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11/10/2011 DUE ON: 22/10/2011 15 hrs.

GENERAL TERMS AND TCONDITIONS 1. Offers are invited for transportation of bulk cargo of steel sheets from Chennai Port to Avadi . Please refer to the enclosed Quotation Form for details of consignments. 2. The tender documents containing the tender form and quotation form are being issued and tenderers are requested to submit one copy of each duly filled and signed. The offer should be signed and stamped each page by a person who is authorized to deal/act on behalf of the tenderers firm. Incomplete or incorrectly filled offers and tenders received are liable to be rejected. 3. The Offer enclosed in sealed envelope and clearly marked TENDER FOR TRANSPORT OF BULK CARGO CHENNAI PORT TO AVADI should be sent to our premises so as to reach us before 15.00 Hours on 22/10/2011 at the under noted address: ASST.GENERAL MANAGER (Logistics Services) BALMER LAWRIE & CO. LTD., BALMER LAWRIE HOUSE 628, ANNA SALAI, TEYNAMPET CHENNAI 600 018 4. PAYMENT : Payment will be released after 15 days from the date of submission of completed bills. No advance payment will be made. Bill for transportation shall be accompanied by necessary receipted delivery challans, confirming the receipt of goods by the company in good condition, and without any loss. We will not accept bills for payment without the consignees acknowledgment in the delivery challans. 5. In case of unsatisfactory performance of the transporter either in relation to handling of the goods or to adherence of specified time limits or to misbehavior of the transporters employees with the companys customers employees, etc., the company reserves its right to cancel part of whole of the contract such amounts as the company may deem reasonable due to the loss of goodwill, business, goods and recover from he tenderer. In such case, the company also reserves its right to get the balance portion of the job executed through other means at the entire risk and cost of the transporter.

6. The nature of job includes placing of suitable vehicle depending upon the nature of goods and gross weight enclosed herewith, loading at Chennai Port and delivering at Avadi, Chennai Due to nature of job, tenderer should be able to CO-ordinate with port authorities and take responsibilities from Loading on to the vehicles , unto the safe delivery at consignees godown 7. If the tenderer fails to send the truck and lift the cargo within the stipulated time the company shall be free to engage any other party at the risk of the tenderer. The additional cost if any, incurred by us on this account will be recovered at actuals from the contractor and adjusted with their outstanding bill with us, if any. . 8. The Company reserves the right to split the volume and have parallel contract with other transport if it desires so. 9. NO TRANSHIPMENT IS PERMITTED 10. Any deviation on the part of the tenderer part, they would be responsible for all risks and damages that may be claimed by the ultimate consignee. 11.The transporter shall hold the Company harmless and indemnified from and against all claims, charges and costs for which the company may be held liable under the Workmens Compensation Act 1923. Employees Liability Act 1930 and amendments thereof and expenses which the company may be made to bear by them in respect of personal injuries to the servants and employees of the company, arising out or occasion through the acts of commissions/omissions whether due to negligence or not of the transporter or his agents or his employees in carrying out the job of the transportation. 12. The company reserves its right to accept any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons whatsoever and to award the contract to one or more tenders for full or part quantities in each category at its sole discretion. The company also reserves the right to cancel this tender without assigning any reasons whatsoever. The companys decision will be final. 13. In the event of any dispute, the companys decision shall be final. 14.Validity of the transportation rates should be firm till end of November 2011 ACCEPTANCE BY TENDERER: We accept all your terms and conditions stated in the tender and hereby return one copy of the Tender Form and conditions duly signed. Signature of Tenderer / DATE ___________________________

BALMER LAWRIE & CO. LTD Logistics Services - Chennai TENDER NO.BL/LS/CHENNAI/TPT/ 20/ DT 11/10/2011 -15 HRS. DUE ON: 22/10/11


CARGO DETAILS STEEL SHEETS (1) 5 Bundles of different sizes (2) 1 Bundle (2 pc) 6500 mmx 1500 mm x 30 mm (3) 1 pc 2800 mm x 1300mm x 10 mm (4) 1 pc 2000 mm x 1150 mm x 14 mm (5) 1 pc 12000 mm x 2100 mm x 18 mm (6) 1 pc 6000 mm x 1950 mm x 18 mm (7) 1 pc 4350 mm x 1300 x 20 mm (8) 1 pc 4700mm x 3000mm x 40 mm (9) 1 pc 5800mm x 2500 mm x 40 mm (10) 1 pc 5600 mm x 2900 mm x 50 mm 15.868 MT 4.592 MT 0.286 MT 0.253 MT 3.561 MT 1.653 MT 0.888 MT 4.427 MT 4.640 MT 6.374 MT Total 42.642 M T

RATE SCHEDULE Freight Charges at Rs. ____________ per Metric Ton. Vehicle detention charges Rs. _________ per vehicle per day

Note: The rate should be inclusive of all incidentals at the entry and exit process of the port. Vehicle detention will be payable only after 24 hours of reporting at port/ delivery place.

Date: Place

SIGNATURE & STAMP OF TENDERER: _________________________ PAN NO :