locations. 72. Please ask for guidance from your interviewer or from our HR Team if you are unsure about which programme you should opt for. we are now opening new learning delivery centres in several cities across India.000 per annum Salaries start at Rs. 4.000 The educational loan component from CREDILA is Rs. Solar.00. 4.25. 2. A full list of cities are given below: Nuclear Gandhinagar Hyderabad Pune Kolkata New Delhi Chennai X X X X Solar X X Wind X X Admissions are available at the specific centres subject to availability and strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis.25.000 Rs. Operations).Fee component paid by candidate to PM DIMENSIONS Internship amount paid by PM DIMENSIONS over programme duration Net cost of programme for candidate Rs. Wind and Software Product Engineering) are growing at approx 40% annually with huge demand for experts.Rs. 4. 3. Maintenance.000 for the nuclear engineering programme.00. 53.000 per annum Salaries start at Rs. You should choose the training on the basis of your B. All industries (Nuclear. Which training is best suitable for me? All trainings come with placement guarantee and offer equal career opportunity globally.

please send an email to If you have been interviewed please put “INTERVIEWED” in the subject line so that we can respond to your queries quickly. 5.3. What is the procedure to avail Education Loan? PM Dimensions has a tie -up with Credila Financial Services Pvt. 8. Do I have to bear any expense on the education loan? When do I start repaying the loan? Simple Interest is charged during the tenure of the course. 4. . Is it a job opportunity or training? Ideally engineering services projects require research level knowledge of subjects. All loans are subject to the norms and policies of Credila. the actual EMI is deducted from the first salary onwards for a period of 5 years (duration of loan). 9. 2011. to facilitate educational loans. Who is the guarantor for the loan? The provisional offer letter serves as the guarantee for the loan as it assures repayment capacity of the student on completion of course. After completion of course. Credila’s credit appraisal is governed by policies of CREDILA and PM DIMENSIONS has no influence on the outcome of the process. Intensive advance level training is a pre-requisite to availing this opportunity. currently the batches are planned for September 15. Fresh engineers need to undergo advance level training to make them eligible to work on complex global projects. For More Information: Clean Energy Engineering Candidates should refer to http://pmdimensions. When will the batches start? Batch details including venue and start dates will be announced by end-August. There are no other charges. What are the charges for the loan process? Processing Fee of Rs. This is taken at the time of submission of documents for loan application. Credila is a HDFC company and is governed by the RBI. This will be borne by PM Dimensions until completion of course and shall be recovered from the student from their first salary onwards over a period of 12 months. Ltd. This is a job opportunity for those who wish to launch themselves on a global career path with lucrative remuneration. Candidates after finishing the course will work with PM DIMENSIONS on our For clarifications. 5515 is charged for every loan application. Credila has entered into an agreement with PM Dimensions to provide loans to students subject to a provisional offer letter which guarantees the repayment capacity of the student.5% per annum. 7. Based on the educational calendar. 6. What is the interest rate? Rate of Interest ranges from 13-13.

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