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1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  The End Game Barriers We Faced What We Achieved Value Created Our Audience Sentiment Key Stats Our Vision The Next Steps

The End Game
•  What We Aimed to Achieve
–  Showcase South Africa s innovative changemakers to fellow South Africans and the rest of the world. –  Facilitate interdisciplinary engagement and help breakdown the walls of between great initiatives currently operating in their individual silos. –  Help grow an ecosystem of innovation and positive change in society. –  Provide a platform for idea sharing and inspiration that will result in sustainable value creation.

Barriers We Faced
•  Time constraints


Cash Flow challenges


Communicating our vision



What We Achieved
Audience  Reach   Sold  out  event   Trending  on  Twi:er   globally   89%  conversa<on   consumer  driven   2  192  245  online   400  ppl  a:ended  live   PuFng  TEDxCapeTown   into  global  context   Reaching  out  to  the   market  and  addressing   direct  needs   1020  in  South  Africa   Achieved  in  2months   Wai<ng  list    sufficient  to   full  double  the  capacity   3rd  biggest  first  TEDx  event   worldwide   Community  driven   ini<a<ve       15  April  2011    

Alexa  Ranking  

Value Created

Tickets to attend the event cost R250 BUT had an intrinsic value of R650 – keeping true to our cause With R15 000 of labour hours spent on marketing, we generated R508 232 worth of media exposure

Attendee Demographics
%  A:endees   47%  
Age   Average   32   Youngest   19  

24%   21%  



6%   2%   15-­‐25   25-­‐35   35-­‐45   45-­‐55   55-­‐65  


Key Statistics
26 speakers 400 attendees 6 877 video views 2million people reached Lives changed? Countless.

Our Vision
TEDxCapeTown serves as a platform to showcase how we believe businesses/initiatives should be run in the future, with a focus on multidisciplinary engagement, constructive co-operative relationships and being locally attuned and responsive. TEDxCapeTown will showcase the phenomenal talents, ideas and initiatives we have here in South Africa, all of which the rest of the world can learn from. TEDxCapeTown aims to become a nucleus of things happening in South Africa and connecting key initiatives within the innovation and change-making ecosystem. As per our vision, other projects have emanated out of the event to form sustainable initiatives within themselves

The Next Steps
Help grow the TEDx community in Africa by leveraging resources, exposure and skills Drive TEDx events in Africa with an organization structure and technologies to ensure we continue to achieve world firsts Find and strengthen key partnerships with others that share our vision

See  you  there!  

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