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News Radio (TV). filled with people who desperately seek notoriety. MOVIE NIGHT Anchorman. the local news team from your hometown (TV) . Broadcast News. Network. WKRP in Cincinnati (TV). The Mary Tyler Moore Show (TV). fame or— just occasionally— a better world. WE’RE THERE TO FIX IT! Times are tough at Action Six News. We’re last place in an already small market and losing ground all the time. The Action Six News team could be from any small city around the United States. sometimes you’ve got to get a little creative in reporting the news. It’s not like much news-worthy stuff happens in this crappy little town anyway.THE SCORE WHEN THE NEWS BREAKS. and those bastards over at Action News Eleven always seem to be one step ahead of us! With advertising revenue drying up and people turning more and more to that blasted internet.

.. 1 ACTION SIX NEWS TEAM 1 Work partners (co-anchors. at each other’s throats 4 You and your parent’s hot new spouse. but everybody thinks that you are . current parents 2 Currently married 3 Siblings.. etc) 2 You and the dude who got fired last week 3 On-air talent/support person (writer. makeup. who’s younger than you 5 You and your good-for-nothing in-law 6 Faked family 3 FOOLING AROUND 1 Secret lovers 2 “Secret” lovers only to yourselves 3 Friends with benefits 4 Did it once at the office Christmas party.relationships. etc) 4 Management/talent 5 Tired mentor/ambitious protégé 6 Work rivals 2 FAMILY 1 Ex-spouses. but keep having sex anyway 6 Not having sex. you think 5 Don’t like each other much. cameraman/reporter..

etc) 5 You and the star of another locally-produced show on Channel Six 6 You and your friend from the Peabody Awards Committee .4 WE’VE GOT HISTORY 1 “I know a secret about you” 2 Odd couple room-mates 3 “We’ve been through Hell and high water together” 4 One of you cost the other one his last job 5 “The restraining order is still in place.AT NEWS CHANNEL SIX .. chief of police. you know” 6 Went to journalism school together 5 UP TO NO GOOD 1 Coke-head and supplier 2 Robbing the station blind together 3 Plotting the downfall of the Big Anchorman together 4 Shooting an “art film” after hours using the station’s equipment 5 Blackmailer/victim 6 Moonlighting as thieves 6 US VS THEM Use judiciously 1 News team member and source/witness/subject of the big story 2 News team member and a major advertiser 3 You and your counterpart from Action News Eleven 4 News team member and Local bigwig (mayor..

NEEDS... 1 TO GET LAID 1 By the local celebrity or politician 2 Constantly 3 By a work partner 4 So I can have a baby before I’m fifty 5 By the Big Anchorman’s trophy wife 6 For the very first time 2 TO GET FAMOUS 1 By making it to a bigger market 2 By breaking into acting 3 By finally getting your own signature human interest segment 4 By winning a Local News Peabody Award 5 By getting the weekday six PM chair 6 By going out with a bang 3 TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE 1 By blowing the lid off the whole story 2 By bringing honor and respect back to the local news 3 By finally making it to see my kid do that thing 4 By getting your own recurring exposé-style news segment 5 By saving a life 6 By bringing down God’s wrath on this wicked. heathen society .

4 TO GET RICH 1 Through a secret I learned at work 2 By stealing something 3 By securing book and movie rights 4 By fabricating a story 5 By blackmailing the Big Anchorman 6 By scamming all my co-workers and then skipping town 5 TO SETTLE THINGS 1 By getting even with that douchebag who stole my story 2 By putting those bastards at Action News Eleven in their place 3 By getting that Big Anchorman fired 4 With that suit who doesn’t get your “vision” for the news 5 With our mutual ex 6 With that dude who landed me in jail 6 TO COVER OUR ASSES 1 By being a willing tool for powerful. corrupt forces 2 By covering up a major conflict of interest 3 By “taking care of” a witness 4 By destroying that freaking file/tape. so stupid! 5 By framing a co-worker 6 By hiding the fact that I’m illiterate ..AT NEWS CHANNEL SIX . So..

during the broadcast 6 In the kitchen set for Chef Ron’s cooking segment . 1 HARD NEWS 1 At the scene of a grisly murder/suicide 2 In the trailer park just after the tornado hit 3 At the crime scene the police don’t know about yet 4 In the big sinkhole behind Buddy’s garage 5 In the pointless live coverage of that severe weather event 6 At what will be the biggest drug bust of the decade 2 HUMAN INTEREST 1 At the home of Elmer Jenkins 2 At the high school football game 3 At the St.LOCATIONS.. Agnes Rescue Mission 4 At the hospital for a live on-the-air colonoscopy 5 At the civil war reenactment 6 At Grandma Whittaker’s 102nd birthday party 3 ON THE AIR 1 On Six Today’s friendly morning show set 2 Under the news desk 3 In the control room 4 On Six Investigates’ angry exposé set 5 Behind the set..

AT NEWS CHANNEL SIX . right behind the big satellite dish 3 In the Big Anchorman’s dressing room 4 In the “executive washroom” 5 In the transmitter tower equipment shack 6 At the donut table 5 FACE TIME 1 Peabody Award for Excellence in Local News banquet 2 Groundbreaking ceremony for the local community college 3 Book signing for your recently-published memoir/cookbook 4 Benefit concert to pay for Little Billy’s medical expenses 5 Breast cancer awareness screening 6 Drinking it up at a local bar 6 OFF LIMITS 1 Sleazy hotel room with a hidden camera 2 Action News Eleven studio/editing room 3 In the evidence room at the police station 4 Official Peabody Award for Excellence in Local News ballot box 5 Local underground.4 OFF THE AIR 1 In the janitor’s closet 2 On the roof.. high-stakes poker game 6 The Governor’s bedroom ..

..OBJECTS. the camera that all the cameramen say is cursed . 1 SECRETS 1 Positive pregnancy test 2 Evidence that you tampered with a crime scene 3 The contract someone just signed to jump ship and head to Action News Eleven 4 Flash drive containing leaked U.S. military secrets 5 The sex tape to end all sex tapes 6 Channel Six’s real account books 2 CONTRABAND 1 Waaaay too much Pseudoephedrine 2 Bottle of whiskey under the news desk 3 List of sponsors not to piss off or report negatively about 4 Company laptop stuffed with porn 5 Big Anchorman’s coke stash 6 Illegal alien 3 TOOLS OF THE TRADE 1 Sky Chopper Six! 2 Little clicker that makes the weatherman’s blue screen work 3 Buggy and/or hacked teleprompter 4 Ancient news van held together by prayer and old videotape 5 Action Six Purse-Cam 6 Ol’ Blinky.

.22 rifle the building manager uses to keep birds off the satellite dish 2 Bag of peanuts and someone’s well-known peanut allergy 3 Fire axe from backstage 4 Exotic animal. exotically out of control 5 Tainted cookies sent to the station by a disgruntled viewer 6 Carefully loosened 100 lb stage light right above someone’s chair 5 PERSONAL 1 Six Today anchor’s coffee cup collection 2 New tits 3 Homeless dude who lives out back 4 The Big Anchor’s Peabody Award for Excellence in Local News 5 Love letter 6 Lucky couch 6 PROPS 1 High-powered model rocket 2 Giant pot of boiling soup 3 Box of fan mail/hate mail 4 “Happy Bear” costume 5 Golden shovel from community college ground-breaking 6 “Condom demonstrator” ..AT NEWS CHANNEL SIX .4 WHERE’S THE WARNING LABEL? 1 .

four or five players… * Where’s the Warning label?: Exotic animal. add… * To Cover Our Asses: By destroying that freaking file/tape LOCATIONS AT CHANNEL SIX For three or four players… * Hard News: In the big sinkhole behind Buddy’s garage For five players. who’s actually younger than you Needs AT CHANNEL SIX For three players… * To Get Famous: By winning a Local News Peabody Award For four or five players.A NETWORK AFFILIATE INSTA-setup Relationships AT CHANNEL SIX For three players… * Action Six News Team: Work rivals * Us Vs. exotically out of control . add… * Family: You and your parent’s hot new spouse. Them: you and your counterpart from Action News Eleven * We’ve Got History: One of you cost the other one his last job For four players. add… * On the Air: Under the news desk OBJECTS AT CHANNEL SIX For three. add… * Fooling Around: “Secret” lovers only to yourselves For five players.

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