Sadruddin Hashwani (2 July 1940), is the Chairman of Hashoo Group, is one of the most diversified industrial groups in Pakistan

with interests across tourism etc the Pearl Continental Hotels and Marriott Hotels brands with presence in all major cities of Pakistan. He has been honored with various awards including a gold medal for distinguished services for hospitality industry in Pakistan at World Tourism convention.

in 1919. Texas. He is well known for being the founder of the Hilton Hotels chain. 1979) was an American businessman and investor. 1887 – January 3. His first hotel purchase was the 40-room Mobley Hotel in Cisco.Conrad Nicholson Hilton (December 25. Hilton developed entrepreneurial skills working at his father's general store. As a young boy. He formed the Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1946 followed by Hilton International Company. . in 1948.

June 1972. 2003) was the founder of the Holiday Inn chain of hotels. He opened the first Holiday Inn motel in Memphis in 1952.Charles Kemmons Wilson (January 5. By 1958. 1913 – February 12. another hotel chain. He formed Wilson World. after which the hotel group was known as Holiday Inn Worldwide. Wilson sold his interest Holiday Corporation was purchased by UK-based Bass PLC. Wilson retired from Holiday Inn in 1979. . there were 50 locations across the country.400 Holiday Inn hotels worldwide. there were over 1. went international in 1960. In 1988.

New York. He was the first hotel chain operator. 1928) was an American hotel businessman born in Somerset County.Ellsworth Milton (E. in Buffalo. Pennsylvania.M. 1863 – April 16.) Statler (October 26. He built his first permanent Statler Hotel in 1907. .

known as the "King of Chefs. Carême is often considered as one of the first internationally renowned celebrity chefs. the "high art" of French cooking: a grandiose style of cookery favored by both international royalty and by the newly rich of Paris.Marie Antoine (Antonin) Carême (8 June 1784–12 January 1833). . and the Chef of Kings" was an early practitioner and exponent of the elaborate style of cooking known as haute cuisine.

Villeneuve-Loubet. Alpes-Maritimes – 12 February 1935) was a French chef. and was one of the most important leaders in the development of modern French cuisine. restaurateur and culinary writer who popularized and updated traditional French cooking methods. . He is a legendary figure among chefs and gourmands.Georges Auguste Escoffier. 28 October 1846.

He was the founder of the Marriott Corporation (which became Marriott International in 1993). 1900 – August 13. 1985) was an American entrepreneur and businessman. .John Willard Marriott (September 17.