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GUI Features Using C++ (OOPS)

My project constitutes collection of many strong generalized classes, which are
inclusive of all the components presently used in an effective GRAPHICAL USER
INTERFACE. All the languages in vogue viz VC++, JAVA,VB etc. support very
strong GUI features but making these features become possible is a bottleneck in the
case of C++. But by using this project, implementation of these features using C++ has
become easier and effective. The brunt of this project is the use of generalized classes,
which are reusable. Reusable in the sense that any object can be created on the spur of
requirement. User doesn’t need to worry about the techniques involved in coding that
class but has to just use it as it is.

1) Text box class
2) List box class
3) Combo box class
4) Button class
5) Check box class.
6) Radio box class.
7) Spinner class
8) Menu class


This class is in strong co-ordination to required GUI features. This is used to
design a text box in which all the keyboard keys can work as they normally do. Within
this box operations like deletion, moving back, insertion, home, end, right arrow key, etc
can be performed using keyboard keys. So this text box supports all the keyboard
feature, which is the foremost requirement of any GUI.
Size of the textbox can be tampered in accordance with the requirement. We can
design our own editor using this class. Event handling is another advantage of this class.
Event handling refers that any operation can be made to perform at the stroke of a key
and that key is decided by the user.
In this class we have got the facility of multiple selection among the given
options. Illustrating, if we have got more than one option and more than one selections
are to be made then this supports it. This even has the scrolling facility i.e scrolling that
is normally done is carried here also. This also supports event handling.


This has got almost same mechanism as of list box class but has got the facility of
single selection. Illustrating, only one of many can be selected. This supports event
handling too.


This class can be used to make push buttons. On pushing this button any event,
which has been preallocated to that button, gets performed.


Its having the facility of making multiple selections and is same as that of list box
class with the difference being the structure.

This class is used to make pop-up menus and pop-up bars, which are the integral
part of any GUI. This is same as we have FILE, EDIT and other options in any simple

This a big project, which can be further, used to make

many smaller projects. These classes act as foremost requirement for designing any GUI
as in any GUI we need to have these smaller components Inducing these classes can
make impressive GUIs. Smaller projects like hyper-terminal and editor are the basic
example of its usage.

Kamaljeet singh kharbanda

B.E. Computers